HUNGARY: Muslim illegal aliens demand to be sent to Germany where the welfare benefits are very generous

AFP4308321_ArticoloThese Muslim squatters claim to be from Afghanistan. Hungary doesn’t want them, so I’m sure they’d be happy to dump them in Germany. Failing that, they should deport them to the nearest Muslim country.

Al-Jazeera (h/t bonampak)  Protests erupt among thousands of Muslim illegals trapped outside Budapest station as authorities continue to block travel. On Wednesday, the illegals started shouting “freedom, freedom” and called to be let onto trains as Hungarian authorities said for a second day that they would prevent anyone without a valid visa from entering the station.

A spokesperson for the Hungarian government, meanwhile, reiterated that: “In the territory of the EU, illegal migrants can travel onwards only with valid documents and observing EU rules. “A train ticket does not overwrite EU rules.”

h/t Cathari5

And here are more Muslim invaders in Hungary making demands, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” and clashing with police.