Law enforcement authorities brace for “ugly scenes” as Australian patriots plan mosque protests

Ugly scenes (instigated by left wing fascists & Muslim sympathizers) are expected at mosques across the country in October, with anti-Islam activists and patriots planning co-ordinated protests against Muslim immigration and Islam.


The Age (h/t Danno)  The protests, which will create a security nightmare for authorities, are timed to coincide with anti-Islam protests in the United States, where demonstrators have been urged to bring guns, Canada and parts of Europe.

The global protests, planned for October 10, were called by U.S. Marine veteran Jon Ritzheimer, who asked Americans to bring legally licensed guns to the protests.

Jon Ritzheimer
Jon Ritzheimer


In Mr Ritzheimer’s home state of Arizona, designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American and Islamic Relations) has reported him to the FBI for his repeated so-called ‘threats’ against Muslims, according local reports. (All legal under the first amendment)

In an online call to arms directed at Australians, Mr Ritzheimer called on his allies in the United Patriots Front, the Australian Defence League and Reclaim Australia, and their supporters, to “[do] what’s right for humanity.”


“You’re either with us or against us,” he ranted. “Humanity gets attacked daily by Islam. In every country that is run by Islam it holds its followers captive …. We here have made the mistake of opening our arms to these f-cking savagesthat now want to come here and f-ck with our way of life. … our governments will not fix this problem.

“Any mosque that you have in your neighbourhood, that’s where your location is to go and protest.” In another video, he pulls out a pistol and shoots a Koran.


In Australia, the call to arms was enthusiastically backed by the United Patriots Front, a splinter group of the Reclaim Australia movement, and others.

The self-styled “great Aussie patriot” Shermon Burgess, organiser of the UPF, told followers in a video that “the whole world is going to rally against Islam”, and called on Australians to follow suit. “It doesn’t matter where you are in the country, you find a mosque and you get there. That’s how it goes.” 


Mr Burgess said Australia should ban the building of mosques, and vowed to “keep fighting against your mosques”.

Last week, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal upheld a planning permit for a new mosque in Bendigo, after a sustained campaign by anti-Islam activists. The decision has been met with fury by patriotic groups online, and plans are underway for a separate protest in Bendigo against the decision in the next fortnight.


Mr Burgess claimed that anti-Islam movements were building worldwide, because western governments and media were not listening. 

“No backing down,” he vowed. “Let’s do it. Let’s have our voices be heard, let’s rally across the nation, in every goddamn European country on this planet. Say no to Islam and the death cult it is.”


One of the American organisers, Heather Briggs, posted a video online that hinted at the violence that could follow the protests.

“You get to these locations, and you f-ckin’ do something,” she told followers. “It’s time to say no. It’s time to stand and it’s time to run ’em out.”


The Australian Federal Police would not comment on security matters, referring inquiries to state police. A Victoria Police spokeswoman said the force was aware of the protest and would carry out a risk assessment to plan the police’s response.

She said every Victorian had the right to feel safe and that while police respected the right of people to express their views, any illegal activity would not be tolerated.


“It is critical that all Victorians are accepting of cultural diversity and respect the right for individuals to practice their faith, pursuing their values, beliefs and interests,” she said. 

“We ask anyone who witnesses, or is subject to, racism, discrimination or victimisation on the basis of religion, culture or ethnicity, to inform Victoria Police.”