NEVER APOLOGIZE for telling the truth about Muslims no matter how offensive it is to Muslims


imagesDonald Trump wouldn’t apologize and neither should this school superintendent whose resignation is being demanded by designated terrorist group CAIR, despite his apology for what Muslims consider an offensive anti-Muslim remark.  Just remember, there is virtually nothing you can say about Muslims that doesn’t offend them. So, speak up, ignore political correctness, and never back down from what you say.

The remark was made about the Garland, Texas police who killed the two Muslim terrorists who were caught trying to shoot up a Muhammad cartoon contest free speech event there.


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  1. Jokes are told about every race color and creed all the time and now because it was taken as a statement against Muslims this gentleman may loose his job? I think all this watch what you say crap is going too far!!

  2. Hate is such a strong word…. It entail one of many emotions…. I’d prefer to say indifferent…. Meaning you fuck with my country family or my space you could be in serious shit…. I served my country with honor but I can be one dishonorable Mo fo you came my way… With you horse shit I lost many brothers in battle against your religious bullshit….. Semper Fi

  3. You have started your war in was once a peaceful western world. And I mean all you Muslims as you have not come out an condone the barbaric practices of your satanic cult. You ask for war YOU GOT IT. I WILL NEVER FORGET NOR BACK DOWN. YOU WILL NEVER EVER TAKE OVER MY COUNTRY AUSTRALIA.

  4. All fucking bacon haters must die for humanity to survive.
    Show me a peaceful one willing to acknowledge my right to worship the God I chose and I may change my mind.
    Allah FUBAR.

  5. Yoo cair muslims why is it that one can not find the declaration of WAR against ALL MANKIND on your sites?

    Muhammad: His life based on the earliest sources….
    Martin Lings
    pdf 116:

    “Men of Khazraj, know ye what it means to pledge yourselves to this man?” “We know,” they said, but he disregarded them. “Ye pledge yourselves”, he continued, “to war against all men, the red and the black.’

    So if ye think that when ye suffer the loss of possessions and when some of your nobles are slain ye will forsake him, forsake him now, for if ye forsake him then it will bring shame upon you in this world and the next. But if ye think ye will fulfil your pledge, then take him, for therein, by God, is the best of this world and the next.” They said: “What though our possessions be lost and our nobles slain, yet do we take him. And what shall be ours
    thereby, 0 Messenger of God, if we fulfil to thee our pledge?” “Paradise,” he said, and they said: “Stretch forth thy hand,” and he stretched out his hand and they pledged their oaths.

    That is, all men whatsoever. After this second pledge at ‘Aqabah, that of the First ‘Aqabah came to be called “the pledge of the women”. It continued to be used, but for women only, because it contained no mention of the duties of war.)

    end quote

    cair muSlimes, just to be clear YOUR political system sucks PIG-BIG time, and then the PIG-MANURE called allah’s koran:

    (22:18) Have you not seen that all those who are in the heavens and all those who are in the earth prostrate themselves before Allah;3031 and so do the sun and the moon, and the stars and the mountains, and the trees, and the beasts, and so do many human beings,32 and even many of those who are condemned to chastisement?33 And he whom Allah humiliates, none can give him honour.34 Allah does whatever He wills.35

    “ALL” does this include pacteria, PIGS, DOGS, SNAKES & and NOT to forget the Salamander?
    (there are a couple of hadith which demand that the Salamander shall be killed for doing mischief…….)

    In my youth I’ve watched indeed PIGS, DOGS, bow down to their trough, shall one assume ALLAH was in their food they so EAGERLY BOWED DOWN TO?

  6. PATHETIC !!!@!@!@

    No wonder everyone the world over is starting to HATE muslms. i mean some of the leftie liberals or fence sitters are starting to see the light. not us here, we’ve hated them all for a long time.

    for good due reason i might add !@!@

    • i listened to that story. its so bloody typical of the vile supremacist muslims isn’t it. a innocent mistake, no malice and that thug muslim husband assaults a non believer, then demands more ‘FREE’ money by trying to sue him. love to know the outcome. would love it if that filthy muslim had to pay thousands in assault or went to jail instead.

  7. “To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize”–voltaire. this is the symptom of a people who chose to conquer.

  8. Especially one should never apologize to a designated terrorist group like CAIR/Hamas. If any Muslims want to ask for an apology for anything, they could at least not have a terrorist group representing them. If they want to be represented by a terrorist front group, there should be absolutely zero chance of any discussion guaranteed.

  9. What a miserable existence it must be. Imagine spending your whole life just waiting to be offended. The longer you stare at something the larger it gets until it occupies your whole field of vision. They’ve stared at this for so long that they can’t see anything but offense. One of my favorite comedians is Dave Allen. He does nothing but make fun of Christians, especially Catholics. He’s an atheist, but what he talks about is true! Yet, funny!! Because I recognize alot of what he says in his routine. We have to laugh at ourselves! Methinks they doth protest too much. No wonder nobody wants anything to do with them. Paranoid, easily offended, chained to this dark death cloud that they drag around wherever they go, trying to force everyone else to be as miserable as they are. All that because they believe in a god who is so pathetic that it can’t do anything for itself. Must suck to be them!

    • very well said Emma.

      “chained to this dark death cloud that they drag around wherever they go, trying to force everyone else to be as miserable as they are.”

      thats so true, its a great way of words to describe them. beautifully written b/c its just so true and perfect fit for them.

      OMG they make me sick. apart from a total genocide, what is the solution ?? they get in like cancer and multiple, act & breed like cockroaches, demand and demand more & more, and seem to get it, cry foul, cry racist, cry islamophobe, cry oppressed, cry bigotry. when does it stop. they get big enough then they take over.

  10. Video: (0:48) Khalid Hamideh, Islamic Ass. of N. Texas (cair/MB affiliate?):
    “He’s charged with the duty to teach inclusion, to teach love, to teach everything on an equal basis, not to disseminate hate and ignorance.”

    “He’s charged with the duty”

    “to teach inclusion”
    You mean like islamic apartheid? Dar al-islam vs Dar al-Harb?
    “The best of peoples” vs The dhimmi People of the Book, and the ‘pagans’?

    Btw apartheid should have been called dhimmiheid,
    because islam was first with that by 1.400 years.

    “teach love”
    Like islam teaches ‘love’?
    “al-Walaa` wal-Baraa`”
    Love for fellow worshipers of mo, ONLY!
    “Do not take Jews or Christians as friends…”

    “teach everything on an equal basis”
    Where is he ‘unequal’? Citations?
    Does he teach the vast dark underside of islam,
    equally with the saccharin sky fairy story?
    And what happened to HIS First Amendment rights?

    “not to disseminate hate and ignorance.”
    What ‘hate’? Irony is HATE?
    What ‘ignorance’? What he said did happen.
    So the truth is banned? If you are a moslem!

  11. Really!! Oh my god…. Americans are loosing it. There was absolutely nothing in what he said to warrant all this…..And to ask for his resignation….UNBELIEVABLE. it is supposed to be a dimocrasy NOT A DICTATORSHIP… Worse freedoms then what Russia had years ago.. AMERICA YOU’RE GOING BACKWARDS.

  12. This is leftist and Muslim warfare designed to ruin people’s live and demoralize them and the rest of us. To Hell with CAIR and its knee-jerk offense monkeys. Don’t apologize, don’t blink, don’t stutter, don’t equivocate, don’t apologize, don’t explain, don’t shuffle your feet, don’t look down. Head high, chin up!

  13. Would the dumb bastards still apologize if those two raghead savages had shot the police and gone on to kill people at the Garland event? Want to bet that insolent Muslim mouthpiece would still be demanding one?

    I’m ready to vote for Trump just to hear him tell the towelhead s.o.b.s to go to hell for 4 years. Throw in Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke for VP and it’s a deal.

  14. Good point Bonni,anything said by an infidel is going to “offend” moslems. As said before,Truth is always the first casualty. Because the majority of moslems marry their first cousins,they begin cognitive decline at birth…there is no reasoning with these disciples of Satan..that times 1400 years is a lot to over come.!!!!!!!

    • Mo1, ha your joking. if this was a non muslim intimidating a muslim, there would be uproar and the defendant would have been jailed.

      but its ok for muslims to do it and get away with it. everyone fears the over exaggerated backlash from the violent muslims and all the PC b/s cries of oppression and islamophobia if the judge would have jailed this twat.

      interesting story, though, isnt it… same old same old… muslims persecuting a christian.

      now let me think… where have we heard thast one before ??? anyone ??????

  15. It is impossible to slander mudslimes, islime, moo-ham-head, alleyoop or the queeran because the truth is more evil than words can convey.