After repeated demands by CAIR for Gov. Scott Walker to apologize for anti-Muslim remarks, Walker will not

walker crying manDesignated terrorist group and self-proclaimed ‘Muslim Rights’ advocate CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has posted dozens of tweets in the past week demanding that Republican presidential candidate Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin apologize for saying there are only a few “reasonable, moderate followers of Islam” while speaking to voters in New Hampshire last week.

Madison  At a campaign stop at a VFW hall in Derry, New Hampshire, Walker said radical Islamic terrorists are at war with America, Israel, Christians, Jews and “it’s a war against even the handful of reasonable, moderate followers of Islam who don’t share the radical beliefs that these radical Islamic terrorists have.”

 The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR, designated a terrorist group by the UAE) immediately condemned Walker’s remarks about there only being a ‘handful’ of ‘reasonable’ Muslims.



 “These types of ‘inaccurate’ statements reflect a lack of understanding of Islam and Muslims that is, frankly, not presidential,” said Council on American–Islamic Relations spokesman Robert McCaw in a statement. “If Mr. Walker believes only a ‘handful’ of Muslims are moderate or reasonable, then he is ignoring the very clear reality that violent extremists murder more Muslims than anyone.”    


The presidential candidate’s ‘offensive’ remarks came a month after one of his advisors called for using nuclear weapons on a number of Muslim-majority nations and for the deportation of undocumented immigrants of Middle Eastern descent.