CAIR’S Ibrahim Hoop-de-doo throws a hissy fit before throwing a Breitbart reporter out of press conference

hooperbaby3vi1-viYou know good ol’ CAIR, that Muslim Brotherhood-linked champion of ‘free speech.’ When a Breitbart News reporter showed up at a CAIR press conference that had turned into a literal hate fest against Dr Ben Carson for his criticism of Islamic intolerance, the reporter was rudely ejected by CAIR’s favorite spokesjihadist, Ibrahim Hooper. 

Breitbart  Ibrahim Hooper, an American convert to Islam, also threatened to eject the Breitbart reporter from any future conferences, and admitted in front of multiple TV cameras that he had ejected the reporter from a prior press conference.

Breitbart Reporter and Hoop-dee-do
Breitbart Reporter and CAIR’s Hoop-dee-do

Speakers at the event included CAIR’s co-founder Nihad Awad and several others. “We believe in a conversation,” Awad said. (Oh, that’s rich) “What unites us as “Americans” is…. our Constitution,” he claimed. (OUR Constitution, not yours Dougie)

Breitbart asked Hooper if he would block this reporter from entering a future press event. “If I identify you before you come in, I won’t let you come in,” Hooper replied. “It is as simple as that… it is a private event and we don’t allow in hate-mongers like you,” he added, underlining his legal right to do something widely regarded as unethical, defensive and self-damaging.


Awad criticized Carson’s policy preferences as a violation of the Constitution. “We believe his views are inconsistent with the American Constitution,” said Awad, who has not been allowed to meet with FBI officials since the discovery of CAIR’s involvement in an extensive Islamist criminal operation in Texas.

Hooper’s exclusion of the press from the press conference also reflects the Islamists’ theological contempt for ideas and people outside Islam. For example, the Koran says that Christians and polytheists are “the worst of creatures.”