POLAND: “Today, Refugees, Tomorrow Terrorists,” chant angry Polish citizens against the Muslim invasion of their country

Estimates of  up to 10,000 (actually closer to 30,000 which the media refuse to publish) gathered in the rain Saturday to protest against  the Polish government’s recent decision to take in 2,000 Muslim invaders from Syria and North Africa by 2017.


The News  Warsaw city authorities had previously forbidden the march, but the decision was ultimately overturned by the governor of the Mazovia province. Marchers carried placards and banners with slogans such as ‘Poland for Poles’ and ‘Muslim refugees are a Trojan Horse into Europe’.

Protesters waving national white-and-red flags were chanting “Today refugees, tomorrow terrorists!” and “Poland, free of Islam!” Days before the rallies, Poles were already voicing reservations. “We’re here so that the government hears our voice and abandons any plans to welcome Muslims,” shouted one of the organizers.


Even the spokesman for Caritas, the Catholic charity, voiced resistance to taking in refugees. Pawel Keska told The Associated Press that “it is impossible to follow Pope Francis’ gesture in Poland now, because we have no Syrian refugees and don’t want any.” Such criticism of the pope may be surprising in one of the most Catholic nations in Europe, but it reflects the general mood in the country.


RT  A Polish anti-Islamization group, Polish Defence League, recently called for creation of a register for Muslims in Poland, which would publish addresses and pictures of those practicing Islam in order to “protect” the country against the existential threat Muslims represent. The initiative has strong support from the Polish people.