Awwww…France is missing its Jews who are being chased out because of massive Muslim immigration

Poor France, having run off much of its Jewish population over the past decade while its Jew-hating Muslim population has soared, now, apparently, is showing remorse.  Should we get out the tissues?


France had the third-largest Jewish population in the world but it is shrinking rapidly – the result of a sharp rise in anti-Semitic incidents by Muslims, which have doubled since 2013—from riots and attacks on synagogues and schools to the massacre at the kosher market Hyper Cacher by a Muslim terrorist. Between 10,000 and 15,000 French Jews are expected to leave France for Israel this year, indicative of a new and growing trend.

"Bienvenue à Israël, les Juifs français"
“Bienvenue à Israël, les Juifs français” (Welcome to Israel, French Jews)

Cherson & Molschky  A whopping 85 percent of European Jews fear bringing their children to Rosh Hashanah services, according to The Algemeiner, reporting on the results of a new survey:

“According to details published by Israel’s Channel 2 on Tuesday, 85% said they will not bring their children to synagogue on Rosh Hashanah this week out of concern for their safety…“… The questionnaire found that Jewish fears have been stoked as a result of the recent large influx of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East into Europe.”

"Jews, out of Frnace"
“Jews, out of Frnace”

One day later, a new report has found that France is trying to woo its Jews back home from Israel, as a result of feeling the economic effects of losing so much of the Jewish population (being replaced with Muslim immigrants who have been attacking French Jews).

"I am dead because I was a French Jew"
“I am dead because I was a Jew” (murdered by Muslims in France)

“The French government is trying to attract talented French Jews in Israel back to France amid fears that the European country is being striped of future business leaders and investors, The Wall Street Journal reported…

Israel’s Ministry of Immigrant Absorption revealed that 6,961 French Jews moved to Israel in 2014, which is more than double the number from the previous year. More than 36% of those emigrants hold college degrees and 17% are in engineering.

Jewish cemetery in France
Vandalized Jewish cemetery in France

“The number of Jews leaving France is depriving that country of young talent, as it continues to struggle with poor growth in its economy and unemployment rates in the double digits, according to The Wall Street Journal…”

Hmm. Perhaps they should have thought of the impact of their immigration policies before? Jews are leaving, the economy is down, and Muslim terror attacks are on the rise.