NEW JERSEY MUSLIM man arrested for trying to build a small army of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists in NY/NJ

816001_1280x720A former New Jersey resident and brother of another MUSLIM terrorist recently arrested has been charged with allegedly attempting to provide support to ISIS, the Justice Department said. Federal officials say the charges against Nader Saadeh, 20, were the result of an FBI investigation into a group of Muslim individuals from New York and New Jersey.


NBC News  Several others were arrested in June and have already been charged.  Saadeh lived in New Jersey until he left the U.S. in May to allegedly join ISIS, according to the Justice Department statement. It was not immediately clear how and when he returned to the U.S. 

Saadeh sent “electronic messages” expressing his hatred for the U.S. between 2012 and 2013 and posted images of the ISIS flag on Facebook in 2014, according to the Justice Department. 

He later allegedly became a “radicalized supporter” of the terror group and expressed support for ISIS-related attacks in Paris


Saadeh — identified as a former resident of Bergen County — has been charged with conspiring with other individuals in New Jersey and New York to provide material support to ISIS and also with attempting to provide material support to the terror organization. 

The investigation into Saadeh began when a friend contacted the FBI and expressed concerns that Saadeh, his brother and others were planning to travel overseas and possibly join a terror group. 


The friend — identified by the Justice Department as “Individual 1” — chronicled how the suspect’s “adoption of stringent religious behavior” had coincided with “numerous statements in support of” ISIS, according to the criminal complaint against Saadeh. 

When Saadeh told “Individual 1” he was planning to go study theology overseas, “Individual 1” became “very suspicious because Saadeh had never been very studious,” the complaint said.  


The complaint said Saadeh — a dual U.S.-Jordanian national — boarded a flight on May 5 from New York to Amman, Jordan. The suspect was apparently detained upon arrival. It was not immediately clear when and how he was returned to the U.S. The Justice Department declined to comment, saying only that Saader was arrested Monday morning in New Jersey. 

At some point between May 5 and Monday — the day Saadeh was charged — others involved in the alleged conspiracy were arrested and apparently implicated him. 


Saadeh’s brother, Alaa, was apparently one of them. ALAA SAADEH was arrested on June 29 and indicted on similar charges of conspiring to provide support to ISIS.  According to the criminal complaint, Alaa Saadeh told the FBI that he and his brother had watched ISIS propaganda videos and discussed going overseas to join the group. 

Alaa Saadeh also said his brother was given the name and number of an ISIS contact near the Turkish-Syrian border before he left for Jordan to “facilitate” travel to the group’s territory, according to the complaint. 

Saadeh’s brother, Alaa, along with at least three others in New York and New Jersey, were arrested in recent months in connection with the alleged ISIS cell.
Saadeh’s brother, Alaa, along with at least three others in New York and New Jersey, were arrested in recent months in connection with the alleged ISIS cell.

There’s been a surge of Muslims in America attempting to join the Islamic State terrorist group lately. Here are some more:

IJReview  Western countries are seeing an increase of Muslim residents becoming radicalized and attempting to join the ranks of the world’s most social media-savvy terrorist organization: ISIS.


While the United States and many other countries fail to catch all of the radical Islamists who seek to join or collude with ISIS, the U.S. has managed to nab some of them. In the past few weeks, there’s been a surge in the number of Muslims apprehended while attempting to work with the terror group.In addition to the Saadeh brothers, here is a list of the major charges released by the Justice Department in just the last six weeks.

Muhanad Badawi and Nader Elhuzayel

Muhanad Badawi and Nader Elhuzayel, both age 24 from Anaheim, California, were charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIL, otherwise known as ISIS. They were arrested by the FBI on May 21st.


Asher Abid Khan

Asher Abid Khan, a 20-year-old from southern Texas, was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS after allegedly telling a Turkish-based foreign terrorist fighter facilitator “I wanna die as a Shaheed,” which means martyr, in addition to requesting to join ISIS.


David Wright and Nicholas Rovinski

David Wright aka Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq, age 25, and Nicholas Rovinski aka Nuh Amriki, age 24, were charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS on June 3rd, after plotting to attack police officers in New York, whom they referred to as “those boys in blue.” The two also allegedly attempted to locate and behead what the affidavit described as “Intended Victim-1,” Pamela Geller, the organizer of the Mohammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas.


Samuel Rahamin Topaz

Samuel Rahamin Topaz, a 21-year-old New Jersey man, was charged with conspiracy to provide material support to ISIS, after being arrested on June 17th. According to Richard Frankel, the FBI special agent in charge: “Topaz discussed his desire to travel to Syria to join ISIL. Fortunately, this threat did not materialize due to the indefatigable efforts of the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force.” In regard to his attempt to travel to Syria and join the ranks of ISIS, Topaz told one of the other conspirators working with him, “I’m saving my money for it bro trust me I got it.”


Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi

According to Assistant Attorney General John P. Carlin, 38-year-old Amir Said Abdul Rahman Al-Ghazi “attempted to provide material support to ISIS and committed other federal weapon and drug offenses.” Prior to being arrested by the authorities, Al-Ghazi attempted to purchase an AK-47, which he expressed a desire to use on innocent civilians.


Justin Nolan Sullivan

Justin Nolan Sullivan, a 19-year-old convert to Islam from North Carolina, was arrested for planning “assassinations and violent attacks” inside the U.S. Sullivan, a self-described “mujahid,” attempted to purchase an AR-15 rifle at a gun show in Hickory, N.C. After failing, he was charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS on June 22nd.