Islamic State (ISIS) beheads Croatian man after Egypt ignores demand to release Muslim women prisoners

Croatian citizen Tomislav Salopek has been beheaded by ISIS, according to photos published by the group on social media. The pictures were uploaded on the morning of August 12th.


Heavy  Jihadis loyal to the Islamic State in Egypt claim to have brutally beheaded the Croatian hostage who was seen begging for his life in a chilling video message released last week. Depraved ISIS supporters took to social media to share a photograph purporting to show the body of 30-year-old Tomislav Salopek, who has been held by militants in Sinai province since July 22 after being kidnapped in the capital Cairo.

The 31-year-old had been held by the group since July 22 when he was kidnapped close to Cairo, Egypt. His death, ISIS says, was due to Croatia’s role in the war against the Islamic State.

Tomislav Salopek reading a statement right before he was brutally killed by an Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State

Tomislav Salopek reading a statement right before he was brutally killed by an Egyptian group calling itself the Sinai Province of the Islamic State

In the new video, it’s said that Salopek will die unless Egypt releases “muslim women” from jail in 48 hours. Salopek is shown in a yellow jumpsuit, kneeling down in front of a masked knife-wielding terrorist. The clip of Salopek begging for his life has been removed from YouTube due to a violation of the site’s terms of service. The video was released on August 5. The photos of Salopek were verified by the terrorism watchdog SITE Intel.

The gruesome image appears to show Mr Salopek’s severed head placed on his back – a trademark of ISIS militants who have brutally beheaded at least seven Western hostages over the past year. Buried in the sand next to his bloodied corpse is the chilling black and white flag used by ISIS. 


In the images released by ISIS, one highlights Croatia’s support for Egypt in the War on Terror, the other for Croatia’s support of Kurdish rebels. The Independent reports that the Egyptian interior ministry have not yet confirmed Salopek’s death and were working to confirm the authenticity of the photos. The Croatian foreign ministry said the same though the BBC reports that the country’s prime minister is preparing a statement on the execution. A spokesman for Salopek’s employers said “we fear the the worst,” reports the Associated Press.

Salopek had been working in Cairo, the Egyptian capital, as a surveyor for the French company CGG. Reuters reported two days after he was taken that his car was stopped by militants while Salopek was traveling to work. The specific group responsible for his capture were ISIS-Egyptian offshoot Wilyat Sina. He’s the first civilian to be taken hostage by the group. 


CNN reported in February 2015 that Croatia was considered a part of the coalition to battle ISIS. Also in the coalition are Croatia’s neighbors Serbia and the predominately Muslim country of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In July 2015, an ISIS video encouraged Muslims in the Balkan countries to take up arms and establish Sharia Law in the region. 



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    • Because it has no intention of destroying them. Isn’t that obvious. They could have annihilated them long ago if that had been their intention. ISIS is their proxy, re-drawing the middle-east along lines favorable to them, one of the main goals being to topple Assad. The pitiful bombing raids they do carry out are just show for the public back home – to make it look like they really are fighting them.

      Jesus they know exactly where Raqqa is on the map (basically their capital). They could obliterate that entire city in a second. It might not destroy ISIS completely but it would deal a massive blow and wipe out many tens of thousands of their fighters. And yet they don’t do it.

  1. Poor man, he most certainly NEVER, EVER, EVER deserved such a terrible death. May Our All-Powerful Judæo-Christian God Comfort Gospodin Salopek’s family and grant Eternal Peace to his soul…

    Those soul-murdering DEVILS will pay for their crimes – God Grant that some of their consequent sufferings be in this terrestrial life as well as afterwards.

  2. Why are these vermin being allowed into our countries. Enough is enough and after 9/11 I had enough, you’d think everyone would have. Poor man. RIP and my sympathy for his family and friends. Is there any info. out there on how to keep muslims from getting into your town? Wish there were some guidelines to follow.

  3. Egyptian’s you know what to do with these savage scum! Should be hearing soon about some dead terrorists!

  4. Go to hell fucking isis go to hell….allah will punish you….you are monsters…animals…barbaric…who give you right to take innocent life of this man…and other…

    • Allah (read: Mohamed’s sock-puppet) exists only in the demented minds like yourself, you inbred sick fucktard!

  5. Well sadly we all knew that was coming. Another innocent man brutally killed, his entire life reduced to appalling images on google – the only thing you will see if you google his name – as if that final event is the sum-total of his life, and another wife and innocent children destroyed for life by the worthless muslim vermin.

    2 Questions here…

    1) Why does any Western infidel ever step foot in ANY shithole muslim country at all?
    EVERY single westerner who has been killed in the middle east has made the same mistake as all the others – they all voluntarily went to a shithole muslim country. Don’t go there – EVER!

    2) Why are Western companies with business interests in shithole muslim countries bringing white Western infidels to said shithole muslim countries? They must surely know those people are in serious peril in such a place?

    • Why does any Western Infidel set foot in Muslim shithole (is there any other kind?)?
      I would offer that Most are deployed there by their commanders. As for the rest:”Stupid is SUPPOSED to hurt”.

  6. Yawn.

    Not my sentiment; but, it seems to be the prevailing world wide non-reaction anymore regarding such daily occurring atrocities.

    Here in the States life is either just moving along real nice like, or it’s “I got enough problems of my own to be thinking about shit like that.”, for the average citizen to have even an opinion. Bring up the subject with someone in a sports bar or coffee shop, you’re more likely to hear something like “Yah, that’s crazy, really terrible. Ya ready for another beer?”

    It’s going to take a Beslan elementary school (Russia 2004) or Westgate Mall (Kenya 2013) or weekly Baghdad market type terrorist attack here to “maybe” wake us up to, in my opinion, the imminency of the global threat that is isis, al qaeda, et al.

    • smoothy its not, its going to take , its a matter of when it happens ,people need to look back and add up the attacks ,look and see they are getting more frequent its coming people its coming,

  7. Even if they released these “Musim women” these savages would have murderedthe guy anyways. Trumped-up, impossible-to-comply-with conditions are a thin veneer over their blood thirst and pleasure they take in murdering westerners.

    May they all die slowly.

  8. Hey CAIR ! Be sure and show this to the little girlies that some dumbass school administrator had the idiocy to allow to go into one of your terrorist training centers and learn about the love of islam.
    I’m sure they would be impressed with islam’s little message of love shown here.

    Pee Ess: If that administrator can still stand up and walk it wasn’t my decision !

  9. Poor guy! My heart goes out to his wife, kids, sibling(s), parent(s) and friends. Nevertheless, he should not have placed himself in harm’s way by working in a Koranimal country in the first place — regardless of how much money he was being paid.

    I’ve said it countless times before and I’ll say it again:
    If you — yes, you who’re reading this — are whole-heartedly committed to the swift eradication of Islam and the survival of your Great White Race, you’d be well-advised to read and disseminate my proposed plan of action on the below-linked BNI story as widely as you can, get your fellow Free White Westerners to do likewise and collectively push for its enactment all across the Free White West.

    • White Supremism is wrong too. Plenty of very good people that work hard and do the right thing and hate islum in all colors. You degrade this site wth your white supremist bullshit. You turn off good people of all colors. This isn’t about skin pigment.

      • You’re missing the point! I know BNI mainly serves to educate Infidels of all stripes and colors about the plague that is Islam but I contend that every race has a right to its own ancestral homeland.

        The West — that is to say, the Western Christian part of the White world — is the ancestral homeland of White Roman Catholics, Protestants, Agnostics, Atheists and Deists where they lived homogenously lived till 60 years ago or so. Millions of expats work in the oil-rich Arab Gulf states and some advanced Asian countries like Japan yet none of them has ever been granted permanent residency and citizenship and none ever will be.

        White babies already account for a minority of newborns in America which is well on its way to becoming a predominantly Hispanic country in the very near future. Consider the colossal corruption levels and violent crime rates in Mexico, Central and Latin America — is this what you desire for America; a country carved out of a wilderness by hard-working, bright-minded pure-blooded White Western Europeans that became the greatest nation the world has ever known within a century of its founding? The same dire demographic predicament applies to Western Europe albeit with the substitution of Hispanics for Blacks, Arabs, Turks and Pakis.

        I unswervingly aspire to correct the genetic damage that has befallen the Great White Race owing to the historical Koraneanderthal invasion of Southern Europe; I’m pretty sure WWII would not have taken place had it not been for the Mohamedan occupation of Spain, Southern Italy and the Balkans whose inhabitants, prior to the Arab and Turkish barbarous rule, were all blue-and green-eyed and blonde-and red-haired.

        Having said all that, please do read my recommended measures and my reply to Angelito on the below-linked BNI story again or, with all due respect, stop interacting with my comments — directly or indirectly.