AUSTRALIA: Party for Freedom anti-Islamization activists demand re-settlement of 12,000 Muslim invaders in new prime minister’s tony neighborhood


On Sunday 27th September, a group activists from the Party for Freedom  dressed up in their best raghead/baghead attire, traveled to PM Malcolm Turnbull’s residence in Point Piper asking him to sign a petition to re-settle 12,000 Muslim refugees in Sydney’s wealthy eastern suburbs, instead of dumping them in struggling, working class Western Sydney.

IMG_1665-X2Recently the federal government announced a commitment to resettle 12,000 Syrian Muslim refugees in Australia under the UNHCR humanitarian programme.

We believe the majority of Australians object to this disastrous decision to import more culturally incompatible people who are seeking eternal welfare especially considering that 7,000 of these Muslim refugees will be unloaded in the economically depressed suburbs of Western Sydney.


Refugees of the Islamic faith have proven to be incompatible with our way of life and values, and a complete burden on the Australian taxpayer.

We journeyed to the sheltered and exclusive boroughs of Point Piper and Double Bay to ask local residents to sign our petition but we were met with resistance. We believe it is only fair to share the cultural diversity that has plagued the former working class suburbs of Sydney and other large Australian cities.

DSC_7848-X3We dressed in traditional Islamic attire to celebrate the vibrancy and excitement of Islamic cultural diversity. On our way to PM Malcolm Turnbull’s place, we asked many Point Piper residents to sign our petition but our requests were rudely denied.

Once we reached Malcolm’s plush residence in ‘diversity free’ Point Piper, we were confronted by Police who instructed us not to approach his house so we were not able to personally ask Malcolm to sign our petition but we will be mailing a petition to him requesting all the 12,000 Syrian Muslim refugees find permanent sanctuary in his elitist electorate.

DSC_7922-X3We stayed in front of Malcolm’s residence for about 1 hour asking passing residents to sign our petition but we had no success. In the true spirit of ‘cultural diversity’ we played the Islamic ‘call to prayer’. Funnily enough, the Police had received complaints from local residents who objected to the loud foreign music playing so we were asked to ‘turn down’ the volume. Multiculturalism can be like this sometimes, an inconvenience.


On our return to our mechanical caravans, we met one local who signed the petition. I don’t think she grasped the full ramifications of accepting Muslim refugees in her suburb. We asked her why she supported our petition but there was no reply. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to know there is at least one do-gooder in Point Piper who is willing to see her suburb turned into a cultural oasis.

DSC_7999-X3-1Next stop, we travelled to Double Bay to continue our crusade seeking signatures for our worthwhile petition. As we walked through the streets, the locals were shocked to see us dressed in Islamic attire playing culturally appropriate music.


We entered Knox Street, which is known for its high-end eateries and opulent cafes asking our new friends if they would be interested in accepting the 12,000 Muslim refugees in Double Bay. The racism and bigotry that we faced was indeed shocking as no one would sign our petition calling on the government to resettle the refugees in PM Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate.

DSC_7910-X3At the end of Knox Street on the corner of New South Head Road, we again turned up the volume playing more cultural appropriate music over the megaphone. Everyone who saw and heard us was speechless and again no one was willing to sign the petition, what bigots.


Are we asking too much? In the spirit of ‘cultural diversity’ we believe the pampered upper echelons of the Australian political and business world should also accommodate these eager newcomers with open arms. There is plenty of room in the eastern suburbs to resettle the refugees. Some of these newcomers should be resettled in Kirribilli House so Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is able to enjoy the full and exciting riches of cultural diversity everyday.

DSC_7833-X3For too long, the Australian people have cried out to our privileged parliamentarians and successive Prime Ministers to stop the Muslim invasion but we have been ignored and ridiculed. It is time for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to share the load and open vacant Kirribilli House and his private residences to the hordes of Muslim refugees eagerly awaiting his hospitality. 

Sharing ‘cultural diversity’ in Malcolm’s electorate video:

Please download our petition and encourage your friends and family to sign. Mail signed petitions to Party for Freedom, P.O. Box 999, Rozelle NSW 2039.

Alternatively, sign our online petition: