JON RITZHEIMER, U.S. Marine veteran and de facto leader of the Arizona anti-Islam movement, is planning another protest against Islam — “so big,” he claims, “it’s going to span the globe”

Ritzheimer, who organized “The Rally for Free Speech” outside a Phoenix mosque in May, has made a name for himself these past few months with his strong views about the inherent “evils of Islam.

Jon Ritzheimer at anti-Islam rally in Phoenix
Jon Ritzheimer at anti-Islam rally in Phoenix at the end of May

Phoenix New Times  There’s no specific date set yet, but he anticipates the rally being “a few months out” so that as many people as possible can prepare and join his movement. Attendees are encouraged to rally in front of any nearby mosque and to invoke their Second Amendment rights and come armed “in case [they] come under that much anticipated attack.”

Earlier interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN:

He speaks and writes frequently about how “patriots are getting sick of the defense” and are “ready for offense,” and he often notes that despite receiving death threats — he’s apparently taken his family into hiding — he refuses to back down. 

“When you get on an airplane, they tell you, in case of a loss in cabin pressure, you need to put your own mask on first before you help put the mask on of others. Well, I’m currently putting my own mask on. But I assure you, I will step to the plate to help others. I’ve fucking had it. Fucking had it.”


Every video he posts, whether he’s shooting a Quran or condemning the Iranian nuclear deal, is viewed thousands of time and shared widely across social media (15 minutes after he posted the video about the global protest, 40 people had shared it, and two hours later, the share count was 450). 

“Eyes are open and on you Jon. You have the ear of the people, my friend. They will follow you,” one reader, who identified himself as Cai Irvin, wrote in a comment under a recent video. Many other comments refer to Ritzheimer as their leader or the man they’re looking to for the next order.


Ritzheimer may be an avowed atheist, but as he states in Sunday’s video, he wants people of all religions to join his global protest and “spank this shit in the ass” because there is, according to him, only “one religion out there that’s continuing the attack against humanity: Islam.” And “I want warriors by my side,” he adds.

Hello, my fellow patriots. Wanted to let you all in on a little something. We’re planning a global rally to protest against radical Islam. I got contacts in Canada, Australia, and all across Europe – everybody’s on board. We’re gonna get these dates set, a few months out so we can let the word spread. It’s going to be a two-day event so we’ll all be protesting at the same time. 

We’re not going to make you travel, alright. If you’ve got a mosque in your city, a mosque in your state, you go there, you voice your opinion there. Out here in Arizona, we may be a little safer. We still live by the Constitution. And of course I’m going to tell everybody to utilize your Second Amendment [rights] incase we come under that much anticipated attack. 


For those of you who want to criticize me for cussing in my videos, I have one thing to say to you: My messages are probably not for you. If you’ve got these little pussy virgin ears that can’t handle my vulgar language, you’re not the person I want next to me because your little pussy virgin ears probably can’t handle it when a bullet cracks next to your head. You’ll probably tuck tail and run the other direction. I don’t want you by my side. I want warriors by my side.

For those of you who criticize me because I’m an atheist, look this protest, it doesn’t matter what religion you are. Okay? Christians, Catholics, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus. There’s one religion out there – I’m an atheist, but there’s one religion out there that’s continuing the attack against humanity: Islam.


So that’s why we’re all going to unite, and we’re going to spank this shit in the ass. We’re going to let them know that it’s time to be civil. You want to coexist with the rest of us, you need to act appropriate. Be ready for the dates, my brothers and sisters. We’re going to push it out, like I said, a few months out so we can spread the word. 

Please like, share the video, and let’s the word out there and get people ready. Love you all.