SHOCKING! New Army patch looks just like the Muslim Brotherhood patch

U.S. ARMY Soldiers in Iraq will soon have a new shoulder sleeve patch to signify their service in the fight ‘against’ the Islamic State (ISIS).


ARMY TIMES  (h/t Rae R) All told, there are about 3,335 troops in the region training Iraqi troops, providing security and conducing bombing missions on Islamic State targets in Iraq and neighboring Syria. (Which have done virtually nothing to stop the spread of the Islamic State)

The Army’s patch features crossed scimitars, a palm wreath and stars. The scimitars, short swords with curved blades, are meant to symbolize the twin goals of the U.S.-led (Operation Inherent Resolve) coalition: to defeat the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS, and to restore stability in the region, according to Army documents.


MuslimBrotherhood islam_terror

MOHAMED MORSI, now the deposed Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt

MOHAMED MORSI, the now deposed Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt

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  1. I saw this Tweeted yesterday from a Marine and said the same thing…WTHe//…Same emblem as MB…U KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THIS…Don’t B surprised if we don’t see ANOTHER UPHEAVAL IN Egypt….

  2. No wonder Little Bowe Bergdahl was promoted from Private to
    Sergeant, while he was a houseguest of the enemy. The Obamanites
    in uniform now make up a big portion of the former US Military. Do they
    All speak Farsi?

    • Hopefully but with a muslim nutjob like Obumhead and his boyfriend probably not unfortunately. Us in england have the nutjob Cameron as prime minister to put up with supporting these muslim nutjobs and screwing over england

  3. What is this? NO AMERICAN soldier should have to wear islamic SHIT like this on his uniform. What the hell are we coming to? This is disgusting.

  4. I’ve been deployed 4 times & know a little something about this. Also this looks like something that they sell aftermarket at one of the small shops on a fob. There are all kinds of patches that are made, but NEVER authorized to wear & this looks like one of many that are made.I have one that I bought in Iraq that says infidel fighter in arabic & it looks just like a actual unit patch. Would I ever be able wear it on my uniform…….hell no.

  5. How is that supposed to work? When you are deployed, you are deployed with a unit and that is the patch you wear, you don’t where another patch, you are not authorized. If your not deployed or never deployed you only wear that unit patch that your assigned to and that patch only. You would have to have a whole new division created just for that patch. You couldn’t wear that on your uniform at all. Has to be just given to them or only can wear that while over there but nowhere else. Doesn’t make since.

  6. Just in: CATALONIA voted majority for its independence. Main reason: they want to preserve their culture and their language. High voter turnout.
    Google: Catalonia and Islamic Republic

  7. Imagine Marines landing on the beaches in WW2 with Nazi symbols to signify the higher meaning of the true original meaning of the Swastika. That’s all Hitler would have need to know and we would be bi-lingual today. This is looking less like diversity and more like moral depravity and collapse.

  8. Are American gun clubs all united, already, under one super-giant of an armed unit, can anybody tell me? Would they be able to, one day, move as one massive, armed force?

    • By gun clubs, do you mean militias? The answer to that is yes. They’re networked. Think Bundy Ranch vs. BLM. It wasn’t an accident that so many descended there. Heads of militias communicate and coordinate with each other. We stand at the ready.

  9. Might as well paint a swastika on each soldier’s black helmet and lift one arm n say “HEIL ALLAH!!” Maybe burn books too and brainwash the whole populace too for “offending” a bunch if “pure” people with Obama Hitler as der fuer.

  10. Compare this patch to the insignia in the center of the Iranian flag. They are the same. It’s the Tawhid. “There is no God but Allah.”

  11. You would think the military, they are suppose to be Americans , yet I would have thought they would have started a revolution against the muslin terrorist that was set up in OUR W.H,yet they would give their lives for the muslim cult and that muslim fraud!!

  12. Compare that patch to the center of Iran’s flag. The shape is the same. T
    The wreath and swords come together to create the shapes of Arabic lettering. We’ve seen it before. .. the tswhid. “LA ilaha illa ilah.” There is no God except allah

  13. Either we educate our population or someone else does. The blind leading the blind. This is not the way to win anything. Or even survive for that matter.

    • Just a thought, but I think it’s dangerous to assume our western liberal-socialist leaders are either blind or, as it’s often suggested, even by Trump. stupid.

      No. It’s much, much worse than that. There’s an agenda at work with a very specific set of long term goals in place and it depends on the socialists getting and retaining power at any cost. And those costs include the freedom and safety of actual western citizens who they swore to protect. There’s a reason Democrats ordain, vote for and support cultural suicide with open immigration flood gates. It’s more votes for their appeasement policies packaged and sold to brain dead domestic liberals as “social justice”.

      And what do they care of all our cities resemble third world toilets and the country is littered with sharia only no-go zones? They wont’ have to see, hear or smell it. Not where they live.

    • How is this any different from taking the mark of the beast? Islam is the Anti Christ.
      if you know your scriptures, this is in there. peace will come to Israel, so they can build the 3rd temple mount. Guess what? Egypt is offering peace with Israel, will involve many other Muslim nations, (Daniel 12 :11says the peace will last 1290 days )But Sharia law allows for Taqiyya OR Hudna which is to lie to non believers. .
      Sharia law does not care about the needs of women, and look at the spread of Sharia law today Daniel 11:37, speaks of the Anti Christ.
      Sharia Law does not allow Non believers to pray at the temple mount, referring to Jews , who built it twice. Muslims took over Jerusalem and built a Mosque in the 2nd temple. 2 weeks ago Obama told Israel they should not allow Jews to pray there.
      This is all unfolding and coming to pass as it is the Bible, the book of Daniel,
      2 Thessalonians, Revelations, Isiah. I don’t know if links are allowed here, but there is a 17 minute video which is spot on with scriptures and the events that have been in the news this month, Go to 14:35 in the video, and look at the Islam mark, looks an awful lot like the patch.

  14. This is the ugliest islamic green patch ever seen on our military and the swords to represent the death of our soldiers more than the “fight” against isis. Check out the executive orders over the last few decades, and recently of course, to see where we’re really headed – right into the belly of the CFR beast. Today’s candidates, from both parties, contain the largest number of communists ever. There is no conspiracy that does not have truth to it. While the jewish remnant , despite increases in their persecution, remain as they always were since the beginning of time, true to their faith, the christians are being persecuted, ostracized, eliminated and imprisoned in order to establish Humanism, a satanic, occult religion of man, totally without God. The fall of christianity is the rise of evil. I read comments, not here for sure, but all over the internet, from people who not only have no clue, but who support their own enslavement. It is something in our water supply that phages their brains to mush?

  15. What’s the difference? As long as Obama remains in office don’t all government employees, service members and tax dollars ultimately work for the MB?

    • …… his dopey badly informed diversity wannabes with their Muslim Brotherhood cleverness have the foresight of the same. What you see is what you get. Good for the Mudlim Brotherhood but bad for the infidel citizens……..

  16. As a artist who has studied design in a college setting – this design does look like it has come about from the person who designed it using directly subject matter that has nothing to do with America, and everything to do with the enemy. It is very similar, and does more to support the enemy. From the elements of design to the colors – there is nothing American at all. The yellow – too much and very suggestive of submission.