SICKENING! Jewish useful idiot for Islam attempts to redefine violent jihad holy war with a love song

artworks-000126815689-zlplka-t500x500Famed music producer and DJ Sam Spiegel is attempting his most misguided feat ever: trying to define Islam and Muslims in a positive light with a song called “Jihad Love Squad” – the ultimate oxymoron. He thinks he can convince people that Islamic jihad, as represented by ISIS and the near daily terrorist attacks around the world, actually have nothing to do with violence. Yeah, good luck with that!


The Daily Beast  Now anytime you put the word “jihad” in the title of anything, you know you’re going to stir up negative attention. However, I’m not sure if Spiegel fully grasps what he might be in for.

Although he recently got a taste of it when his management company of over five years informed him that if he released “Jihad Love Squad,” it would no longer represent Spiegel because his managers believed it would hurt his career and even possibly result in violence against him. His management company did, in fact, drop him because of it.


Spiegel is a typical Judenrat – useful idiot to the enemy – like George Soros was for the Nazis. In his deranged leftist mind, Spiegel decided he needed to do something to “rewrite the truth that the media and certain politicians have been telling us about Islam,” adding, “I think the U.S. media has tendency to be Islamophobic and paint Muslims in a one-dimensional, negative light.”

So why start with trying to redefine the word jihad?  Spiegel shared a story about a Muslim friend who before 9/11 wore a ring that featured the word “jihad” on it. But after that Muslim terrorist attack on America, his friend removed the ring for a fear of a backlash. (Muslims know what the word means, and it has nothing to do with ‘love)


It appears that experience had been percolating with Spiegel because it is with this word that he has taken his stand.  “Jihad is a word that’s really been hijacked and stigmatized by extremists,” the moronic Spiegel explained.

Spiegel dishonestly tries to redefine the meaning of the word within the first minutes of the music video for “Jihad Love Squad” with a title card that reads: “Jihad: The spiritual struggle within oneself between good and evil.” Now just so it’s clear, jihad within Islam does mean a holy war against unbelievers.


Spiegel, who was born in New York but is now based in Los Angeles, increasingly became concerned over how the song, and especially the video, would be received by both the Muslim community and the Muslim haters as the released date approached.

He fully gets that the anti-Muslim activists could target him. After all in 2013 when the Council on American-Islamic Relations spearheaded a campaign to redefine the word “jihad” with a series of ads, it was met with outrage by the queen of anti-Muslim bigotry, Pam Geller.  She even spent money to put up ads to define jihad in the most negative light possible in hopes of stoking the flames of hate against Muslims.  (Nah, Muslims do a great job of that all by themselves. No help needed)


On the flip side, Spiegel is keenly aware that some Muslims may watch the video and believe that he’s not deconstructing a negative stereotype about Muslims, but perpetuating it. And to be honest, some will likely see it as that. I showed the video to a cross section of Muslims and some did voice concerns that the video could be misunderstood.

The music video, which Spiegel directed, was  shot in India. It opens with a woman greeting customers at a restaurant. She then goes into a backroom, straps on what appears to be a suicide vest, covers herself in a full burka and heads out in to the street.  She soon walks into a schoolyard where young kids playing see her and freeze in apparent fear. As the tension builds, she presses the button to activate the vest.



But there’s a twist. Instead of an explosion of material that can kill, it releases different colored powders, the type used in the Hindu festival of colors known as “Holi.” Spiegel explained that the powder represents the woman spreading love, not death.

So far Spiegel says that the response to the video, except for his former manager, has been positive. “Not even one negative comment on YouTube yet, which is a shocker!,” he remarked to me on Saturday.  

(OK, BNIers, you know what you have to do)