After getting the kicked out by Hungary, a stampede of Muslims posing as refugees, storm Croatia

2C6D97DA00000578-3238021-image-a-1_1442500914970 Croatian leaders put the Army on high alert after mass chaos erupted on the border, as more than 11,000 Muslims go wilding in the streets,  some trampling each other. Dozens were injured in the mayhem.

AP  (h/t Maria J) Hundreds of angry welfare seekers pushed through police lines in the eastern Croatian town of Tovarnik after waiting for hours in the hot sun, demanding to be allowed to move on toward Western Europe. Croatian Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said he had a message for the invaders: “Don’t try to go to Western Europe through this country.”


“Don’t come here anymore. Stay in refugee centers in Serbia and Macedonia and Greece,” Ostojic told reporters. “This is not the road to Europe. Buses can’t take you there. It’s a lie.”

The masses descended on Croatia after Hungary erected a barbed wire-fence and took other tough measures to stop them from using it as a gateway into Western Europe.


As Hungarian officials hailed their success in putting a halt to the influx and moved ahead with plans to build more border fences, leaders in Croatia pleaded that their country was at full capacity and unable to cope with waves of  Muslim freeloaders from the Middle East and Africa.

Hungary sealed off its border with Serbia this week with a razor-wire fence and began arresting people who tried to cross. Police used tear gas, batons and water cannons on those who tried to push open a border gate on Wednesday.


Slovenia, like Hungary, appeared unwilling to take in the inflow, with Slovenian police saying those arriving from Croatia would simply be sent back there, according to the country’s state news agency.

Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic called on the military to be on higher alert and to act if needed to protect the border from the migrants. Ostojic, the interior minister, meanwhile, suggested Croatia might close its borders if faced with thousands more newcomers.