Did CAIR arrange for this little Somali Muslim brat to tell Ben Carson: “I will become the first Muslim president of the United States?”

SOMALI-IMMIGRATION-USA-export1Yeah, sure you will if you’re not back in Somalia fighting with your terrorist brothers in al-Shabaab. But even if you did become president (God forbid), Yusuf Dayur, you’d be the second Muslim president.

Gee, last week all we heard about was the arrest of a Muslim teenage student ‘inventor’ who brought a clock he had made to school that looked like a bomb. But he didn’t invent anything, he simply removed the guts from an old digital clock and placed them in a briefcase to look like a bomb. NOW THIS!  It sure stinks of a new ploy by designated terrorist group CAIR to use children to promote Islam. And it’s obvious by his darting eyes that he is reading this little’ impromptu’ speech.