Designated Terrorist Group CAIR outraged, demands repudiation of anti-Islam remarks by Sterling Heights Mayor’s re: proposed mosque

UnknownThe Michigan chapter of Muslim Brotherhood front group Council on (Anti) American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MI) today expressed concern over the “improper” opposition by the Mayor of Sterling Heights to a proposed mosque in that city (that was unanimously voted down by the Planning Commission yesterday).

CAIR  In a recent Facebook post, Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor stated, “I am opposed to this mosque being built on 15 Mile Road.” Taylor also made references to terrorists abroad in his post. His opposition comes in the midst of recent anti-Muslim comments by residents, which have been made in two city government meetings and coincide with an anti-mosque protest of more than 200 people opposed to the proposed mosque.


M Live Among the many opponents of the mosque, including many Iraqi Christians, remarks like this seemed to dominate: “If you call Comcast for a security system, they’re going to tell you there’s a waiting list of two weeks,” said one man, adding that many residents he’s spoken with plan to arm themselves if the mosque is built.

“What they should do is probably have Homeland Security check these people out, just in case. You don’t know what’s going on. You know, they’re cutting people’s heads off, they killed our soldiers and everything.” … They (Muslims) scare me, they scare everybody.”