EXCELLENT! IOWA Republican lawmaker rails against accepting Syrian Muslim invaders because “They are only coming for the free stuff they think they are entitled to in America”

Jason_Schultz_6609584667Iowa State Sen. Jason Schultz ® (photo right) went on an impassioned rant lambasting U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for proposing that Iowa accept more Muslim illegal aliens. “This isn’t our problem,” Schultz said, “We’re already broke.” “We already have problems with concentrations of Middle Eastern migrants coming in and taking over communities.” “They don’t want to assimilate. They do not want to become Americans. They only want the free stuff from America.”

ThinkProgress  He went on to argue that Muslim “practice a religion that orders them to dominate and they want to live under Sharia law which they will not subordinate under our law while they live here and enjoy our protections and our goodies.” Schultz called the prospect of resettling Muslims in the United States “an invasion” to “[spread] their own theology by force.”

The Iowa Republican ended by underlining his devotion to the issue: “I will burn down what I gotta burn down. This country and the state need to be saved and it’s not going to happen unless we stand up and scream.”

Listen to the interview here: