SWEDEN: New Photo of what appears to be a beheading victim in IKEA indicates that the asylum seeking knife attackers were likely Muslims

11822330_10153618080198938_5381898810920123712_nThe Swedish government and media are doing their best to conceal any evidence that the Eritrean knife attackers who killed two people in IKEA were Muslims. But an independent photo obtained (below) appears to show that at least one of the victims was beheaded in the store.

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, we now have a photo that the mainstream media will not post. Nothing is yet confirmed, but expect more to come out about this apparent Islam-inspired beheading of two infidels. Of course, police were quick to point out that they didn’t think the murders were “politically motivated.”

Police in central Sweden have increased security at MUSLIM asylum seeker lodgings, fearing a backlash after two Eritrean asylum seekers were detained on suspicion of murdering two people at an IKEA store. Police said there was no evidence of any political motive. The victims did not have any connection to their attackers, police said. The store temporarily halted knife sales as the attackers used knives from the shelves there.

Per ABCNews

 Security camera footage from the brutal attack reportedly shows the 35-year-old man grabbing two knives from the kitchenware section just before two shoppers are attacked. He is seen stabbing and then hacking at the neck of one victim, according to Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

The government has blocked any footage from being released, in order to quell “Islamophobia.” And for two full days, they would not permit the police from even telling the public a Muslim was involved — using that time to deploy troops to “protect” centers where Muslim migrants are publicly housed.

The Express reports the suspect had met with migration officials just hours before the attack, and was soon to be deported. He reportedly got another Muslim Eritrean to join him in the IKEA attack, which was likely religiously or ethnically-motivated out of anger. Both victims were White native Swedes.


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  1. This is what happen when muslims bastard came in your country kill them behead the islamic pigs thats the only way wake up Government WAKE UP CHRISTIAN WAKE UP

  2. Your all good people . We should celebrate this fact. Thank you for making your efforts. It is working as I have just been woken up to all this madness. Even here in Australia we can hear you. I too was in ostersund 20 plus years ago and it was so safe and such good memories. Truth is your shield never surrender. Shout the truth people’s

    • Scandinavians generally need the idea of “consensus” in their culture. No individual thought that might endanger their culture for one person to be different. This however can also be the reason the government is frightened to let the facts of this episode known. When they do understand the reality of the new arrivals foothold in Scandinavia, enormous numbers or not, there will be trouble. Anders Brevik must be pardoned for this very reason. This one man shows what happens when the realisation the native culture is in danger. My own observation to conclude, take note muzzies. There are lots of forests and land in need of fertilizer to nourish the earth for Scandinavians.

    • What are you talking about Sweden for? America’s worse-We didn’t see this on our stations either- there’s nukes going off in the middle east do you think that’s being reported here? Not on your life-

  3. Eeyore,

    I am arguing with some troll at Frontpage Magazine that alleges the pictures are fake.
    Said troll is supposedly a recently retired nurse form Milwaukee area.

    He claims the pictures do not match an Ikea storefront and that Ikea is fanatical in brand conformity.

    I looked at a Huffington picture and the windows in their picture match up with your close up IMHO


    Any help here?

  4. Ok people.. i live in västerås sweden and them pictures look nothing the IKEA here in västerås so my queation is where did they get these pictures from and what are these pictures all about????

    • I suppose you also defend the high rate of rapes in your country. I spend some time in Sweden 30 years ago. In those days Sweden was the envy of the world. Highest standard of living, best social security system ect. ect. ect,. Today Sweden is a joke. I would never impose it on my wife to go there now. I want her to be safe. I would hate her to get raped! Sweden today is f……..ed. No one respects this country anymore. Infect the opposite is the case. Everyone looks down at Sweden as the nation of a bunch of lunatics, of people who have gone completely insane! Sweden today is a warning sign to the nations. No one wants to end up like your country! Muslim riots, no go zones, increasing numbers of rapes, violence and crime. God save us if we ever end up like Sweden! you can keep all your asylum seekers from the Middle East. Take as many as you like, take them all. In 20 years your country will be destroyed!

  5. Eritrea’s majority are Christians by the way, so they are more likely to be Christians than Muslims.
    The issue here is not about religion, it’s about ignorance and racism.
    The western government welcomes refugees from many countries but never try to give them any education or awareness of how to be a civilized citizens, in exchange they treat them like savages and segregate them from the society.
    That’s why they end up being antisocial fanatics.
    People suffering from fanatic Muslims are everywhere, I’m from Egypt, and I was raised in a Muslim family, but I don’t believe in Islam myself, and I used to feel fear everyday from people finding out my belief, but I’m trying always not to get caught in Islamophobia or generalizing a stereotypical point of view in anything, because dogma always blinds your perception and makes you dump.

    • Mona, Christians aren’t in the habit of cutting off heads these days, muslims ARE. And what ‘race’ is Islam? They are NOT refugees, they are freeloaders and jihadists looking to destroy the West. I would sink all their boats to stop them from getting to Europe.

      • Muslim refugees don’t commit murders in order to stay in the country when their refugee application is denied and they are about to be expelled from the country. Remember the guy from South Sudan who did the same thing on a bus in Norway. South Sudan is the Christian part of original Sudan that emerged as a country just a few years ago. Just to remind, about a million people from muslim countries live with their families in Sweden, if you don’t like that join SD or just shut up!

      • Adel, there are some Muslims in South Sudan, but Christians and animists predominate. Eritreans are not predominately Christian. There are many Muslims in that country, too. It is highly unlikely that Christians used a knife to behead someone. That is a Muslim method of death. Muslim apologists are shameful.

      • Mona for someone who claims to have been raised in a Muslim family you sure are incredibly un-educated about your own religion arent you!.. How you have been allowed to come onto this page to voice your own opinion is anybody’s guess because you are stupid enough to try to condone the atrocious un-provoked savage behaviour of your fellow Parasites!. Shame on you!. And, how is any of this racist??, were did you conclude this when Islam is NOT a race but just an idealology and worship of some smelly hairy imaginary bloke with the name of ‘Allah’? who we all know was a Peadophile himself as well as many other seriously wrong things!. The facts have been proved that the vast majority of Entrean’s ARE of Moslem faith, not Christians as youve claimed. These animals need to be segregated from the world due to their learnt behaviour which goes on in their own Countries EVEN BEFORE THEY BOARD ANY BOATS to other countries with the intentions of wreaking havoc on the very same citizens who take them in!. How do you account for the Rotherham Sex grooming gangs, Asians, Muslims etc?. Do you justify what they are doing to our none Moslem children by excusing them due to them being segregated etc?, you cannot argue with this one for the fact these dirty vile moslem groomers WERE NEVER SEGREGATED FROM SOCIETY, they were just allowed in by our Discraceful spineless Government if not already born here, they know the rules, they know wrong from right, no excuses, no justification for these sick perverted parasites to be allowed a place in our society only to rape our children!.. You may think its acceptable being the suppressed female moslem women you are, but i promise you that us British born citizens, the women & mothers of Britain, all my fellow infidels simply will NOT accept this in our lands. Your lot may have gotten away with too much shit already but i think soon their will be an uprising & we will take back our own country. And you ought to hang ur Burkha head in shame for standing back & allowing your own to carry on like this!. How dare you try & justify your filthy, scummy Moslem brothers & sisters existance.

        • In my case, I was only able to save myself, I thought if I would be busy saving people in my country more than that I will waste my whole life (I was a feminist and activist in Egypt).
          Many people like me (misfit Middle Eastern) traveled abroad to get away from narrow-minded, Islamic-oriented society, but we end up bumping into Muslim extremists who are worse than we saw in our Muslim countries, they migrate with their diseases (whether it’s social or religious), that’s why I hear about crazy things like honor killings and applying shariah laws in Europe.
          I thought here will be a safer place but not really unfortunately, Muslims make it worse by retaliating the hostility between the immigrants and the natives. And now I feel threatened by both, Muslim extremists and Neo Nazis.
          Good luck with saving your own country.

    • If they were Christian’s they never would have been allowed into the EU. The Marxist EU rulers only want to flood Europe with muslim savages, not civilized Christians.

      Now let’s answer your bullshit comments….

      “The issue here is not about religion, it’s about ignorance and racism.”
      – As BNI keeps correctly repeating – “WHAT RACE IS ISLAM?”

      “The western government welcomes refugees from many countries but never try to give them any education or awareness of how to be a civilized citizens, in exchange they treat them like savages and segregate them from the society.”
      – They welcome these worthless vermin with open arms into their countries, give them FREE housing and FREE welfare money to live on every month – Generous benefits that they DONT give to their own citizens, the ones who have actually worked all their lives and paid the taxes that then go into the muslims pockets – and you think they are treated unfairly? You fuckin fool. They also give them the same education opportunities as their own citizens (again free of charge). Anybody but the muslim lowlife vermin would actually be GRATEFUL for such underserved generosity. But gratitude is not in the muslim heart. Nor Love, Nor Compassion, Nor Tolerance, etc etc. And it is the muslims who behave like savages, every minute of every day, all over the fuckin World. Finally nobody segregates them from Society. They segregate themselves as they have no desire to integrate, since they didn’t come to Europe to integrate, they came for a free life at the expense of the European taxpayer.

      • Good talk Mr. Thomas. You are Damn right about your comments. I am a Christian African from Gh-n-. They have taken the sincerity, liniency, love and open arms of Europeans and christians for granted. They come as beggers and when they get some education and money, then they start to think that christians are sinners, no-believers and therefore must be eliminated. Why did they not go to Saudi Arabia,Kuwait or Algeria. Because they know their own fellow muslims are not loving, humane and will not welcome them. These are people who disrespect christians in every aspect except when they are in difficulties then they pretend to be good people. Among themeselves, they refer to the christian as filthy and unholy. they discriminate just as the Jews do. But the Jews are more open minded and willing to part of society. please dont help them. tell them to go to Saudi or Quatar or Kuwait or Iran or Jordan.

      • Blaming Christians!??? You guys are insane, I am a Christian myself dumbass. I converted from Islam to Christianity.
        I’m merely criticizing the article here, I met many refugees in Sweden from Eritrea. ALL of them are Christians. Those guys could’ve killed the poor mother and son only to extend their stay in Sweden (because they know anyway jail in Sweden is like a summer club).
        So this murder case might not be of religious or political nature at all.
        Yea I know that Islam is a disease because I experienced it more than you, so don’t tell me about it.

      • The commandment acknowledged by Christians, Mona, is “you shall do no murder!” It applies to all men everywhere. Also, by extension, profane speech is discouraged as in the manner you responded. Not saying that Christians are not without opportunity for criticism, but hatred is recognized to be on the same level as murder for Christians.
        “Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.”
        “Dumbass,” as a perjorative, can mean anything from annoyance to outright contempt, but to call someone “dumbass, is not in the spirit of Christ.
        Have you not read, “ Who (Jesus), when he was reviled , reviled not again ; when he suffered , he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously: “
        Your comments are provocative and I suspect are dishonest else you really don’t know the Master: “I can of mine own self do nothing : as I hear , I judge : and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.”
        Having said that, there is no question but that we have been instructed our manner of life and the discharge of our responsibilities:
        “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. “
        That was no Christian who murdered that woman in IKEA, and I am not confident you are only in error.

      • Reader, you can foind so many contradictions in the bible, that you can findexcses or justifications for just about everything. “Any one that does not hate his brother, can not be my disciple”
        “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.

      • @OJ,

        No, Jorgensen, there are not “so many contridictions” in the Bible.
        There is a saying that a godless, a profane person, an irreligious person, destroys his neighbor with his mouth.
        Comments such as yours are unfortunate and borne out of misunderstanding of the person and character of Christ.
        My own experience was, my stepfather was not religious, did not want to even consider religion, had no place for God, and certainly did not want anyone to speak of Christ around him. He made it patently clear that no one was welcome in our home who professed a love for Jesus.
        It is precisely that attitude that gave birth to the utterance of the Lord:
        “If any man come to me, and HATE not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple. And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.”
        It is not the detesting or hating of father, mother, children, brothers, sisters, or your own life that is the crux of the saying, it is “are you going to consider the cost of following Christ?” It is perhaps best illustrated by the words of the Apostle Paul following:
        It is such a significant thought that it is underscored in the succeeding 9th through the 12th verses of Philippians 3.
        What must a person do if they are hated for the presence of Christ and His Spirit in their life.
        In the Muslim world, parents slaughter their children for believing on Christ, not the other way around. Remarkably, the children do not resist, and do not raise their hand against those that abuse them. That is truly what the passage you remark upon signifies.
        Christian children are to respond to their parents as “in the Lord.” If a parent were to ask a child to do an ungodly thing, the child must refuse, yet must remain considerate and kind to their parents and not abuse them or bear grudges against them. The same exists for husbands and wives.
        I do not believe you have really thought this out and as a consequence have become partner with a thief.

    • Mona you certainly are a moaner ! Apt name !

      you’re vile muslim scum like all your brethren. you wouldn’t know compassion, tolerance, dignity, open heartedness, kindness, reason, caring or humane practices if it bit you in the ass !!

      treat them like savages. !!! bullsh*t, dickwad ! they act like savages, rape, steal, murder, burn cars, loot, destroy, bash, plunder, pillage and get away with it. they treat their host nation with utter and total disrespect, as is the supremacist muslim way, then expect special treatment after treatment b/c their Muslim.

      go away you vile muslim tool. its totally an attitude like yours and all muslims that makes the west hate you all the same way !

      your time is coming to a close. hooray. back off to Africa with the lot of you and go support your f*ckig selves, you sponging money sucking lazy f*cks !! get your own jobs and money, stop sponging off the west then complaining and demanding more. you bunch of ungrateful f*cks !

    • Mona says..
      “People suffering from fanatic Muslims are everywhere, I’m from Egypt, and I was raised in a Muslim family, but I don’t believe in Islam myself, and I used to feel fear everyday from people finding out my belief”

      This is half the problem..People hide in fear instead of speaking out and fighting this cancer called islam from the core.

      I’m not a muslim.. So whatever religion I happen to be in I can say..”Ummm..Im dropping this religion now, ok”.. or “Im going to try a different religion and check it out”.. Thats really no problem

      Islam is sick and demented and all decent Muslims should simply walk away from it so that it can be outlawed cos only the scum would be left following the crap that it spews.

    • Excuse me, the muslim and Christian population of Eritrea is around 50/50 now. with muslims living on the lowlands, near coast (access to pirating is easier that way, Islam has a stellar history of pirating from early 600’s AD on.) Christians live up in the highlands and mountains, its safer you see. Do I need to say more??? All this falling over each other to point the finger at Christians is hilarious. All so desperate. What did Shakespeare say?????? ‘Methinks he/she dost protest too much’……… It wasn’t Christians who beheaded the poor woman in Ikea. Bet she voted for the scum to keep arriving though. Muslims behead, its their modus operandi and stop trying to pin it on non muslims everywhere. Show me where the latest mass Christian and other non muslims beheadings occured please??? You look ridiculous and desperate which of course you are. Desperate to prove its not your idiot policies you all think are so superior to the world or something. Grow up, mature up and face it, its all been a shocking and totally disastrous error. People are dying and suffering immensely because of it. Rapes, robberies, fear everywhere. You deserve to be next and you can yell at them while they are preparing to cut your head off…..,’oh so sorry, I know you cant help it, what did we do wrong??? ‘Did someone not give you a job you aren’t able to do as you have no degree or something? ‘The nerve of them!!’

    • Mona, my ancestors came from Greece, they knew very little English, weren’t coddled by the government, no welfare, no food stamps, no free bus shuttles, no free medical care, if you didn’t work you’d starve. They ALL learned the language and loved being Americans.
      Contrast that with Muslim Somalian refugees who are given free transport, welfare, food, housing, health care, education, career guidance, day care, etc. The majority are still tribal like losers, they hate the country that’s graciously allowing them to thrive.

      So Mona, your sad story about muslim refugees being treated like animals is total bullshit.
      You may have left Islam but you sure kept its “pity me I’m a dumb Muslim” mind set.

      • Well Spartacus, although I’m not Muslim, but when people does see my Middle Eastern features they assume that I’m Muslim. They are making Islam attached to a certain geographical place.
        I face everyday the dilemma of people trying to put me into certain box based on ‘how I look’.
        Your ancestors are Greek but you have the single minded stupid mentality of Americans, do you support Trump?

        • My favorite is Ted Cruz but I’m liking Trump also.
          I bet I’m darker than you but no one puts me in a “box” like they have done to you and I’m sorry if they have.
          When I see ME women not in some form of burka I know they are most likely Christian. I guess I’m boxing them in!
          Quit crying and enjoy your liberation.
          Congratulations Mona!

    • At this point you would think I would no longer be surprised by liberal stupidity but Mona once again proves me wrong. This is exactly the mentality that’s letting radical islam violence thrive worldwide.

    • Hi Mona, it is like the Star of David. What is it about pointing out to the western world you are Muslim. Bearded men running around in pyjamas and sandals. Women with their head coverings. Integration, which does not happen in Sweden, because the swedes are supposed to integrate, is beyond the followers of Islam, and the quiet Muslim majority now want to do the same as the latest imports.
      That book is supposed to be about peace, but after reading it, chronologically, it is anything but. For something that is supposed to be perfect, there is a God that changes his mind, quite a lot.

      • I know that, I say maybe if the multiculturalism worked out, and European governments managed to integrated people, they could have given up their fucked up religious ideology by time. Because in the end, Islam doesn’t make any sense, it’s an ancient Bedouin Pagan/Jewish mix made up by a mental case.

        This article is a good example of what I’m talking about:

        Although, I still know that this is not all the cases, but more integration could have solved many problems, instead of shaping people into certain ideological ‘boxes’.
        I myself get questioned often why I’m drinking alcohol and eating pork (from Europeans), because I look Middle Eastern. Europe has a really long way to go, or else it’ll create more stagnant, boring and isolated societies.

    • “The issue here is not about religion, it’s about ignorance and racism.
      The western government welcomes refugees from many countries but never try to give them any education or awareness of how to be a civilized citizens, in exchange they treat them like savages and segregate them from the society.
      That’s why they end up being antisocial fanatics.”

      Damn, it’s Whitey’s fault again….

      What a bunch of Western Whitey arseholes we are.

      Here’s an idea…..

      Don’t let any muslims into your Western country. Look at the plague sweeping over Europe right now. We have too many now in Australia.

    • It is not anyone’s job to teach them how to be civilized. It is their fault for not already being civilized!

  6. Europe is screwed. The fight has been bred out of them and it’s too bad because the cultures they created will go the way of all of the art and antiquities that these beasts encounter and destroy because, indeed they will. Caucasian is apparently a recessive gene.

    • waaaa waaaa waaaa you sound like a retard. you, a Christian? you are fooling no one here. either you are a leftist liberal scumbag or a lying muslim yourself.

  7. Swedish conspiracy site Blueshift outed their names. Not on the site but in their newsletter. Abraham and Yohannes doesn’t necessarily sound muslim. But then again, not all converts arabize their names either. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Med anledning av dubbelmordet på IKEA 2015-08-10 söker vi information som bl a migrationsverket i skrivande stund börjat censurera.

    För de som har eller kan arrangera access går det bra att tipsa anonymt.

    Vad som i första hand skulle välkomnas är migrationsverkets akt för den av media s k 35-åringen. Det namn polisen har på honom är Abraham Ukbagair och hans födelsedag 1979-02-25.

    Akten för den yngre mannen skulle uppskattas. Yohannes Mahari svenskt pnr 920118-8514.

    Det vore också intressant på ev sjukjournaler för dessa två män, speciellt den äldre.

    Om någon av mottagarna råkade vara på plats och såg vad som skedde eller arbetar på IKEA i Västerås och har tillgång till övervakningskamerorna, skulle det hjälpa mycket.



  8. Because the Swedish elite have thrown in with the NWO to dilute any and all white nations with hoardes of brown immigrants. Until people realize this is a PLAN they will make no progress to countering it. As long as people go around scratching their heads going “Gee, the government seems really unable to stop these foreign peasants. They must be stupid.” They will continue to be easily fooled and kept asleep. Let me ask you, if you don’t pay your taxes do they come after you? If you don’t pay a speeding fine, will they come after you? Of course, and they’ll threaten and harass you and maybe even take you to jail. They are very competent. You need to understand that the authority WANTS the foreigners in your country and they prefer them to be poor, foreign speaking, foreign looking, and totally different in every way possible. Its a trap and EVERY white nation on earth is being sucked into it. The US, Australia, West Europe – EVERY white nation is being FORCED to accept the insanity of illegal alien invasions. Europe is pretty screwed because they’ve been disarmed. In the US where there are stockpiles of guns buried from coast to coast things will be getting hot within a few years.

    • Yes you are right, and I get sick and tired of repeating on these threads that our Traitor politicians have flooded all our civilized countries with the muslim savages DELIBERATELY as part of a long term marxist plan to demographically transform Europe. Demographic Transformation being another phrase for Ethnic Cleansing, or Genocide. Many EU bigwigs have openly admitted this (see Andrew Neather for one), but of course it is never printed in the mainstream press, which is where the sleeping masses get all their “news”.

      It is US they are ethnically cleansing, and they are using mass Islamic immigration to do it. At the moment the muslim numbers are getting alarmingly big, but still not big enough yet for open hostilities. But when their numbers have grown large enough (another 1-2 generations) it will be warfare on all European Streets. Millions of young fighting age muslim savages will be facing a smaller number of fighting age European males. A descent into Hell, and God help us all, because our own authorities won’t since they’re the ones who are engineering our extinction. Personally I’m just hoping I’m already dead before it’s gets to that point, but the youth of today are still walking around blissfully unaware of the hell stampeding toward them.

      I can’t believe how many people, even on this discussion board, still believe that the whole thing is an accident. That it just happened, and now the politicians don’t know how to deal with it.

      It didn’t just happen. It was engineered.

      Which high-ranking US politician said – “In politics NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens you can bet is was PLANNED that way”

      • And who are these nefarious people behind this plot to exterminate the indigenous population of the European countries? Do they plan to get killed off as well? What is the benefit to them by doing this, how can they possibly profit from it?

      • We have the same problems with them in Australia
        We house them, feed them, educate them and they treat us with loathing and contempt and don’t mix with us because we are infidels and Christian
        I must say they are not all like this but the ones who are need to be stopped by pressure from the decent hardworking conforming ones
        It seems wherever they go in the world trouble follows. The best solution is for them to fix the problems in their own homelands and go home to it. I don’t understand why Moslems even want to go to a Christian country???? If we were fleeing Australia the last countries in the world I would escape to would be a Moslem country!

  9. I saw this last week. After reading over ten articles over several days NONE of them identified the NAME, NATIONALITY, RACE, or RELIGION of BOTH the attackers, AND victims it was blatantly obvious that it was MENA muslims.

    Why are blacks in America and muslims in Europe given such a free pass by the press? It’s like the press (everywhere) is ACTIVELY working to hide the truth while our countries burn down around us.

    • I’ve read the same story on countless UK “news” websites, US websites, and in the Danish Press and in every case they claim it’s a stabbing, when in fact it was a beheading, and not one of them mentions muslims or asylum seekers.

      Yes of course the press is actively working to hide the Truth. The Press is the propaganda mouthpiece of the State. Always has been. It doesn’t exist to inform. It exists to mis-inform, to mould public opinion along lines favorable to the Rulers.

      That’s why you should never bother reading or listening to the mainstream press.

    • Muslims go to a ‘christian’ or ‘free’ country because this is their dream. They see in a Western nation everything they do not have at home. At the same time they also loath the west that is because Islam is a schizophrenic religion (in fact it is a political rather than a religious movement) When Muslim get to the West they despise our freedom. Islam can not handle freedom. Freedom is the ultimate challenge to Islam because people that are free ask questions. Once you ask questions about the Q’uran and the core doctrines and essentials of Islam you will soon realize it is a fraud. Thus freedom is the greatest threat of all. Consequently Muslims despise our freedom and want to enslave us into the same societies that they escaped from.

  10. You fight fire with more fire.
    Holy balls are you a wuss shervin.
    I’d bludgeon them in a blink of an eye.

  11. I wish that stories like this would wake people up to simply being MORE AWARE of your surroundings. When your at the MOVIES….sit in an aisle seat. Just get there earlier to pick out a good seat. ….KNOW where the EXITS are…… When your shopping – or even in ANY public place keep an eye out for suspicious people. Same as trains, airports, Malls, sporting events., ect…….

    Ever since the Westgate Mall attack in Kenya in 2013, I have been waiting for them to pull something similar here. I have to admit I now scan for exits routinely WHERE EVER I am in public.

    Not that in some cases it matters….look at the Boston Marathon attack…..broad daylight…..out in the open. Still, between the crazies and the damn Muzzies it still pays to look around….

    • Hey,in my book there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim,the Quaran is as insane as those that believe what it spews,always watch your back because these savages are cowards to the bone,supposedly there are a mere 8 million Islamist low-lifes in the United States,that is 8 million too many!

  12. Katie Hopkins is right.
    We should be sinking their boats and not rescuing them.
    Alternatively to keep the lefties happier, put them all on a big boat and drop them back to wherever they came from. The Italian coast guard should be turning them back before they get anywhere near land. If they don’t turn back sink them and feed the fish.

  13. I want those stinking Islamofascist scumbags hauled out and shot immediately if you can prove they did it. Execute them immediately. Any other response just encourages more of the same. And DEPORT EVERYONE WHO IS MUSLIM. Make them all pay for their Islamofascists.

  14. We in the western world dont understand that the 68er generation (most of them are leftists/socialists/communists) had/have a saying: change/destroy from the inside(I know this saying from german leftists they infiltraed other political groups and chruches etc).read the book of marx(its their bible) and you will see that they hate the west and the whiteman, angelamerkel was in the GDR a FDJ blueshirt, the president of greece is a leftist and the list go on and on…maybe communist states have collaps but those ppl which have ran them or have share their ideology havent change! They see islam/muslims as allies in their fight to destroy the western civilisation and culture, these dumbass dont even get it that they will end up like the leftits in iran who thought also that muslims are allies in the fight against the west.

    I guess itwas in 2013/14 when the former director of the cia said that europe will have civil war conditions in thenear futher beetween “native” europeans and moslim immigrants but the leftists dont care and want more and more of them….

    If a muslim kills a westerner they try to cover it up but if a westerner kills a muslim which happens very very very rarely you see nothing else in the leftists MSM for weeks and how racist westerners are etc…

    I dont know if those who have left their marks on the 1-dollar bill are planning to use islam as their one world religion or they will use it as pretext to created an oneworld army to fight against islamic nation and created a one world govermant( usa;eu china, russia etc. all of them faces jihad attacks)

    • War hammer my ass.
      The only thing that remotely resembles mythical Thor and accompanying hammer is Chris Hemsworth, and he’s an Aussie.
      Sadly the Swedes are a bitchslapped and pussy whipped people, who actually voted back in the very leftist-socialist maniacs who created this nightmare.

      • Not just the Swedes. All the Scandinavian peoples are the worst kind of bleeding-heart, leftist, Self-hating pussies you will ever meet.

        In Scandinavia it’s not just the Governments that are intrinsically leftist. The People are too – in their bones. I remember being shocked when I first came to Denmark and realized in was a Socialist country (huge welfare state – mostly muslims, ultra-high taxation, etc). I didn’t think any still existed after the collapse of the Soviet Union – except China, North Korea and Cuba. I certainly had no idea they were alive and well right in the heart of Europe.

        When I hear people harking back to the Viking times I want to choke with laughter as the Scandinavian people I know could not be more the opposite of those warriors of old.

      • Thomas, I agree with some of the thing you state, but others are just dead wrong; many Swedes hate what is happening in their country, but are powerless to do anything for the same tired old reason you find EVERYWHERE in the western world—the ‘leaders’ and police are against their own people, and protecting the ‘refugee’ filth.

        I did say everywhere, and that means not only all of Eurabia, but Australasia, Canada and yes, the good old US of A! If you lived in America your comment would make you a king-sized hypocrite, as Americans voted in obama–and reelected him, FGS!

        Yes, Denmark, Sweden and Norway are very socialistic countries, and until the ‘refugee scam’ began 30-40 years ago it worked very well!
        I can’t stress that enough, socialism worked beautifully as long as the people were Scandinavian, because they think/thought differently.
        The invasion of third world filth completely ruined that, and left the Nordic countries even more exposed to the ruin actually wished upon them by their own leaders.

        I believe you lived in Denmark, I lived in Norway and travelled around in all three countries in the 50’s when they were free, beautiful and the epitome of western cilvilization.

        Sadly going and in many cases gone, and the traitorous bastards responsible, the so-called ‘leaders’ and the lunatics of the E.U. should be called to account and publicly executed for the willful destruction of their countries.

  15. I am so bloody furious about this. The disgusting Swedish government. Blatantly lying. If the swedes swallow it, we will nuke them too. I am sick of them. I ripped the crap out of some Swede clown called Tetsuo Ironman commenting on yesterdays Washington Post article about this. Of course it was the doctored version. This Tetsuo was saying ”oh there are Christians in Eritrea’ doing everything but face the glaring in the face news the whole world knows. I told him he was as Shakespeare said ‘methinks he /she dost protest too much’! Going straight for the oh there are Christians etc. Plus a whole lot of other appalling crap. If I had been there in the flesh I would have had to seriously restrain myself from ripping him to pieces with my bare hands. Sweden has GOT TO GO. Put them on the list, we don’t want them. Beyond dumb, idiotic beyond words. Nuke them too, clean the slate, bulldoze and let the Russians colonize the place. That will fix it.

    • All Swedes??? Even that large part of the population that wants a halt to the immigration and also wants to send the government to a hotter place? You can´t be serious…

  16. Based on the information so helpfully provided by Whuptdue:

    “According to documents from the Migration Board had 35-year-old received his residence permit application rejected on 16 July. “Immediate deportation to Italy”, according to the authority that the decision taken on that day.

    Doesn’t it say “immediate?” So, why wasn’t he OUT and GONE by the 17th, then? But, it gets worse:

    “He states that the 35-year-old was served on July 27 – and 35-year-old is not appealed. This means that the decision is also legally valid.”

    Same question: Why was he not OUT and GONE by NLT July 28th?

    It’s just this kind of fucking around that cost these innocent folks their lives–in the most ghastly fashion. And ,it’s not limited to Sweden; how many times was the illegal immigrant in San Francisco deported…and STILL came back to murder that beautiful young lady?

    Dear effete authorities: If you decide to deport these cretins…then stop dicking around and DO IT NOW. Or, prepare to spend a LOT of time trying to wash the victims’ blood off YOUR HANDS…

    • Great sentiments mate, but these elite pricks DON’T care about anyone but themselves. It’s only when they themselves get targeted, THEN they might shift their cowardly arses.
      So the only way they will get any type of message is when a few of them are killed – something that is deserved anyway because of the treason they deliberately committed. Even then I won’t hold my breath.
      Unfortunately though, despite a few patriots, Swedenistan is gone & within the next 10 years will be completely pisslamised. The next elections aren’t due until 2017 & with the record of dhimmi Swedes continually voting for their own self destruction, it ain’t lookin’ good. After the next election, the patriots better start making plans to leave what was once a great country until the cowards & traitors took over.
      Or too put it mildly, Sweden is fucked.

      • You’re right, MWP. My little deportation-rant there was based on the notion that those in authority actually care; you know, feel some responsibility or culpability. But, if they did…we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. And, all they’re doing anyway is covering it up to protect themselves! Point well-taken…and your last sentence pretty well sums it up…

    • Good point. If he was to be immediately deported, then he should have been immediately taken into custody by the authorities. Then this never could have happened. Even if he hadn’t committed violence, what is to stop him from going into hiding to avoid deportation. Yes again the “authorities” completely fail their citizens, whom they obviously don’t give 2 shits about.

  17. the only alternative to John Kerry’s Iran plan is war…the only way to stop beheadings in Sweden is to bring in more followers of Islam…this will ultimately solve the problem and it seems that Sweden agrees with me…swedes want this or they would stop it..

    • LISTEN,i don’t know exactly why you say that the “swedes want this or they would stop this” ?
      how so ? are you for illegal entrants swarming in ?
      unscreened entrants ?
      this refugee scam consisting only of islamics ?
      so why hasn’t it been stopped ?

  18. So, THIS is the ‘thanks’ that Muslims extend to those countries foolish enough to open the City Gates and give them refuge from their own kind.
    Begs the question:”So, what do they do when they’re ungrateful?”
    Blood is on the hands of those who made the decision to open those gates.

  19. it is a very slippery slope the government of Sweden is going down , if they think it is better to with hold information to save them selves and there savages they are so wrong ,the words revolution come to mind

  20. Sweden is slowly descending into civil war, I just wonder how long it will be before the indigenous people start to fight back, before long we will have a situation close to that of the Northern Ireland troubles, which will gradually escalate into something more serious. Step by step it will gradually turn into a European style Syria and a warning to the rest of Europe, about what is to come if we don’t start waking up to Islam and start deporting immigrants while we still have the ability and strength to do so. Worrying times indeed!

  21. “Police in central Sweden have increased security at MUSLIM asylum seeker lodgings, fearing a backlash”

    If the PC (Pathetically Corrupt) ‘police’ secured those inbred swine – until deportation – there could be no such attacks.

    And gob-smackingly obvious to anyone with a three digit IQ:
    No moslems – no moslem problems.

  22. IKEA temporarily halted the sale of knives. Yes, that should foil the jihadists dastardly plans. They should have closed the whole store and made it a crime scene.

    • The Swedes are hoping those single Muslim men will start shopping at IKEA sans the scimitars. Doesn’t look good.

  23. Isis has told its followers not to come to the middle east, but to stop in the country’s the live in and commit murder

  24. These leftists got what they wanted. In fact, they have been able for years, the various rapes taking place in their capitals. Alas my friends: a government that should protect allows this kind of thing from happening. You have to put a stop to this, because the militants are meeting the goal of which terrorists urged to to engage local militants. That’s why a corresponding American left Sweden because he knew that this scenario would worsen, however much he preconizasse, leftists visiting his blog to talk nonsense. As they rise up against the PEGIDA in your own country, the stalker Muslims wring their hands to attack his daughters and spouses.

    Gunfire, grenades, rape. What else to Swedish media do to hide? Do these sadists feel happy to see the slaughter of his own people? Apparently yes, because the way they hate the ethnic value of the country and hate its customs, for them this should be a mere ethnic cleansing for new Muslim Scandinavian.

  25. The Swedish head of state, PC politicians, MSM and the police have “radio silence”.. The only official who have condoled the victims family etc, are the leader of the Sweden Democrats… This is the usual coverup… BUT this case will backfire on sweden PCs.. One of the killers was expelled from sweden same day… He was registered as asylum seeker in Italy…

    • As of Jan 1, 2015 it became a criminal offense under Swedish law to “criticize a government minister or to criticize government immigration policy.” Really, not shit. I wonder if that could possibly be an infringement of freedom of expression? What is going on in Sweden? Oh, but I want to make it perfectly clear that I am in no way criticizing a Swedish govt. minister or their immigration policy.

      • Sadly, you’re right Bonni, one wonders what it would take to wake people up—-I could make some suggestions, but these sites are monitored…..

    • If 30 or 40 grenade attacks this year already hasn’t woken them up then nothing short of mortar fire is going to wake them up.

      I asked my mother if she could remember a single grenade attack reported in the U.S. during her whole lifetime. She was unable to do so.

      Eventually someone (some Muslim) in Sweden is going to get ahold of a mortar tube with a box of mortar shells and start bombarding buildings. This will become a serious problem since these things can easily be picked up and moved very quickly. Set up, fire, move, repeat is the standard manner in which these things are used. Law enforcement is so incompetent it will take them forever to find whoever is doing it. They’ll have to flood the area with troops from the army to do anything about it.

      In other words, it will look very much like the same situations in Iraq.

      • That is my fear also….not just ‘buildings’ though. I’d bet Churches dating back to Medieval times. The little ones in the Countryside that are sooo vulnerable and unprotected.

      • This is going to sound terrible, but I can’t wait for that to happen, since I too have given up on Swedistan, and am starting to think we may have to lose a country in order to wake others up.

  26. muslims? Of course not, that’s the religion of peace!!

    (tip, They were probably radical Anglicans or possibly radical Buddhists!)

    FGS!! Who else does that sort of thing–oh wait, drug-gang nutters in Mexico have been known to hack people to pieces but some how I don’t think they would go to Sweden to do it!

  27. The links below reveal that the self-injured suspect was to be ‘deported’ after his asylum pleas were rejected legally. However, he was not being deported to Eritrea (his nation of origin). According to EU regulations, he could only be deported to the location of EU origin as a migrant – Italy.

    Google translation of this article:
    <a href="http://vlt.se/nyheter/nyheter/1.3106162-35-aringen-skulle-avvisas35 year old would be rejected

    The day of the murders took place, he was at a meeting with the Swedish Migration Board.

    He had been turned on its application for a residence permit on 16 July. The Authority’s decisions were. “Immediate deportation to Italy.”

    According to the data searched 35-year-old residence in November 2013, but was rejected. He departed in January 2014, and sought a new residence permit in May this year and was rejected on 16 July.

    He was deported to Italy because he has a residence there.
    In Monday he was at the meeting at the Migration Board, concerning the rejection. The trip would take place shortly.

    35-year-old injured himself hard in the relationships with the attack at Ikea.

    Police would not comment on details of the rejection.
    That’s part of the puzzle surrounding the perpetrators and we can not comment on the individual parts, says Per Agren, commanding chief.

    Was there new information for you?
    – As said. There is nothing I can comment.

    Police say they have gotten a better picture of the sequence of events when the 55-year-old woman and her 28-year-old son stabbed down.
    -We Get more understanding of each moment that goes but we are far from not wanting to have more knowledge. All the people we want to talk to are not heard. And not only the killing of interest, it can also be other observations

    According to data of the VLT should be 35-year-old being cared for at the hospital soon to be heard. Perhaps as early as Wednesday evening.


    “The main suspects 35-year-old would be rejected with immediate effect from Sweden.

    Just hours before Ikea murders he had been at the meeting – to dismiss the case.

    – He met with our staff during the morning, says Fredrik Bengtsson, Head of the Migration Board.

    35-year-old has been arrested on probable cause of the knife murder of a mother and her adult son at Ikea in Vasteras. A 23-year-old is arrested on the lower degree of suspicion.

    Visited the Migration Board

    Several people who lived in the same asylum accommodation in Arboga has previously stated that the two men were at a meeting at the Swedish Migration Board in Vasteras.

    The Swedish Migration Board judge that there was 35-year-old who visited Agency offices in Västerås Monday.

    – The person was in our office in Västerås and was there in contact with staff from the Swedish Migration Board, says Fredrik Bengtsson.

    There was a decision

    He stated that the meeting considered the 35-year-old extradition.

    – But what the meeting was about in detail is the secrecy surrounding, says Fredrik Bengtsson.

    According to documents from the Migration Board had 35-year-old received his residence permit application rejected on 16 July. “Immediate deportation to Italy”, according to the authority that the decision taken on that day. (see note below)

    – There is a decision that he should be returned to Italy, where he has a residence, says Fredrik Bengtsson.

    “Quite advanced”

    He states that the 35-year-old was served on July 27 – and 35-year-old is not appealed. This means that the decision is also legally valid. According to the Migration Board was 35-year-old traveling imminent. Fredrik Bengtsson states that in most similar case is about an ordinary scheduled flight.

    – It takes some preparation and planning, and in this case had progressed quite far in the planning, says Fredrik Bengtsson.
    Has not been heard

    According to the Swedish Migration Board information requested 35-year-old for a residence permit for the first time in November 2013 – and got a no more than a month later. After the turn of the year 2013-2014 was found, he deviated and the police were connected. In May 2015 he applied for a residence permit again, which led to the rejection by the Migration Board planned during the summer.

    35-year-old, who was badly injured in unknown ways during the attack at Ikea, has still not been heard. He underwent surgery later yesterday and has not yet been assigned a public defender.

    NOTE, ‘deportation’ doesn’t mean what we would expect in the EU:
    TheLocal.se: Ikea suspect ‘was to be deported’ from Sweden

    The 35-year-old suspect linked to the double stabbings at an Ikea store in Västerås on Monday had been told that he was set to be expelled from the country, Swedish media are reporting.

    The man, who police have previously said is an asylum seeker from Eritrea, had attended a meeting with the Swedish Migration Board in Västerås on Monday, Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet first wrote on Wednesday afternoon, quoting the head of the office, Fredrik Bengtsson.

    The newspaper published migration board documents calling for the suspect to be deported to Italy, after his application for residency in Sweden was rejected on July 16th.

    Other Swedish media quickly picked up on the image.

    Under EU law, migrants can be sent back to their first point of entry to the European Union, suggesting that the man may have initially travelled to the Mediterranean from Africa.

    The 35-year-old is the main suspect in the case and is understood to remain in hospital in Västerås after sustaining injuries himself.

    A second man, 23, has also been questioned by police and has denied being involved in the violence.

  28. Just read the “news” article on this on the British Daily Express website. Just as in the Swedish press it is described as a “stabbing” when in fact it is a beheading. At the same time it makes no mention of muslims or asylum seekers. Pure PC bullshit from start to finish.

    But it delighted me to see in the comments section below the article that practically everyone KNOWS it is a beheading by muslim savages and are not afraid so say it.

    Seems like more and more people are starting to wake up and are not buying the “religion of peace” bullshit that their filthy traitor politicians are desperate for them to believe.

    The People are onto you, you lying traitor fucks.

  29. Also being that it IS inside an IKEA, the body parts will take twice as long to piece together. Sorry had too….

  30. THIS…if it is islam… is part of the victim mind game design to provoke war … I am certain they feel they can decimate any Sweden resistance.. like the bully… .. Pray for Sweden … Be strong in the Lord believers in Sweden….Isa: 49… these beasts of the father of lies are defeated in Christ.

  31. Very little info is available out there, which in itself is highl suspicious. Yesterday there was mention these were Eritrean VERMIN and it doesn’t take much to work out the probability they were muzzers is too high to disregard.

    We all know the media and authorities try play these things down. I feel for the people involved, but lib loving, multicultural Sweden only has itself to blame… Their naïve government have blood on their hands. How exactly do you expect savages to behave when you put them in Western society

  32. I also read the media reports stating “people were stabbed” – that’s quite the decapitating “stabbing”! The Swedish pols must have double jointed spines considering how far they bend backwards to accommodate and pander to murdering Muslims. Likely some lefty judge will sentence these jihadists to counselling and job training.

      • They are kidding themselves and others who seem to enjoy wallowing in “white guilt” and refuse to take off the rose-colored glasses and see the brutal reality of Islam.

        I read another newspaper that had the gall to state this mother (who was a Dr.) and her son had “very bad luck”. I also read (via Google Translate) a Swedish woman’s FB postings and from what I could gather – it is expected a march against racism to be the response. I hope she was being sarcastic – but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      • They’re kidding themselves, of course.
        Thinking and behaving all is fine and dandy, while the floor burns away beneath them.
        Soon they will fall, but are unwilling to believe it and do not want to face the reality, and that reality is that they are the ones who caused all this, and on the fall, they too will not be spared.

    • Job Training? They don’t need to work, they will be given free welfare for life just like all the other lazy muzrat parasites in every non-muslim country.

      It’s only us native citizens who have to work and pay taxes, and then watch as those taxes are handed over to them by our traitor politicians.

      Then after a lifetime of working (assuming we haven’t been murdered on our own streets by these very same scum and actually live to an old age) when it’s time for US to retire there will be no money left for a pension for us.

      Also if we get sick we will find the healthcare system is not what it used to be either, having been sucked dry for decades by these worthless parasitic vermin, or at the very least we will have to share a hospital ward with dozens of these fucks.

  33. NO. No surprise at all, but more anger and aggravation. Not only towards the Muslims, but more so towards the government and the media. ALL governments,, which supposedly protect its citizens, and media which supposedly inform the citizens with the TRUTH.

  34. No shock or surprise here. Europe is being invaded by backward tribal cretins who think nothing of violence as a means to settle disputes. Europe has them from the Middle East and Africa and the USA is being flooded by lo/no skilled peasant cultures from Mexico/South America.

    Common denominator to both problems???? It’s unsustainable to the new “host’ counties. Fiscally and socially….. The great majority bring NOTHING of any value to their new homes and expect, NO DEMAND, every advantage of free housing, food, medical, education….along with accepting and embracing their foreign Muslim so called …ahem…religion and Culture.

    By the way Swedish King Carl Gustav….whats your take on your NEW Countrymen??? I NEVER seen ANY of the Muzzies out at any celebrations for Swedish pride or when the streets were lined for your sons wedding two months ago….. WHYS THAT??

    Pretty funny if you think that your grandaughter Princess Estella will inherit the throne. Right now the way things are going i’d bet that your daughter Crown Princess Victoria wont either…..or she’ll be presiding over a civil war more likely.,

    • No surprises there Thomas.

      Every time there is news on a violent event around the world I automatically think muslim – how can you not?

      If not the actors in such events muslims are tacit supporters and if there are any protestations that the violence is not condoned I don’t believe it.

    • Nope! I’m not surprised thomas but I am continually disappointed in the common Swedish citizen willing to put up with the jihadi crap from these parasitic, camel felching followers of the pedophile prophet…