Designated Terrorist Group CAIR has forced investigation of Minnesotastan School Board member’s alleged ‘Anti-Muslim’ Facebook Post

64335648_8696526747234259568_n-vi(CAIR-MN) today welcomed an investigation of an alleged anti-Muslim Facebook post by a member of the Columbia Heights, MN school board. The board member, Grant Nichols, denies writing the comment, even though it appeared with his Facebook credentials.

Well, you can call it anti-Muslim, but it IS the truth. I have seen the mess Muslims make in Ladies’ restrooms. And I understand it’s even worse in Men’s restrooms.


CAIR  “As an alumnus of the Columbia Heights school district, I am shocked and appalled by these comments,” said Jaylani Hussein, executive director of Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR-MN. (Unfortunately) “Columbia Heights has a significant number of Somali and Muslim students whose faith should be respected by district officials.”

Hussein noted that CAIR is challenging similar anti-Muslim bigotry by a school board chair in Virginia.