MUSLIM ILLEGAL ALIENS told: “Say that you’re gay to get into the UK”


0193_05.1_Mer_26.Oct_04.Aban_Pendaison_Varamine_b2 UnknownPosters which suggest Muslim illegal aliens from North Africa and the Middle East should consider lying about their sexuality to claim asylum in Britain have been displayed in Calais. The signs, at the entrance to the makeshift camp known as ‘The Jungle,’ provide a how-to-act-gay-for-easy-asylum-into-UK guide for applicants.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Susan K)  Written in English and Arabic, they tell Muslim illegals to ‘prepare their story well from the beginning’. They add that applicants should consider whether their ‘story fits with them’ (the UK Government) – suggesting it may be worth stretching the truth.


Muslims are told to choose a ‘category’ which proves that their life is in danger in their homeland. Reasons given include ‘race and religion’ and ‘being gay in some countries’.  In asylum interviews, they are urged to ‘try and remember’ all the details of ‘what happened’ and take written notes with them. 

A brief on questions which will be asked in an interview is also provided. It is not known who is behind the posters.

Last night, Calais Migrant illegals Solidarity, the main charity helping those in the Jungle, said it was not aware of the signs, which are glued to a caravan at the entrance to the site.


Another activist group known as No Borders holds workshops on gaining asylum in Britain. A wooden plaque, displayed at the weekend, said they would provide Muslim illegals with all ‘they never wanted to know about asylum in the UK’. It added that the group were ‘bored of borders’.

According to the organzation’s ideology, there should be ‘no global borders’. Members of the group, who live in the Jungle, also carry out protests with the illegals. Another poster in the camp lists guidelines for Muslims who make it to the UK, telling them what to do if border police stop them. They are told not to answer any questions or give their name and address.


Yesterday, figures revealed that fines issued to truckers for carrying illegals into Britain illegally have more than tripled.  But hauliers in France have been confronted by Muslim thugs wielding guns, iron bars and knives as they try desperately to clamber aboard trucks heading for the UK.

Over the last three years at least 6,494 Muslim stowaways have been discovered trying to sneak into the UK in trucks. The disclosure will fuel demands for an overhaul of the system amid claims that lorry drivers are paying the price for the failure to tackle the crisis.


It also emerged yesterday that human traffickers are increasing their prices for smuggling Muslim parasite wannabes across the Channel after security at Calais was bolstered.

Hundreds of extra police and security guards have been deployed to the Channel Tunnel at Coquelles in recent days after groups of up to 2,000 Muslims repeatedly tried to storm the railway terminus.

An estimated 5,000 Muslim illegal aliens are camped around Calais, many in the Jungle. Some are refugees fleeing war and humanitarian disasters in Africa and the Middle East. But many are economic parasites lured to Britain by the prospect of working in the black economy.