LOL! Mayoral candidate for Norway’s ruling Progress Party under fire after he blackened his face and donned a headbag for a sketch lampooning Muslim women who are beaten by their husbands

norwayumma-300x182Johnny Olaussen, whom the Progress Party has put forward to be mayor of Gamvik in Norway’s far northern Finnmark county, performed the controversial sketch at a meeting. The Progress Party has a strongly anti-Muslim immigration platform, with many of its politicians publicly very critical of Islam.

The Local  “They’re blackening themselves up and ridiculing Muslims,” Annik Eriksson from the Nora centre against violence and abuse told NRK. “These are hate crimes. The Progress Party must reject this and apologise.” 

“This is just ‘good old-fashioned racist humour’,” added Rune Berglund Steen of the Norwegian Centre against Racism. (What ‘race’ is Islam?)

Virtually all rapes of Norwegian Christian women in Oslo was by Muslim immigrants
Virtually all rapes of Norwegian Christian women in Oslo were committed by Muslim immigrants

But Per Sandberg, the party’s deputy leader, who was at the event, said he saw nothing wrong with the sketch. 


“It is so politically correct that I can not help but laugh at the criticism,” he said. “I am totally unconcerned about what the Norwegian Centre against Racism thinks today, yesterday or tomorrow. They are totally frivolous and have no agenda other than to tell untruths.” 


Jo Inge Hesjevik,  the local head of the Conservative party, which together with Progress forms Norway’s ruling coalition government, said that he would never have allowed such a sketch at one of his meetings. “I believe my Muslim friends would experience this as hurtful. This isn’t something I could have allowed in a Conservative meeting.” (Read the quran and see why Muslims never consider YOU their friend)