As the massive invasion of Europe by Muslim illegals soars, violent clashes against them break out

While Germany’s Angela Merkel is demanding that all EU countries open their doors to hundreds of thousands more Muslim invaders looking for handouts or looking to create chaos, Eastern Europe countries are pushing back and refusing to take them.

Press Europe is facing an unprecedented influx of Muslim invaders from countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Most of them land in Italy or Greece, and then head for the wealthier countries of northern Europe by transiting through countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, like Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary.

Nearly 340,000 welfare seekers reached the borders of the European Union during the first seven months of the year, up from 123,500 during the same period in 2014, according to the bloc’s border agency Frontex.

Yet not a single oil-rich Arab Gulf State has taken in any Muslim refugees, nor is anyone asking them to. Why?




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  1. I am Indian it was a “hindu” nation land of yoga, peace and spirituality. But Arab invaded it and Islamic plague broke it to Pakistan, Bangladesh and see how they are. Their effort is relent less to bring down anything good anything pure.
    My dear gentle citizen’s of European countries, I can’t tell or explain how sad I am to see that leaders of European countries will have some excuse but Europe will not be safe as it is now. Families will be scared for the safety of their children, wont send children out alone, because kidnapping will be common, women won’t go out fear of rape, gang rape or torture. Can’t explain you the horrors of Islam. They will grow at a very rapid rate before you would know they will be so many by impregnating your daughters and sisters. They love democracy because they easily defeat you because they outnumber you and they vote very unitedly as they have goal to defeat us.
    Please beware.. before it is too late 🙁

    • For a long time now, I have considered Hindus and Sikhs as valuable allies in the fight against Islam. We have come, all of us, to the point where we can no longer remove out politicians, nor the evil-disguised, so-called, refugees by the ballot box. I propose that we start training in warfare methods – both men and women, and prepare for the cultural war that is coming sooner than later. I also suggest that we rally under the banner-title (U.E.L.O) (United European liberation Organisation) Please, people, pleaseake this happen before its too late.

  2. Let them go to a moslim or a islam country arabian people also don”t want them. european people are also not welkom in their countries! The european countries must shut down their borders! If they come to europe there wil be the same situation as in their countries only killing and chaos let the arabs solve their problems! why Always the european countries?

  3. That fat arsehole bitch Merkel, she must pay for this. The currency to be decided. I have decided how she shall pay, but you do not tell.

    All these scumbags on Merkel’s wet dream……….. bitch

    Come on, white guys, you have work to do. That other fat bitch, Hullary. She loves to play statesman does she?

    She is on the Tasking Order as well/

  4. it’s too late they are in and keep komming. It’s mostly young energetic militant men invaders, horny and craving sex, each one bringing between his legs his secrete weapon, the penis. One shouted ,we will outbread you ten to one. no doubt the way of life is lost forever for europe .the rest of the west will suffer the same fate sooner then later.

    • Yes…the whole western civilization is at risk…they are coming in Brazil border Argentina. BRAZIL will receive 3,500 “refugees” from Europe…thats the beggining of the end. THEY are already bringing in the idea of Sharia Law in Latin America…whether or not…many eueopeans and americans hate south americans…but its all Christian religion continent…these “refugees ” will move up north up to USA…if nothing is done now…south america and north america will be Europe 20 years from now.

  5. And the so called “Peaceloving majority” of muslims won’t be willing or able to help us any more than all the peaceloving Germans stopped Hitler. The peaceloving majority are inconsequential. Either that or they will side with the violent muslims against us infidels.

  6. Most of the illegals forcing their way into Europe are men. If Syria is so dangerous, why do they leave their wives and children at home. Are the women and children left to fight for their country while the men escape. Usually in war it is the men who stay to fight for their country.

    Europe will be an example to the rest of us what happens when you play soft with illegal immigration.

  7. Australia agreed to take in 12,000.00 on top of what we take in every year. The priority goes to Christians and other minority FROM THE CAMPS. Hopefully our politicians stay firm on this and not let that devil Merkel or that Satan Obama forced our hand to take more. I think there are more than enough Muslims here and most refused to assimilate or respect our laws. To take more of these satan pigs is a suicide of any Western country. The Asian nations will not be caught in this game. They are smarter and wiser.

    • Asia, chiefly India and China, have a 1400 year history of Islam. The only reason that China and India and hence south east Asia even exist today is because the Muslims couldn’t produce warriors faster than the Chinese and Indians. I strongly suspect that those people who are aiding the muslims in their invasion (this is precisely how they conquerored every nation since the days of muhammad) is that they are either too passive and unable to conceive that such evil can exist, or they have been bought, or more likely, coerced by fear of their and their families murder.

    • Aussie government shall consider about its citizens and taxpayers rather than those refugees. Those refugees would ruin this beautiful Australia into a new Islamic country. BE AWARE! AUSSIES! DEFEND UP!

    • chanelgalme, even with all the many thousands of Muslims allowed into the country, and the fact that when muslims on a refugee boat heading for Australia found that some amongst them were Christians and they threw them overboard to drown, Australia still had an out cry from Muslims that to bring in mainly Christians was discrimination against them. You cant win with these animals.

  8. Question. if those are refugees,then why dont they look dishevelled with torn and dusty clothes and tired faces due to their long walk through Europe?? Dont tell me every country they pass through hands them out new brabdname clothes,gives them a shower where ever they go and enough food and water for a long hike?? I see no backpacks characterized by people like the homeless or that restrained look the poor have when they are too tired to complain. they have the energy to “demand”,”riot” and protest?? I have seen real poor and homeless and they dont look as fresh or have the energy to riot or even scream “allah ackbar.” Why cant humanitarians see this bullshit violin playing these “refugees” are selling. everyone buys this.

    • You have observed correctly vigiloz,the vast majority of these men are radical islamists sent by their leaders for a unified cause and reason. Their agenda is to establish themselves in key areas and further their ideologies. Many in your country and mine are either asleep or incredibly naive. What is here and will unfortunately continue is a reign of terror at every level imaginable. Governments and political leaders turning a blind eye to the reality of what’s really happening the world over…Devastation.

  9. There is no concept of moderate Islam in the Koran. At its core, Islam is a violent , discriminating , dangerous , and highly oppressive ideology , un-repenting , un-reforming and unmoved by countless worldwide genocides it left in its wake. violent from its bloody beginnings some 1300+ years ago and still viciously murderous in our present time

    • Islam, as interpreted direcly from the Koran, is very alike to Christianity (upon which it is based, principally the Bible). It is also remarkably similar to western fascism and corporate fascism. Conqueror a nation and make it muslim, conqueror a nation and make it capitalist.

      • Melody, unlike Islam, there is no where in the new Testament where it says to go and kill, let alone to go and kill all who will not submit, it says to love even your enemies. And unlike the prophet of Islam, Jesus said to live in peace with all regardless of their religion or ways.
        In the old Testament, yes there was about 4 times when they were told to go and kill all, but when you read the actual history, you see that these nations had been picking on and killing the Jews for generations before hand, plus they were doing the most horrific things, including sacrificing their women, children and babies, they made Sodom and Gomorrah look like a Sunday school picnic.
        Like us when we are attacked, they of course eventually retaliated.. and yes like all races since the beginning of time, they did some terrible things which they reported in the Jewish books.

    • Only if you let them. I have been saying it for a while that women should be training for street battles. I have and am training women here now. Stop being complacent and MOVE off your butts!! You should be throwing your government out. The Swe, des are having a rally to get theirs to resign. They wont but its a start. Basically I think its a waste of time asking them, just barge down the parliaments and oust them physically. Its revolution time. You don’t have any choice, get out in the streets and fight. ISIS said it would send half a million fake refugees to Europe and then attack. These scum have almost come out of thin air, they have been living in Turkey for at least 2 years safely. Its very sus. You are going to have to physically stop them. NOW and also get your politicians. Get Merkel out NOW. She is having poor Germans thrown out so their homes can go to the invaders. This is called treason and no one has ousted her yet!! A coup d stat is needed fast.

      Here in Oz we had a VERY SUCCESSFUL rally in a town called Bendigo on the 31st of August. It was organized by the UPF, United Patriots Front, with the brilliant Blair Cottrell. The Bendigo people came out in droves!!!! The feral scum was outnumbered 10 to 1. At last. The ferals, all uni students from crappy faculties for the dumb caused as much trouble as they could. Even before the rally started they had been attacking ordinary Bendigo people in the street and cafes!! OMG. With their faces covered. Bendigo people couldn’t believe it, they are country people, they were disgusted with them hiding their faces. They burnt the flag again and some young Bendigo boys were going to thrash them but got pulled back into line. They don’t know yet you have to let them be. But the scum were scared when they saw these strapping Aussie country lads with fury in their eyes coming for them and they RAN. FAST, hahahaha. GREAT.

      Bendigo is the iconic Australian town which is very important in our history. That’s why the filthy muslim scum have chosen it, to try to demolish our culture and nationalistic pride. Every Australian knows this town. . It was here that the Eureka Stockade occurred in the 1850’S. Gold miners took a stand against great injustice being done to them. The Eureka Stockade flag is v well known in Australia, blue and white and is associated with fighting injustice and corruption. Bendigo is the town where muslims want to build the biggest mosque in Australia but only a few live there. This mosque is for 4000 people so its obvious muslims are planning to colonise it as they have done in Dearborn, and heaps of towns in England, including Birmingham and in Europe, like Rotterdam in Holland etc. We WONT let them.

      Also surrounding this mosque is corruption, a crooked socialist mayor who it has just been revealed had interest in the land it will be built on and other conflicts of interest. He is very corrupt. Also it has been through the 1st court in Melbourne call VCAT who passed it v quickly with no proper examination of the issues or much of the submission from the lawyers of the people of Bendigo. The lawyers were OUTRAGED at the blatant disregard for the law and they have written a huge submission complaining about VCAT which is already under suspicion for other cases. This mosque has fake environmental plans and studies, they just copied one from somewhere else. A great deal of it has been passed by Bendigo’s corrupt council without the muslims having to present plans to the council like everyone else. This is what happened in England and is what the lawyer Gavin Boby is revealing and fighting for. My son will also be fighting for it when he finishes law school. The lawyers have just submitted their case to the next court upwards from VCAT, still not the supreme court yet though.

      The rally was fantastic, the Bendigo people came out in big numbers. The video can be seen on the UPF community site on facebook. Blair Cottrell, who spoke at the 18th July rally is excellent and highly intelligent. There was not one sign of the few idiots with swastikas as they are scared of the UPF guys now, who will bash them up if need be to keep them away. Now there is going to be another in Bendigo on the day of the world Mosque Protest Day, the 10th of October. This will be bigger. I couldn’t get to the 31st due to a call in at work, but not missing the 10th of the 10th!! Oct the 10th. We will be standing in solidarity with the wonderful American man who has stood up tall to face this evil front on. I cant wait for this rally, I am taking some friends with me up to Bendigo in country Victoria. Can you protest on this day with others wherever you are??? Just stand outside a mosque protesting about what goes on in them.
      . So Sue, start doing something, join the rallies, start a rally, but you must be prepared for street fighting as its coming in the not too distant future. Are you in England?? We are getting close to crunch/crisis time Sue, don’t be afraid, fight for your country, your children, your culture. You must defend your children, learn defense skills and also knife skills. You shouldn’t leave home these days without a fold up of good quality. The world you knew is gone Sue, where you wouldn’t have dreamed of carrying such a thing and the invaders are on our streets, courtesy of the Merkels/ Camerons, etc in the world.

      • I agree with Ingrid. Only by overthrowing our corrupt Establishments can we put an end to this (and other) madness. Muslim Arab leaders have our politicians in their pockets, no matter left or right. It’s time to clean house and bring back democracy.

      • People should learn from the communists: establish your own militias, take things into your own hands. If muslims are in your schools, establish your own; if they do violence against your neighbours, take action to arrest them. To hell with the capitalist authorities who are doing nothing. Islam is their tool to drive fear into us, to divide us so that they can enslave us all to do their bidding. Rule by terror.

      • Yes Ingrid, Australians must fight these evil pigs. It is always corrupted politicians who sold us out. Just read Merkel had done a deal with Saudi Arabia for 10 billion euros. Is this invasion of Europe a payoff from the German chancellor ? Really Merkel should be assinated or lynched by bringing in this massive destructions and fear to the European Nations. It will very well destroy the European culture and people.
        If we in Australia do not watch out and make sure politicians do not betray us, we will be handing that way too. We have too many left wing idiots in this country like The Greens Sarah Hanson Young, another Merkel in waiting except she does not have the brains to do anything properly and the people who voted her back in are the same.
        We must be vergilent.

        • Unfortunately chanelgalme, Turnbull is more left than the left.. look him up on Wikipedia and see. It is so sad that obviously Liberal does not have anyone good enough to take the top job, decent person to put in the top job..
          For the first time in 35 years I will not be voting Liberal, I will be going for the ALA but putting Liberal second, and any other right wing from then on with any left wing at the bottom..
          For a far left to get in as leader of a right wing party means that to many of those as mps must also be more left..

    • You have not read the Bible or you would not say that the New Testiment, wich we live under now is the direct opposite of Islam, why do you think the Muslims are killing christians??
      if they were the same, muslims would love us, as it is they hate us, Mohamud did not get his docterines from the Bible but from a so called cave experience, given to him supposedly by angels, (more like demons) Jesus taught to forgive even enemies, Mohmud taught to do what is already in the heart of man to do, get revenge,

      Jesus taught non violence except for self defence, Jesus told his followers not to force the faith on people who were not interested, just to go else where and find those who would listen, he alowed people to walk away when they didn’t want to follow him anymore,

      Mohamud taught his followers to do violence to anyone they saw as an infidel, yes Islam comes from a source that you wouldn’t have imagined, but it isn’t the Bible it comes from the papacy read the article on line called “How the pope created Islam”, in the 6th century, the pope wanted an inquisition army to stamp out non compliant churches in the middle east, while he waged war in the west,

      Mohamud lead the muslim army against the coptic christians, the orthodox, who even to this day refuse to co-operate with the papacy, as well as other christians who didn’t and still don’t comply with them.
      there was a time when the muslims went away from the papasy, but now through the ecumenical; movement they are again in bed with them. muslims consider the pope to be a prophet,
      they reverance Mary, they kill apostates, just like the old time RC “church” did. we in the true Bible believing church of God, do not persecute others no matter their faith group, yet they persecute our people and anyone they deem an infidel wait till the RC church starts to really show their true colours, you will be shocked

      I don’t undersand why people like you put the coments you do when they are out right lies,
      even a curserary reading of the gospels would tell you that what you said is a lie, you are trying very hard to find a reason not to believe,
      so you like millions like you, jump at any lie told to you by who? your athiest university professor?
      or your aposatate minister? or an out of context reading of the old testiment scriptures wich you just opened to randomly and picked out a story of a war the Isrealites faught against their enemies? some 3,4, 5 thousand years ago, and you right away say
      ” oh thats just like the muslims i don’t have to believe in Jesus now , wow phew thats a relief!

      Am I right?? because if you really were seeking the truth you would read all the Bible in context to get the whole picture rather then picking out select passages to justify your rebellion,
      well it isn’t going to work with God you still answer to him, and you have all the opprtunities in the world to know that what He inspired to be written is nothing like what Mohamud taught, Mohmud ranted and raved against his enemies, to his dying breth, he died with hatred in his heart,
      Jesus forgave his enemies from the cross, while he suffered as a sin offering for your, and my sins, and the sins of every person on this planet from that time to the end of time.
      turn from your own way, and ” believe on the lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. “

      • Barb, you are so right..
        Both the quran and the bible tells us who Allah is..
        Mohammad in the Qur’an openly states many times that Allah is the ‘best deceiver’. The root word used in these verses is Makr which means deception. The Quran even brags that Allah is the best deceiver of them all, and the author of evil:
        And (the unbelievers) schemed and planned, and Allah schemed also, and the best of schemers is Allah. S. 3:54 .. he has no problem using guile, “kayd“, in Surahs 7:182-183 and 68:45.
        So from this it is very clear who allah is, the Bible calls Satan the greatest deceiver of all:
        “And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” Rev 12:9
        The Bible teaches that God cannot be tempted by evil and neither tempts anyone with evil; James 1:13…

  10. Europe was already in plenty of muslim-trouble…but, this invasion–these endless rivers of muslim detritus posing as “refugees”–this looks like the beginning of the last act, awaiting only the fall of the final curtain. Once these hoards get their feet on your soil, you’ll NEVER get them out. And the EU “leaders” WANT them in. The short-term effects–the mobs, the demands, the chaos–are sickening to see; but, it’s the long-term effects that will do them in. I believe Europe’s ultimate destruction (at least, as we’ve known it) will be traced to this invasion–and their leaders’ willingness to sponsor and fund it, damn the consequences (and their own people). Europe is now shifting into overdrive on the road to islamic ruin.

    As an American onlooker, perhaps I should feel some Schadenfreude. “Haha, I told you so. fools!” But, wait; all the same poisonous ingredients are in place here, too (they just got a head start in Europe). Yes, it will be a longer, slower process, but it’s already in motion and picking up speed. And, we’re the last–and biggest–domino still standing. They don’t have to hurry, they have lots of time. It’s WE who are running out of time to stop this before it slowly but surely destroys us from within. Societal strife and violence accompany muslims wherever they appear…and, we are no more immune than anywhere else…arguably more vulnerable. And, thousands more muslims–from some of the worst places on earth–are dumped on us every year.

    What will happen to the remaining civilized world when we lose Europe (which looks now like sooner than later). Stay tuned, but you’re not going to like it. And, guess who’s next on the menu?

    • In that case, please take heed: This will be the final death knell for Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

      Only a matter of [a very short] time until there’ll be not one old timer left, courtesy of the inevitably accelerating Islamigentrification.

      Sarsour will have multiple O’s over this, her sour aurat launching into overdrive!

    • The people will rise up Geo. If they see Europe go they certainly wont lie down and surrender and they will win. The Europeans will rise up though, don’t think they wont. It is going to be a world wide revolution. No way will people in America or here in OZ just lie down without a whimper. We are already talking about dying in this great battle and how we don’t care at all. Its an honour to fall fighting for your country and culture. I will tear people limb from limb with my bare hands if they threaten my children and family. Most women are the same. I am extremely savage if I need to defend and also fearless.I have always been fearless. A v formidable weapon as it terrifies your enemy. I will do anything. We women often are. Its instinctive as we have children. WE are like the Tigress in the wild defending her cubs. Not a pretty sight. We will win Geo and never doubt it. Europe will fight back eventually. They can be removed, India threw them out after being invaded and occupied for a long while. But it will be quicker than that. Todays breed of politicians are almost obsolete as their lefty policies destroy cultures and countries. They are finished and proper sane governments will take over. The new breed of politicians are just waiting in the wings for the call. Lefty type political parties and movements will be viewed with great horror and become untouchable. History will give them very bad press!!Same for multiculturalism. They will not win, they are vastly outnumbered on the planet 5.5 billion to 1,6 billion.

      • Ingrid…

        GREAT posts!
        I am in Canada and getting close to 70…{YIKES!}
        I have never wished to return to my youth in my entire life, as I have had a marvelous “kick at the can” with little or no regrets.

        But when I see the shit that these things are doing with more and more intensity and frequency….

        Oh how I wish I was 18 or 20 once more so I could saddle up with fellow lads and get ready to take them on, head to head!

        I do fear, though, not only severe complacency in the west, but also a generation of soft, flabby, lazy, sedentary youth who do not have what it takes to defend their heritage…AND they don’t give a shit!

        That MIGHT be the bigger problem.
        Video games rule the day, young adolescent boys so lazy they won’t clean their rooms, take out the trash, cut the lawn…not even brush their teeth…they hardly want to breathe…it’s almost too much work.

        I also feel the politicians are a HUGE problem…
        Never in our history, {arguably} have we had such a group of gutless cowards in positions of power.

        Keep watching BNI, as I’m sure you will, and keep up the great posts.
        We need people like you to light a fire under some lazy asses…and I know that sounds a lot easier than it is…but sooner or later, WE’LL HAVE TO TAKE THEM ON!

  11. Written in 1973, when the World Intifada was moving smoothly along its predestined exponential upward arc*, this novel is eerily and horrifyingly prescient. I think it relates to our present situation in an uncanny way. All one has to do is substitute ‘the banal worshipers of mo’ for East Indians, and there you are. I must admit it was new to me, but may be on many readers lists:

    “The Camp of the Saints”

    “By the year 2000 there will on present projections, be seven billion people swarming on the surface of the Earth. And only nine hundred million of them will be white. What will happen when the teeming billions of the so-called Third World – driven by unbearable hunger and despair, the inevitable consequences of insensate over-population – descend locust-like on the lush lands of the complacent white nations?

    Jean Raspail has the rare imagination and courage necessary to face this terrifying question head-on. Readers of whatever color and political persuasion will find in “The Camp of the Saints” (already a bestseller in France & America) a hypnotically readable novel of compelling power that will disturb, provoke and horrify them by turns. And so powerful is its impact that once you have read it you will need brain surgery to forget it.”

    “In 1975 Time Magazine panned the novel as a “bilious tirade” [They would, wouldn’t they? That says more about THEM than the novel!] that only required a response because it “arrives trailing clouds of praise from French savants, including Dramatist Jean Anouilh (‘A haunting book of irresistible force and calm logic’), with the imprint of a respected U.S. publisher and a teasing pre-publication ad campaign (‘The end of the white world is near’)”.

    “Jeffrey Hart in the National Review lauded the novel, stating “in freer and more intelligent circles in Europe, [Not yet under fascist leftard thumbs!] the book is a sensation and Raspail is a prize-winner…his plot is both simple and brilliant”.

    “In 1983, Linda Chavez declared she was “appalled” at the novel, and called it “racist, xenophobic and paranoid”.

    “The December 1994 cover story of The Atlantic Monthly focused on the themes of the novel, analyzing them in the context of international relations. (This was at about the same time that The Social Contract Press chose to bring it back into U.S. publication.)

    In 2002 Lionel Shriver described the novel as “both prescient and appalling,” certainly “racist” but “written with tremendous verbal energy and passion.” Shriver writes that the book “gives bilious voice to an emotion whose expression is increasingly taboo in the West, but that can grow only more virulent when suppressed: the fierce resentment felt by majority populations when that status seems threatened.”

    “William F. Buckley, Jr. praised the book in 2004 as “a great novel” which raised questions on how to respond to MASSIVE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. [Answer: ENABLE it.]

    “In 2005 the conservative Chilton Williamson praised the book as “one of the most uncompromising works of literary reaction in the 20th century.”

    “In 2001 the Southern Poverty Law Center# described it as “widely revered by American white supremacists [They polled them?] and is a sort of anti-immigration analog to The Turner Diaries.”

    The book returned to the bestseller list in 2011.”



    “A French novel, “The Camp of the Saints”, has become the FAVORITE [You asked them?] racist fantasy of the anti-immigrant movement in the US. Published by The Social Contract Press, the book is revered [Citations?] by American white supremacists.”

    Only American? So Europe gets a pass? Breivik wasn’t inspired by it? Wilders?

    Bonni? May I suggest that all readers borrow this or e-read it from their public library? If they don’t have it, you can try for an inter-library loan, or request it as a purchase, that way more people would read it. If they don’t accept anonymous requests, its up to you if you want to proceed.

  12. All that is left for me now, in total anger over EU and lefties, is the pleasure of witnessing their downfall. Disgust, just plain disgust and anger.
    Civil war is a certainty. May Merkel end up the same way as Romanescu.

    • Susan, sadly I agreed with you. These unpatriotic leaders of Europe who were voted in to protect its people are the real traitors and seriously, their actions looked more and more “AN TI CHRIST” . If these illegals are not kicked out, Europe is sure to fall.

  13. The “violent clashes” have not been nearly violent enough. The have not been any reports (yet) of mass graves filled with mudslime trash.

  14. there is cival war brewing…the baltic lands wont stand for this and neither will the people of the uk…bring it on

    • I’m Baltic and I can confirm that. Have a few toys lurking at my cabinet already. Looking to spend 5k Euro on a new toy that holds 30 cartridges of joy. This Baltic Shrek will defend it’s swamp .

  15. I live in Essen, Germany and there are lots of muslim refugees, here and there is shameless moral blackmail being inflicted on us from the media, campaigns like “show you are not nazi, receive a refugee in your house” it’s terrible, I have a neighbor who is a single mom with 2 little daughters and now have 2 muslim men in their 20s living in her house.. that’s madness! europe is totally lost.

      • Bonni, We all know what Muslim males do to infidel women and little girls when the opportunity presents itself. Exactly what founder of Islam, Mohammed did. The chances are enormous that the young mum and her little girls are being constantly gang raped every day and threatened with death if they tell anyone.

        It’s precisely what evil satanic Merkel and the EVIL EU want. The EU and British and European leaders crave the destruction of our people and nations.

        They sold their souls long ago.

    • My father lives in Bergkamen, not far from Essen, he too said that people are being forced to take in these people from the government. Cultural suicide. He also said just 2klms from his home a tent city housing them has appeared in a car park near the community halls. I was planning a trip over there next year but will not go now. It is not safe anymore. It was bad enough with the huge population of Turkish people you have in Germany who do not mix, I saw this first hand when I used to catch the bus into Lunen. They did not talk German but Turkish and you can tell they hate Germans. My father is right, it is no longer 5 minutes to 12 but 5 minutes past. The German people need to uprise. Do not allow your country to be destroyed again. Islam is the new Hitler.

      • The EU and Islam is the new Hitler. The EU and Islam are united as one to destroy our people and to wipe Judaism and Christianity from off the face of the earth.

        “People are being forced to take in these people from the government.”

        Merkel’s government as well as all British and European governments are fully aware that for decades Muslims have been waging a massive, violent RAPE WAR in Britain and Europe against our non-Muslim females.

        Merkel forces Germans to take the Muslim barbarian invaders into their homes so that the Muslim savages can rape our females at their leisure.
        It’s why the Muslim barbarians are screaming “Germany, Germany”.

        The evil media cooperate with stories of the “desperate refugees”. The media conceals the truth and won’t show the horrifying reality of the videos you show on BNI.

        Please Merciful God, help our people!

    • That’s a story of horrific consequences waiting to happen; two prospective muslim pedophiles living in the exact same property with white infidel nubiles, ripe and easy for the picking. Utterly incomprehensible, and soon to become a shocking catastrophe.

  16. The future is now; Europe is at the precipice of apocalyptic times.

    Are you feeling any sympathy for the Syrian boy who was found dead, presumably drowned? I do not; it was staged.

    Yes, he’s dead (mother and sibling, also?), and that’s too bad, but he was killed, intentionally, by his father/others to bring about the global reactions we’ve seen and heard these past couple days -frankly, I’m finding all of it a sickening, cynical deception.

    Awwwwww, that, poor, poor innocent boy, his distraught father, it’s so, so very heart breaking. Don’t ya just want to cry? The world just seems so unconcerned, so seemingly unwilling to help all those desperate immigrants. Ah, but that will all change now, yes? Purge your shame: Open your doors, your arms, your wallets, give it your all, even give up your ways of life. Is it too much to ask?

    Allahu Akbar

    • That poor little boy was used as a pawn by media and the illegals. His father lied to the media. They had been living and working in Turkey for 3 years. They were going to Europe because the dad wanted free dental work.
      Now today the illegals used their children as human shields and to gain media attention by putting them on the frontline as they confronted Hungarian police. What sort of parent sees a human shield of police wearing protective shields, and takes their children to the front? And the media fuels these types of actions by filming the kids. Look when you see a crowd of illegals, they hold up their children even though it distresses them.

    • You are completely right my friends, these Syrian must leave to Arabian countries or turkey where they belong too… I’m from lebanon and I know how dirty these people’s are

    • “FKN STUPID”. Yes, it appears so. Have you talked to anyone recently who understands, who can articulate intelligently, what’s really happening, i.e., the existential implications of the tsunamic flood of muslims crashing into Europe? If he/she/they are all emotionally wrought (about 2-3 seconds worth of sadness) by the sight of that poor little innocent, two year old immigrant Syrian boy found dead on the beach, and of his supposed distraught father, and who are viscerally swayed by the pathetic indulgent narrative by bleeding heart journalists of the “deathly plight” of the muslim immigrant victims, you’ll be wasting your time.

  17. Gee, who could have predicted *that*?? Hooray for the Footballers! I see that, once again, the moslems hide behind their women and children! Such brave warrior men!

    When government agencies either cannot or will not hold the line against invaders, citizen armies will form to defend their homes. Good for these brave Hungarian Citizen Warriors who haven’t forgotten their history and the sacrifices made by their parents and grandparents who fought to rid their land of totalitarianism!

  18. EU is taking you in Muslims, be grateful and do not demand sharia law in Europe after few years.

    Still, EU made a grave mistake, these Muslims (can’t call them people) have a long and brutal history of betrayal and mutiny.

  19. Angela Merkel was a communist official in East Germany. Of course the Germans have a history of supporting Muslims against other European nations! We should not be surprised as it is my contention that in the present struggle between Islamic and nonIslamic civilization influenced or friendly to European culture, what happens in the past repeats itself in the future!
    Russian President Putin although short-sighted on supporting temporary Russian interest over long-term danger with the issue of a nuclear-supported Iran does not support the Islamic invasion of Europe! The Germans used the Ottoman Empire before to victimize the nations of Eastern Europe so now they use Muslims again! Who are the defenders of Europe-it is the Hungarians today under PM Obran who in history bore the brunt of the fighting against Muslims in defending the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was a real achievement in the history of Europe! The Austrians were encouraged to their detriment as a national people to support German interests despite the fact that the Germans beat them and crushed their influence in western Europe as the Holy Roman Empire!
    Today who is it that supports the Muslims so strongly? It is Obama and Merkel who he spied on but still does his bidding like a dog! Obama by the way who is opposed to Israel helping the government of Nigeria to fight Boko Haram! Any more questions about why the nonIslamic World is becoming so messed up globally today?

  20. If you look at the history of Islam, it all started before the Crusaders invaded the Holy Land. At that time, the Muslims arrived in hoards and very slowly, took over the local population by inviting themselves into their (Christian) host’s home. Naturally, the Christians showed charity and compassion and allowed the Muslims to live amongst them thinking that they could all live in peace together. As the Muslim population exploded, they soon took over the Christian’s home and as you would say, the Muslims helped the Christians to pack up their homes and leave. This went on for two hundred years when the Christians in Europe realised that by stealth, the Muslims were taking over the whole of the ME., slowly eradicating the Christian population. Fortunately, the Crusaders came along and the Christian population were able to claim back their homes and birthright after many years of brutality.

    I read in the local UK media yesterday that many people want to open their homes to the poor refugees coming from the Middle East. The scenario is this.
    You invite a Muslim family into the privacy of your home. The Muslim family will consist of a father, mother and four children. You feed them, care for them, take them shopping, accommodate their needs. You would also help the Muslim family to claim welfare benefits and what their entitlement. Initially, the Muslims will accept your generosity, praise you for your kindness, and extol you as a person.

    Eventually, they will start to make demands like men and women sit separately, no pork, alcohol, and listening to western Muslim and watching TV. The Muslim family will also demand that they have to pray five times a day and that you will have to respect their needs and demands. They will quietly complain that your daughter’s dressing style is offensive to them and that western living does not fit into their religion and culture. During Ramadan, the Muslim family will demand that no one would be allowed to eat during their fasting day, watch western television, playing the radio et cetera. Eventually, the Muslim family will demand that their hosts make fundamental changes in their lifestyle and by that the time this happens, say a year or two, legislation will be in place that you will not be able to evict them. Before you know it, the Muslim family will help you to pack your belongings and help you move out into the streets like what happened over a thousand years ago.

    • Prof A.M. Your post is a classic. One of the best BNI posts I have seen. Clearly spells out what the good samaritan “welcomers” of Islamic hordes need to know, but won’t listen to. Thank you.

      • Iceland is doing that right now. They are inviting thousands of the monsters into their homes, homes undoubtably containing thousands of beautiful, young icelandic blonde girls just ripe for the picking by muslim perverts. Those long Icelandic winters will not seem so long and cold to them.

      • Thank you Gatouna, I have been telling people for the last 30 years that Muslims will create huge problems in Europe and eventually the World. I was called a racist, bigoted, about my views by many people. Whenever I was critical of Muslims I would often be slammed down and told to shut up. When I was at university 20 years ago, I made a comment about Islam and a Muslim student in the class screamed and shouted at me that I was an ‘ignorant fool!’ Fortunately, I kept my stance and humiliated her in front of the class by saying that I am certainly not ignorant ( I have six degrees) and definitely not a fool. She ran out of the class with her scarf around her tail and everyone laughed. prof andrew michael

    • On This Day In 732, Charles the Hammer Stopped Islam’s Advance on the West


      Islam conquered most of the Middle East and North Africa and then came across the Straights of Gibraltar and conquered Spain, subjugating the people under Islamic rule, giving the European (mostly Christian and Jewish) people the choice of conversion to Islam or perpetual underling status burdened with a tax on non-Muslims (vital funds Muslims used to finance further conquests).

      Islamic armies moved north into what is now France (known as Gaul at the time). That was the high-water mark of Islam’s first major invasion of Europe, because it was there they were stopped.

      After several large battles, the Islamic hordes were defeated by an army led by Charles Martel, who came to be known as Charles the Hammer. The final and decisive battle occurred on October 11th, 732, one hundred years after the death of Mohammad.

      Europe is being invaded again by Islamic hordes. This time they are being welcomed in by people ignorant of history and ignorant of Islamic doctrine.

      People who are committed to Islam’s political goal of world domination have been swarming into Europe by the millions, gaining more and more political clout and winning more and more battles as Europeans concede their freedoms, their land, and their money to this aggressive and relentless ideology.

      But they will be stopped. Europeans are not spineless people. Not even all of Europe’s politicians are spineless. Islam was stopped before — despite the fact that many European kings had made deals and allied themselves with the Muslims to gain a temporary political advantage. It was happening then. It is happening now.

      But Europe is waking up and so is America, Australia, and India. The more people know about basic Islamic doctrine, the more immune they become to the political manipulations of orthodox Muslims. Concessions made will be revoked. The West will rise again and stop Islam for the third time.

    • very well summarized. we hindus in India have bore the same brunt in the past. The hindu genocide by the mughals is the biggest in the history of mankind but still went unnoticed as the world thought it was a local problem. Now the world is realizing what a disease this islam is. our prayers are with europe. hope the eu leaders gain some sense and stop this invasion. with love from India.

      • Thank you ram, I know the Hindus and Sikhs suffered horribly from the Muslim Monsters. May God bless and protect India and all of her non-Muslim people.

    • Prof in Russia and China the authorities put families of strangers into people’s homes leaving the owner with just one room and a shared kitchen. Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao were responsible for this misery.
      Muslims, lacking the ability to have civilised or original thoughts, copy other oppressors and are happy to turn other peoples’ towns into slums.

  21. There must be a pitiful shortage of weapons and ammunition in Europe that prevents them from quickly ending this invasion by sub-human monsters. The willpower to do what is necessary also seems to be lacking. Anyone who “rescues” an invader should be executed for treason.

      • True, Bonni. Tony Blair forced the British people to give up their guns, even antiques, because one maniac fired at schoolchildren. Some people are allowed shotguns to kill rabbits, deer, birds etc.
        Blair’s success must have been apparent to him when his daughter was held up at gunpoint by a mugger in a London street a couple of years ago!!!! Oh and there was a killer released from Broadmoor, a place for the criminally insane, who changed his name, lived in a residential area and threatened his neighbours with loaded guns quite recently.

      • And knives. Muslims do love their knives.
        In many places in the USA, it is illegal for a person to carry a knife with a blade longer than 4 inches. Yet so often, when Muslims attack with knives, their blades are soooo much longer. And yet, we cannot ‘profile’ them as for possibly carrying illegal knives.

  22. as an ex-muslim i condemn the west that promote islam and empower it and make it more expanonsionist unlike the east as china and japan. in fact west had make an alliance with salafist and muslim brotherhood by providing both arms and media propanganda to fight communism in afghanistan ,pakistan ,egypt,morocco. now you will feel the side-effect of your support.

    • Nice comment exmus.
      I know that this is a personal question, so feel free not to answer, but your response may be useful to help try and convince those who are still Muslims to also leave:

      What was the turning point for you, in terms of deciding to leave Islam – what made you leave?

      I wish you well in your life. Best wishes from New Zealand

      • it wasn’t easy because as you know leaving islam in a muslim country is full of risk is like if you forget and talk badly about islam you will be in trouble but first of thing that let me reject islam is the hypocrisy of muslim about the application of sharia in reality ,persecution of minorities, not supporting the critics and if you want understand really islam you have to master arabic it’s mandatory because the islamic books are the real face of islam and the muslims don’t show what really behind the curtins and even non arab muslim don’t know shit about islam

  23. Bonni, I regress, maybe Sam Spiegel’s message wuz …. if Muslims were human …. they’d entice our children with song and dance, folklore, colored smoke and candy …. not, blow them into hamburger spattered on the playground walls …. that’s all folks ?

  24. It took the Euros …. the people, not the money …. 4 years to kill 6 million Jews and such …. (notice, I said Euros …. the Germans didn´t act alone) …. now, through the magic of “Open Borders” …. they can make up that deficit …. in only 2 years …. now, that is German efficiency …. thank you Frau Merkel ?

  25. Europe is commiting suicide why doesnt the Arab Gulf States take them in they are muslim and should take care of them why Europe I will tell you why because they Muslim Invaders are looking for a handout and have no value to Saudia Arabia and the other Arab Gulf States they are more trouble then they are worth do you think this Muslim Invaders will assimilate into european society? we already know the answer to that never Islam is a Cancer spreading all over the world until their Caliphate is complete this will go on until all of Europe is the Minority and their Servants to ISLAM woo unto the People of Europe murder, mayhem, Bombings Beheadings
    Rape and incest will be the order of the day Angela Merkel is a idiot and no better then that fool Chamberliin when he Said Aldolph Hitler was Harmless and Europe Believed HIm well you know what happened next He Invaded with his Lies and Deception and wanted all of Europe for his Own I will not save Europes Butt this time My family fought in WWII via Normandy Beach we paid a dear price and Europe made its bed now it can lie in it!! signed by ex Vietnam Veteran

    • There’s a “massive disease outbreak” now, and it’s called muslimalignancy. Ebola is like a simple flu in comparison.

  26. Thats so True why doesnt Saudia Arabia take in these Refugees YOU know why because they are trouble and this planned exodus is going to cause alot of trouble for Europe Angela Merkel is commiting suicide to Germany when will these Political suicidal idiots in europe learn these people will not assimilate in European society or anywhere else they will bring their demand and islamic beliefs with them Many more European citizens will fall prey to these invaders Murder, Rape, Gangs of Thugs welfare hand outs when will it end When The Caliphate is Complete and Muslims Rule The European Continent and make everyone else Subservant to them Merkel is no different then that idiot Chamberlin when he told his People Aldolf Hitler was a good guy and would not invade Europe We as Americans had to bail Europe out WWII otherwise Hitler would of taken over I will tell you My father hits the shores of Normandie Beach which was suicidal and Why should we save Europe again They made their own bed now go lie in it Europe stupid No Brain Idiots! their compassion will be the destruction of them! Let the Pope take them into the Vatican instead lets see what will happen

  27. 1:47 in first movie: typical Muslim rapist tittle-grab. GET USED TO IT unless europeans STAND UP and FIGHT BACK.

    I have zero faith in Europe. It will need to get much worse for the leftists to ever be dethroned.

    A wise man once said that the far right has wasted its energies keeping dated and outmoded/irrelevant National Socialism alive when they need to adapt and be modern. I agree. The left gained power with Naziism (neo) as the boogeyman. They needed to show how the left was corrupt but they wasted time with mere hooliganism. WHATEVER. Recriminations can come later! STAND THE FUCK UP EUROPE!!!!!!

    Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are GETTIN’ IT. GOOD!! Great to see the riot cops cracking down. MORE MORE.

    Australia is a glimmer of hope with their EFFECTIVE “don’t come here” policy but MORE needs to be done (like FORCED deportation of entire family lineage regardless of “citizenship”).

    Everywhere the Soldiers of the Left (in EU it is Muslims, in US it is militant ignorant blacks) are invading/breeding/destroying right under our watch. It’s a slow motion car accident and why is no one doing anything???

    We are at war with Islam. 10 nukes in 10 most populous Muslim capitals should have happened in Sept. 12 2001 but now it is too late as they inFILTHtrate the populations of EU.

    Even the most apocalyptic Christian cult could not have dreamed of a better scenario (THANKS TO THE LEFTISTS/SOCIALISTS) to bring us closer to biblical End Times.


  29. The following Timmermans Frans aka muslim lover is the vice president from the European Commision (second in command in Europe’s NAZI HQ Brussel)

    ‘Let’s be proud of the fact that they want to come to Europe’

    ‘They’ are muslim invaders
    Why these criminal lunatics never falling out of a plane or forget the electrical raisor in the bathtube?

  30. The super wealthy oil rich Gulf States are only so because of their oil resources. Thousands of citizens of those muzz Gulf States live in luxury and import “guest workers” in huge numbers so that muzz citizens don’t have to work… whether as domestics, laborers, blue-collar, low rung white collar or technical jobs… it is almost certainly NOT going to be done by a muzz citizen. Especially their female citizens though “citizen” does not mean the wives and daughters of the muzz Gulf State men have equal rights.

    So with not allowing their women into the workforce AND having to import guest workers… wouldn’t all these muzz refugees be an ideal population to invite into your nation? They WOULD NOT be Catholic Filippino or Asian Indians…. which the Gulf States bring into their nations in large numbers- and of course despise.

    These would be muzz from North Africa and the Mid-East… they should be ideal to settle there?

    But lets get a reality check for the following reasons they will not go to any rich and prosperous Gulf States…

    Muzz are not generous, kind or charitable. They are among the most cruel and selfish creatures (and if emphasize CREATURES) on the planet. They demand help from everyone but offer none in return.

    Muzz have a history of exploiting other muzz for political gain and to lash out at their enemies. The perfect example are the Fakestinians- the pally garbage could have been absorbed into muzz states (such as Jordan which they technically are Jordanian muzz to begin with) decades and decades ago. They have not.

    Muzz want to take over the world and seeding European states with MILLIONS of jihadists for their domination of Europe.

    It would be like in WWII if there were millions of Nazi soldiers all at once saying they wanted to defect and join the Allied side…. BUT they wanted to cross into Allied territory without surrendering, and still wearing their uniforms and holding onto their guns and some wanting to “defect” by riding across the border in their tanks…

    and then the Allies agree and let them come through. After all… these fine young Germans have given up Nazism! Or that they are tired of war and are hungrey the poor dears!!!

    I think we all know how that scenario would have worked out.

    This is no different.

  31. Europe is screwed. There’s still an estimated 12,000,000 goat molesters backed up in Syria wishing to migrate to Europe. The current ones we see both here and on media outlets are the wealthier ones. Shortly Europe will see the other Dross making the crossing.

    Australian tourism authorities announced if any Aust citizens wish to see Europe, then they must do so right her and right now because they know Europe will soon be just another muzzer shithole. It’s believed that neighbouring middle Eastern countries are being encouraged by seeing all these images of vermin already in Europe and it will amount to 10’s of million more parasites who will be economic migrants and not be able to ber falsely labelled refugees like the current British media are now calling the current lot. The Yanks will stop coming for sure.

    I can personally see the IN/OUT UK Euro referendum determined by the poor handling of this situation alone. Cameron has done very little to pave the way with regards to making Europe like an attractive proposition…

    Basically, Europe is being teared apart in front of the lefty medias eyes who are as guilty in encouraging the savages as the Euro-Crats. Particularly the chief instigators like Merkle and Italy’s Prime Minister. They alone will seal the fate and I for one are glad we are an Island. This could be the very turning point that makes the disbelievers see how Europeans have become minorities in their own countries and that the filthy dark cloud of Islam has spread across it.

  32. Keep going, keep coming, you grubby parasites, war is coming, yes ? You parasites make a good target ,yes?

    The thing is, the so called ‘elites’ want this ‘war’ to thin out the common man. Righto, cool man….. We shall include the ‘elites’ in with their pets, the parasites.

    The migration of so many millions is unheard of, even if you adjust the figures back to suit former times. It can not keep on going, Cameron that retarded poor quality ex PR man can not see it though. What a dumb fuck.

  33. Angela Merkel must have a LOT of money in her budget. If she wants muslims to invade her country that’s her problem (too bad for the rest) of the rest of the germans. But what makes her or any ass-kisser Europe leader believe that East Europe have to accept the same crap?

    East European countries are not wealthy, and they struggle to make ends meet for their own! They can’t therefore afford to provide for muslims, they just do’t have Angela Merkel’s resources.

    Besides there is no gratitude from muslims. Not when you welcome then to stay, nor when they stay in your country. They will always hate other ways that are not muslims. Just see how they rejected the food offered by the hungarian authorities. What the F… is that? What the hell makes them believe that they have multiple choices when you are a refugee? You take what you can get, right? but not muslims. God I hate this bitches, these feelings are never going to change, they will just worsen with time

    • Most, the vast majority, want to go to Germany/western Europe where life can be so much more comfortable. And free. It’s what muslims are entitled to, don’t ya know?

  34. Good for the Eastern Europeans protecting their borders – they laboured enough under the yoke of communism.

    Please don’t ever be swayed. One day foolish Europeans will be at your gates, especially former politicians.