SHOCKING! New Army patch looks just like the Muslim Brotherhood patch

U.S. ARMY Soldiers in Iraq will soon have a new shoulder sleeve patch to signify their service in the fight ‘against’ the Islamic State (ISIS).


ARMY TIMES  (h/t Rae R) All told, there are about 3,335 troops in the region training Iraqi troops, providing security and conducing bombing missions on Islamic State targets in Iraq and neighboring Syria. (Which have done virtually nothing to stop the spread of the Islamic State)

The Army’s patch features crossed scimitars, a palm wreath and stars. The scimitars, short swords with curved blades, are meant to symbolize the twin goals of the U.S.-led (Operation Inherent Resolve) coalition: to defeat the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIS, and to restore stability in the region, according to Army documents.


MuslimBrotherhood islam_terror

MOHAMED MORSI, now the deposed Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt
MOHAMED MORSI, the now deposed Muslim Brotherhood leader of Egypt