Back in the ’40’s, these Hollywood Jews would have been helping the Nazis with the “final solution”


There’s a name for self-loathing leftist Jews: In Germany, they were called “Judenratte” for betraying their death camp cellmates, helping deliver fellow Jews to the ovens, hoping Hitler would exterminate them last. Here, we call them “JINOS” (Jews in name only) because they worship the cult of ‘leftism.’

Hollywood Reporter  A coalition of 98 prominent members of Los Angeles’ Jewish community — most with ties to Hollywood — have signed an open letter supporting the proposed nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers led by the United States.

Identifying themselves as “American Jewish supporters of Israel” in the full-page ad, which will appear in the Thursday edition of L.A.’s Jewish Journal, the group urges Congress to approve the agreement because it “is in the best interest of the United States and Israel.”


Among the seven lead signatories are billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad; Walt Disney Concert Hall architect Frank Gehry; and legendary TV writer-producer Norman Lear. Other signatories include Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner; film producers Lawrence Bender and Mike Medavoy; UTA agent Peter Benedek; WME agent Rick RosenGame of Thrones executive producer Carolyn Strauss; Matthew Velkes, COO of Village Roadshow; and TV director Daniel Attias.

The full list of signatories is HERE


Well-known political commentators took to Twitter on Wednesday to ridicule an open letter published by prominent Hollywood Jews in support of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Jeffrey Goldberg, national correspondent for The Atlantic, sarcastically tweeted, “Have left-handed Jewish gastroenterologists taken a position on the Iran nuclear deal yet?”

Former U.S. Department of Defense official Michael Doran posted a series of messages mocking the letter.

“BREAKING: 93 hairdressers from NJ sign petition in favor of the Iran deal, stating they were convinced by the science,” he wrote. “BREAKING: 77 of the best dentists in Florida sign petition in favor the Iran deal, b/c it blocks all the pathways to a bomb.”

Here’s radio commentator Michael Savage, also Jewish, interviewing Jewish comedian Jackie Mason about the ‘Never Say “Never Again” Hollywood 98.’