Next time you book an UBER car, be sure to request a non-Muslim driver

41179a1fba57830fd93b4d01c2a9d6ffAn UBER client submitted a complaint against a Muslim woman driver wearing an Islamic supremacist headbag, sparking outrage across social media and unraveling a conundrum about the ethics of public shaming of ‘racist’ (What ‘race’ is Islam?) behavior.

WARNING TO UBER USERS: Always request a non-Muslim driver, especially a non-Muslim male driver, if you are a woman.


Vocativ  Uber user Rene Hunter allegedly complained that the ride-sharing company “allowed” a Muslim driver, Sonia Marcella Martinez, to wear a headscarf, which Hunter mislabeled as a “berka.” On August 8, Martinez posted a screenshot of the alleged complaint—which said Martinez’s husband could be “the enemy within”—on the Facebook page Muslims Are Not Terrorists.


The post went viral, spreading across Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and various women’s forums. In part, it garnered support and prompted others to share similar stories: One Muslim-American, Leilah Abdurahman, wrote that she also received Uber and Lyft cancellations that she suspected were motivated by prejudice and Islamophobia.


The complaint also ignited outrage at Hunter’s behavior and sparked a sort of social media witch hunt, aimed at teaching Hunter a lesson about religious discrimination. Commentators shared Hunter’s personal information, workplace and employer’s contact details. Dozens of users shared images of the messages they sent to Hunter denouncing racism (what ‘race’ is Islam?), as well as complaints sent to Hunter’s employer in North Carolina. Others submitted outraged reviews to her employer’s pages.

Muslim headbags block peripheral vision
Muslim headbags block peripheral vision

In the aftermath of the backlash, it appears that Hunter deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and that her employer disabled reviews and comments on their professional pages. Neither Hunter or Martinez responded to requests for comment.

Apparently, Rene Hunter has a good understanding of the threat Muslims pose to this country:




To everyone in cities like NYC, where taxis are a way of life, if you find yourself in a cab with a muslim driver, pay the fare, but don’t leave any tip. When you exit the cab, leave the door open and walk away. This pisses the hell out of them as they have to get out and close the door. If you’re lucky, they will drive away with the door open and crash it into something.

When I lived in Japan, the back doors of taxis were controlled by the driver which means they opened and closed automatically. So when I arrived back in NYC after 2 years in Japan, sometimes I would accidentally get out of the cab without closing the door, as was the habit in Japan. There were few if any muslim drivers back then, so I never did it intentionally. One time the driver rode away with the door open and crashed it into another car. When they had to get out and close the door manually, they were naturally furious.

I’ve used this trick on muslim drivers in NYC in the past few years and they always look ready to kill me, especially after I stiff them for a tip. I LOL as I walk away.