WHITE GENOCIDE…made inevitable by the current Muslim invasion of Europe and the U.S., fully orchestrated and facilitated by Leftist self-loathing traitors

In America, this was initiated by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1965, who changed the U.S. immigration system into one that would welcome third world welfare-dependent garbage while restricting immigration from first world white Christian countries. 

h/t Trucker

Surprisingly, perhaps it will take someone like Vladimir Putin to save the West from itself?


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  1. I am not an admirer of fascism definitely, but I cannot deny tendencies and facts.

    I disapprove all judgement based on a bare look like colour of skin and eyes etc. Sorry, I disapprove it, any side. I would NOT approve a black man to judge my white skin or my red hair as much as I disapprove a white woman to give me a speech for how much I should hate coloured people.

    But I do observe tendencies that the whites are unfairly treated from coloured people. Not all of them but pretty much of them. Many times.

    Lately I had to face an Arab woman to humiliate me, insisting she is ‘white’ when she just had completely black hair and dark olive skin. I didn’t pay attention to her colours until she cried over me that I am ‘arrogant white’.

    I am not ‘arrogant white’, I am normal person wanting to live without colour judgement.

    She used lies, libels and cries. She succeeded to put me in bad situation (that was my mistake, but I was so innocent to believe there is nothing wrong).

    For what? for her skin colour and mine, because she is deeply jealous and as she explained, my skin colour ‘is offence and insult for her’.

    EXCUSE ME???????

    Sheer reverse racism, and that was my first painful touch with reverse racism.

    I am DEFINTELY WHITE Eastern European woman, and I know many of you will classify me as non-white. I can beat you in white colours, I can assure you. If we judge by colours.

    BUT I DON’T JUDGE BY COLOURS, that is the issue.

    I had also an experience, how painfully white woman with platinum white hair (mine is not platinum I admit it) ordered a big physical revenge over me – just because I dare to be A WHITE EAST EUROPEAN WITH PRETTY FAIR COLOUR.

    Really, I am not racist. Also, I happily admit many people ARE.

    Being involved a few times already in a mad war, I believe I don’t want to take any side as a racist, I want to take side as a human, to protect the endangered.

    For me, whites are oppressed and abused, definitely.

    If I see a coloured human being oppressed for colour, I would give the same support like I would for a white human being.

    I disapprove ANY conflict based on racism and oppression.

    Any side – the racism against coloured or racism against whites. Or any other racism combination.

    Also, I believe that:

    Islam is a political and economical ideology much before it is a religion one. As an ideology, it follows certain agenda.
    Also, Islam is an aggressive, oppressive and invasive ideology.

    I agree not all Muslims follow the same agenda and ideology. Also, let’s not forget how a political ideology called fascism brought tragedies to many people in the world. Not because all fascists are bad ….no.

    The ideology changes these people to the extent to behave like zombies, that is the problem.

    Fascism and communism were already stamped to be improper for the humanity and proclaimed illegal. I myself am sure Islam will follow the same destiny. May be it will take time or a few wars. May be.

    It is not about the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ Muslims, it is about an ideology, being able to transform them to behave like animals, like enemies of the other people, like criminals and terrorists.

    I witnessed the racism of Arabs for I had experience to live for a while in the Middle east.

    I very well know and I am aware that Arabs in this moment hate absolutely every white human creature on this planet.

    I warn you please take good care, it is hard time for every white skinned human being. Hide your children and arm your men.

  2. While watching ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ re-run last night. it struck me that this is actually happening now – and the human heroes are the ones helping the apes. Can we see the entire series of ‘Ape’ stories banned just like The George Mitchell Minstrels, for the sake of Political Correctness ?

  3. British and European leaders REFUSE to take in our people — WHITE South African CHRISTIANS who face a terrifying barbaric mass genocide from blacks.

    Our leaders instead, INVITED the HUGE Muslim Third World to invade and overwhelm our small nations — most of the hundreds of thousands of hostile invaders are almost all BLACK MUSLIM MALES of WAR fighting age.

    Mega millions more of young Muslim males of WAR fighting age plan to invade at the invitation of EU leader, Angela Merkel…

    South Africa is at Stage 6 – Preparation to MASS GENOCIDE WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS.

    It appears that South Africa is about the most dangerous place you can be outside a war zone. according to the human-rights organization Genocide Watch, South Africa is at pre-genocide stage 6 of 8: “Preparation.”

    In 2010, a prominent member of the African National Congress named Julius Malema revived an old anti-apartheid song whose lyrics — says Genocide Watch — call for genocide: “Shoot the Boer, shoot, shoot.” “Boer” means “farmer” in Afrikaans; colloquially, it means “white South African.”

    President Zuma sang the genocide song himself, leading a crowd in a musical chant: “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run . . . The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun . . . Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run.”

    Watch the video on YouTube — it is surreal. Nelson Mandela’s successor, the president of South Africa, addresses a crowd of — according to the Guardian — tens of thousands, in a giant stadium, and calls for the murder of what amounts to about 10 percent of his constituents. Among the audience, uniformed members of the military dance.



    Our white Christian brothers and sisters must be allowed to escape from the black, demonic savages.

    Jacob Zuma sings the Cabinet will shoot the Boer with machine guns at ANC Centenery Celebrations RSA

    • Come on Linda, they refused to take many other whites, deliberately.

      As I said already above, the politicians have an agenda to do it.

      Can you imagine dear, what I have to survive in the Western world being Eastern European? It is not only you being white and being refused to reach your own sources.

      It is a bit more complicated than just racism, you need to admit it.

      I understand your concerns though. I’ve got the same. Trust me, I am not protected just like you are not against reverse racism AND OTHER AGENDAS.

      Many people like you despise Eastern Europeans, I was told many times in my eyes how much WHITES HATE ME BEING WHITER THAN THEM.

      I even don’t know the word for such racism if I need to be honest.

      I would suggest just to stick together and to help each other. Clearly, you cannot afford to measure how white I am, if you want my help.

      Otherwise, I can always escape in eastern Europe, and I can leave Westerners to solve their racial problem alone. Same for every other eastern European, and be very careful how you express your racial prejudices in front of people like me, we are aware of your despise for no good reason, dear racist.

      In other words, I disapprove racists from any direction as I said above. I would act in favour of oppressed white just like I would act in favour of oppressed coloured human being.

      Honestly, a platinum blond woman nearly made me an invalid, nearly took my life for the colour of my hair being a shade down after platinum….

      • I only just now saw your comment. I have NEVER at ANY time in my life despised Eastern Europeans. Never.

        I am shocked that you are calling me a racist. You know absolutely NOTHING about me, yet you slander me and assassinate my character.

    • I must say Linda made me think about the problem, thank you Linda.

      Also, I felt not nice about Eastern Europeans being slammed down from so called ‘whites’.

      If you can face how badly are treated Eastern Europeans, you would NOT cry for your white skin, it is not possible to be treated more badly for your nationality or colour of skin.

      Lots of prejudices against Eastern Europeans. Lots of hate and rejection. All around the world.

      In fact Europe is still alive (if at all) because of Eastern Europeans keeping the door well guarded. Most of you Westerners never faced the true Asian face BECAUSE YOU WERE GUEARDED AND KEPT SAFE FROM EASTERN EUROPEANS.

      You are so ungrateful for tens or more centuries of protection, being left to develop the European culture for having a good guard in East of Europe.

      See now what happens when the guard is left alone, humiliated, slammed down and ostracised.

      I would be even happy to see that God’s revenge, if I was so stupid to believe that you deserve revenge for that ungratefulness.

      No, we all deserve good life and secure Europe. Natives I mean, living and building up that continent so many centuries, not gipsies and all kind of human scrap from other continents coming to get and grab and using Eastern Europe for first stop and catapult to the desired other country.

      Eastern Europeans still keep you safe. Imagine what would happen if Eastern Europe is not doing that and let all barbarians to enter Europe.

      You’ve got troubles with a few millions of fake refugees? REALLY? WHAT ABOUT EASTERN EUROPE EXPERIENCING ATTACKS MANY CENTURIES ALL THE TIME???

      Westerners will understand SOON very well how they existed BECAUSE OF OUR PROTECTION.

      Enjoy a few (only) millions of fake refugees…enjoy it.

      I don’t believe in revenge, I believe you should open your eyes for some gratitude and appreciation for eastern Europeans. Or we all be dead in no time.

      Shame..I feel ashamed to give such a speech. Honestly, Westerners deserve a good revenge for irresponsibility and blindness, for easy life over Eastern Europe. For arrogance and for lack of understanding.

      I am not happy to see it this way. I want you to open your Western blind eyes and to understand we are the same.

      I’ll never let any Westerner to humiliate me for my heritage, my language, my culture, my existence. Dare to do so, I will fight you, arrogant Westerners. You deserve a good revenge really.

      • I just now saw your comment. I’m extremely sorry that Eastern Europeans have been treated badly. So UNJUST. So very wrong.

        Why do you condemn me? What have I done? I have NEVER ever treated Eastern Europeans with disrespect or thought disrespectful thoughts about Eastern Europeans. I admire Eastern Europeans.

        It’s incredibly SAD that you feel compelled to make this statement:

        “I’ll never let any Westerner to humiliate me for my heritage, my language, my culture, my existence. Dare to do so, I will fight you, arrogant Westerners. You deserve a good revenge really.”

        Eastern Europeans are my brothers and sisters. I hope one day that you will also consider me as being your sister.

        God bless, watch over, and protect our Eastern European brothers and sisters, always.

  4. Our evil God-hater leaders want to annihilate our white Christian and Jewish people in Britain and Europe; replace us with Muslims and turn us into a terrified white minority living in daily fear and terror like our Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistan and South Africa.


    SIGN PETITION for our severely persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in South Africa who face GENOCIDE !

    “Many white South Africans who try to apply for citizenship to European countries such as the Netherlands and UK are rejected. Many of these white South Africans seeking citizenship are direct descendants of the very same European nations that reject them.

    The white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions at the hands of the ANC government, the EFF, and various individual anti-white aggressors.

    Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation.

    Many white South Africans today live in poverty and squalor as a consequence of the ANC government’s Black Economic Empowerment policy which shuts whites out of the labour pool….” SIGN PETITION!

    SIGN PETITION for our severely persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in South Africa who face GENOCIDE !

    “Many white South Africans who try to apply for citizenship to European countries such as the Netherlands and UK are rejected. Many of these white South Africans seeking citizenship are direct descendants of the very same European nations that reject them.

    The white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions at the hands of the ANC government, the EFF, and various individual anti-white aggressors.

    Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation.

    Many white South Africans today live in poverty and squalor as a consequence of the ANC government’s Black Economic Empowerment policy which shuts whites out of the labour pool….” SIGN PETITION!


    Every single day and night is spent in terror and fear for white South African Christians and white Christians in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

    Whites are raped and put to death with extreme barbarism by blacks for the sole reason the victims are white.

    The cruel, rabidly anti-Christian EU and British and European leaders colonised our nations with Muslims and black Muslims who are NOT persecuted whilst DENYING persecuted Christians entry into our nations. There are now over 50 million hostile Muslims in Europe who seek our conquest and enslavement under barbaric sharia law.

    We should all be in the streets protesting.

    Every single day and night is spent in terror and fear for white South African Christians and white Christians in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

    Whites — entire families are raped and put to death with extreme barbarism by blacks for the sole reason the victims are white.

    The cruel, rabidly anti-Christian EU and British and European leaders colonised our nations with Muslims and black Muslims who are NOT persecuted whilst DENYING persecuted Christians entry into our nations. There are now over 50 million hostile Muslims in Europe who seek our conquest and enslavement under barbaric sharia law.

    We should all be in the streets protesting.

  5. Around the mid nineties I took a trip on a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (You don’t miss the scenery when you take the bus!).

    I was stunned when the white lady I spoke to who was sitting next to me told me that she had been living with her black boyfriend in Long Beach (close to Los Angeles), and that some blacks had informed her that they were stocking up on guns for a war against white people.

    Some time ago, wnd.com reported on one young, terrified white mother who escaped with her life and the lives of her little children just in time before their home was set on fire by gangs of murderous blacks.

    The MURDEROUS HATE for whites by some blacks is why RABID WHITE HATER Muslim Obama wants to ensure there is not ONE safe place in America for White Jews and Christians. Obama is spending mega tax money to bring blacks into EVERY white area in America.

    The book below records the violent attacks by blacks on whites, who are generally a sole white person or a white couple targeted specifically because of their WHITE skin.

    Book: ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It by Colin Flaherty

    The only book to document the recent epidemic of black mob violence, including the Knockout Game: Hundreds of examples in more than 100 cities. In the last three years.

    Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

    Colin has a new book out:

    Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry:
    The hoax of black victimization and those who enable it.

    Black people are relentless victims of relentless white violence, often at the end of a badge — for No Reason What So Ever.

    That was the biggest news story of 2014 and it was easy to find in the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, Spike Lee, Oprah, USA Today, and lots of other places.

    War on black people, anyone?

    The President got in on the act in 2014 when he told the Congressional Black Caucus about a “justice gap.” Where “too many young men of color feel targeted by law enforcement. Guilty of walking while black. Driving while black. Judged by stereotypes that fuel fear and resentment and hopelessness.”[1]

    That is the biggest lie of our generation. Because just the opposite is true.

    Black crime and violence against whites, gays, women, seniors, young people and lots of others is astronomically out of proportion.

    It just won’t quit. Neither will the excuses. Or the denials. Or the black on white hostility. Or those who encourage it.

    That is what ‘Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry’ is about.

  6. These moslim shits are aided and abetted by the most filthy traitors.

    These white fuckwits, don’t they know history?

    Putin should have his special forces out, doing some cleansing of his own, putting white traitors in body bags. It does not matter, dead or alive.

  7. I’m not white but I believe europe should stay white and asia stay asian etc but if white people like to get fucked into extinction then hey who are we to complain

  8. White genocide has been going on for decades in Britain and Europe by colonising our small nations with Muslims from the Third World.

    White Genocide has been maliciously speeded up by EU leader Merkel and other EU elites by inviting the world’s Muslims to invade Europe — they are almost ALL young, Black Muslim males… Hundreds of thousands of Muslim males are invading. Their numbers will rapidly turn into mega millions…

    The vile French leader declared that Racial Interbreeding is NOT a choice. It’s an OBLIGATION. Is this despicable excuse for a man referring to RAPE and/or FORCED Marriage?

    Our Awesome God, our Precious Majestic Creator, created the White Race. The White Race is God’s choice, NOT man’s choice. The elites want to destroy what God created and destroy us.

    At the heart of White Genocide is an Intense, All-Consuming HATE for the HOLY ONE, God Himself.

    And if they can’t make our White People interbreed, they will even ALLOW the Muslim immigrants/invaders they have infiltrated into our countries to mass murder us. This is how evil they are.

    • Linda, please spread my suggested course of action below, given the fact that you’re a pensioner and hence have an awful lot of free time on your hands which is why you’re one of the most frequent posters on BNI, among other CJ sites.

  9. Actually it goes back farther than Kennedy but not by much.

    ‘Kalergi proclaims the abolition of the right of self-determination and then the elimination of nations with the use of ethnic separatist movements and mass migration. In order for Europe to be controlled by an elite, he wants to turn people into one homogeneous mixed breed of Blacks, Whites and Asians. Who is is this elite however? Kalergi is particularly illuminating on this:’

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe


  10. Chinese Commies are also a little bit dumb,they allow Han Chinese onyl 1 Kid(now they changed it a little bit)but all minoritys can have more childs!

    But you can be sure they will have a mass immigration from India in some years!
    Chinese get 5-6 Kids before 1979.Then only 1.Even in Europe chinese dont want anymore more kids.
    So in some years they need a lot of workers and India have enough.

    ANd in Russia-they have 100 different ethnics.Also they let Millions Chinese in because they have no people who want to do the work.Alcohol is a real problem.When they get money its 2 weeks party,2weeks hungry.

  11. Need it be said what the fate of white traitors should be? You got it but no cigar.

    I can not understand this white genocide, it is war, so we who are affected should act.

    This saying that there is a young workforce needed is bullshit, due to robots in factories.

    The ‘leftists’ who are they to decide the fate of a race? They are weak filth, worthy only of being put down.

  12. Of course when they say they want to get rid of whiteness they mean Indo Europeans. Indo Europeans language is in a different class then say the language branch from Asia and Africa. The Greek and Romans were also classified as Indo European. They also do not just mean people with blond hair and blue eyes. They also mean people that are Greek, Roman, or Spanish. It is a great question to as why Western countries are expected to accept multiculturalism but nonwestern countries are not. Now we have muslims saying in America we are going to be the majority soon. After the famous book called The Population Bomb more people talked about what we could experience. In the early 1970s a book called The Camp of All Saints talked about this in a disturbing manner. I do not believe in a master race but one must tell me why Japanese, Chinese, Jews and Indo Europeans seemed to be the ones that invented the most stuff and seem to do alright for themselves?

  13. I’m not a European and am not a white person. As an American Indian my ancestors were already living in the New World when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean 500 years ago… and even before the Vikings from Scandinavia arrived in what would one day become Newfoundland and Labrador.

    The past 500 years have been challenging, brutal, forgiving, forward-thinking, innovative, full of betrayals but I believe even more bonds of shared humanity and friendship were created. There had been atrocities, slavery and disappointments from all races. I do not under any circumstances excuse my own people from acts of inhumanity. All races- including whites have been perpetrators but also victims of the events of history here in the Americas.

    However, consistent and continuing have been the progress, innovations, inventions, the contributions and fierce and passionate love the European descendants… ie the “white people” have had for their nations here in the Americas. Canada and United States… these two nations ROCK!.

    Within the influence and embrace of what is “Western Christian” culture is where the whites mixed with native peoples to form “Latins” or “Hispanics”… and the nations of South and Central America are very much a part of Western Civilization.

    White people in the Western Nations have also opened up amazing opportunities (yes, I know some things did not go smoothly in the past… BUT ITS THE PAST)… for non white Europeans.

    Whether Japanese in Brazil, Polynesians in New Zealand, Blacks in Jamaica, Chinese in Australia… all have benefited from white people being in those nations.

    Western and Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, The Americas, Oceania (Australia and New Zealand), Israel… these Western heritage nations/regions also have “white people” as the anchor to their success and legacies. Which have then been shared with non-whites they encountered.

    The “white Western” influences have affected other NON white nations who followed their example- such as the Asian democracies that have modernized and are in the sphere of Western influence… nations such as…

    Singapore, India, Japan, South Korea, French Polynesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Thailand…

    Instead of being respected… it is horrifying to see the world hurtling towards White genocide. WHY ARE WHITE PEOPLE GOING LIKE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER?

    If this continues there WILL be a day of reckoning for foolish NON whites who support the muzz take over of the world. The non whites who are also NOT muslim… will regret the day they turned their backs on whtie Europeans… but sadly too many white Europeans are turning their backs on their own people. After the slaughter of white Europeans the muzz will go for the non white-non muslims.

    The domino effect is happening now people.

    I am going to continue as before protesting and being as vocal as possible about the muzz threat to the world. I’m not white. I am an American Indian… and this muzz take over of Europe is absolutely a disaster and a dark spot on the history of humanity. White people- you are important, you are valued, you are human beings and PLEASE resist this muzzslime horror that is over-taking your himes.

  14. There are two parts to this: the failure of Western civilization to defend its own values, and the characteristic primitivism, tribalism, irrationalism, collectivism, parasitism, psychological immaturity and festering resentment of the “cultures” from which the problem populations arise. We are not suffering from and invasion of Japanese, nor is Japan suffering from this form of genocide. Indian Hindus are not the cause to the catastrophe in Britain, but Muslim Pakistanis are. Arab Muslims stuck in the 7th century are trying to destroy Israel, not the other way around. The “Black Lives Matter” tribalists are the sort fueling the war on whites in this country, not people like Dr. Carson. The invaders are guilty of anti-individualism, obsession with “revenge” for hyperinflated wrongs (ignoring the benefits the West has brought them), and a nihilistic mania for destroying anything superior to their primitive ways and looting whatever is left. No matter how fierce it will have to be, our response also has to uphold reason and Western values.

    Which by the way, Carol Fitzgerald, do not include hysterical apocalyptic totalitarian eugenics schemes. Thanks so much for feeding the “racist” trolls. By the way, with my brown eyes I wouldn’t fit your damn definition of “white” either, even with my Brit, Irish, Dutch and French ancestry.

    Speaking of which, that s.o.b. Ignatiev noted in the video is warping young minds at the school I graduated from, Massachusetts College of Art. And I thought being there in the 1960s was weird? What the hell is a “Critical Race Theory” class doing at an art college, anyway? Or anywhere else, for that matter. What to see what else this scumbag has been up to:


  15. Just like War of the Worlds – HG Wells. Just when they were about to conquer, the invaders were destroyed by viruses/bacteria and civilisation was saved. The flu and a really hard damp winter will see most of our current culture enriching invaders off.

    This will filter back to those in the shiteholes in the sun that it is not a good idea to come to our damp and cold shitehole where the sun don’t shine.

    The leftards will probably come up with some sort of plan to save their multiculti stupidities – but as we all know you cant fight nature.

  16. Thank you BNI for this dose of reality. “Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Unfortunately, most Americans do not support our warriors – state militias, Oath Keepers, constitutional Sheriffs, AmericanAgain!, nor do they heed the warnings from the investigative journalism of our bloggers, nor the revelations from whistleblowers, and not even from our leaders themselves. Their threats are ignored, especially from obama’s middle finger. Beware of the wolves in sheep clothing as they campaign for the presidency of our once great America. I saw a video of carson saying: “Al Sharpton and I share the same goals.” I read that cruz’s wife is a member of the CFR. We all know that fiorina is a global communist who hearts the Black Panthers. Every one of these blokes are supported by the CFR and this dangerous group of candidates has so many communists in its midst that choosing one is like playing whackamole. I don’t care what dirt comes up on Trump, he’s the only one who stands out on his own and no one else even comes close.

  17. I gratefully implore you to promulgate my proposed Western-Civilization-salvaging measures below as broadly as you can, to exhort fellow like-minded Free White Western friends, family members, colleagues and acquaintances to do likewise and to relentlessly push for their enactment all across the Western World; for their implementation is of paramount importance to the survival and, eventually, inexhaustible prosperity of the White non-Muslim World:

    1) Import of oil from Venezuela, Russia*, Brazil and Mexico instead of the Islamic-propaganda-machine-and-combative-Jihad-financing oil import from Dar El-Islam (check the oil proven reserves, production and consumption data on globalfirepower.com).

    2) Withdrawal from the U.N. more than half of whose budget is funded by White Western countries – the U.S.A. being chief among them — and where the largest voting bloc is the O.I.C., thus its yield of a considerably great influence which is manifested in their voting as a single Islamic bloc in support of any U.N. resolution that goes against the interests of Free White Westerners.

    3) Due to the post-WWII almost complete devastation of the four-or more-membered traditional nuclear family unit of White Infidel society, mandatory-by-law, institutionalized, heavily subsidized maintenance of above-replacement birth rates by all White Western women who’re of reproductive age through the use of IVF (in-vitro fertilization) with gene selection for overly high intelligence (IQs of 185+) and Nordic features (blue, green, hazel and amber irides; platinum, or at least homogenous, blonde and red hair; porcelain white skin tone; pale pink nipples, areolas, female external genitalia, glans penis and scrotum; half lips; a pointy nose with narrow nostrils and a slim nasal bridge; and tall, slender stature) so as to prevent Whites from dying out and to correct the genetic damage that has been inexorably inflicted upon the Great White Race — the race of the Gods and Goddesses, I might add — courtesy of the historical subjection of millions of (White) European Christian women to sex slavery, before the advent of reliable contraception assuming the poor victims had had a choice to use birth control at any rate, to the (non-White) Umayyad Arab and Seljuk and Ottoman Turkish Muslim male invaders (read up on, “custom-made designer babies” and “pre-implantation genetic engineering”) taking into consideration that children who’re to be conceived through said technique to White Western mothers who’re too career-focused to bear the responsibility of raising their own kids are to be brought up in supra-par state-sponsored boarding schools (from kindergarten through grade 12) where they’re to be provided with professional psychological and social care.

    As I am sure you know, blonde and red hair; blue and green eyes; and immensely pasty skin are exclusively White traits — not found among the huge majority of members of impurely European ethnic groups and all the non-European ethnic groups universally recognized as Caucasian. Ask yourselves, does a Portuguese like Cristiano Ronaldo or an ethnic Armenian like Kim K. qualify as White in contrast to blue-eyed Bashar El-Assad (who does not)? No, of course not. Neither do the olive-skinned, brown-eyed and brown-haired Italians, Greeks and especially the Spaniards just to name a few nationalities who are falsely internationally identified as Whites. There’re millions of northern Egyptians, Lebanese and Syrians who have a considerable amount of White blood in them by virtue of the historical impregnation of their female ancestors by Crusaders and, centuries later, by French colonists and I could send you FB profiles and pages of thousands of (green-and blue-eyed, light brown-haired) northern Egyptians, Syrians and Lebanese who are Whiter than your average Greek, Sicilian and Spaniard and so forth. Do you grasp the point I’m trying to convey? Only blonde-and red-haired, blue-and green-eyed, extremely fair-skinned people should be considered White.


    Just imagine how charmingly captivating and wonderful it would be if every European, White American, White Canadian and White Australian were blue-or green-eyed, blonde-or red-haired and having an I.Q. in excess of 185 and that could be materialized only if (racially aware) Free White Westerners, like yourselves, persistently endorsed, and lobbied for, legislation obligating reproduction through aforesaid approach in each and every White Western country.
    There has been no successful policy put into place to elevate White TFR (total fertility rate) to above-replacement or even replacement levels to date. Incidentally, the Russian government provides considerable financial incentives for (White) Russian women who mother more than 2 White kids but to little or no avail.

    Accordingly, I’m of the stiff conviction that forced sustaining of above-replacement White TFR and rearing of White Western children by the state under the conditions and in the manner described in detail above are the only viable means to secure the survival of our physically glamorous, distinctly intelligent, innovative and industrious race.

    4) A total ban on further non-White immigration to the West and deportation of non-White criminals and continuously-or intermittently-long-term-social-security-benefit-scrounging moochers to whatever Third-World shit holes of their choosing and adopting the Arab Gulf approach to white-collar expat workers; i.e., not granting such expats permanent residency in, much less citizenship of, any Western country.

    5) Sacking as many as necessary non-White blue-collar laborers and replacing them with state-of-the-art, interactive robots following Japan’s lead.
    *To Russophobes with whom my argument for the West’s urgently-needed dependence on Russia for its oil and natural gas supply does not sit well: (White Infidel) Russians have always lived up to their reputation of taking no shit from confrontational Koranimals in their midst. For instance, Russia banned “Sahih El-Bukhari” — Islam’s most revered and allegedly genuine ‘holy’ book after the Qur’an — last November and on the last January 27th, (White Infidel) Russian soldiers were reported to have “desecrated [sic] Korans during anti-terror raids in Dagestan.” Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Marine Le Pen of the National Front has once said, “Putin is a defender of the Christian heritage of European Civilization” and certainly holds him and his patriotic (White Infidel) Russian support base in high regards. It is fucking long past time the Free White West and Eastern Europe, including (White Infidel) Russia, cast aside their petty bickering/grievances and united to neutralize the Islamic existential threat to the White Infidel world and, ultimately, ensure pure-blooded White Infidels retain their absolute sovereignty over their own ancestral homelands for this century and beyond.

    Make no mistake, if the above-posted measures are not put into effect ASAFP across the whole White Infidel World, pure-blooded White Infidels will have gone the way of the dodo and Islam will have prevailed over White Infidels well before the end of this century.

    • last I heard the US still owes money to the UN if true it shouldn’t be paid
      we need to stop importation of oil and develop more of our own
      sack the entire Congress

    • I will ride under your banner to destroy Islam , I will support the destruction of all tenet ‘s of the Koran once and forever , burn their oil fields erase their cities to dust , free those who walked as slaves , all this I support but I will not lift a finger to save a selfish self centered ideal as who is fittest to survive by skin or eye color only by the right of passage laid down by the original 7 tribes do I believe , Respectfully to your plea …. A blue eyed european christian of the twenty first century whose fathers fathers know the price of freedom

      • Indeed, God created all races.

        Furthermore, quite a number of people in the anti-jihad movement — white Europeans/Brits, through marriage, have members in their family who are brown and/or black. So this offends a lot of people.

    • It is fair to say that the brightest of peoples have the least babies. Their mind is geared to science or whatnot. If you look around the world it is the poorest of peoples that have the most babies. That way the odds are better for survival of the genes I guess. I am not highly schooled in history however the internet serves its purpose here. It has an enormous amount of thesis, essays, etc. I am not a liker at all of german politics. WW1 WW2 were both at least in part created by these same politics.Their most evil alliance was with the Jew hating Arab nations. “During World War II and in the immediate postwar decades, it was common knowledge that leading political figures from Arab countries, most famously the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, eagerly collaborated with the Nazi regime.” It is still evident today. How long since the wall has come down and look at what Merkel is doing. Bringing in masses of jew hating peoples. “The link between Islamism and anti-Semitism has been a continuing theme of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since the canonical writings of Hassan al-Banna, Haj Amin al-Hussein, and Sayyid Qutb from the 1930s to 1950s.”
      For now Europes best hope is that the eastern countries force just a trickle of “refugees” until saner heads prevail. The lefties have long been fed that Zionism is racism.

      • We have a major problem that too many white people are either having NO children or not enough children — just one child which is not replacement level.

        At the same time, mega millions of Muslims are imported to live as PARASITES off our people. NOT ever expected to work by our ruling elites. A very dangerous situation because when the money runs out, Muslims will turn with a MURDEROUS RAGE on our people.

        Muslims are taught that everything that we have belongs to them and that they should take – seize, everything we have. Everything.

        We are being set up for a Nightmare.

        • Linda, calm down and trust God.

          God knows very well how to rule the world.

          I understand your concerns though as I said above. All I know is that God is above us all.

          Believe in God, is my suggestion. I believe, I accept God’s will. Not thy will by God’s will.

  18. Politicians in power in US & Europe have only demonstrated to the world, for short-term selfish gains, man can stoop to abysmal lows of immorality even if it costs millions of human lives! Certainly man is the most dangerous of creatures if he looses the firm footing and foundation of morality!

  19. OK. Nothing new in this video. This is what ‘everybody’ has been saying since at least the 1950’s. We go along with whoever owns the voting system, (currently the Muslim Brotherhood I strongly suspect), and either don’t vote at all or vote in the weirdest inexperienced couldn’t care less about the big bad majority other than to lie and con and then forget them. If we are to survive there needs to be a quickening. Trump holds some promise.

    • Going on since the 1950’s?

      Though I agree that the Marxist traitor politicians started the process of Islamizing the Western nations probably as far back as the 60’s or 70’s (though the plans for this may have been in the works long before), most of us were completely unaware of what was going on until quite recently – ie the last 15 years.

      Back in the 90’s in Britain there were muslims. But they were in such small numbers, such a minority, that we didn’t worry about them. Even in the year 2000, as we celebrated the millennium and naively thought we were entering a brave new era, an era of technological advancement, we still had no clue of what the left-wing rulers had planned for us, and that the muslims on our streets at that time were just the tip of the iceberg.

      But fast forward just 15 years and my God – what a transformation. Now they are everywhere, in every major European town and City.

      Now their numbers have become alarmingly big, in just 15 years! Which makes a lot of people realize that the next 15 years is going dwarf the explosive rise we’ve seen over the last 15. A truly terrifying prospect.

      But unfortunately not enough native people are aware of what is deliberately being done to them (by their own Rulers) and the nightmare that is soon coming.

      Personally I feel we’re at some critical point now, where if enough people were to wake up and see what’s coming, it could still be stopped, or at least slowed down.
      But I don’t see people waking up fast enough.

      And now we have this mass migration taking place on a scale never seen before. Massively exacerbating an already serious infestation.

      Kind of makes me think the Marxist Rulers don’t even want to wait just 1 or 2 more generations for Europe to be completely Islamized. Maybe they’ve realized that people are starting to wake up, endangering their plans – so they’ve decided to expedite the process.

      And remember also, that they could have annihilated IS easily, over the last year. But they didn’t. And it is supposed to be IS that most of these “refugees” are fleeing.
      I don’t buy it. It all seems orchestrated to me.

  20. Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin speaks the truth as it really is here and must be said! The writer and mystic, Dostoevsky predicted that the West would become hopelessly corrupt and that a demonic force would gain ascendence over it encouraged by an anti-Christ figure! Sad truth is that if you compare Putin to Obama, the comparison is scary and not in the US favor based on the writings of Dostoevsky! Putin supports the philosophy of Traditionalism which supports the belief that national cultures have value and that spirituality and tradition matter and that individual cultures must go their own way as long as they respect other cultures in their spheres!
    The worst thing that Putin has done from my perspective lately is support Iran’s nuclear development via the proposed nuclear Treaty! The one thing that he is doing that I consider dangerous for the world is agree with Obama who is the pusher of this Treaty!
    I don’t want to be accused of saying that I believe Putin is perfect in everything he does but when you compare his internal policies encouraging Slavic traditional institutions in comparison to Obama’s policies undermining US culture that is derived from European values, it would appear that Obama fits the role of Dostoevsky’s anti-Christ! We Americans need to wake up and go in the direction of Russia which supports leaders who support their own national culture and not anarchistic values that leave a culture susceptible to destruction! We Americans should work with countries like Russia and China whose leaders at least don’t encourage terrorists who mindlessly kill others because they don’t accept the Sharia Law system of Islam!

  21. As someone who remembers school drills in case of a Russian nuclear attack, I can’t believe that a Russian leader is now the voice of reason. I never would have dreamed that possible.

  22. Yes indeed. It was Kennedy who assured America that there would be no change to the existing make-up of of the population. He LIED a very big lie. Today America and Europe have the abortion factories working and expanding 24/7 while the Muslims practice their FGM and spread Sharia in the sure knowledge, they believe, that the west is now nothing more than a confused, ignorant, ever weakening people pleaser who just can’t say ‘NO!’ Putin may very well be the last man standing.

    • Yes, it was old TET Kennedy who set into motion
      the immigration patterns in the US. No Whites or
      Christians need apply for asylum in US. Kennedy
      also introduced Barack Hussein Obama to the
      US & the world, at the Democrat Convention. You
      Might say that Kennedy is the Father of Islam in the
      Western World.