MEDIA wonder who would put a note saying “All of you Islamophobe vets deserve to die” on a veteran’s car?

HINT: Someone who wears a rag on his head, hates America, and raises his ass to allah five times a day.


News 10  When a local Iraq War veteran went shopping Thursday morning, he did not expect to find an anonymous note with ugly language left on his car. The letter blasted the Marine for having a Purple Heart and serving overseas. It stated, “All of you Islamophobe vets deserve to die. Fuck you and your service.”

NEWS10 ABC showed the note to Lt. Steven Stockdale from the Warren County Sheriff’s Office to determine if the person who wrote it could face charges. Stockdale said it is illegal to leave a note on a windshield, but he said the biggest disappointment is that the author thought writing the letter was okay. (He’s a muslim, this is how they all think)