SWITZERLAND: Muslim students turn school into living hell for Swiss girls

FlagSwitzerlandIslam_0Muslims feel free to call them “pussy, whore, cunt, and bitch.” Muslim students from the Balkans come from a culture where it is OK to humiliate, threaten, and harass non-Muslim girls, grabbing them against their will, between their legs, on their buttocks and breasts.


Blick (h/t DMF These Muslim boys learned at home that females are not worth anything, according to the headmaster of a school for eastern Switzerland Sonntagszeitung.  One Muslim student told a teacher in the classroom, that women are only for “cleaning and fucking” and “after the fuck we pass it on.” 

This is the result of Muslim migration, especially from the Balkans, where families tend to be very fundamentalist in their Islamic teachings. The Balkans culture allows them to sexually denigrate girls and berate homosexuals.


As a result, they are not disciplining the Muslim boys, but instead, are teaching girls verbal self-defense for when they are cursed at or humiliated by Muslim boys. (What they should be teaching them is self-defense against Muslim rapists)

Swiss member of Parliament, Oskar Freysinger, (below) rails against the creeping Muslim invasion of Europe aided and abetted by the West. This is from 2011, well before the invasion got as bad as it is now.