German Chancellor pledges to take in 500,000 more UNSCREENED Muslim invaders EVERY YEAR!

This is on top of the 800,000 Chancellor Angela Merkel has already pledged to take in this year. How will she know how many of them are from the Islamic State? 

Germany’s population is approx. 85 million with more than 5 million Muslims already there.  If 10% is the breaking point where Islam begins to take over, it will only be a few years until Germany is on the fast track to becoming ‘Germanistan.’


Germany will spend around $6.6 billion to cope with some 800,000 migrants and refugees expected to have crossed into the country by the end of 2015, the government said yesterday.

Germany ups the ante in political posturing over migrant crisis by saying they could take 500,000 refugees a YEAR for ‘several years’