IRAQ: Islamic State throws another bound and blindfolded homosexual off a roof as the baying crowd on the ground below laughs and cheers

Children stand among a crowd of laughing men as depraved Islamic State (ISIS) savages throw a man accused of being gay from the top of a building in northern Iraq. Shocking new photographs show the man, who is blindfolded and has his hands tied behind his back, pushed off the top of a silo.


UK Daily Mail It is the latest proof of ISIS’ ambition to hunt down and execute anyone they believe is gay and is unclear how the man’s sexuality was discovered, but a jihadi appears to commentate on the killing using a microphone.

The pictures, tweeted by an ISIS Twitter account, show the victim at the top of the building with three balaclava-clad terrorists before being thrown to his death. His crumpled, motionless body is photographed at the foot of the silo.


The crowd of men and children – some of them smiling and laughing – watch on as the man is brutally murdered in front of them.

The images are just the latest to be released by the terror group. Last month, vile photographs showed a man thought to be gay being thrown to his death in the Iraqi city of Mosul.


And just a few days earlier, pictures of two men being hurled from a building for ‘being gay’ and then stoned to death were released. It is thought the photographs were taken in Homs, Syria.

In previous months, similar demonstrations of depravity were released by ISIS, which imposes strict Sharia law in the vast swathes of territory it controls, on social media.  

No word as to whether or not the crowd stoned him to death as they do when these victims aren’t killed by the impact of the fall.