FRANCE: Calais up in flames as illegal alien Muslim invaders fight to get to UK as ferry workers block harbor

Flames filled the air in Calais after striking French ferry workers blocked roads with burning tires, leaving the port now resembling a WARZONE.



UK Express  Fires, which are currently blocking access to the harbour, have plunged the crisis zone into further chaos. It comes after Britain’s borders faced more disruption last night as hundreds of  North african and Middle Eastern Muslim illegals stormed the Eurotunnel that goes from France to England.


More than 4,000 increasingly aggressive and violent invaders largely from African states have stormed through fences in a bid to break into trains, trucks, and buses to ‘El Dorado’ UK.


The horrific scene playing out each night and day in Calais, with Muslim illegals trying to vault fences or cut their way through them and climb onto trains or into trucks going across the Channel to England, where the free handouts and welfare system is much more generous than France’s.

Many have made it to Britain’s shores, with some claiming an increased feeling nationwide that the country is under siege. Mr Cameron, meanwhile, remains in Vietnam and Theresa May has refused to call in military support to help the beleagured French forces.


Despite the numbers of illegal aliens flooding into Britain, Mr Cameron has insisted the border with France is secure although he did admit the threat was very real.

Calais Ferry Strike

He said: “This is very testing, I accept that, because you have got a swarm of people illegals coming across the Mediterranean, seeking a better life welfare, wanting to come to Britain because Britain has got jobs, free healthcare, free housing, free everything for Muslim entitlement whores.”


“But we need to protect our borders by working hand in glove with our neighbours the French and that is exactly what we are doing.”


Natalie Chapman, of the Freight Transport Association, likened the scenes of chaos in Calais to a “warzone” and fears it is only a matter of time till a British driiver gets killed in the French port. She said: “The situation in Calais has been escalating over the last few months and you think it can’t get any worse – and then it does.


“For lorry drivers trying to get to the UK it’s like a warzone. You’ve got people who have made in many cases very long and dangerous journeys to try to get to the UK who will stop at nothing to try to get on board.


“We recognise it’s a crisis and a complex global situation and that these are human beings Muslim savages, but drivers’ lives are being put at risk by people who are so desperate they have no concern with their own safety and welfare and probably even less for the safety and welfare of the drivers.


David Cameron has said Britain is threatened by a “swarm” of Muslim foreigners and the illegal alien crisis in Calais was likened to a “warzone.”


“We are very, very concerned about the safety of our drivers and we fear it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed.”


Experienced MPs however have called on Mr Cameron to act as the threat continues to grow by demanding the British Army should be sent in to restore order because the French authorities had clearly ‘lost control’.


Labour shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper lashed out at the Prime Minister saying cross-Channel diplomacy had failed. She said: “Still not enough is being done to stop a difficult situation becoming desperate.”


Mr Cameron claimed moves would be made to deport more people who arrive in the UK illegally and added: “We will remove more illegal migrants from our country so people know it’s not a safe haven once you’re there.”


Ukip leader Nigel Farage also waded into the debate saying: “A couple of times I’ve been stuck on the motorway and surrounded by swarms of potential migrants to Britain and once, even, they tried the back door of the car to see whether they could get in.”

BRITAIN FIRST comes out to support Dover truckers besieged by illegal alien Muslim invaders.