SHARIA-COMPLIANT ILLINOIS will now allow Muslim headbags to be worn in official driver license photos

After complaints from Muslim extremist groups, the state of Illinois is reportedly telling DMV workers that anyone wearing a religious head covering doesn’t have to take it off for a driver’s license or photo ID.

American Muslim Woman Showing Driver's License

NEWSMAX  Fusion news reports the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will begin mailing fliers reminding Department of Motor Vehicle employees that “articles of faith” are legally permissible. The Chicago chapter of designated terrorist group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) complained that Muslim women also were being asked to remove head coverings for photos.


The flier tells us:

The Secretary of State’s office recognizes and respects the increasing diversity of religions practiced by Illinois residents. Members of many religions, such as Islam and Sikhism, wear religious head coverings, also known as articles of faith.

While hats or head coverings are generally prohibited from being worn in photographs used on Illinois driver’s licenses and identification cards, customers may be photographed while wearing established religious head coverings. Photographs increase public safety. Examples of acceptable religious head coverings can be found in this flier.

It’s illegal to ask people to remove their head covering and the fliers will be a reminder for state employees to respect religious diversity, a spokesperson for Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White tells Fusion.

Frighteningly, Muslims became the state’s fastest growing and third-largest group in 2012, the Chicago Tribune reports.


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  1. They are NOT Sharia compliant. That will be when women are FORCED to wear the headbags. I can see it happening in these ultra liberal states.

    • There’s no way the state or SoS is qualified to determine what is an “established article of faith” so if I believe a hoodie is required for my faith, so be it.

  2. Another nudge increasing my desire for either Revolutionary War Two or even a military coup if that is what is needed to protect the uSA from the Islamic onslaught.

    Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

    • Great idea, I will wear my crash helmet
      Or we could just borrow the “outfit” for the day – not like you need a letter to prove you belong to that reglion

  3. Wow! So they finally came up with an ID for Ninja Stealth Bomber’s!! I can just hear the advertising of this shit: Finally even Ninja Bombers can get their own REAL ID without worrying about those pesky police and Homeland Security IDENTIFYING you!!

  4. Another example of distorting American Laws to benefit nefarious acts. If a female is so devout to their muzzie beliefs then why would they need a driver’s license?-Strict adherence to islamic beliefs would have a female unable to drive a car, unable to speak in public and unable to handle any money… fact, all they can really do is have future suicide bombers, cook and clean-the last I knew, one didn’t need a driver’s license for any of those tasks.
    Obviously, someone isn’t doing much research on the enemy who infiltrates our camp- {kitaab at-tawheed, Chapter: 58 of the quran} strictly forbids pictures. Ya gotta’ love Americans who are so un-involved that they would allow enemies of our Nation to “pick & choose” which of their religious Hadith to follow.

  5. Copy and paste this on ALL muslim stories! Flood them with the truth!
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    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam… Not their leadership… Not themselves… THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN!! And they want to change the countries they’re happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy and finally they will be get hammered
    Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
    AND A LOT MORE!!!!!!!
    Think about it…….. frown emoticon 20 signs that psychopath Muslims do:
    1] Kill any one who insults Islam or Moham-mad. (Koran.33;57-61).
    2) Kill all Muslims who leave Islam. (Koran.2;217/4;89/Bukhari.9;84-57).
    3) Koran can not be doubted. (Koran.2;1).
    4) Islam is the only acceptable religion. (Koran.3;85).
    5) Muslims must fight (jihad) to non-Muslims, even if they don’t want to. (Koran.2;216).
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    7) We the non-Muslims cannot be friends with Muslims. (Koran.5;51).
    😎 We the non-Muslims sworn enemies of Muslims and Islam. (Koran.4;101).
    9) We the non-Muslims can be raped as sex slave. (Koran.4;3 & 24/5;89/23;5/33;50/58;3/70;30).
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    11) Muslim must terrorized us (non-Muslims). (Koran.8;12 &59-60/ Bukhar

    • Tammy

      You nailed it. A lot of investigative work resulting in a concise, honest, factual report/comment. This is what we need to persuade others to join the fight. And I did not detect one swear word. Excellent.


  6. Our USELESS politicians traded our NATIONAL SECURITY for Cultural Marxism i.e. political correctness and their constant pandering they must do to gain votes, gather campaign contributions and to appease the media in order to get reelected. They ignore their oath of office/affirmation and our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation!

    Our Constitution says three things about the responsibility of the federal government for our national defense. First, “provide for the common defense” is our national government’s top priority; second, our national defense is the only mandatory function of the national government; finally, national defense is exclusively the function of the national government. However, what happens when politicians at all levels of government ignore their oath of office and our Constitution when it comes to our national defense, our homeland security and the preservation of our Constitution?

  7. Since WHEN does Sheria law override each state’s law??? The United States of America has said “no foreign law shall over rule the US Constitution. Last year the residents of the state of Alabama voted on a state level that NO foreign law shall over ride the State Constitution. So how is it that Illinois has decided differently?? ehey can’t pick and choose which laws will be rewritten giving Sheria law presidance over our own state laws?? How is this practice safe for anyone driving at the same time as these covered persons?? If you can’t see them, how are officials sure they can see enough to drive safely?? Now they have been given a license to use a vehicle as a weapon of mass destruction legally…….Does anyone else see major problems on the horizon in Illinois???? If their license is deemed to be legal in Illinois, then they can drive on any and every roadway in the United States and that makes it OUR PROBLEM!!! They are a danger to every person within these United States of America!!!!! So WHERE are our elected officials now????

  8. Lord help us all, our leaders have gone completely insane. I can’t wait to see what additional stupidity tomorrow beings.

  9. WE NEED DONALD TRUMP to stop this asinine movement. He’ll tell them they don’t need a license if they don’t comply to an actual revealing photo!

  10. This is beyond asinine. What the hell is wrong with this state? And this country? WHY are they allowed to go against our laws? This is NOT an Islamic state (country) and should NOT ALLOW THIS NONSENSE!

    • That post speaks volumes as well. When police or others that need to see your identification. They need to see if your face matches the face in the identification document. . . Duh, simple but oh so necessary concept. It is also for the protection of the muslima. If someone steals your purse and writes a check and a clerk asks for identification and you ID has two eyes looking out of a black garbage bag, then how is a clerk supposed to verify anything? Muslimas are dumbshits who won’t stand up for their right to be a whole person.

  11. Has America lost their mind? We have separation of church and state for a reason! The state issued driver’s license is used as an official ID and if you can’t see the person’s face there is no way in heck that you can ID the person! The Secretary of State, who is also in charge of the Notaries Public of their state should be shot for giving into this terrorism! What is next? As a private citizen, business owner and a Notary in my resident state, I would and could refuse to provide services to anyone who does not meet proper ID requirements and will continue to do so! Sharia law might dictate that they can’t remove their head wear in public, so a better and more commonsense approach might be to construct a booth for them to step into to while having their face shoots taken! REALLY PEOPLE ARE WE THIS STUPID!

  12. Articles of faith? I may be wrong but I don’t believe that it says anything in the Quran about women having to be totally covered. If anyone knows different, I would like to know and know where exactly it is in their holy book(s).

    • I don’t know about their quran, but what i do know -is whats going to happened to them when they get stopped in Georgia,Florida,Alabama,Texas ,and some of our other Southern States by our State Troopers ,and Sheriff Deputies , and City Police Forces .Thats when they are going to wish they had their real proof of identity. or they will be sitting in our jails,waiting for some-one to bring them proof. But if thats the way they want to play it–So be it !!!

  13. This is part of Obamas plan which consist of sending tens of thousands of Muslims to the US and locate in ALL 50 states. They aren’t here to become Americans, they’re here to replace our Christian Nation with Islam! WAKE UP AMERICA! this is no joke!!!

    • Yes, but it’s important to understand that this policy of bringing muslims into this country started decades ago, and that the real upswing in muslim immigration started right after 9/11. The DHS immigration statistics databooks have the proof and are readily available. A lot of this actually is Bushs fault.

      • You got that right. Seems when we have a politician take a stand they are crucified. And I have a message for our attorney general. ……..come get me

  14. ~
    To the President of the United States, The Congress of the United States, The Supreme Court of the United States, to every governor of the 50 United States and US Territories:
    I think we Americans have had enough of this foolishness.
    It is NOT a mortal sin to have your photo taken with your face showing for proper identification purposes.
    If female Muslims object then they don’t have to have a driver’s license.

  15. A total asinine cave in to CAIR a terrorist organization. Hell there could be a mound of turds or a suckling pig under that piece of cloth or possibly Charles Manson after a prison break. What she were pulled over by an officer for having sex with a donkey at the local petting zoo? How would the officer know that the offender was actually the person issued the photo ID? Hell it could be Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. CAIR should be sued into oblivion for obstruction of public safety.

    • Totally agree. They all look like mass murderers…doesn’t anybody see this. Wearing the garb is like hiding in plain sight. Are they comfortable? Hell, no! Do they all have an agenda? Hell yes! Should we be scared. Uh-huh! These women are not your mothers…..they are devils and not even in disguise. They wear
      this garb proudly to say to us in USA… I WILL GET YOU!

  16. Oh so if I murder someone.I can cover my face.So I won’t. B reconized. Illinois allow more crap like this.Illinois is already being made fun of over political decisions.Hell I’m. embarrassed. No wonder everyone is living Illinois

  17. how is someone supposed to tell who’s who? the garbage bagheads could be anybody even a man under that garb/ ridiculous

    • So true…so true…what do we do to stop this in sanity. If my mother — who was a sane women — if she was brainwashed to this ideology and LAUGH OUT LOUD Holloween costume. I would have to, unfortunately, have her committed.

    • Craziness to the max. Why are these “WOMEN” willing want to wear this most heinous clothing that instills paradoxical conflict to an American born women, claim they are American, do not have an American friend, and yet want to be excepted In America? Your culture has a very negative perception of ‘women (hiding in burkas —– ha-, ha, ha, ha, I can’t wait until you have a women’s revolution. Your culture seems to think that covering their entire faces makes them ashamed of how they were born and look. Take off your masks…take off your masks…take off your masks…take off your masks.You are a race of beautiful women held prisoners all of your life. TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS AND BE PROUD OF YOUR BEAUTY. Slowly you will learn that you have been make to feel shameful. WHY? TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS AND SHOW THE WORLD YOUR BEAUTY. Ok….DO IT ALL TOGETHER AND YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE THAT VAST WOMEN ACROSS THE WORLD WILL BE ON YOUR SIDE. TAKE OFF THE MASK — IT IS NOTHING THAT BELONGS IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Learn, to those to want to help you. You will be enslaved forever you don’t TAKE THE THE MASK OFF — THINK, THINK, THINK, BEOND MALE ENSLAVEMENT. TAKE OFF THE MASK, BURQA AND LIVE FREE. Americans will not tolerate Islam teaching. The mask is most heinous! AMEN!

  18. in Spanish there is a say that goes like this: la culpa no la tiene el chancho sino quien le da de comer. it is not the porks fault if not from who feed him,
    So they will profit from whatever this fucking government allow them. so who’s fault is it. lets vote better nex time. is always our responsibility, and we have the governments that we deserve.

  19. I’m gonna put on one of these shitass outfits and move to the States. Itought Holland was bad at tolerance butthis takes the cake

  20. This has got to be wrong! If its true , im going to wear head garb too! This country has gone mad! Catering to mass murderers

    • Finger print those sonsabitches…on the license…you can not hide your finger print…dam fired up in ARIZONA…just try that here..I dare you…

      • I’m beyond pissed here in AZ!!! That shit is not only scary but freaking ridiculous!!! I had to take my hair out of a pony tail holder to get my picture taken. This shit better NOT fly here!!!!!

  21. So I suppose that if I wanted, I could get a traffic ticket and fight that ticket by saying that it was not me but someone else driving my vehicle and get out of that ticket. I could also use said ID to gain illegal access to high security areas for terrorists. You idiots are making it easy for more and more trouble. Get you head out your butts before you give our whole country over to the enemy

  22. The state of Texas should let a Scotsman wear a plaid Highlander beret on license or ID renewal. ~ As commented before bastard sons of Jimmy Carter putting Somalis in best Section 8 housing of Fort Worth. None are being put in the drab “red bricks” by downtown Fort Worth.

      • Special privileges for the muslims, how nice. This ,from the flyer “While hats or head coverings are generally prohibited from being worn in photographs used on Illinois driver’s
        licenses and identification cards, customers may be photographed while wearing established religious head
        coverings.” Next time I’m gonna wear my favorite hat.

  23. Perhaps if all of these people started ending up face-down on the side-walk, they’d stop trying to force this crap on the rest of us. Same for the Gay-Pride garbage. If well-placed snipers took out a half-dozen at every Rally, soon there would be no more public rallies and the Gay Pride garbage would go back in the closet. Just sayin’! Would work for Black Lives Matter and every other bullshit organization out there.

  24. Is it not according to their own Sharia law that women are not allowed to drive? Why are we even considering allowing these democracy-haters to apply for a driver’s license and acquiesce to their demand to be covered even for the license photo when we are not required to prohibit them from driving? This is hypocrisy at it’s worst and incompetent inconsistency on the part of the DMV. Screw these mohammedans, why do they have to keep having their way in this country because they are mohammedans, when nobody else can have their ways when they are in mohammedan countries like Saudi Arabia? They can build mosques here and we can’t build christian churches over there? Screw Mohammedanism, Screw mohammedans, screw mohammed, screw sharia law and all its bullshit, and screw anyone who gives in to the unreasonable and non equitable demands of these barbaric cavemen and cavewomen.

  25. In Muslim countries, per Sharia laws these headbags are prohibited from driving whatsoever. If they do not want to take a mug shot for driver’s license without the bag on their head, don’t drive at all like in the Arab world. Let’s prohibit Muslim headbags from driving even a bike. Period.

  26. Hey, isn’t that a *Florida* driver’s license in that top photo? And it’s not face coverings but head coverings, in IL anyway. Sikh men are not required to remove their turbans and Muslim women not required to remove the headscarf, and this is not a new rule but a reiteration of established rule. Don’t know wth FL is thinking though, sheesh.

  27. If Illinois really agreed to this, they’ve been scammed. There is only one reason why this DMV picture is desired: to cover up crime,

  28. I just need to know one thing, yep, just one thing and that is, why are we so scared of these people or is is money, are we getting paid huge amount from the Arab states, do they have nuclear bombs and have threatened to blow us up……..more than one thing but the people behind the counters should simply be able to say ‘sorry, no face no licence, next please’ it sounds as bad over there as it is here in Aussie land with our stupid prime minister announcing yesterday that there will be tougher penalties for ice addicts……my god, what can one say except god help the whole world.

    • A freaking menace to our civilized nations! Stop with the political correctness crap already! Islam is not a religion but a terrible ideology that is wrapped in evil. Enough is enough! It appears that our leaders learned nothing from 9-11 and all those lives lost were in vain! SMFH!

  29. Golly, it would probably be just awful if average Joe Citizen who happened down on their luck decided to supplement his bottom line by scoring a black market burka somewhere, and then go to the nearest gun free zone and proceeded to rob the first gourmet coffee store her found. Then, the cops, going on the description given may mistakenly go arrest 50 or so Muslim women (because they all match the description) and keep them detained for a long time until they investigated them all. Bummer.

  30. So, then, how in hell does the public identify them? I thought driver’s licenses were a form of photo identification?

  31. If they no longer have to remove the head dress then what is the point of taking a pic for the drivers licence. Maybe they should just stop taking pictures at all any more.

  32. And yet another reason for concealed carry. Need to protect self and others . Need to practice good marksmenship, I had to remove my scarf and hat for my ID in illinois, Need to get these people out of here before we end up like UK.

  33. anyone allowing this I hope to hell you find your entire family slaughtered by these bastards. Just got through reading the latest where these goatfuckers have taken over Dearborn MI and 3 of them beat the hell out of a Soldier just for trying to get them to stop harassing a women at 7/11. SO again, hope y our family is slaughtered, put on their knees and a bullet in the back of their head as is being done through out other countries where these godless bastards rule.

  34. HEadbags are not a religious clothing or article of faith. Nowhere in Kuran does it say so and Muslims know this. It is a personal choice because if they do not wear it their husbands will beat them with a stick no thicker than his thumb (yes its approved in the kuran). So why does Illinois allows something that is not religious or article of faith to be wron. Simple They have been threatened. Time to ghet the top[ man in Illinois and hold his or her feet to the fire. No clear face on ID, no ID simple as that. We have a right to know who we are dealing with

  35. WHERE are the Police, and other Law Enforcement, while this sh*t is going on?
    I do know that police are put-off by dark window tint on cars, and dark sun glasses. They yell if the window is too dark for them to ID you. And make you remove your sun glasses.
    THIS has GOT to be pi**ing THEM off, big time!
    Looks like a good time for some ‘Blue Flu’ strikes.

  36. The Illinois Secretary of state is Jesse White heres his phone number…we all should call him…

    (217) 785-3000
    213 State Capitol.
    Springfield, IL 62756.

  37. Everyone is totally overreacting.

    Those cute black head-covering get ups make it SO much easier to drive, because they don’t obstruct visibility in the least! I know I feel safer on the road, and wish everyone would get one.

    They also don’t get tangled in the foot peddles, shift stick, or doors. Perfect!

    My favorite is the burka with the screen over the face, because that doesn’t obstruct vision at all. And the bonus? A PERFECT hiding outfit for “da killer bros” don’t ya know–put on a burka, sit in the back seat or passenger seat, have the female burka bitch driver fuss when stopped….and presto! Can get away from the law any time, anywhere. And that’s okay too because Sharia law is the oy law.

    What if the non-Moslem gangsters pick up on the idea? Everyone will have a burka in the trunk… along with their guns, meth, heroin, and a slew of fake IDs. And that promotes Islam as “the religion of peace and brotherhood.”

    So this rule is great for everyone. Let’s just bend over and take it, okay guys?

  38. So proud to constantly advertise their second-class status.

    Maybe some wag can get a gang of men to dress as Darth Vader and make up a new “religion” and then start a crime wave of bank robberies.

  39. every citizen should start wearing Ski Masks or full face Balaclavas and see how long that lasts going into banks airport security or photo id for license .I am a JEDI KNIGHT if I show my face I have to kill you Non Taurus Excreta

  40. That is amazing. In Chicago a couple of years ago, I walked up to two policemen to ask directions, wearing regular clothes – and was looked up and down like I was a terrorist. Sure, once they had checked me out, their demeanour changed considerably. But imagine if I was wearing one of those mail box outfits with an AK47 underneath?

  41. And don’t forget when wearing the black garb even in a heatwave, wear a pair of thick black woollen gloves. No traces of bomb making materials under the fingernails and no incriminating fingerprints. We are being brainwashed into accepting these outfits as ‘normal’.

  42. I can’t see any of your fucking faces, would be a shame if one of your female Muslim friends were to steal your ID.

  43. And I have to part my bangs in my DL pic in the state where I live to get a picture that can be scanned for facial recognition.

  44. “Photographs increase public safety.”

    What an utterly PUERILE STATEMENT.
    “Full of nowt and timidity,
    and signifying NOTHING!”
    Apologies WS.

    Why can’t some politically incorrect cartoonists
    and satirists PILLORY the ‘intelligentsia’ who
    created this monstrosity and mockery.

    How are the civilized indigenes now equal
    before the law, to these vile worshipers of mo?

    If the successors of ‘Occupy’, S0r0s’s ‘Anonymous’
    were to come up with a similar work of fiction
    to “The BoH™”, which included wearing
    the Guy Fawkes mask, the police would
    soon realize the WANTON STUPIDITY
    of this course of action.

    Just wait until there are a few more bank
    robberies, or escapes in disguise, or police
    murdered by burka concealed weapons,
    or cases thrown out for ‘non-identification’
    then there will be a rightful BACKLASH
    against islam and cair.

    Preceded of course by a pre-counter-backlash
    from cair and leftard water-carriers.

  45. So i gather it would be easier to rob a bank now and coomit fraud as long as you are in a pilliwcase or dirty nappies on your face?


    Wicked Illinois leaders are EAGER to give Muslims OPPORTUNITIES to CARRY OUT TERRORIST ATTACKS and CONCEAL their IDENTITIES.

    Every Muslim terrorist and terrorist organisation on earth are rejoicing.

    Illinois leaders’ top FAVORITES — Muslims, are commanded by the BLOOD SOAKED Quran to perpetrate forced conversions, kidnappings, rapes, satanic atrocities, beheadings, crucifixions, mass barbaric murders of non-Muslims and the seizing of non-Muslim females for sex slaves.

    Since pedophile Mohammed’s Blood Cult was created, Muslims have savagely put to death hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents and captured many millions of white European non-Muslim females for sex slaves.

    Illinois TRAITOR leaders are dedicated to making the world a SAFER place for their ADORED Muslim terrorists and an extremely DANGEROUS place for non-Muslims.

    • and no doubt same here in Australia – Politicians world wide are bowing to these Muslims – votes, nothing short of left winged votes – thankfully at this time we have Tony Abbott the LNP conservatives in Government who is doing his very best to keep Muslims from dictating to us Aussies – alas, we cannot same about the local Councils who are selling out to Muslims and country councils (eg. Bendigo Bank) and Shire of Bendigo, a beautiful 150 year old town full of heritage, who have had a petition against a Mosque, which Bendigo Bank backed – and the Council despite opposition has approved this. Money talks – us Aussies are in an uproar –

    • Thanx Linda …. the real question here is …where are the real americans ?? everybody is only moaning or talking …. the Illinois people , the leaders , governor, police and church leaders are puppies and useless deceiving leaders … they are the false ones …. and your communities have been voting and accepting them for the past 15 years …. time to act ….. seriously

  47. WTF!.. So any terrorist can safely chuck a bag on their head without risk of being caught out by police. This is fucked up!

  48. Insane. What about the obvious? When pulled over, how do the police know that the person behind the wheel is the owner of the vehicle when they can’t identify them? Besides, I thought it was haram for devout Muslim women to drive. Let’s see what the first suicide bomber in America will be wearing…

  49. Eighty-five to ninety oer cent of Illinois, especially southern, excluding Springfield where a lot of Chicago manure gets spread, is populated with good people with sound values and lilving in towns and cities that respect them.
    Chicago is dreck !

  50. I don’t know the law in the US, but here in Canada a police officer has a DUTY to be able to make facial recognition of a person he may later have to testify against in a criminal trial proceeding. This means he has a right to ask robbers (politely, of course) to remove their ski masks for example. How is an officer supposed to testify against someone if he has NO EFFIN IDEA what they look like ………… ???

  51. I’m going to make a call on this one, and post what I find out here on Monday.

    Jesse White
    Illinois Secretary of State
    Official Website:
    800-252-8980 (toll free in Illinois)
    213 State Capitol
    Springfield, IL 62756
    217-785-3000 (outside Illinois)

    Jesse White: 5th term could be last as Illinois Secretary of State, which will end sometime in the month of January 2019

  52. That is insane!!!!! The whole purpose of DL photos is for identification. OMG, this opens up rampant abuse potential. No one should ever be allowed to drive wearing a burqa. It’s downright, absolutely dangerous.