“FINLAND SUCKS,” say Muslim illegal aliens, “we are going back to Sweden”

finlandHundreds of predominantly Iraqi migrants who have travelled through Europe to reach Finland are turning back to Sweden, saying they don’t want to stay in the sparsely-populated country on Europe’s northern frontier because it’s too cold and boring. Sweden may be just as cold as Finland, but Sweden has bigger Muslim welfare communities.


Arab News  Migrants have in recent weeks been crossing back into Sweden at the Haparanda-Tornio border just an hour’s drive south of the Arctic Circle, and Finnish authorities have seen a rise in the number of cancelled asylum applications.

Muslim refugees wish they had never come to Europe, want to go home. In a video, posted on a popular Facebook page, Iraqi refugees warn their fellow countrymen against moving to Europe, Finnish television reported on Tuesday.

“If you are serious about moving over here, don’t! We are already looking for ways to get back home. We wish we never came here. We paid huge sums for nothing. It was a mistake!” the migrants said in their video message, Yle TV channel reported.

They said that life in Europe was hard, much harder than many Iraqis think, and that being a refugee was a “terribly humiliating” experience.


“You can tell the world I hate Finland. It’s too cold, there’s no tea, no restaurants, no bars, nobody on the streets, only cars,” 22-year-old Muhammed told AFP in Tornio, as the mercury struggled to inch above 10 degrees Celsius (50 Fahrenheit) on a recent blustery grey day.

He had already travelled from Tornio to the capital Helsinki almost 750 kilometres (465 miles) south, and then back up to the Tornio border again to return to Sweden. Migrants who lack proper travel documents are unable to take the ferries that run between Helsinki and Stockholm.


Another group of around 15 Iraqi refugees waiting at the bus station that Tornio shares with its Swedish twin town Haparanda also said they wanted to go back to southern Sweden.

On September 19, several busloads of migrants made U-turns on the Swedish side when they saw more than 500 Finns form a “human barrier” on the Finnish side to protest against the sudden influx of Muslims.


Anti-Muslim sentiment may be prompting some migrants to leave Finland, where the populist anti-Islamization True Finns Party is the second-biggest political party.

Early Friday, around 40 demonstrators — including one dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit — threw fireworks at a bus transporting asylum seekers to a new reception centre in the southern city of Lahti. Another incident took place late Thursday in Kouvola, in southeastern Finland, when a 50-year-old man threw a petrol bomb at an emergency housing facility for Muslim freeloaders. 


But according to the Finnish Immigration Service’s head of asylum applications, Esko Repo, “by last week around 200 applications from Iraqi asylum seekers had expired,” meaning the applicant had either withdrawn it or disappeared.

Finland has registered over 14,000 asylum seekers so far this year, and it expects a total of at least 30,000 by the end of the year — eight times as many as in 2014.


The 30,000 expected this year may end up dropping: media reports said some Iraqis were posting self-shot videos of Helsinki on a Facebook page popular among Iraqi migrants to dissuade others from coming.

“The flow from the border has been out of control. I have been scared and have avoided going shopping in the evenings because we don’t know who these people are,” a 66-year-old pensioner who gave her name as Kirsti, told AFP. Some local business owners have accused “the dark men” or “these southerners” of pilferage and harassing women.

The Finnish government sent dozens of police, border guards, customs and military to step up alien controls at the border, where locals have crossed freely between Sweden and Finland since the 1960s.



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  1. Moslems are so stupid that they migrated to very cold countries and now they want to go back because they are F**kin Cold!! Hahahahahaha.

    • Who told the Muslims to come to Europe in the first place. Whichever country they flock to they juse cause trouble. Muslims never seem to be satisfied wit has anything. Not all Muslims are like this of course, however it would seem that wherever they go or settle they want the indigenous people of those countries to conform to their way of life, everything else is Horam non Islamic. WHyde is it that when the Jewish people settled anywhere in Europe, the Americas, Australasia they integrated so well and we’re never a burden to anyone, they also contrbusted so much in so many fields to their adopted countries and never imposed their religion on others.

  2. God help the Western world is there something in the water that is stupyifying our government leaders into allowing this stronghold of a people and culture that is undoubtedly clashing with Western cultures, if this migration of those that are against the western culture and against non-Muslims and want shariah laws and the burqa in place then we will drastically see the dynamics of our countries changed beyond recognition forever, and with that we could turn into a 3rd world and frightening place to live, it can happen it will happen if the pc pompous liberal leftie loons don’t take their heads out of the sand and start to look ahead and see what will happen as you enable these migrants with their medieval and intolerant mindset, the fact they take offence at someone calling their religion or God or making a joke about it and wanting vengeance by baying for a persons death is in itself extremely concerning, but the worst people are those pc do gooders that are encouraging and enabling them being offended instead of showing them to brush any offence off and stand tall, but no the pc loons are encouraging it all, so between the lefties and the hard line religious so called peace loving hmm iv heard that one before, then we haven’t got a chance until someone with the balls and wisdom stands up for our Western culture, ways and identity and tell those that come here to either embrace our countries with respect and abide by our laws or go back to whence they came.

  3. The English should flood the Tunnel under the English Channel with sea water.
    Give any muslim refugee in France a pair of googles, and if they make it through to England.
    Well then they can stay 🙂
    And a medal from the Queen !

  4. I am French and I see the ‘disease’ growing fast in my country. Islam is ‘for the birds’ and Political correctness at this stage is both cretinous and evil.
    People complain and just wait …. a little longer, with the absurd hope that the invasion will stop whereas the French government, for one, the pope, for another , encourage more and more of this nonsense. We need to assert who we are, our European cultures and how we live in our cultures and we need to defend them without violence but with absolute steadfastness and vigor. Yes, going down in the streets en masse is necessary to show our European governments that we have had it with this gradual chipping of our ways of life, this constant menace of losing a limb or life and paying higher and higher taxes to accommodate people who will never become Europeans in their heart because they don’t want to. They want to change us.

      • It won’t happen. The Le Pen party serves as a pressure point but the French just don’t want to risk being accused of fascism after WW2. The best would be for European women to go down in the streets, masses of them, to say that they no longer want to see women garbed in biblical costumes that have nothing to do with equality and identity of European women. The government in France has let it go more and more so that the streets of Paris and elsewhere in France show more and more of these sinister black veiled creatures for one. You can also feel a mood of growing islamic triumph and arrogance just walking around the streets of Paris. Massive demonstrations all over Europe would/will frighten the Muslims and the governments towards acting in the interest of Europeans and not the other way around.

    • Government represents us. If government does not do their job or works against people all we have to do is revolution and replace them with reliable government and put these crminals from government in prison. We The People are in power and the government does not govern us. We govern our lives and our country.

  5. I am finn and I can image in war time I would be refuge, and I understand that refuges disturb a normal living and harmony…

    Hate come from law which prohibit a refuges to work.. but I we want them to be member of sosiaty we will not only allow them to work, but put and force them to work… and if the refuges are allowed to work and earn on they own living I do see reason of rasim.. so chnage to law its need,

    But if the muslims had done a harrasment and rape to womens for build up muslim sosiaty and keep womans under a fiar..like in muslim sosiaty..if woman walk in street without burgha its leagal to rape her.. and they want to press our woman in similiar brutalism ..so for that reason..its better to destroy isis by war (like russian does) that these people can live in they own sosiatys.. and do not come to rape womens here, because non of here does not use burgha…so here are lot of woman to rape.. because muslims are rasit agains of womens.. they handle them like dogs.. or let say : dogs has more walue in here than women in muslim sosiaty.

  6. The PC poison that sympathises with the dogshit dogma of the Koranus results in all kinds of violence and murder in civilised countries.
    The simple answer would be to the elimination of psychotic Musloons and the rehabitation of Musloons in Europe and the USA.
    A joint army should invade Syria and Iraq with a warning of the quasi Nazi dogma of
    Furthermore there should be black comedy satire debunking the nonsense quoted by imaginary Allah.

    • I came across this page absolutely by mistake, but I am glad I did. I’m a Brit who lives in Melbourne, Australia now. I have 2 young sons. Every few years we travel to the UK & Europe to visit family & for leisure as do our other family members & also many friends we know. NOT ANYMORE! You see the situation in Europe is off putting, we don’t want to travel to Europe which is now crowded with refugees at borders & train stations, as well as the increase in violent crime. We do not want to be scared for our safety in once relatively safe countries. I’m afraid the refugee situation is turning many away from travel to your countries & in turn this will financially affect your economies as tourism will be down. Don’t be in denial about this fact, please.

      My father has planned to visit Germany & Italy this year, no more. He will now visit the US for the 2nd time in a year as this is a better option for us. I have wanted to visit Scandinavian countries all my life & my children are a good age to experience this. We will not come now for our safety & also the fact we will not experience your true countries but will see a version polluted with iligitimate refugees. We have plans to visit family next year but this may mean meeting them in the US rather than us visiting Europe. This saddens me & I really feel for all the European counties who are suffering, additionally I fear for your culture being ruined by this mass immigration & the landscape of your counties changing for ever & not for better.

      • lol, you won’t be coming to visit your family to UK, and instead want to meet them in the USA? Are you joking. I recommend stop reading news about migrants because it is utter bull… It is designed to make everyone scared etc. You can go anywhere to europe and you won’t see any difference whatsoever. Only at the border places where they camp. And random terrorist attacks happen, but the chance that they will happen and it will kill you is smaller than you having a car accident.

        • Flesh, I guess you consider Lee Rigby’s slaughter and near beheading by Muslims in the streets of London a migrant camp? Don’t come here and spew nonsense, if you look at the Categories section under “Islamic Britain” you’ll see what we know about how fast your country is turning into an Islamic hellhole. About those 1400 young white girls who were forced to become sex slaves for Paki Muslims…anything to say about that?

  7. In 2007 my ex and I went to visit Helsinki for a week, and these were the best holidays ever ! I loved every little thing there !

    I was thinking about moving to Finland with my lil boy because I can’t stand the situation in France. We “welcomed” 1,000,000 migrants on our lands, and the government gives 1,000€ for each migrant to the mayors if they accept to give them a place to live… Migrants don’t have to pay their rent, they are given 300€ per month + free medical care.
    We, french citizens are struggling because the government takes everything from us.
    My cousin and his wife, who work very hard are maybe going to lose their house because they can’t afford it anymore. They have to pay one more 500€ taxes per month that they didn’t have to pay for in 2014. They wanted to adopt a child, but they can’t because it costs too much.
    The Family Allowances Fund (CAF in French) claims 6,000 € from my mom, money that they gave her “accidentally” in 2004 and 2009 !!! She just lost her job and doesn’t know how to handle it.
    My grandmother loses 50€ on her pension every month.
    Our medical system, which was amazing, is getting horrible, we can’t go to the hospital anymore… I have very bad teeth, I should have them all removed to get dentures at only 30 year old, and I can’t because I don’t have enough money.
    I have a 2,5 year old lil boy that I raise alone, I live with my mom and my brother because we wouldn’t be able to have an apartment on our own.
    There are more than 35,000 homeless children in our streets, and more than 3,500,000 homeless people in our French streets…
    Aggressions, rapes, terrorism, robberies, etc… get worse and worse everyday ! It’s horrible !
    We are fed up ! We can’t take it anymore ! But when some people try to do or say something against our government, they go to jail !!! YES !!! FRANCE BECAME A DICTATURE ! If we say we don’t want migrants, not because we are racists, but because we are already struggling in our country, so how can we take care of others if we can’t even take care of ourselves ??? We are considered racists.
    I’m not lying. We are so scared, and even more scared since the 3 terrorist attacks happened last year in Paris.
    I want to move somewhere else, but all european countries do the same ! And so do Canada and the USA… Are we screwed ???

    Our own government admitted there are ISIS terrorists with the migrants, and that they can’t do anything to stop them because they don’t know who they are (5-15% !!!).

    Please, FINNISH PEOPLE, do something for your country before it’s too late ! Do not let them control you !

    Sorry for this long, long comment…
    Hei Hei !

    • Can I copy your text and post in a community in the facebook? Your message is super important and I would like to share this with more Finns! We need to do something soon, because our country is being ruined. The government is a stupid and don’t have capacity to realize that people only is growing it’s bad statistics.

      • Sure, you can copy my message. I would be happy if it helps people open their eyes on what is going on in Europe. The citizens have to do something. Thousands people aren’t enough. Hundreds thousands or millions citizens in the streets would probably make the government thinks and changes their mind.

        • Yes. Everyday I think about the situation and we really need to do something. Unfortunately around of world have a lot of idiots who think that everything is ok. We have people weak in our government. They don’t know how work under pressure. A big example is Merkel, The population is make pressure and she is changing of idea. On the news she changed her mind and told that Germany have plans to send back all of immigrants. Everybody need keep pressure against these weak governments. I think our big challenge is our own citizens that support this kind of stupid idea. The government need create a special tax for people that want these refugees and who don’t want don’t have to pay. Probably no one will want to pay. People that say support these refugees is only because want to look cool. It’s only bla bla bla.

    • Many Europeans keep stating that there are terrorists among the migrants, but, can’t do anything about it because unable to find who they are. Are Europeans that stupid? This is an easy problem to solve as in: close your border, do not accept any migrants, if you wish to help, set up safe zone in their own country so they are protected and Saudi Arabia needs to help, also, as they have taken zero migrants. Why have Europeans not noticed that? By the way, Europe has been, & continuing to be, invaded. Europeans need to wake up before it is too late – you already have a “Fifth Column”.

  8. I’m not Finnish. I’m a muslim but from Asian country and is planning to visit Finland for leisure soon. But this situation make me afraid not among the Finnish but to the Iraqis. Even we’re both muslim I’m ashamed of them. Even I’m a muslim I still have this bad thinking about them. Not only their behaviour in Finland also in other Asian country that they have been come and make disaster there. Disturb the local women and business even rape them without being thankful they already accepted to be in the country.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am Finnish-Americsn and was raised.by two Finnish parents. I was taugjt to respect my elders, to work very hard, to love God, to be responsible for my own clean up – never to litter or waste food – or time. Finland is generally a very clean .country ‘( maybe the 2 million saunas have something to do with it). My heart breaks for my beautiful Finland, land of my mother, land of proud and kind and free oeople who EXPECT to work for their own survival. My heart also breaks for the legitimate refugees who DO want to fit in, and make a living in a new land. There are no easy answers. I pray for calm cool heads to prevail.
      If people want to live in Finland, they should know Finns tolerate 200 degrees Fahrenheit temperature i. The sauna – and then roll in the snow, naked, to cool off. The temperatute CAN fall to 30 degrees F below zero – or even more – in the usual wi ter. Dressi g warmly in many layers is mandatory for survival. If Ramadan should happen in Summer – the sun hardly sets at all . Rhat could be a problem. Ok that is enough for now. I hope you do go to Finland ine say soon – you have tje proper respect and should have no problems !

    • MONEY MONEY MONEY. Anything that’s of value for free give me please. Go home to the Middle East with your backward religion. They will contribute zero to western culture and only seek to destroy it. Animals. I hope Finland and Europe rises up!

  9. I’m not Finnish because I was not born here, but my heart is Finnish and I feel like a Finn, I came to Finland because I love this country more than my life. I abandoned everything, work, family and apartment to dedicate my life to Finland, had plans to start a business and create jobs for the Finns because of these fucking Muslims’m over 1 year trying to get my papers to start doing things here . Finland need to stop bringing these wastes and give value to those who love this country really.
    We are tired of these lazy vampires who use our money, and bring this religion shit for Finland. These disgusting Muslims just want to destroy our country, already destroyed theirs and now comes to Finland raping women and children. If you dont love Finland, go away, we dont want this rubbish here.

    • You’re not the only one who has left everything to be in Finland. I’ve done the same and I have nowhere to go back to. My son is Finnish and I still can’t get the paperwork to stay here. If I can’t get it I’ll not be able to see my son, have nowhere to go and probably end up dead. Paid my taxes for years and always worked hard back in Wales. I thought the EU would back its own people but these Muslims and refugees are getting everything for nothing. I will personally write to the prime minister of Finland if I can’t get residency.

  10. The Northern European winter, it beat Napoleon and Hitler. Can it do the same to the new influx who also are unprepared for a little bit of snow and cold

  11. Trump had said that he would deport every one of them if they are brought here, if he is elected president. I’m voting for Trump! / For the Finns, I feel very bad for them, and the other Christian nations surrounding. Times like these are when you need the civil and constitutional right to own hand guns. Use the Muslim invasion as an undeniably compelling reason to allow Finns to own guns. Get petitions going right now. It’s not islamaphobia when they really are trying to kill you. And for that matter, will everyone stop calling them refugees. I’ve never seen an all male squad of ‘refugees’, without women or children accompanying. Post a christian cross everywhere you abide, on your home, on your car, in your workplace, on yourself when you’re in public, in public places. Make the message that you are Christians undeniable and blatant. This is a religous conflict, make no mistake about it. / Colorado

  12. WHY is the Facebook link to the muslim Facebook site being excluded by BNI and the ENITIRE internet. I have spent an HOUR trying to find it. Will someone speak up on here and answer me? Where is the damn page?!

  13. Bravo Finland !

    Hope the rest of Europe wakes up and starts eliminating welfare for the men fake migrants and greatly restricting what is given out in benefits to the Muslims women and kids.

    Open food kitchens…….only give donated clothing …….place them in barrack/dormitory site housing……..That’s it…….ZERO money allowances. If they need ‘special’ things let the mosques provide it.

    There is simply no way for Europe to deal with this INVASION. I think this winter will be chilling in more than one way.

  14. It’s a small world …. let’s all hold hands …. Iranians beat themselves bloody with chains …. Finns whip themselves with birch leaves …. Finns immerse themselves in steamy saunas …. ISIS burn and drown people in steel cages …. it’s a small world …. after all ?

  15. Well situation is really bad here in Finland. We have an insane puppet government that will never close the border. We are getting 600 muslums a day from Dumbfukistan. They feed them and transport them to Finnish border. Majority of Finns are against this madness so there might be some nasty times ahead.
    God knows how many terrorists we have already. Some really nasty “people” are here for sure.

    Number one priority for the police is to find out who the “KKK”-dude is. Yep.
    Most of the Finnish guys have at least some military training, but it is nearly impossible to get legal guns other than hunting rifles. Red Cross is basically a terrorist organisation now. They are filling up every available building with able bodied 20-40 year old muslums.

    They are taking more and more all the time with no plan whatsoever what to do with them in lets say 6 months. There is a housing shortage in Finland and these muslums are gonna wanna live in a “big city”. Reasoning is racism in todays Finland.

  16. It took many generations for Eskimos & Inuits to adapt to extreme cold – so how are these koranimals gonna do it in such a short time? (as if we care).
    From October the weather starts to get shit-house. AV daily high temp is 9° C or 48° Fin October. November 4° or 38°F, December brings just above freezing.
    January & February get colder still.
    Helsinki is only 712 KM (440 Miles) from the Arctic Circle – so what were the koranimals expecting?
    Highest average Summer temp is 22°C or 72°F.
    Where these pieces of shit come from of course is much hotter, so naturally they’ll freeze their bollocks or tits off (care factor?)
    I’m just waiting for the koranimals to sue Finland & Sweden for the weather being cold!
    One can only hope that Europe experiences an extra cold Autumn & Winter.
    Will frozen musloids get into heaven or be sent to hell to thaw out 1st?
    It would be an added bonus if winter came early.

  17. “FINLAND SUCKS,” say Muslim illegal aliens, “we are going back to Sweden”

    Music to the ears of sane finns everywhere.

    • Yep….recently an “immigrant” in Manchester went into a police station and said he wanted to “go home” as “people here aren’t very friendly and the weather’s bad..” You couldn’t make it up could you,especially as he told the police he was in England illegally…but no,the police wouldn’t let him go!

  18. Yes, yes, and yes! This is a textbook example of how to deal with the Mohammedan problem in your own country, and should studied by everyone. Threaten, harass, Intimidate, confront and they WILL leave and tell others not to come. The Finns know what to do, its time others do likewise.

  19. Maybe in their own countries, they were ‘middle class’ (to have the money to afford the ‘immigration’), but in Western nations, they are ‘bottom of the barrel’.

    P. S. WHAT kind of WAR ‘refugees’ have the MEN run away, and leave the women and children behind to stay in a war zone? Is THAT the kind of ethical behavior we Westerners accept from ‘refugees’?

  20. It’s the way to go: give them little money, cold weather, little food, not enough clothing, make life miserable for them and they’ll eventually go back home.
    Wonderful to read they spent so much money to get there for nothing.

    • Agreed Susan K, I hope they *HATE* the Netherlands (Holland). I hope it’s going to be a long could winter this year. Yet I’m afraid the only thing the Jihadists care about is $$$.

      • As a Finn in America, knowing how Finns think, if the muslims start burning things down they will in turn leave in a body bag. SISU is the name of the game.

  21. Hahahaah Suffer!!!! the same cold weather that is driving them back to that hell-hole they made for themselves in the ME is the same weather in Russia in WW2 that drove 1000’w of Germany Army men to their death.. not guns etc but the sheer cold.. History repeating itself (of sorts0

  22. Hahahah Serves them right … Best story I’ve heard all week!!!! Bloody ingrates.. So much for completing the Caliphate … And if history is anything to go by in the 2WW it was the Russian weather that drove the German Army back towards Germany & the death of 1000’s of soldiers…. Go back to your godforsaken desert-holes in SA… no one wants you.. they are more then sick of you savages…

  23. If they think it’s cold in Finland now, they will certainly be in for a shock in the coming weeks as winter is around the corner. This will be an interesting winter, as most likely many have not experienced this type of weather.