Designated Terrorist Group CAIR tells Muslim women “to stay safe at night” by wearing a high-visility neon burqa”

“Safe?” Seems to me it makes them more of a target, a very high-visibility target, even from far away. But hey, who am I to argue with CAIR?

Apparently, CAIR took down the tweet they had up for this as soon as I posted it. So here’s the photo without the CAIR tweet:



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  1. They usually look like black plastic rubbish bags crossed with a letterbox. Perhaps they are tired of people poking their eyes out when trying to post a letter so think that by disguising themselves as an inflated highlighter pen they will be safer. What a bunch of bozos!

  2. Can’t fix stupid………..if I could get away with it, I would throw raw bacon at that foolish looking monstrosity and get away as fast as possible.

  3. Holy f@&k!
    I have been called despicable, vile, a bigot and a racist over the past few weeks whilst trying to convince uneducated New Zealanders that importing Muslims with all of their backward ways is a very bad idea. Perhaps if they saw this travesty, then maybe, just maybe the entrenched retards might see my point. How could ANYONE do this to a person?!

    • Same here NZGuy, the dhimmis are thick on the ground here in Godzone.

      Thankfully I have a couple of colleagues that totally get it but may lose some friends over it. I don’t care, they had better not come to me for help or sympathy. If anyone is of a religious bent the parable of the five wise virgins and the five foolish virgins immediately comes to mind.

      • Ha. I know what you mean about friends not getting it G P. I had an all-evening shouting match with one over my views on Islam.

        Thanks Ingrid. I read Harry Richardson’s book a while back and have been encouraging others to do so too. I will give him a donation soon, to make up (as I will you, BNI).

        Your country is a lot smarter than ours in a number of ways. I also love how Aussies NEVER give up. NZ is still better though 🙂

        I can’t see a Reclaim NZ group happening any time soon. Most people are either too complacent or completely oblivious. The main thing is to stop Muslim invaders getting here in the first place. The first step towards that is increasing awareness.

        I agree with your comment on Islam and Nazism. It is a very good angle to take in an argument; if they continue to attack you, then they are essentially supporting Nazism (which of course they are!. Along similar lines you can point out to the Muzz-lovers that you support equal rights, freedom of speech, etc. – which of course you do, which is why you don’t want Islam in your country. Then you can ask why they want to bring in people whose ideology is diametrically opposed to all of those things.

        The parable from G P is very apt – unfortunately saying that “We told them so”, isn’t going to be of much consolation to any of us once our bastard governments have let too many Muslims in.

    • So the chance of a Reclaim NZ group in solidarity with us Aussies is still a long way off???? New Zealanders often call us Aussies dumb, but I think we are ahead of you on this one. The idiots you are enduring will find themselves swamped in mosques with this incredibly near sighted and brainwashed nonsense. They will be like so many and NEVER look at o/s news or read anything about this shocking blight on the planet. Think about getting a few copies of Harry Richardson’s excellent book, The Story of Mohammed, Islam Unveiled . You can read it online for free or its around $6 from Amazon. This work is famous for ‘converting’ even the most hard core v blind dropkicks. I am getting so sick of them though, when the shit does hit the fan I wont help them in any way. So sick of their v obvious mental retardation, their sanctimonious ‘holier than thou’ attitude, wont read anything, obstinate in their stupidity. Its easier to call people names so they feel ‘the better person’ as they are usually losers and will stick to anything if it gives them a chance to look superior in any way at all.

      Tell them Mein Kampf is equal number 1 book in sales with the Koran in Turkey just for starters. We would be allowed to have issues if Islam was openly Nazism, and its time those ignorant degenerates learn that Islam invented fascism and taught it to dear old Adolf who based his Mein Kampf on the Koran. Read up, get all the facts straight and when they start their crap say if you have a brain cell at all, research then and prove me wrong. Stuff them, hope muslims invade their suburbs and make life so hard they leave. Hope their daughters get verbally abused and taunted in the streets. The scum do it to 8 and 9 year old girls. Well of course that’s the prime age they prefer. I don’t care if it seems heavy, these arsehole retards are endangering ALL of us with this imbecilic crap. They are worse then the actual scum muzzas themselves as they should know better.

      • Ingrid as far as I know there’s no active Reclaim NZ group and I particularly liked the comment about dhimmis aka dummies in the suburbs lives being made intolerable as they persist in their ignorance.

        For the chardonnay socialists advocating taking in these creatures they should be made to tithe and then let’s see how quickly their enthusiasm wanes.

        Aussies are not dumb and are definitely vehement in the protests I’ve seen. I think New Zealanders’ have had far less exposure to the trouble muslims cause and are therefore more complacent but I have seen rapes reported in the paper and these will become more common because the men are not even socialised to the level of dogs.

        I think a good many people will start aligning with gangs or gang members as it could come in handy to have it known you have links with people who will fight back.

  4. It’s a tie between this & that Oil of Olay/licorice & Pepto Bismol color scheme confectionary so-called “Lolita” getup from a while back.

    Both equally ridiculous.

  5. High visibility neon headbags?? Burkhas are already glow in the dark just put a uv light on them. all those bodilly fluids shine bright .semen stains are the brightest.

  6. Look even more like the Minions now that they’re in yellow! If they truly want women to be safe they’d keep them away from wife beating, sister beheading, acid throwing moslem men!

    So is yellow the new black?

  7. Please send someone here to pick me up off the floor. On the other hand, I think the new glow in the dark clansman costume, is quite amusing! AGAIN, Please send someone to pick me up off the floor.

  8. Great, a walking pylon. Lots of people like to knock those bouncy pylons over. That’s not safe at all. Anyway, how could a Muslim be safe? Anyway her eyes are showing. I thought that was prohibited. Well I don’t know if it’s a woman but still, it’s confusing because she or he could be carrying a weapon under there which might be used in a terrorist act like they do. Or shoplifting. She (or he) could shoplift 20 handguns and 4 machine guns and be home for dinner and watch it all on the news.

  9. Infidels driving down the street of a muzscum infested neighborhood late at night when suddenly one of those neon burqa bitches appears:

    Passenger to driver: “Oh yaaaah, look, look there, there’s one of them filthy walking garbage bags. Step on the gas, dude, we don’t want to miss an opportunity like this.”

  10. They’ll get us by way of pure terror. Imagine this thing suddenly popping out of a doorway or showing up in front of you while turning a corner. SCREAM !

  11. Almost spilled the beer on to the keyboard – but didn’t because I unlike Muzzies have self-control.

    The day-glo burka is hilarious. Just frapping hilarious.

    Just when ya think that Muzzies couldn’t be even more stupid, BANG, they come up with something even stupidier. 1400 years of inbreeding.

  12. This person looks like a walking traffic cone. Why doesn’t she really set a fashion and wear a real traffic cone on her head? This would protect them from being spat at, stray bullets and a husband/brother/uncle/father when they feel like hitting their women.

  13. LOL!!!! I guess the Department of Transporation will keep a stack of these on the backs of their trucks. I mean, their only use in this world is producing inbred male children, and doubling as a safety cone.

  14. They scare the pants off me in daylight in black; but seeing one of these glowing in the night will really give me the willies!