British Government cuts £100 million (pounds) from National Health Service cancer treatment program in order to give £100 million more to Syria

timesrefugees-233x300Britain has decided that Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’ are more important than its own citizens. The NHS has pulled funding for cancer treatments affecting 5,500 patients claiming that the drugs involved, which prolong human life, are not cost effective. However, the £100m decrease from the NHS is the same sum that the Dhimmi Cameron has now pledged to donate to Syria, on top of the nearly £1 billion pounds already thrown down the drain to that country since 2011.


Breitbart  In total the NHS has now halved the number of cancer treatments on offer, citing financial pressures. And it pales in comparison to the £2 billion spent on health tourism, including £388million goes on foreign patients who should pay for their care but are never charged, and a further £300 million on health tourists, who travel to the UK specifically to use the NHS.

A report by Macmillan Cancer Support released in March revealed that cancer survival rates in the UK are a decade behind those of some European countries. In some cancers, the UK had still not achieved survival rates which our European counterparts had attained in the 1990s.


UK Express  While more Britons will now die of cancer, David Cameron has announced that Britain will take in “thousands more” refugees, as well as provide £100 million in aid, after bowing from pressure to respond to the refugee crisis.

Downing Street declined to put a precise figure on the number of Syrians who will be admitted to the country, saying that details of the scheme were being finalised and will be announced next week.

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The additional £100million funding pledge for refugee camps on Syria’s borders brings the total contribution from the UK to more than £1billion, making it Britain’s largest ever response to a humanitarian crisis, said Mr Cameron.

As Europe struggles to deal with what is the greatest migrant crisis in its history, a dramatic East-West split has formed as the EU. Brussels, Germany and France want to force all EU nations – including Britain – to take their share of up to 160,000 refugees.

But Hungary, which has borne the brunt of a recent influx of migrants, and Poland are steadfastly refusing to accept any more, insisting it is not their problem.