ESPN’S CURT SHILLING refuses to be sharia-compliant…tells the truth about Islam again!

USA Today sharia-compliant left wing media heads exploding because “Curt Schilling appears to have learned nothing from his ESPN suspension.”

Former baseball pitcher Curt Schilling got himself suspended from his duties as an ESPN analyst for tweeting an image that compared Muslims to Nazis.


But just a few days before Schilling announced he will return to the network for its post-season baseball coverage, he shared the following politically incorrect post about Muslims on his Facebook page. Will ESPN suspend him again? Obviously, Schilling doesn’t give a crap if leftists think truth is the new ‘hate’ speech.


USA Today just keeps digging: As Americans, we all have the right to wrongheaded and ignorant opinion, and Schilling is entitled to believe whatever the heck he wants to believe. But if you’re hired to share your opinions — about baseball or politics or anything — in a professional forum but cannot help yourself from doing almost the exact same thing that just got you suspended, it kind of undermines your judgment. (No, the truth is not “a wrongheaded and ignorant opinion” just because it makes you uncomfortable to hear it)