Muslim Brotherhoood affiliated Huma Abedin accuses Republican Senator of “tarnishing her reputation”


No, Huma Abedin’s reputation was tarnished when her close family ties and personal affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood were first revealed.


The Hill  The lawyer for a top aide to Hillary Clinton is accusing Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) of making “unfounded allegations” about her employment situation while at the Department of State.  The letter from Huma Abedin’s lawyer, Miguel Rodriguez, which was obtained by The New York Times, hits back at Grassley’s suggestions that Abedin was illegally overpaid during vacations and while on maternity leave during her time aiding the then-secretary of State.


safe_image_php-vi The letter also refutes Grassley’s allegations that Abedin may have shown a conflict of interest by using her department clout to help a private consultant for whom she worked part-time.  “We are deeply concerned that Chairman Grassley’s letter has unfairly tarnished Ms. Abedin’s reputation by making unsubstantiated allegations that appear to flow from misinformation that Chairman Grassley has been provided by an unnamed — and apparently unreliable — source,” Rodriguez wrote, according to the Times“No staffer — indeed, nobody at all — should be subject to such unfounded attacks based on ill-informed leaks, much less someone who has made countless personal sacrifices in distinguished service to the country she loves,” he added. HillaryandHumaAbedinMother HUMAN-ABEDIN-AND-THE-MB

MSA (Muslim Student Association) along with CAIR, are the leading North American front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, the original founder of al-Qaeda
Huma Abedin is on the Executive Board of the MSA (Muslim Student Association), which along with CAIR, are the leading North American front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood, the founders of al-Qaeda