Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe

maxresdefault-vi-e1441528478326According to an editorial comment in the German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration. As a result, one recent rape was hushed up the the police for nearly three months, leaving other potential victims ignorant of the danger.


  • A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence.
  • Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male… the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
  • Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughter’s wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings.”
  • “When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” — Bavarian politician, quoted in Die Welt.
  • A police raid on the Munich refugee facility found that guards hired to provide security at the site were trafficking drugs and weapons and were turning a blind eye to the prostitution.
  • Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.


This is England  (h/t Mike F) A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organisations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.


Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities.


Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.

At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.


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  2. the raping muslims need to be sent back to the rat hole they came from ………. these are animals and need to be treated like animals

  3. All that will happen is that there will be civil war in many EU countries , the EU will disappear and citizens of those countries will drive out all Muslims from Europe .

    • I don’t think the communists that run the European governments are going to give up that easily. they now have millions of violent, aggressive muslim men to fight for them. most of the European men have been raised to be weak, meek, docile people that are easy to conquer. who would you take in that fight?

      • Exactly! I’ve had many female friends from Germany, Sweden and other European countries tell me that their men are mostly wimps, don’t stand up to protect their women or are straight up gay. Thats why they’ve so easily allowed the flood of aggressive Moslem men into their countries, and now trying to hush up crimes committed by these hoodlums in their own country, such a travesty! They’ll be paying for this mistake for many years to come.

      • European men,high iq,inteligence,home spirit for survival,European man is 2-3scrawny Mohammadis together. You kidding me these retards can’t even engineer there own gun’s

    • it is not going to happen, at least not in Germany. Merkel is bringing in another hundreds of thousands under the public radar by flying them in at night, easing up reunification formalities and deploying government agents in the countries of migrant origin so they can easier apply asylum and family reunification. Same time migrants already in Germany swamp the legal system with law suits over susbsidiary or full asylum rights and reunification, bringing it on the verge of collapse. Courts are overwhelmed and guess what, up to 90% of the cases are decided in favor of the plaintiffs.
      Simultaneously efforts to contain resistance among the indigenous population are further stepped up by abusing the hate speech law (fining and jailing ‘offenders’), constraining criminal prosecution of Muslim perpetrators and often torpedoing or entirely prohibiting counter demonstrations.

      • Muslims have the balls (and the lack of IQ) to do what it takes to get their job done!!! Against any and all people, countries, authorities, religions and circumstances!!! Against all odds and regardless of the consequences or sacrifices!! They have ONE objective and will stop at nothing to achieve it!! WE, the West, can only sit and comment, write up petitions, get all big mouth on social media, then try our best not to offend anyone by being PC, and then whine afterwards when none of our “effords” pay off!!!! WE have turned soft!!! A bunch of cowards, spineless, back stabbing, trators with NO balls whatsoever to take on these invading muslim savages!!! Muslims are fighting a real war, they have a real plan to take over and they are really WINNING!!! What do WE have and what are WE doing about it??? Well, WE have a website where we can read all about it, WE can even post a bunch of shit comments and then WE can at least complain like the fkn crybabies WE are when things dont go our way!!!

        • fox, I agree with you. they stand firm even in commiting crime. if we really want to win then we have to be as firm as them against them. we have to convert them by hook or by crook. otherwise, this venomous ideology takes over entire world and makes entire world zombie.

  4. Absolutely disgusting. What gives muslims the right to go near a girls or women’s body without permission. Sick twisted bastards what they are. We can’t even fly our own British flag anymore without them saying its racist because they come into our countries and make our laws. We don’t want to see their flag but they get away with it. We have had to change our complete lifestyle i.e. songs, words, Christmas all because it offends them. If they don’t like it, they should tuck off back to where they came from and let us live how we want to live. Our government don’t give a fuck about their own people and would rather protect the enemy. We are the ones that have paid our taxes for years. Some of our grandparents were killed in action to protect this country and it was all for nothing because these dirty stinking, disgusting, fucked up bastards are taking over. Islam is a cult and every single one of them live in a dream world. This country should have freedom of speech. Whenever a Muslim is racist they get away with it, we get jailed for it. We need someone like trump to become leader and take the dream world sick twits down

    • What gives them the right to go near girls and women without consent?

      The Quran says they can do with infidels and slaves however they please. A slave is a person whom they right hand posess. An infidel woman is their right hand posession whenever they get hold of her, i.e. grab/seize her.

      See how twisted their (or the Quran’s) logic is?

    • I read your entire post and mostly agree but I’d just like to comment on the last part. Trump is not sincere in my opinion- he just said whatever it took to get laid. Since the election he has called Pakistanis “wonderful, intelligent people” and promised to visit Pakistan – even fucking Obama didn’t go so far. Someone like Ohio governor John Kasich or even Ted Cruz who promised less – increased patrols and federal oversight in mudslime neighborhoods- could be trusted to actually do something.

    • The west should learn from India… We have 185 million Muslims (second largest Muslim population in the world) and the Hindus keep the situation under control… When ever tge muslims become aggressive we slaughter them and teach them a lesson… People might think we are violent… But with Muslims its very simple.. Either you kill them or you will get beheaded..

      • I like your logic AAA. However here in europe men are turning into cucked faggots who are afraid to even speak out of turn yet alone stand up for themselved physically

      • Stop lying dude but Muslims are kicking hindu ass since Islamic invasion of India and Muslims are still sending terrorists and killing innocent Hindus. .. Hindus slaughtered Muslims once in 2002.. in gujrat riots but only 700 Muslims died.. now count how many Hindus killed by Islamic muslim assholes.. Hindus have one militant group active in India. Muslims have many more… recently , many hindu soldiers were killed by terrorists. And still thousands of Hindus have been killed by muslim bastards in kashmir. . Muslims are slaughtering us… We are not slaughtering them… Muslims singlehandedly killed 3 million Hindus in riots of Bangladesh.. and raped over 400,000 women .. Hindus are getting their areas kicked by Muslims and it will continue. .. We Hindus cannot do anything…

        • I agree, but 2000 expired mudslimes is a good place to start. Symbolic gestures like that are pretty effective in keeping them down, for now atleast. One thing that came of the tragedy of 50 murdered Hindus it is that mudslimes finally went too far and found India’s spine. Compare that to the US- 2000 newyorkers dead, murdered, no fucks given, and the president even calls Islam the religion of peace. Keep up the good work.

  5. Why will people not wake up and smell the coffee???
    Correction…. Why will GOVERNMENTS not wake up, period?
    Everywhere these people go, violence, rape, and disorder follow. They’ve destroyed their homelands with this culture, then come to ours and bring it along. They get offended at the Christian Religion, and riot at any perceived slight against theirs.
    And nobody does anything. Oh no. Then you’re a racist, and an Islamaphobe. Why is it more important to be Politically Correct, then it is to be sensible and realize you’re just bringing in danger to your own citizens. If all these protesters had used that aggression in their own homeland, maybe it would still BE their own homeland.
    Instead, it’s an invasion. Interesting that there are so many, many, more men then there are women refugees. Did they leave their women and children behind to fight for them? Or are thy in fact part of an invasion force that everyone in the world is too damn PC to admit??

    • Most of the migrants have family members back home which they try to bring in as well at the expense of the established population. But the same time most are NOT MARRIED since this is often too expensive for husbands in spe. So which reasons are left:

      – better living than back home without having to work for it with free housing , medical care, legal advice and other benefits partly exceeding what Germans are getting
      – Cheating the social system which is easy to do in Germany while stepping up demands
      – eventually entering on or continuing a criminal career
      – some openly admitted they also came for easy meat, which is rape and sexual assault of local women and girls way under age whenever there is an opportunity (but you also have 50+ year old married migrants assaulting and raping young teenagers)

      The maybe 25% left willing to work fail due to lack of professional and language skills.

    • Its the human rights bulshit! Im from lebanon and i tell you they will destroy europ they said on the news they want to make europ a muslim place and after usa sp good luck with accepting them!! There is nonsafe place on earth anymore because of the stupidity of UN and europ

      • dear the girl, I agree 100% there is just to many stupid people running Europe and the USA!!! Those of us with a brain, and a history book in our hands, are working t elect Trump, and fighting a barrage of Saudi money pouring into Hillary’s pocket book!! All we can do is keep fighting, and make the polls our first line of defense, if that does not work, we may have to turn to other measures!!! These savages are no doubt the biggest threat to our civilization and we better act fast!! Keep Fighting!!!

        • No, these are not stupid People running Europe and the US. They know exactly what they are doing and they are quite successful at achieving it. This has all been carefully planned and carried out.
          It is not a mistake. The World is run by
          a very Evil and Twisted Group of People that are transforming the entire Planet,
          into what they want it to be. This is why
          it is necessary to not allow an Armed Population to exist. Most Countries in the World today deny the ownership of Firearms to their People. Not to control
          Crime but to Control the Population itself. In this way, the People are denied anyway to rise up and change anything by force. And, unfortunately, this is the only way it would change. The Bilderberg Group, and the UN control virtually everything in the World Today. The Trilateral commission and the Council on Foreign Relations in
          the US. No longer does it matter what the People want. It is all about the total TRANSFORMATION of the earth into a Multicultural Society under an eventual
          One World Government, One World Religion & One World Monetary System. Whatever it takes to achieve that goal, even the deaths of Millions must occur to bring about this goal.

        • I believe this that there is a very evil force attempting to create borderless countries, See Merkel and Hilary are SOROS puppet and he wants to destroy the wealth and civility of our countries he thinks of himself as God . Hilary she wanted a borderless country, Russia kicked Soros out and has a warrant for his arrest. And Brexit was smart if you want a sovereign nation. Thank God for Trump. Hopefully, France will have Le Penn . Italy the Grippo and other leader that see the writing on the wall . and will save there countries from this horrible plight that this sick mad man is trying to carry out.

        • It’s the KALERGI PLAN.

          The founder of the EU said in 1925 “We intend to make Europe into a mixed race”

          He planned the total genocide of Whites in Europe nearly 100 years ago.

          Angela Merkel won the award named after him.

          Obama bombed Libya and Syria to provide the raw materials (immigrants) for this project,

        • According to Ted Turner, “we” (the “royal we,” meaning his fellow elitists, not you, riff-raff) need to reduce the earth’s population by 95%.

  6. In Germanistan rape of German women and girls is already de facto legal – but only for muslim offenders. Prosecutors, by order from higher up, set rapist and sexual offenders – but not only them – at large for the sake of political correctness, favorable official crime stats and lacking prison space. Many crimes are not even prosecuted at all, leading to the vast majority of foreign perpetrators never being found and virtual breakdown of public order. Convictions often result in suspended sentences or minimum sentence at best. German perpetrators in return are still prosecuted and sentenced full scope – as it should be.

    The tiny portion of crime making it into the public can be found compiled here
    Rapes and sexual assaults en masse EVERY day. This year 184 sexual assaults by migrants in public swimming pools alone with 321 victims, out of which 241 are under age.
    Note the publications on this site are just the tip of the iceberg, the true scale is a multiple of that.

    • I work at a state college in the US supported by tax payers. They do not enroll the local students or students from the state they seek out and enroll mostly muslim students. The goal of the university is diversity, and they are spending 1 millions on this goal ,which is unnecessary and crazy because the staff and faculty have not had raises in 5 years. Northern Virginia is already diverse.. there is no state, local, of US loyalty. The culture has completely changed. Since the university enrolled hundreds of muslim students crime has gone up. Every week we get emails about rape and sexual assault, students have been expelled for having explosive material in the dorms and lots of protest on campus against American values. This is never reported on the local or national news, or to the public. These issues are always hidden and the muslim students are allowed prayer rooms in building and allowed to conduct themselves and mistreat other students. We have to wake up now.Stop student visa’s into the US. Remember the acts committed on 911 and in Boston were committed by muslim students with visa’s.

  7. In the west the Muslim minorities live in the abode of treaty. There is no question of Shariah law being forced by Muslims on the dominant majority of non Muslims.

    In the West the Muslims follow the Shariah only in their personal and private lives

    For instance, when a Muslim came into say USA, the GOVT., issued him a visa, and he signed something. In the issuance of the visa and his signing of it, a legally binding contract

    occurred which was Salus populi suprema lex esto( the good of the people shall be the supreme law)

    It was an agreement that when he came USA country, he would obey the laws and would follow the restrictions that this visa demanded that he follows.

    This was a contractual agreement that is legally binding according even to the divine laws. In looking at this, we have to understand that the relationship between the Muslims living in a foreign land and the dominant authorities in this land is a relationship of peace and contractual agreement-of a treaty.

    This is a relationship of dialogue and a relationship of giving and taking.

    Also, it is necessary for us to show respect to these people. Islam prohibits us from showing aggression towards people who do not show aggression towards us.

    We also have to be good citizens because an excellent Muslim is also an excellent citizen in the society that he lives in.

    This does not mean that we lose our distinction, that we become completely immersed in the dominant society to where we no longer have our own identity-that is not what I’m calling to.

    We have to maintain those things that are particular to us as a community, but we also have to recognize that there are other things that are not particular to us but rather general to the human condition that we can partake in; and these things are not things that we should be ignorant and neglectful of but things that we should be engaged in.

    We have to maintain our roots. We have deep roots in our faith, but at the same time we have to be open to allow others to come into that deep-rootedness.

    • This is TOTAL unperfumed BULLSHIT. Islam teaches that lying to “infidels” (non-Muzziez and “apostates”) is not only permissible but obligatory and blessed if for the advancement of Islam.

    • ” Islam prohibits us from showing aggression towards people who do not show aggression towards us.”

      Is that why you are purposefully annoying as fuck? To provoke aggression to you can “defend” yourselves?

    • No one is saying that immigrants should lose all of their culture and identity, but what’s happening in Europe and soon the US is not normal immigration.Normal immigration is being grateful, showing respect to host country while maintaining certain religious and or cultural values that are close to one’s heart. The Muslim men pouring in by the thousands openly admit they want to take over the host country. They openly admit to hating Western women, Western culture and have no intention of trying to assimilate.I cannot believe how the European countries are behaving, Why don’t they care about their own cultural and national identity? Sweden will be a Muslim country in about 5 years at the rate they are going.Why is ok for every Muslim to talk about his/her religion and how proud he/she is of respective national identity, but it’s not ok for the Europeans to be proud of their religion, country and traditions without being called a racist nation. It’s completely ridiculous.

  8. If you read the quran, you will quickly realise that ISIS is following the true path of Islam. All moderate muslims are not. That is why they kill ordinary muslims as they see them as no different to infidels.
    There is only one solution for the West and that is to forcibly repatriate all muslims back to their country of origin. Even those who were born in the West. Let them practice their religion in the Middle East, but if they dare try to expand again to the West, make sure it is outlawed completely. All mosques to be converted. Will this happen. No. Our govenments are too spineless I’m afraid and there is no time left to dither on this matter. Time is fast running out for Europe. We have to act now!!!

  9. Already Muslim controlled countries refuse to accept Muslim asylum seekers , and they have a good reason not to , yet the UN and NGOs say nothing which should be viewed with the utmost suspicion . Western countries have to refuse and deport all failed asylum seekers , and make it very clear that refugee status is temporary and they will have to return to their country eventually , they will not get citizenship or residence

  10. I’m a Russian in a Brooklyn. If a muzzy touches me, I follow him home and handle it there. If any muzzy touches a Russian woman I know, we get our brother, cousins, uncles and friends and gather every firearm available and we come to your neighborhood and spray the fucking place down until there’s nothing left of the pigs. You will never hear of a muzzy attacking a Russian woman. The repercussions would be never-ending. Putin is just the crazy motherfucker to nuke a country who raped a single Russian woman. Russians value their woman like the goddesses they are. Don’t dare try to find out what happens if you touch one. I have a friend who is muslim. I would have no problem calling him in. Islam is just such scum. IT must be wiped out at all costs. It is the most destructive force in modern times and is now spreading like cancer. It must be killed and every copy of that demonic book must be burned. Any mention of Islam in the future must be met with serious consequences. Every book that so much as mentions Islam must be burned and the author would have to understand that it for the greater good.

      • 99% of terrorists are Islamics….1% of Islamics are extremists….100% of Islamics want every other man, woman, and child dead that don’t believe their lies!

        • That makes them terrorists in my book. They may not blow people up but their ideology creates fear in some and disgust in any right minded person.

    • I am a Hindu from India. We have 184 Million muslims in India. About 15% of the population. Whenever muslims get more assertive, we give them a genocide. In 2002, in the Indian state of Gujarat, we butchered 3000 muslims in 30 days. That is a lesson they will not forget.
      As for the Islamisation of Europe and America, I can only say that they are poking at hornet’s nest. Just look at Israel. It is surrounded by Muslim countries but still has them on the edge of their seats.
      Solidarity Everyone.

        • India has a strong political left too, and their ideology is similar with regard to Mudslime. That’s why Mudslimes are growing exponentially like bacteria, and in 20-25 years will be the majority in India too. Sound familiar?

        • Guys, tbere is a lot of talk about the small percentage of muslims who are radicals and the rest of the population treating muslims differently because of the minority of them who are evil.
          Let’s just consider what Islam considers normal. 1. Women covering up, in many cases so that inly their eyes are visible. 2. Polygamy is considers their right. 3. Halal slaughter of animals for meat is now being carried out and in many cases it is being sold into the non muslim market.
          Whilst it is true that the vast majority of muslims are peaceful they are changing the way we live. I don’t want that.

      • The state of Israel allows both Arabs and Muslims. Religions other than some sect of Judaism are not permitted to evangelize freely, for “generic” Judaism is the established religion of the Israeli state, though it’s mostly secular.

      • Anurag Singh, people like you are the problem. you are taling like a Rambo . Did we butcher 3000 (I am thinking it was more like 2000) ? Also it was more of an exception than the rule.
        What happened in riots in HYD and in Kashmir and North East? In all these places the muslims butchered the Hindus and kicking them out.
        I am also Hindu and I think we could not do anything to stop the Muslims.
        Have you looked in Kerala? The muslim share of the population has grown by leaps and bounds while the Hindu has declined. Again Kerala is most progressive state in India.
        The muslim population in India is projected to grow to about 20 percent by 2020. Also the infiltration of muslims from across the border from Bangladesh continues unabated. West Bengal and Assam now slowly becoming muslim dominated and the muslims are kicking all the indigenous people like the Bodos out. Do you even read the news? What the hell are you boasting about ?

      • They are raping our children in july 2016 a 5-year-old in Utah by three Muslim immigrants. s Dakota convenience store gas station cashier dragged into bathroom and brutally raped. This crap does not go with me, nor should it with any other American that has any ethics or values.

    • Damn right. I’ll help you . It’s sad that the liberal fruit cakes who run New York don’t want you to own a gun , much less carry it concealed . Screw the law . It’s your GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Arm yourselves any way you can 👍🏼🔫👍🏼🇺🇸

      • Because their Governmnets are loony leftists that don’t allow them to they pass laws and jail white people that defend themselves but turn a bond eye to Muslim terrorists just look at how many times France had been attacked

      • The best way to resolve this problem is to arm and train all women to shoot to kill from the age of 9 to 90.

        Mom’s to carry multiple guns in their purses as its not safe for children to play with guns.

        In case of emergency children should learn how to shoot like marksman.

      • because European men, much like American men, were raised to be weak, meek, docile people that are easy to conquer. raise your sons to be masculine!

    • I am thankful you came to America. American men have turned into giant self-deprecating vaginas. Thankfully most other cultures still know whats right and wrong. You will never see a Mexican put up with Islamic bullshit; or a Chinese, or a Russian. We now have to rely on our immigrants to preserve the American way of life.

    • i am an American redneck.If there were a refugee camp nearby and some dumb ass Muslims raped my kin folk , there would not be a camp nearby anymore.Bodies and burned buildings perhaps but no camp and most importantly no Muslims.No Davious We don’t need immigrants , we need more people down at the sporting goods store, then we could solve the problems our self’s. Make no mistake this problem is headed our way.

      • I’m with ya there friend….We have a thing called vigilante justice…We are armed and don’t give a rats a** about their sick demented culture. Hands off our women and children or we’ll just send em back to their demon allah in tiny little pieces,,,These low lifes have no self-control….they think its their right to violate any hole in sight,if one of em even tries to rape my dog you can bet i’m gonna be wearing their a** as a hat..castration seems fitting….maybe that might work to help control their urges…i’d be willing to offer to help, if i can clean a fish then i’m sure i could handle a quick little chop job.. i got several brothers and cousins who will happily defend my honor, not just mine, but any woman or child or puppy dog. that includes muslim woman and children as well anyone can stand by and do nothing is beyond me. i’m a female and i would jump in and fight to save a child or another woman. There is nothing more honorable than losing your life to save another… the life of a coward isn’t a life thats worth living. Our local police stand with us, this isn’t a safe area for muslim males, muslim women and children can find safety here, but we will convert them to protestant christians, not by force , but because our God will love and cherish them………We have lots of swamp land loaded with hungry alligators, they are the only things down here that aren’t racist towards muslim males,in fact i heard they are rather partial to them!! PEOPLE OF THE WORLD….PROTECT THE CHILDREN…FIGHT TYRANNY!!! i’m so angry and upset i can’t stop the tears…can’t stop thinking about the poor innocent little children..PLEASE PEOPLE DO SOMETHING!!!! ….Hey not scared redneck, how long do ya figure it would take you to fill up a truck bed with a bunch of rednecks ready to fight? …..wouldn’t take me very long, it would be like asking for help to move. i’d just have to give em pizza and beer…the following are quotes to inspire from a brave irishman who served as a British statesman. A man who had the balls to stand up to the tyranny of King George for liberation of the colonies…We will gladly claim him as a great american….Edmund Burke….“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” “Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.” “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” “Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.” “But what is liberty without wisdom and without virtue? It is the greatest of all possible evils; for it is folly, vice, and madness, without tuition or restraint. Those who know what virtuous liberty is, cannot bear to see it disgraced by incapable heads, on account of their having high-sounding words in their mouths.” “No power so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.” “People will not look forward to posterity who never look backward to their ancestors.” “It is not, what a lawyer tells me I may do; but what humanity, reason, and justice, tell me I ought to do.” this last one is for my fellow americans….“The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.”

    • I agree with you, they only understand brutality; yes, Putin would never allow the savages to ravage Russian women, he is a real man, unlike the pussy that is in the White House. The savages don’t have a clue what is in store for them, neither do the media and idiot politicians; we have reached our threshold limits with their actions and the end will be brutal for all of them.

  11. A true muslim can’t or shouldn’t do… may be isis can… guys please understand that isis is not islam… they are just terrorist group to fullfill theirown needs may be… it is forbidden in islam to even look at the face of a female for men other than his mother,sister or other family relatives… then how come raping a good deed… not at all… first of all study islam… then put these type of articles… raping is a major sin in islam… whether it is white,black,even muslim women … he would be out of the religion of islam.. if a muslim said like this ..he is no more a muslim… its against islam

      • No, he’s right. Anyone who participates in these radical acts are no longer in line with the principles behind the laws of the Islamic religion. They may not treat women as equals, but if you RAPE a woman, you are no longer truly a member of that religion. In the same way that those who profess to be Christians, and don’t care about following Christ’s commandments, are not TRUE Christians.

        • Idiot, how stupid do you think we are? You immediately call any muslim who commits a crime “not a muslim” anymore and thereby
          absolve yourselves of any guilt. Sorry, but your insane logic doesn’t work in the real world.

        • Then why are thousands of Muslim men still raping women and then saying they did it because the woman is not dressed in Hijab?

        • who you kidding? mohammad raped. Allah even told him it was ok to take what his right hand possesses after he raped his hand maiden. Half his wives were from villages he slaughtered and took the women as his sex slaves and had to marry them. Don’t believe this taqqiya liar. If he doesn’t know his own prophet then he doesn’t even know Islam.

        • Oh dear – someone has made a comment about Islam without ever having read the Quran. Educate yourself before you say another stupid thing.

      • I believe truth lover, Barenakedislam. It is SO wrong to promote hatred like you are doing with this website. We absolutely NEED to have a relationship with muslims in order to beat the extremists. They are able to recognize extremism easier than we can (as non muslims who don’t practice or go to mosques)

        Also hating muslims as you do plays right into the extremists hands. They want to be able to say to muslims all over the world “see, they hate you, they dont’ want you, they don’t accept you”.

        So thank you barenakedislam, for doing exactly what isis wants you to do.

        • Why must we have any relations with these people other than they sell us some oil and we’ll sell them some food, technology, medicines and so on? Why do we have to be friends with them?

          We have better choices of friends to play with, friends that have something to offer us, like being an ally through military,science, shared technology, medicines and trades, all they have to offer is something that’s a naturally occurring product from the ground that we pay for, pump and refine, they do nothing but stand there with their hand out, that should not make us friends.

          Cut ties with all muslim nations and only buy sell or trade with them, we don’t need them or their third world primitive, hateful, cult. The islamic creed is simple, if you are not a fellow muslim then you’re their enemy and they must destroy you . I don’t want people who live by this “golden rule” anywhere around my family or my people and I sure as hell don’t want to support it financially. Accept the fact, they are not our friends and they don’t want to be, our government needs to stop paying them to act like they are our friends.

          So now they are mad at us, who gives a f*** we have dumped better. News flash, muslims go drink your oil, we can get our own, and we’ll keep what was made through hard work and innovation. You are nothing without us.

        • No! We need to just kill ’em all. We start doing that, and they either go back to their little sand hell in the middle east, or become civilized.
          The next Crusade needs to be a scorcher!

          • Blah, blah, blah. What good do you think your bullshit threats will do? Scare those bad bad Muzzies all the way to a cave in Afghanistan?

        • muslims are worse then dogs in ottawa tks to the idiot pm troudork where flooded with them garbage and about to receive another 3000,00 more filth, its high time to start a true canadian only website

        • Hey Jen,you are a Muslim pig pretending to be Christian.Recently in Dhaka they killed a Jain woman(Tarushi Jain),just because she could not recite verse of Quran.They killed 9 Italians,7 Japanese,1 Bangladeshi,1 Bangladeshi American,1 Jain Indian….Islam is a religion of rape,muder,violence,killing of kafirs(non believers) non Muslim.

        • you are an idiot. Muslims are taught in their holy book to kill people like you(non muslims). why do you think there isnt a big wave of muslims against the killings muslims are commiting? regular muslims actually want western society to die and sharia law to replace Christian laws. you are simple minded and a fool if you believe otherwise. democracy, Christianity does not mix with Islam. read some history books, these two religions have been at war forever and always will be.

        • Nobody gives a shit what ISIS wants people to do. The moderates aren’t stopping the radicals. The moderates aren’t on our side!

        • Ok Jen, I will put you down for supporting: misogyny; rape; slavery; death for being homosexual; death for practicing the wrong religion – all of which are detailed in the Quran, and basic tenets of Islam. It must be awkward when you go to a gay pride parade with your friends, and then tell them you support a culture that throws gays off rooftops. It must be difficult for you to champion for women’s rights and equality, while also supporting the rights of a culture to beat and murder their wives and daughters – as described in their holy book, and as their prophet lived. Newsflash for Jen – if you *really* believe in Liberal or western values you have to fight for them. Social media “outrage” is about as useful as taking pictures of your meals and calling it a hobby.

        • Jen, you seem like a nice person. Let’s talk facts.
          I have held a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from a top-10 US University since I was 27. I deal with cold hard data every day. I’m not allowed to make up data – I’ll be fired for it. I’m not allowed to let my personal biases or conveniences alter the conclusions I draw from that data – I’ll be awful at my job if I did. And my record is definitely above mediocre. I secured US permanent residence under the EB1-A category – look that up, please, if you will?
          Please consider all my 32 years of experience as a human being, and all my 11 years in thermal-electrical interconversion research, when I say the following:
          The data says,
          “If you are not an M, and if you are killed intentionally by another human being, and if the motive was religious, then, the probability that the perpetrator is an M ~ 0.6”. This is higher than for all other religious groups combined. And I’m not even pro-rating it by population percentage.
          If you’re curious as to how I got the number, please reply and we can talk. If not, goodbye, and I wish you all the best.
          [I don’t want to expand out ‘M’ every time – mine is not a secure connection]

        • jen, where do you find these peace-loving Muzzies?
          Most Muzzies don’t want to get their hands “dirty” (bloody). They’d rather someone else do the “infidel” killing. But they aren’t going to defend YOU, “infidel,” from their jihadist brethren.

        • And in the meantime every horor that is an abomination to western civilization is being allowed in the name of tolerance. The entire population of “moderate” Mulsims are irrelevant because they don’t stop the minority from perpitrating violence.

    • Oh just SHUT UP!
      All muslims will ALWAYS defend each other whatever they do. It protects the takeover obviously.
      Muslim men are ALL scum.

      • The “moderate,” “peaceloving” Muslims are funding the “holy warriors.” When you buy anything from a Muslim store, hire a Muslim, a portion of the profits go to support the jihadists, the “strugglers.”
        It’s widely known that Hellary was bought by the fundamentalist Muslims of Saudi Arabia, the home of the most extreme faction of Islam, the Wahhabis. We’ll see if prez Trump is really prez Tramp. His $4-9 billion is chump change next to the $200-250 billion of Georgie Soros, owner of the DamnocRat Potty.

    • We dont need to study islam!!! Muslims teach us about it daily by their savage, barbaric and satanic actions!! Muslims do NOT deserve to breathe!!! Your own mohammad was a rapist himself and teaches muslims to rape and murder!!!

    • To argue ISIS & Wahabism aren’t legitimate and real strands of Islam is disingenuous. It migh not be YOUR Islam…but it is real and growing. How prevalent is it…well, if just 10% of Musllms globally adhere to this ideology and only10% of these would move into direct Jihadi activities, you’d have a movement of 1,700,000 active global terrorists

    • If Islam views rape as a major sin, why did the “so called” Moderate Muslims in Rotherham and other areas of Britain where grooming of white girls was carried out on such a large scale, not raise their voices against those in their communities who were committing such evil crimes? If you do not want to be judged on the same standards as these evil men, then have the guts to speak out in your Mosques. Staying silent when you see and hear of such crimes makes you just as guilty as those committing them.

        • You’re also a liar. Anything you say has no credit or value. You fail to think critically and then use profanity and belittle someone with a different opinion than you.

          You obviously are a by-product of “make money off of the backs of African slaves, whites are more superior and other races are subhuman, I’m Christian but don’t act like it, corporate, right-wing America.”

          Now I see why the Atheists see religion as the root of all evil.

          But honestly, all of the threats you all are making are out of fear.

          Maybe if you weren’t so scared you would be better off…

          If Muslims are trying to kill white people then maybe the world would be better off…

          After all, ever since the Crusades the white cave people decided to infiltrate and do same very thing to other races and groups.

          The Natives have been wiped out.

          Colonies have ruined African countries.

          The US has been meddling in the Middle East since the Cold War…

          And on top of that THE US GOV’T has been riling up Sunni and Shia Muslims in the Middle East for self-purpose. If anything, the US is creating enemies for the West by always over-dominating and acting as the world-police.

          Instead of focusing on a small, simplified picture from only your perspective, maybe you should look at different perspectives.

          You wouldn’t want people raping your women children? Neither do non-western, non-whites, and non-Christians. Even Muslims *gasp*. A lot of Arab Muslims hate Americans due to the exploitation and violence that has been going on for the four decades.

          Go study political science, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, and psychology. Or at least political science, if anything at all. You obviously have no grasp of reality.

          • AJ, that’s funny, most of the 130 million visitors to this blog seem to disagree with you. But seeing as you are from Michiganistan, you are likely a Muslim with the kind of very low IQ inherent in your inbred culture. Please open a book about the Crusades. You might be surprised to see that they were the response to hundreds of years of Muslim savagery, violence, murder, and destruction. And we are about due for another Crusades, starting in your state.

            Riling up sunni and shia muslims? That’s a laugh, they kill more of each other than we ever have, though hopefully, we’ll do a better job of that when Trump becomes president. There are still way too many of you on earth.

            But listen, baghead, don’t bother posting here again. Nobody wants to hear from yet another muslim whackjob. We see more than enough of your ilk in the media everyday.

    • Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and SCOURGE them.”

      • go kill yourself. I have the money I put my lying cheating worthless husband in his place for he will meet a fate worse than death. Prison for him would be hell on earth. If I were muslim I would insist my cheating husband was stoned and let the whore go. Better use of a woman weed out the cheaters.

    • Islamic law is an oxymoron. It is a religion of hate and the Koran is filled with hate and intolerance. If Islamic law was so great why do these haters want to immigrate from those Utopias? Why do these attacks seem to occur on Fridays after hearing religious leaders? Why do Palestinian scum celebrate murder And why did they celebrate the Space shuttle disaster and 9-11. They think they are fooling everyone? Not everyone. When will Germany and France and Belgium and USA wake up. Soon

    • BUUUULLLLLLSSSSSHIT! Your Mohammed (May he burn in hell forever), “Alla’s perfect example” raped 9-year-old Aisha. So, everything a Muslim says about rape being wrong in Islam is complete and utter bullshit! You are all pederasts and rapists! Every last one of you! You should all be sterilized!

    • day at work while waiting for the asphalt my crew went into a club x to have a looksie and waste some time… in our crew we had 2 muslims from turkey…sooo as were looking around sam the turk sees a sex doll… and begins telling us a story…
      ..when i come to australia i did not know about places like this or how to find a i had to buy a little dog,his name was joe and i used to have to fuck him!,,… now he thought this was rather funny..thank god a kiwi in the crew didnt he broke his jaw and nose….BUT..WE were called before head office to defend against charges of racism..the kiwi…IM blacker than him! Lol.. long story short i informed my employers that to make me work with a person who thinks its ok to have sex with dogs is not only irresponsible but abhorant…. you should of seen these executives faces as he tried to defend his actions….. he was transferred. .to a crew with more wogs cos they wouldnt be as easily offended as my crew… they were wrong. Italians beat him he deserved. Oh p.s.. joe the dog died after a hot night of muslim passion…and the other one?.. well he had 3 morning he cant stop laughing… whats so funny? I asked….oh mick…lol.. hahahaha i have 3 wives see..AND one of them is verrrry ugly..So when i f…. her i do it up her ass so i dont have to look at her! But she cries so much cos it hurts her.. hahahahahah. …
      When i saw the total joy this womans misery bought this monster i saw someone who did not deserve life… animals. 😠

      • Not all ‘wogs’ are Muslims and not all Muslims are that dirty. Only the ones that follow Mohammed to the T. True islam is ISIS.

    • No ones buying that crap. Islam is evil and Isis isn’t hiding it anymore. Take some responsibility for your disgusting religion

    • no, shut the fuck up we have no need to study islam, take all your religious books and haddiths and stick them up your ass while i put a bullet in your forehead. YOu have had HUNDREDS of years to change, you have had that same time to get rid of “extremists” which by the way, are the majority of you as much as you want to make us think otherwise, again judging by the history of islam we shouldn’t give you another opportunity, you have had enough and we have had enough of you too, you are welcome to come to my country, me and my buddies (we are all bodybuilders, powerlifters, etc) and we will make you regret it

    • Of course he isn’t a Muslim but we don’t see other Muslims doing anything to stop them only Iraqi army you all secretly support them

    • Can’t you all see what going on?? Why are all these countries are blatantly allowing the invasion of their countries by muslims…the rape and murder of their women and citizens….it is curious, yes but they are all members of the NWO/multiculturasim/globilazation,club,,headed by filthy scum like SOROS …The timing of EU civil unrest and trying to get race war started in the US is well orchestrated. They are ushering in the NWO crowd which is desperate to get global conflict underway so they’ll have something to point to when the global financial system implodes. There is a “method to their madness folks”…OBAMA, CLINTON, all the FAR LEFT bastards running European countries…if we don’t stand up and fight, kiss your lives/your race/your cultures and your countries goodbye!!!! Clinton and Obama are now sending in hundreds of thousands more immigrants – the USA has slowly become like a third world nation. It is inevitable..that there will be a WWIII. Wake up people…wake up!! Look what fucking Britain is doing…they have allowed these muslim savages to close down a public pool for muslim men only and the nightmare goes on!! Never thought in a million years we’d see our destruction before our eyes by these sub-human SAVAGES!!! Really, take freaking organized religion and burn it to hell…it is nothing but man made (literally) control of the dumb masses.

      • My thoughts exactly – The UK will be under sharia law within 30 years if this immigration madness goes on. I fear it may already be too late for many European countries like Sweden and Germany.
        I have kept asking why the powers that be – our political protectors – cannot see what is happening. But I now realise they can and are actually ensuring it continues!
        We are doomed – there will be wars – there will be street fighting because the decent indigenous population will eventually rebel – but will it be too late. Our beautiful country and others are finished. The filthy disgusting muslims will turn it into the same toilet that they left. Remember, they are 90% men – they simply left their women and children to fend for themselves which exactly shows them to be the vile individuals they are.
        Will no-one in the world stop this madness? Anyone speaking against muslims get shot down and I am convinced that those brave enough to say anything, like D.Trump will be assassinated for sure.

    • Don’t try to cover it up the whole history of islam is full of raping women and bloodshed why in the name of god u muslims didn’t understand the problem iz the book the lines the aayats u pray to kill whole of human race

    • Why don’t you study Islam before you make such a statement. I believed what you said once upon a time but after studying it at Uni and seeing their own history written by their own religious leaders, about the butchering, raping, pillaging and subjugating done by Mohammed himself, the so called holy prophet, you will see that ISIS is the REAL Islamic followers. Most Muslims don’t follow their religion properly and don’t even study it, but the minority who are radicalised are the ones who are following in their beloved Mohammed’s footsteps. Fewer and fewer people can be fooled.

      • If our government s didn’t go into these countries then we all wouldn’t have muzzies in our country, they are a virus and we all need to wake up, send them all home to fight for their own country! But no they won’t because they are chicken shit , they don’t want to fight against their own just wanna fight the country that they moved to , there will be ww111 in the name of god but who’s fucked up god will win

  12. Umm whatever we do ,Islam can’t be stopped guys … let’s just think.. people will reply to me ” if every nation stands up against Islam and etc.etc.” how do you think we can wipe out the second most dominant religion in the world… guys just accept the truth that muzzies can’t be stopped… and Don’t say anything about nuclear weapons .. no country will spend that much money( more than millions of dollars ) to kill some muzzies… just accept the truth that we can’t wipe out Islam. . We are just talking about Islam without any fear in this blog… but if we see a terrorist attack near our home , we hide like pussy tits…

      • You dont understand islam at all!!! The existance of islam is a threat to our survival!!! The core goal of islam and the duty of every muslim is world domination!!! Convert or kill the infidels as it is written in the koran!! As long as islam exists, your children and their children have NO future!!!

    • You’re half right James. Islam can and must be stopped. It can and must be wiped out at the roots. If we ALL stand agaist islam, we can stop it, but this is where you are right… “we” dont stand together against islam!!! We dont all realize the risk and threat it poses to humanity!!! And yes, “we” are a bunch of pussies who run and hide instead of stand and fight!!!

    • James Mace. You’re right. No nation, or nations, will not be able to stop satans movement. But Jesus and his army of angel will 😉 As things do get worse on earth – disease, famine, war…many people will choose their allegiance, whether it be to themselves, muhammed/satans puppet, or to Jesus…

      This next part is directed to all Christians. Don’t be discouraged as these things must come to pass. Don’t be afraid of satans army. They work blindly as they try to secure satans hold on humanity before the coming of Christ. They will become more violent and destructive as satans reign on earth becomes threatened by time. Do not be afraid to lay down your life without a fight. The new covenant does not include just war, as some may argue. It calls for us to lay down our lives as Jesus did, peacefully. Knowing that we have a place prepared for us beyond this life.

      Although muslims will seek to destroy us as these scriptural prophesies unfold. Please treat them with love, as difficult as it may be, even pray for them. We must understand that they are people too, who have been let astray by their sin, and the sins of many who have shaped their understanding. If we were to choose violence we would be no better than them. Fighting to keep control of an earth that is being ravaged by the consequences of sin is a futile effort when we are all sinners – Christians, muslims, athiests….whoever remains would surly destroy the earth anyway.

      • I am an imperfect Christian, but I do know that God himself has promoted and supported wars in biblical times. These wars were to fight against those that would kill his followers. I respectfully disagree that he would want us to peacefully lay down our arms and just die. I think he would want us to fight for him to save his people once again. And, we will end up fighting to save ourselves from this agenda of world domination that Islam dictates. Have no doubt! And, it will be happening on our own land.

    • ‘scuse me? Muzzies start doin’ muzzie shit around my neck of the woods, and there will be some strange and fateful accidents.

  13. It would be better to kill every Moslem in Europe if that’s what it takes to prevent this outcome. So don’t hold back. 10x and 100x retaliation every time they act up.

  14. That’s OK, Buffie. Carry your popgun. The Muzzies carry AKs and RPGs. Baby Muzzie boys are given popgun barrels to suck on as pacifiers.
    These wonderful blue eyed, blond haired, peachy skinned white wymyn refuse to reproduce enough to even replace themselves, much less keep white populations up with the Muzzies and other antiwhite populations. They are more interested in their careers and lezzieing.

    • So, who says he’s carrying a popgun? Robby? Don’t let yer mom bother you with the laundry down there in the basement. Troll.

  15. Why is anyone talking about muslims anyway? Does anyone really have a problem with Muslims practicing their politics in their own country? I personally don’t. I have a problem with the “people” responsible for orchestrating this invasion. The “people” that are currently openly colluding with world leaders and tech giant’s like google/facebook to make legitimate criticism of mass immigration ILLEGAL. The same people that like to enact laws preventing you from discussing their own disgusting history. Has the penny dropped yet? Do some research. If you study crime statistics, the economy or practically ANY marker of societal success since the invasion in a SCIENTIFIC way, there is no objective argument in favour of Muslim migration. I’m 30 years old. I’ve watched my high-trust, liberal, tolerant society turn into a warzone. I don’t feel safe. My friends don’t feel safe. I could never have children in this country with a clear conscience. THIS HAS ALREADY HAPPENED AND WILL GET WORSE UNLESS WE MAKE SOME VERY TOUGH DECISIONS NOW! Anyone defending Islam’s presence in Europe at this point is actively promoting European misery…an ignorant, illiberal and hateful position, I’m sure you’ll agree!

      • muslim are below pigs and dogs i cant even walk on same sidewalk , with the animals , ban them completely from the west, n the liberals too, starting with faggot troudork he must be eliminated now , liberalism is a social disease and needs to be eradicated completely

    • Oh look! It’s the “It’s the Joos” crowd creeping out of the woodwork again. Because it somehow makes sense in your minds that Jewish people would want to further the cause of the Islamic caliphate. Why on Earth would they want to face a world flooded with Muslim savages wielding first-world weapons the muslims took from their oppressed European and North American dhimmies? How on Earth do you think that would make sense to rational Jewish people?

    • Muslims “practicing politics in their own country” is preparing to wage jihad against us. The two parts of the world are
      • dar al-Islam, the part dominated by Islam, and
      • dar al-harb, the part dominated by infidels, apostates (other Muslim sects) and heretics (Muslims who either disagree or who neglect or refuse to support jihad). The region of war and chaos.

      • libeeralism is one sick disease everywhere n needs to be eradicated like the plaque, our dummy pm here in canada just committed to 3000000 more muslim to canada next year lets tell the goof how we feel about it n his bend ass party

    • Well said….Obama has helped facilitate this & Clinton, having her way, wants 65,000 a yr more. Soon at this rate, we will be living in a Muslim America. Crazy has to stop. They hate us. They want to kill us. We are allowing them to build their armies from within. I’m voting Trump.

  16. I came onto this site disgusted by what is happening to Europe. While some commenters here are level headed, I was really surprised to find much the same attitudes towards women as Islam. To put down white women the way some of you do…You pull down your entire race and invalidate what could have been a site to be taken seriously by those opposed to this religion. You have frightening similarities to Muslims. Perhaps you would have women put in chains, locked away in the house while you white men go and vote. And then if that works for your misogyny, why not stop white women from driving too, or from wearing swimsuits? You are extremists in your own right who feel castrated by the “system”. Pull your heads out and make positive change instead of pulling down your own, because now the Muslims who treat women as inferior are laughing at your Hypocrisy!

    Those of you who have run down white women here, you have lowered yourselves to the level of the Muslim who sees women as only half of a man. You weakened the just indignation against Islam by speaking just as they would about women voting. Disappointing. We’re a team, and stronger together. Don’t let your personal issues with women ruin the solidarity we need to build.

    • We are not all like that!!! I assure you. I addore WHITE women and truly believe they are unique!! Head and shoulders above the rest!!! It also worries me that sooo many white men have NO spine, NO guts and NO values!!! Our blue eyed, blond hair babies seems like the most endangered of ALL species on the planet!!! Its all about interracial, politically correctness and muslims values and muslim rights these days!!! Almost like a new fasion statement!!

    • I haven’t seen one post on here that denigrates white women,!,! Perhaps you could quote one stick to the point if the tonic if you can’t site an example the point is Muslims in Europe I have great respect for white women – my Mothers one!!!

  17. There is a way to wipe out a population and I’m not talking about nuclear weapons. I’m talking about something us Europeans have delt in the past.

    But here’s a thing, Muslims won’t be able to take over Europe and even if they did… They’re going to have so many problems in the long run..

    • I look forward to the day these fucks realise “Oh Shit” we fucked with the wrong people.
      They know no pain compared to what is coming to them and their entire families ( Entirely their own fault ).
      Eye for an Eye is too merciful and if these idiots think they will invade or rape or try to make rules in OUR homelands then there will be alot of cleansing going on regardless of being called Racists because everyone with an average IQ can see being Patriotic and embracing our ancient heritage is natural and NOT Racist. but I don’t mind being called one anymore due to the stupidity and lack of testosterone in today’s society.

    • Islam, though more popular among the darker peoples, is not “race”-based but is catholic (universal): open to everyone.
      Muhammad himself despised Blacks. To this day the Arabic word for Black/Negro people is “abd,” meaning “slave.” As in “Abdallah,” “Abdullah,” “Abdul,” “slave of god,” a common Arab/Muslim proper name.
      Despite Muhammad’s personal dislike of and consideration of Blacks/.Negroes as fit only to be slaves, he allowed them to convert to Islam, though preferably after making slaves of them and emasculating (cutting their testicles and penises off) them.

  18. White men are cowards. The media is controlled by those who will profit from cheap labor. You can see Muslims in the streets with large signs about beheading Christians but if you walk with a sign that says ‘kill muslims” you will be arrested for hate crimes. The fix is in.We’re done.Our own leaders have SOLD us. These are the facts

  19. Thomas, March 14, 2016 @ 11:51 am,
    When invading a foreign country to conquer it, men don’t take their women and children with them. Only after conquest is secure do warriors send for their women and children. That’s not cowardice. Just good sense.

    • muslims are garbage everywhere they go , free loafers they never integrate , do not accept one more fake refugee in canada , my stupid libturd, troudork u have been warned

  20. I am so glad this social experiment is happening in Europe. Other countries like the United States will have a few years to observe the results before the Middle Eastern population in the US reaches critical mass. There will be a lot of head shaking here, and people saying “I told you so”. It is also humorous that the Muslim people fail to recognize their peril in Europe; there is a long history of brutal purges which have occurred there when a problem grows to a certain size.

  21. Islam is not a religion, its a cult, the Koran is the book of the devil, and all the
    pig vomits that follow this sick garbage, are devil worshippers, The false Prophet
    Muhammad was nothing more than a murdering pedophile, who took a 6 year old
    bride DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT LOOK IT UP ITS TRUE. , do not trust
    any Muslim, they will smile in your face, while stabbing you in the back,

      • Don’t like being exposed, eh, Jerker?
        Accuse Muzziez of being violent and they want to KE-E-E-ELL you. Burn a city or two to express their indignation at being called, “violent.”

      • No Jakir, It is Islam and the Muslim who is the enemy of humanity. Very soon humanity will say enough is enough and eradicate you all from the face of the earth.
        Before you take offence at what I have said, I am only pointing out to you what it says in in your supposedly ”HOLY BOOK” that Islam is hell-bent on world domination and Sharia law..( it is never going to happen) Do you really think that the world is going to sit back and let Islam treat us like second-class citizens all because of a backward thinking, war-mongering slave-trader who could neither read or write called Mohammed who by all accounts was a lecherous over-sexed paedophile ? THINK AGAIN MUSLIMS….IT IS NOT THE NON-MUSLIMS DAYS THAT ARE NUMBERED BUT YOUR VERY OWN.

        • its high time the minority white man rises to the occasion, im ready n loaded up , bring it on savages

    • Back in 1990 eleven years before twin towers event, i was working in my job i also did rpl warrantys. These 2 muslim women came in and tried to get a warranty on an item that was years out of warranty. When i said no they cursed like 2 bit moles and hreatened to come back with something that makes a loud noise and destruction, true fact story and the sad thing was it happened in my home town of Brisbane Australia. Were these 2 normal muslims or 2 terroists no one will really know.

    • Yes curtis, you have it right – spot on

      And everyone on here should also listen to Fox on here – tells it like it is!!

      We now have a muslim mayor of London – rigged by having 1.5 muslims living there made to cast their vote. Even the disabled and aged were taken to put their cross on the ballot paper.

      Be VERY aware that the muslim takeover is well under way, particularly in Europe and especially in the UK where we are too pathetic to stop it.
      Anyone who doesn’t realise this is just one of the millions of boiling frogs.
      For those of you who have no knowledge of this I’ll explain….
      If you try to put a frog into a bowl of boiling water he will instantly jump out of course. But if you put him into a bowl of cold water he will be happy. If you then very very slowly heat the water up to boiling point he will die without even realising – till it’s too late.
      We are all being slowly boiled like frogs – by islam….

      • Why don’t all of the people who think like this move to the countries of the would be immigrants instead of forcing them on everyone else? Don’t bring them here to satisfy your own selfish, perverted wants and needs at the expense of the indigenous. Our forefathers didn’t build and fight for this country so that invading forces disguised as refugees would have a great country, they built it for us.

        • Ya I agree with you. Islam doesn’t know the what the western war machine is. If we are pushed to the edge then our armies will come and sad to say but no one will be spared man woman or child. This is war. World war and we have free thinking people who have invented everything and can do anything. We don’t want to do it but we will. Only so much we will take. If they want sharia law stay in Islamic countries and don’t bitch about shit then. If u come here u have to assimilate.

      • JanneDk, Because of people like yourself we are in this mess. It is YOU who will be first to die in the name of Allah because these so called “Hot” males you like so much have zero respect for you or anyone but themselves . I hope you learn the hard way how TRAITORS and people of low Intellect like yourself are treated when a majority of citizens reach snapping point( and we will ) and unleash unmerciful pain you cannot comprehend on you and your Arabian fantasy

        • ‘So OK. Before the mad Muzziez set about gangraping her, they will trim away those annoying ladyparts with the dull, rusty razor blades they brought with them and stitch her up with a dull, bent rusty carpet needle and some used dental floss.

        • Why do all of you think that all muslim men are rapists ? Don´t You realize that some white-born women just like arab and african men and they don´t have to rape us. We are more than willing to have sex with them, instead of boooooring white men …

    • I totally agree with you. Their minds are twisted beyond reality. They seem to be from the seed of Satan.

    • Sterilization is of no consequence.They can still rape.Castration is no guarantee either.Some impotent males use a sharp weapon to penetrate women since that’s the only way they can express their frustration.They shouldn’t have been admitted into the E.U. It’s totally different culture.

    • Won’t need to as there will be nobody left to be spayed & neutered. This is reality and it is GOING to happen

    • And remove voting rights from white women… They are so stupid that most of them vote for parties that allow that massive immigration.

      • Under Islamic law any woman from 9 up who is not dressed properly and is not escorted by an adult male Muslim relative is free for the taking. Doesn’t matter whether she’s Muslim or infidel.

      • I am a white woman. I have spent years learning the truth about Islam and trying to teach that truth to others. I could see clearly how Islam would destroy America, our values, and our freedom. The subject of racism has become so powerful, it is nearly impossible to bring up anything negative about Islam, no matter how constructively it is worded or how many facts are presented, without people shutting down and fearing they will be labeled as racist (I do realize Islam is a religion and a political system. Most people view it as ethnic though, unlike how they view Christianity).This is just as true for white men as it is for anyone else. People would rather believe everything will be okay than learn the truth. Well, things aren’t going to be okay.

        I have fought Islam for years, but now I’m exhausted . Pat, whenever I read comments like yours, I just feel like giving up. In fact, your comment may be the one that makes me give up and it is mild compared to others I’ve read. White women are stupid and should be stripped of their right to vote. If you hate me as much as Islam does, then what am I fighting Islam for? Either way, I suffer. Hey, I know you’re angry. I’m angry too. I’m also scared.

        The problem is, we can’t fight the Muslims if we are like the Muslims. This is for all of us, including myself: Enough of the attacks on our own people! These constant remarks about women deserving to be raped make Muslims happy. The constant division in this country over everything is the left’s fault and the right is full of nothing but hatred is the kind of division Muslims want. Educating ourselves and others is the lead course of action. Exercising our freedom of speech (what we have left of it) is our first line of defense. Americans don’t fear Islam because they don’t know Islam. Books like Nonie Darwish “Now They Call Me Infidel” and Ibn Warraq ” Why I Am Not A Muslim” are great educators. They were Muslims themselves, so people can’t use racism as an excuse not to hear what these people have to say. There is also a video called “Islam What the West Needs to know”
        Watch this video, buy a copy and show it or give it too as many people as possible.

        This isn’t a joke or a game. We need to actively protest and organize peaceful demonstrations to educate Americans to what Islam is about. There should be videos and books on hand to show or give to people so people can learn about Islam before it’s too late. Does this kind of demonstration sound impossible to organize? Today, trying to be more active in protesting Islam and the immigration of Muslims to Europe and America is a choice. In the near future, having to shed blood to rid ourselves of Islam and try to win back our freedom will be a reality.

        • I hope more people will get involved with what your saying. The area where I live is being overrun with Muslims. They have tried to run a few people (Christian’s) away from the area. As we all know most Muslims are cowards .They love to attack unarmed women and building’s.
          All we did is say boo and they stopped.
          The so called Muslim faith should be banned from the USA they hate what our Constitution stands for.
          I won’t associate myself with these monsters nor will I EVER back down. I carry at all times for this reason to protect my family with no remorse.

        • if they are raping your women and attacking isnt the word spreading fast enough on its own. You all know dont you. Yet your too scared to be violent . hell your too scared for even a peaceful protest . so whats the solution. They were too weak to fix they slum countries and your too weak to defend yours.?

        • Though a few women are intelligent and responsible enough to be trusted with the vote, unfortunately in politics people have to be classed.
          Though a few 14 year olds, perhaps a few 12 year olds, are mature and responsible enough to be entrusted with the vote, “few” is the word. Because most by far of 14, 16, 18, 20 year olds have through the ages been too immature to be entrusted with the vote, we had a policy of requiring a citizen to attain 21 years of age before being granted the franchise (privilege of voting). It was a mistake to lower the voting age to 18.
          When the Republicans got the vote for the women, they probably thought that women (in gratitude?) would vote Republican forever. Big Boo-Boo!
          Women in the overwhelming majority vote for Big Daddy to provide goodies. They see Uncle Sammy as a Daddy and Husband substitute who will take care of them. The few women who don’t vote that way are insignificant in politics.

        • I am glad to see a post from someone who has studied Islam. Your comments are noteworthy. Have you heard of an Afghan-American novelist named Kaled Hossini? He has written three novels, one being the Kite Runner, which I have read. It begins in Afghanistan during the monarchy rule. The common citizen wanted a country not ruled by a king and his subjects, so they rejoiced when the Russians came in. Under the communists, people were arrested and disappeared. The people rejoiced when the Taliban ran out the communists. Then under the Taliban, people disappeared, and buildings destroyed. The book is fiction but depicts some of the events in the author’s life. It is very sad.
          The author left his career as a physician to write his last two novels and now a UN Commissoner for Refugees. I tell you this because he is someone who can vouch about what is going on in Afghanistan.

          Just another thought, my son was deployed five times to Afghanistan while in the Air Force. He has never said we shouldn’t have gone over there. The military teaches the soldiers about the Middle East. He knows more about the Bible and the Exodus without little instruction as a child than I do having gone to church, Sunday School, and Confirmation during my childhood. You might have a thought – provoking discussion with someone who has been deployed numerous times recently. Just a suggestion…

        • Hi nightshade . The problem is everywhere .this islam is satanic cult run by zombies( innocent muslims.) In my country india it is here . The way of conducting satanic act is same .just bit localised. I advice to read story of mohamad .it is freely available in this website. I also advice to be get in closed forum .but of all pls go through the book
          We are circulating this book to make awareness among peoples .

          • N Gupta,have you read Islamic Jihad by M.A.Khan as well? Read it if you haven’t.Regards,

        • “Our,” that is, western White, morals have sunk very low and show no sign of coming back up.
          We were once a light to the world. Though often failing to live up to the high standards we taught, as they demand perfection, we, or our ancestors, upheld sexual morality and both personal and public ethics.
          Now we are sinking below the morals of the primitive cultures. Can this be reversed, or are we doomed to be assimilated into the mass of degenerate humanity?
          An example: In India, which has only about 4% Christians, the first hospitals and orphanages were founded by Christian medical missionaries. Previously only the very rich had access to medical care, that by having household physicians. The masses had only shamans (“witch doctors”) and then only if they could afford to pay them.
          Before Christians established orphanages, children whose parents were dead or unable to care for them were abandoned, turned into prostitutes or sacrificed to a Moloch god.

        • What you say is true about Islam. But, for one thing, I am sick of being called racist, usually by white women, which by the way are the number one enablers of this SJW, leftist, politically correct bullshit cancer that has taken over any discussion remotely associated with race, religion, gender, etc. The white men are pussy begging, pathetic yes men who pander to everything women say, and live in absolute fear of losing the approval of women, or being caste as “not a good man” They will go along with all the demonizing of men that the feminists do, they will go along with all the bullshit stats they create via advocacy research and surveys. We live in a world now where you can say anything hateful about white men, or any men actually…….make the most discriminatory laws against us……strip us of rights legally…..every sit com tv show portrays husbands of bumbling incompetent fools…..we are given credit for nothing…blamed for everything… lose jobs now for saying something unflattering about women….or any woman…..male politicians are forced to resign for silly jokes that offend women……while the pure 100% hate speech towards men is piled on thick and nobody gives a shit. Our society is going down the crapper anyway……thanks to radical man hating feminist attitudes becoming mainstream. I hate Islam, but it is these same liberal, feminist, SJW morons who support it…..enable it…..the only good thing about Islam taking over……is that these morons will finally get what they deserve…..and be very, very unhappy……but not worry….they wont be unhappy for long. The muzzies will be happy to put them out of their misery.

          As for me, misandric shit hole….or Islamic shit hole…..who cares…..either will be just as bad for white men. So to hell with western civilization…..either way….it’s over.

      • Really? Are you or aren’t you familiar with our country’s history. You sound very ignorant on how women earned the right to vote. Do you know the events that not only gave African-Americans the “right” to vote and how they actually, for a better word, earned the right to vote without provocation? Are we ready to be out numbered by Muslims? I don’t think so. But it should be taken into consideration that women and African-Americans have always been a minority. The United States IS NOT a Muslim country but based on Christianity and the Bible. This is the thoughts of a white woman. Had a great History teacher.

        • This last comment was to reply to Pat and Robby that said white women should not vote.
          I find it especially interesting that at this web site, it states that 80% of the men are refugees. Those men seeking asylum must have left the women and girls and probably boys to vouch for themselves. We Americans call that being “yellow”.

        • And these Pats and Robbies are fine examples of the male. Why don’t they grow up and use their brains the way most women do?

          • The way most women use their brains is a big part of the problem.
            The natural protective instinct of women is a great virtue when directed toward children, family and home, but when directed toward poisonous serpents like Muslims is a terrible danger to their children, families and homes, communities and nations.
            The Republicans foolishly gave the vote to women, probably thinking that most women would vote Republican forever out of loyalty to the party that gave them the vote.
            Unfortunately, women are naturally socialistic in outlook: from each according to his/her ability; to each according to her/his need. The father, husband or other male head of household is to give to each member of the household what s/he needs. Each member of the household is to contribute to the family as s/he is able. This works to a lesser degree in the near community, but when expanded in coverage to the greater community, the nation, it inevitably collapses.

      • What an ignorant comment. White women are stupid?? Are we stupid serving in the armed forces risking our own lives so that you continue to have the freedom to make assanine comments like you just did?? Disgusting, judgemental know it all is what you are. Part of the problem- not the solution.

        • What good is the military when the crypto-Muslim prezzie administration is allowing, even bringing in at YOUR expense, thousands of jihadists and supporters of jihad. They are joining the US’ military in droves and will soon have possession of the most powerful military system the world has ever seen!
          Muslim secret jihadists are becoming police and sheriffs. Surely you don’t think they are going to defend you from their fellow religionists!
          Muslim jihadists are being elected to offices. What Americans do you think are voting for them?

        • This is for Robby’s ignorant comment. I served in the Army, have you? When enlisted I carried an M60, did you? I am a conservative, are you? I gave birth to 4 children, have you? (you could not handle it). I have a bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, do you? I can work on a vehicle, can you? I can physically protect my family, can you? I can provide for my family, can you? I ask this of you because I a woman with many experiences to include medical assistant, daycare manager, and now my place has been found as a 7th grade math teacher. And let it be known that all that will stand between my students and an evil shooter IS ME! Please do not degrade women when you have no idea what we are capable of. Sincerely, a conservative voter! (your ignorance is offensive to both men and women, to include my husband who served in the Army with me.)

      • Not all white women are stupid. Admittedly, some are, but there are plenty of white men, black women, etc. who made similar decisions, and I don’t see you criticizing them.

    • Please note that not only did Obama tryto take control of the Internet so communications to spread the word and share videos to show what is really happening would be thwarted, but the United Nations also drafted policy to do so.

      If you want to prepare then you must know that you cannot have successful combat without communications. The Internet will not be available if situations escalate. Two way radios and solar panels to have power are also necessary to maintain resistance and overcome to take back your country.

      It is not just a matter of having guns, you must also have a plan of sustainment.

    • Nobody can stop them…they have a huge network and their job is to give birth like pigs and over take by force.

      But here’s the best part…KALKI is coming.

  22. there are ways to control this, you are allowed only one legal marriage , not much than 2 kids, and you will pay tax on any other kids, well lets see them outbreed then.

  23. The turning a blind eye thing is very familiar. I am an American white woman and was attacked in Canada while visiting. I screamed bloody murder hoping someone would hear me and call the police. My call for help went unanswered. Most people in Canada I found just don’t want to “get involved”. They are very reserved and cold. Idk if this a cultural thing or if it’s a Liberal thing where they just don’t care. Complete apathy. This is what I feel is going on in most of Europe. No one talks or cares until either the criticism starts or there’s a group they can join to protest. While others just settle for apathy.

  24. Islam must be destroyed the evil empire has put roots in euro counties in hopes that you will fall under the same b.s message that they so aggressively try to enforce ..beware muslims are demonic wicked beast that want to take your culture and destroy what you have created evil has invaded your counties they must be stopped.

  25. Rain women is haram and punishment is hanging but you people dont punishment the people so u have created for your self a dat trap
    Fix ur problems then complain

    • Go back to Durka Durkastan and play in your barbaric sandbox. Invaders are about to get punted out of paradise. We’very had enough of you animals.

  26. I see this whole can of maggots as chastisment for the evils America has embraced as “normal”. Dehumanization & abuse of men (feminism) and many other abominations like harvesting murdered babies for profit. That’s not savage? I’m not shocked at the storm that’s comming on us. In the Old Testament the Jews were slaughtered by invading armies when they accepted perversion against God and worshipped false idols like Baal & Molech. America is loaded with our own false idols History does indeed repeat itself.

    • Bob, I said it many times before…. Americans voted the muslim Obama into power, into their holy White House!!!!!! And this happened after 9/11!!!! I dont even live in America…. but I tell you this… do to me what muslims did to USA on 9/11 and NO fkn muslim will walk on the streets again!!!!

      But what do the yanks do????? They ellect a muslim as their president!!! And the whole of Europe follows in his footsteps!!! All to shit scared to appose the muslim!!!!

      All except Putin!!!!!

        • Well, this Obama did hide all of him being an islamic imam.. All of us in the world could not belive that.. Now we know – this sick Obrumba don musliskot memeber of the USlam or what he will call USA… The thing I do not understand is that why not most of his admistration does not leave this stupid president.. They will never ever be able to even get close to a job as a dishwasser or even a ass digger
          Sorry to say, I get so mad about this president that I might write stupid words.. Sorry – he just have to get out of our White House

        • the other day in a shopping mall i came upon 2 muslim women dress nijab long black dress gloves i told them dogs this canada you dogs, dress like canadians they yelled at me forr 5 minutes proved my point about dogs , my ? to muslim men y cover youre wives ,not one whiteman would prefer one over a canadian whitewomen yours are all ugly like dogs

      • sadly we did not put him in office English rose, we have a system called the electoral college ( its left over from the days of horse and buggy when it would take a week or more to get to a voting location ) and the basics of this system is say 9/10ths of the states population vote for Obama, its SUPPOSED to be that the electoral college will arrange its votes ( each state has a preset amount of votes to cast based on its population ) so that it reflects 9/10ths, HOWEVER the way it has been corrupted to work, since the senate inside the government is who makes up the electoral college, is that the presidential candidate says ‘hey ill give you $X million dollars if you will throw your votes to me’ so were 9/10ths of the actually population voted for one candidate, if that candidate underbid the other candidate, then whoever paid whoever the most money is who will actually get the majority of the votes, sadly the electoral colleges votes are not publicized, so the men and women in power are able to maintain that power, because its criminal to hack into unauthorized computer system, so in order to expose the corruption, by the time you have brought it to public light you are already in jail and the system is chocking up the accusation to ‘the acts of a criminal out for slander’

  27. Deport every one of these pigs, put a stop to the European gold rush. The third worlders are coming to stake their claim in Europe and the European women and children are as much of the bounty as the entitlements.

    • Well, not every muslim is bad, but that doesn’t mean all of them are good either
      You see, in Arab, they are banned by various strict rules of morals and conduct, such as death penalty for raping
      And as they got to europe, they thought its free land there
      And I just couldnt understand why european leaders foolishly accept all of them
      I mean, can’t they filter the refugees that can make positive values and impacts to them, and the ones who will become future terrorists?
      You see, islam is a developing religion, and its still immature. it’s preety much like christianity in the 15-16th century, where the religion’s good values aren’t there
      now, the same thing happened to muslim
      If this thing is unsolved, muslims in europe eventually created their own rule
      The muslim scholars and intellectuals are the ones who you must accept, that they can bring good impacts to your country without harm
      While the rest, its their ideology of “we won’t adapt to you, but you must adapt to us”
      And thats why more than half of birth in belgium now are muslim
      The europeans wont have kids either
      They also leave their religion and become atheist
      and a lot of them eventually influenced by muslims to convert
      So we must hold on
      To our good values
      But it is not to reject the good ones
      But to educate the bad ones into better

      • Whammy, stop trying to deceive the so-called infidels with your bullshit about islam and muslims!!!

        Its been around since the beginning of time!!! Back then, allah was still called Satan!!! ALL muslims are the worst of the worst and MUST be destroyed at all cost!!!

        Islam was written by the devil himself when he possessed the mad, pedophile, rapist, murderer named mohammad!! Islam, allah and ALL muslims WILL be stopped!! As it says in The Bible, hundreds of years before psycho mohammad even existed!!

      • around 1500 years is NEW? really? what rubbish.. pick the good from the bad.
        the INTELECTUALS, you mean tribal leaders who’s only contribution to this life is to re-read the koran over and over and over again, and it be ONLY the book they have ever read, then they read muslim written books, that is so INSANE that all they do is tear up the bible by putting in FALSE teachings from their pedophile mohammad. I have never met a GOOD muslim in my LIFE.. is that the one that is not noticed in the 1% that hides when the bad muslim blows innocent people up?
        JUST shut up and face that you and your religion is doomed to everlasting war with everybody, cause you just can’t SHUT UP

        • Christianity NEVER taught that a husband had a right to beat, punch, or do anything to his wife that would do her injury.
          She was obligated to engage in natural sexual intercourse with her husband, but if she refused without just cause (menstruation, purification, genuine medical problem, purification following parturition, and gently taking hold of her was not sufficient to overcome her refusal, he should seek Godly counsel for her from elders’wives (and from the elders and deacons for himself). If she still would not repent, he should take his complaint before the church. If she persisted, he was (and is today) entitled to divorce her and to take another wife, for to refuse intercourse with one’s lawful spouse is immoral.

      • I for one am damn tired of everyone protecting the muslims and islam by referring to the terrorist as “radical” they’re not radical, they’re devout muslims. When they’re referred to as ‘radical” that’s like calling them some type of fringe movement, but they’re not, they are devout muslims following the directions of the coran verbatim and anyone infected with islam could turn devout “radical” at the drop of a hat. Devout or not, muslims will always support the actions of other muslims.

        Once islam infiltrates a society it’s hard to remove. Islam is a hydra(a monster), if you cut one of it’s heads off one or more will grow back. If either ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and so on are completely wiped out another one or two terror groups will fill the void. The only true way to defeat this is to stop bringing the followers of islam into your country and to remove the ones that are there. If you have islam in your country you have a hydra (terrorist factions).

        There are different types of terrorism, the ones we’re most familiar with are deadly and destructive attacks that strike fear into the hearts of the non-muslims the other forms of terrorism comes from individuals or small groups that commit crimes against the non-muslims and only the non-muslims such as murder, rape, child grooming, vandalism, desecration of our places of worship, theft, unprovoked violent attacks, cheating non-believers, cheating the entitlement system of the countries that open their heart and doors to them.

        If you have islam around you then it’s very good chance you or a member of your family have been violated or will be violated in some way or another. We have nothing to gain from these people, they offer nothing to make our countries great, they don’t make our countries safe, they’re not good for tourism, they bring nothing to the table. They get our civilization and everything our civilization has to offer and we get…….?

        • Its because islam is the problem, not just the radical muslims!!! Every single muslim is the problem and should be eliminated!!! Thats the only way to stop islam!!!

        • Yea for standing up and speaking the truth. I just wish my government would stop trying to hide the truth. President Obama is not a good man or president.

          • Obama is a muslim!!!!! He is as much part of this whole world domination agenda of muslims as the scum muslim who rapes and murders infidels!!!!!

            And the worst part…. YOU, the American citizens voted a muslim into the White House!!!!

      • While technically rape is punishable by death under Islamic law, in reality it is almost impossible to prove.
        When a woman accuses a man of raping her, she thereby confesses to fornication or adultery. She is likely to be arrested and jailed.
        To prove rape she must know who did it, plus know the identities of four Muslim adult men who witnessed the rape (actually saw his penis in her vagina). These four men must be uninvolved in the rape. Even if by magic she is able to prove that the accused raped her, he can buy his life by paying a fine. She is very likely to be killed by her own husband or family to restore the family honor.
        So in Muslim countries men can pretty much rape any woman they can catch alone with no fear of punishment.

      • Your comment about Islam being in its early development stages is ludicrous. You’re comparing it only to Christianity… That is in no way a defence of its barbaric behaviour. If 1400 years isn’t long enough to learn that gang raping women is wrong, than your disgraceful Religion is morally reprehensible and you have no place in the civilized world. These men, who shouldn’t even be called as such, should be executed on site, and Islam as a whole should be eradicated. Statistics don’t lie, but rapist, sociopathic, pedophile, warlord “prophets” sure do. Islam is pathetic and their god is a morally bankrupt joke. If it’s not one religion, it’s another, when will the world grow out of this ridiculous superstitious nonsense..

      • Women in Muslim, especially Sharia, countries may be raped with impunity because almost none will breathe a word about being raped. If a woman does complain that she has been raped, she has admitted fornication or adultery and is arrested and held in gaol. If she cannot prove that she was raped, and who did it, she may be stoned.
        To prove rape requires testimony from four faithful adult Muslim men who were eyewitnesses to the rape and were not participants in the rape. They had to have seen the alleged rapist’s penis entering the professed victim’s vagina.
        Many women are rotting in Sharia law countries’ gaols due to becoming pregnant by a man other than their own husbands. Only pressure from people of the non-Muslim world holds back their being stoned or burned to death or beheaded.

    • Love to see these fuckers rape American women, it would be such neat karma for abusive American women feminists as my own country says that’s ok to disrespect & abuse men, we men learned log ago we don’t count in a feminist society. Hope you tube gets some nice videos. Way to go, Obozo!!

      • Real feminists want gender equality. Next time, you should research the beliefs of the people you are oppressing before making rude comments online, Bob.

  28. I’m not sure if my comment will be blocked or banned, but I’m a Muslim guy and I’m very ashamed that everyone thinks like this about us! I can completely understand, however I never knew that these types of “Muslims” existed amongst us until recently!.

    As a Muslim man, I can assure you a man is not even allowed to look at the opposite sex in a lewd manner or even to check her out, only literally a fleeting glance is allowed, then it’s head down and avoid eye contact where possible (but of course smile and be happy and of good demeanour to anyone when talking).

    So I am exceptionally confused why people that profess to me Muslims claim that raping women is okay, how stupid are these idiots I cannot believe it. If a Muslim man is not allowed even to look at a lady, how on Earth can he go and even touch her without being married, related etc. Tbh the Muslims you see and make reference to in your comments and article are very uneducated, and follow ISIS or follow the Saudi wahabi based ideology (where ISIS comes from btw). Muslims that are followers of this ideology are actually not followers of the true message and are unanimously hated across the Islamic world, moreover it’s an extremely dangerous ideology which true Muslims all over the world lament.

    How to get rid of this problem is really a difficult question to solve, as unfortunately because of the huge numbers of wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Middle East, Israel etc, all the scholars of true understanding were or have been murdered, maimed, raped now etc so the only people that are teaching the new generations are using the wrong , backward retarded and extremist teachings, and unfortunately the saints are mostly killed off too. Also the Saudis over the past 4 decades have used their billions of petrodollars to induce Saudi wahabi ideology across the middle east and north Africa where possible, and they have definitely succeeded with this! These apparent “Muslims’ that are shown as rapists, I’m not even sure if they classify as Muslim, they seem to work for the devil, they are a disgrace.

    Btw punishment for rape is death to to the perpetrator, where a country or government implements death to the person that is raped for reporting it as an adulterer (the most heinous travesty of justice I can really think of), we can obviously see that the country uses the nasty Saudi ideology which any layman can see is completely wrong! Sadly Muslim people in most of the middle east are proponents of this Saudi thinking, and we need to figure out how to rid them from this mindset because remember Muslims are not allowed ever to look at the opposite sex let alone touch or even have relations, so please bear this in mind.

    The quran chapter quoted above are all misinterpreted, and it’s a pity your readers and those ‘Muslims’ that use it to justify rape, do not know or even understand it’s true meaning. Also you must only use quran quotes in context, often they were meant to mean something in the past only and in a certain circumstance. Also you cannot translate any religious text into your language without understanding what it was originally meant to mean, not its literal meaning in English, go and translate a Russian sentence into English, it will most probably mean something else if not in context or colloquial terms are used.

    Please may I ask everyone to be aware of this, however I don’t blame you for hating these scum.

    • Said, you sound like an intelligent person. So why does this kind of Muslim behavior surprise you? Most of anti-unbeliever passages can be found in the quran and hadith, where it is not only condoned, it is recommended in many cases. Most of the violent acts, terrorism, rape of non-Muslims, sex with children, etc., are easily found in your holy books.

      Don’t insult our intelligence by saying we have misinterpreted the quran. Countless ex-Muslims who speak fluent Arabic have confirmed that what we see is what it is. And it is not out of context. That’s such a flimsy excuse, nobody with half a brain buys it.

      Not every Muslim is violent, but every Muslim who follows the teachings of the quran supports violence and jihad.

      • @barenakedislam, apologies for the delay in response, I literally noticed my response on a Google search and just read your points.

        With respect to the point re countless ex Muslims confirming the Arabic meanings, I can agree with you, from a literal standpoint. But the thing one must be careful of is interpretation of text. Most people of knowledge today that profess to be scholars, fall under the group of fundamentalists. Fundamentalist do what?, they take a literal, ‘my view is the only view and it trumps all others’. This may be an oversimplification but I will keep it like that for the time being.

        In short, the people that quote Quran or any religious text for that matter, should always be educated, not just in the language, but in the subtle nuances in the inflexions of words, or in in surrounding events that relate to the rationale behind why a chapter or verse was revealed. The language used in ancient texts differs discernibly to today’s Arabic, and even if one understand classical Arabic, it doesn’t mean they are qualified to interpret.

        Most people who interpret religious text unfortunately are not educated to the standard that scholars used to be at say 150 years ago and earlier. The other alarming fact is the role of wahabism and how it pervades a significant proportion of mainstream Islamic literature and teachings today, as I allude to in my original post. I have read figures quoted in excess of $100 billion have been spent prostelysing Wahabi hardline thinking all over the Muslim world since the late 1970s!. So most scholars’ training tends be with Wahabi teachers, or is aligned or influenced by Wahabi ideology.

        I have never, until recently (I guess I am well shielded from news), knew about the rape issue and I truly think it’s all about the education of Muslims today, in their religion.

        I read or listen to the Quran extensively, what I listen to on audio and read are like the opposite of what is being expressed in this post and on this site. It’s overwhelmingly positive for me, yes there are scary parts, but they are within context (for example, the second chapter takes 2 hour+ to read or listen to, in that chapter there are a multitude of references to non Muslims, that when read alone are harsh, however when read in conjunction with the entire chapter, it actually means something completely different).

        I think the site here should be commended for allowing people of the UK and those abroad, to comment on issues that are so difficult to speak about in public because of the ridiculous PC standards, that make anyone who says something about Islam labelled a rascist. But I truly believe what you are hating, is the same thing I hate, and it’s not Islam, but it’s wahabism and fundamentalism in Islam.

        I would also like to make a note of being a UK born Muslim who has come into contact with extremists throughout my life, so I hope I am qualified to provide an opinion in this regard.

        When I walk in Edgware Road in London (a notorious Muslim or Arab road in Central London), I keep my glance firmly planted to the ground (as is basic Muslim manners and what was taught to me since I was a child, to lower one’s gaze, and to try and keep a pleasant light smile on my face as I walk). However I notice most Muslim men that line the road do not, and they openly and brazenly ogle any attractive female passerby (be they covered, or uncovered; you may wander why they gaze at covered women who are veiled, it’s usually because a lot of them, especially the richer girls wear very expensive clothes and jewellery, and tend to be pretty but I digress!).

        Islam makes a man’s hijab ‘to lower his gaze’, however the vast majority of Muslim men from Muslim countries who reside or frequent Edgware Road don’t even do this. When such basic manners are not present in the Muslims from Muslim lands, is it any wander that potentially everything they do may not be Islamic?

        I would like to note that in the vast majority of dealings I have with white educated men in the City, pretty much all of them keep their gaze to to ground, how funny that Non Muslims have better (and far superior Islamic manners) than Muslims.

        The points you make re violence and jihad are also interesting. Jihad means struggle. The struggle against the nafs (or ego) is one that most people don’t mention, however as usual the fundamentalists have taken the defensive and offensive jihad as their reference points. I don’t want to make this too long an essay but I really do believe most Muslims you may see or meet, may actually know very little if nothing at all about Islam.

        I am in no way a scholar and nor do I profess to be. I also apologise if I have made any errors or omissions in what I have mentioned here, and also I apologise for the disgrace that my Muslim brethren has inflicted on the West to women.

        • Saif, that is probably the most intelligent, articulate, and fair commentary that has ever been posted here by a Muslim. All I can say is that it really is not important to me what the quran does or doesn’t say, and the nuances you mention are something I will never be able to understand. Therefore, I rely on the actions and behavior of Muslims with whom I come in contact and read about in my daily research on the internet. And no, I don’t use much from the MSM to form my opinions, which I consider much more ignorant about Islam than I am.

          People always say we consider all muslims to be terrorists. That is not true. It is not even the terrorists who frighten me. It is Muslim organizations in the US that are all linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, whose domination agenda for the West is something I am sure you have knowledge of. Even more, it is the everyday Muslims here who don’t want to assimilate because they feel they are superior to all us unbelievers. From wearing the hijab to demanding that schools not serve pork to demands for time off for prayer several times a day, to demands for schools to close for Muslim holidays, when only 1% of the students are Muslims, not to mention the constant whining about Islamophobia for every little thing, when it is Muslim behavior and attitudes that make people hate Muslims…those are the reasons Muslims will never be accepted in the West. As your numbers grow in the West, your attitudes reveal more of your supremacist beliefs, which causes the anti-Muslim sentiment to grow accordingly.

          All the other things about Islam including misogyny, Jew-hatred, child marriage, inbreeding, are offensive to people in the West, but it is what is mentioned in the paragraph above that cause people dislike and fear Muslims most of all.

        • Thank you once again @barenakedislam for your response, I could not respond to your response so I have responded on my previous post.

          Regarding relying on the Muslims you encounter daily and from daily research on the internet on Islam, this is completely understandable and much the only way to discern about things in life. It’s rather sad that people (i.e Muslims, or those that profess to be) that you encounter often have the worst manners and knowledge (especially the ones that appear on media outlets).

          These Muslim organisations, whilst originally trying to do something good, are examples of evil at its worst. Muslim Brotherhood and countless others are peopled by very dangerous, delirious, ill informed and ill educated people, that sadly hold authority around various parts of the Muslim world.

          There is a quote in scripture (paraphrased) where thy Lord says, “God will not change the situation of a nation of people until they change themselves”. This pretty much applies to today’s Muslims, who follow the worst examples of the human race to achieve (in their eyes) advancement in their belief, when they really only go backwards closer to evil and misdeeds. When the home of Muslims is destroyed (Makkah and Medina by the Wahabist Saudi royal family and their cronies), is it any wander that the rest of the Muslim world is in disarray, when their own house is ruined, how can they be normal?

          I went to Mecca to perform a pilgrimage two years ago, what astounded me was how much of the sacred sites had been bombed to ashes, destroyed, turned to toilet(s) or other such unsavoury acts (coupled with very low levels of manners amongst the pilgrim populace). If you see in Mecca, the Saudis have built a towering (world’s largest actually) hotel complex, right on top of the sacred sanctuary. To do so, they destroyed an 18th century citadel (Ajyad fortress) that was built to specifically keep out invaders, and you guessed it, wahabist fundamentalists from the sacred sanctuary. On top of that they bombed two sacred mountains (on the pretext of making it ‘easier’ to traverse for pilgrims), turned numerous sacred house(s) on the site into a toilet or something disrespectful, all within Mecca over the last 20 years. Anything of history has been destroyed so that future generations can never recall or remember important places and events.

          Similarly in Madina, the Saudis wanted to ‘bomb’ (only way to get it because of the intense lead poured around it to secure it in place) the sacred grave of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, because of issues around people visiting a ‘dead’, person! In Madina, countless Mosques surrounding the sacred area have been demolished, it is estimated around 95% of buildings have been demolished or obliterated in in past 20 years, many of these buildings were over 1,000 years old and with it, a great deal of knowledge has now been lost, to only be replaced with disgraceful Las Vegas style malls and buildings.

          To answer the questions re lack of assimilation, this is an excellent point you have raised.

          I’m not sure why Muslims are asking for no pork to be served when it’s served to everyone else, it’s not that hard to bring a packed lunch to school, or eat non pork related food as there are always vegetarian options.

          Similarly schools closing for Muslim holidays is also a bit stupid too, seeing that the vast majority are not practising Muslims, Muslim students can just ask for the day off or take half day, I used to do so in school with no issue but not require the whole school to adhere to that.

          When I used to work in any employment, I always made sure that I prayed 5 times a day, notably this takes out considerable amount of time, so I would take half hour lunch and use the other half hour for prayers during the rest of the day. Where I would take too much time, I would always come in 1 hr (or thereabouts) early and leave late. I’m not sure what is so hard about that, these Muslims today have such poor manners it’s embarrassing, and like I said in a previous post, exemplary manners are a basic tenement of Islam, so as usual most Muslims you encounter again don’t even know the basics, so is it any wander they turn out so retarded?

          The last four points are misunderstood, we do not hate Jews, this is a recent (in history) phenomenon because of the Israeli partition. Similarly child marriage and misogyny is not allowed but this is a much longer debate, and in breeding is also misunderstood and misconstrued and would require another large body of text to describe (maybe after a response from yourself I can elaborate further).

          I hope to hear from you soon.

          • Saif, I think if all Muslims were like you, blogs like this one would not have to exist. As I said before, I have never heard a Muslims who shares your view of Islam in the West.

        • @barednakedislam.

          I’m sad that you have never met any Muslim (in the West or otherwise) like me, as there are so many of us in Canary Wharf, City of London etc, but we tend to keep our head down and out of the papers (maybe that is an issue as we’re not rebutting things that people are saying and we should be starting to do that more).

          I’ve even tried to reach out to senior government figures before to try and understand the rationale behind why western governments are ignoring the root causes of Islamic fundamentalism (which started to rear it’s head in the UK I believe around mid 90s when I was in primary school), but I think Western powers and the US are turning a blind eye for a purpose.

          Saudi Arabia and UAE combined imported around $8.4 billion worth of arms in 2014 (source IHS Analysts reported in the Guardian 9 March 2015) mainly from the US, UK and France. Couple this with arms contracts of $60 billion lasting 20 years, which Saudi signed with the US in 2010 (with potentially an extra $30billion of contracts on a navy update package – source Guardian and Telegraph 13 Sept 2010) ), the notorious Al Yamama (corruption) deal in the UK worth over £43billion since 1988 -2008 (with new contracts signed in the interim and in addition), Qatar signing off on $7billion of fighter jets with France (source Reuters April 30 2015), and another $11 billion signed off between Saudi Arabia and France (predominantly not arms, source France 24, 13 Oct 2015) there becomes a pattern. Canada has also signed a huge deal but to avoid this becoming a numbers game I didn’t want to mention it.

          So the West can’t tell the Saudis and other nations that espouse the wahabist beliefs to stop spending on the propagation of their ideology because the West is being funded by it through arms, defence and other large scale contacts.

          And if you’re in London, Harrods, Songbird Estate (the majority owner of the Canary Wharf estate), the Shard along with a lot else, are all owned by the Qataris, the Saudis (along with Qataris and UAE families) own vast swathes of Belgravia and West London super prime housing amongst many other pieces of prime real estate.

          It’s crazy everyone is in bed with each other, it’s so difficult to solve because everyone is tangled in a disgusting long web with the other.

          But like I said before, I’m thankful for reading your site, me and my family are constantly talking about these disgraceful issues, that we never knew existed or just thought were a conspiracy, and why and how people become like this. And the more people know about something, the better prepared they are and the better equipped they are to foster real change. Hopefully things change for the better soon, I am hopeful, but it’s more an education issue now, and it starts from the home so unsure what governments are going to do next.

          • Well, Saif, I am happy to have you as a commenter here. The only time I’ve ever heard commentary like yours is from ex-Muslims who comment here from time to time. You are a rare exception in the blogosphere.

        • @barenakedislam

          Thank you I enjoy the dialogue too.

          Today after Friday prayers I actually discussed some of the issues I mention above with the local Imam, and we agreed to focus on this hopefully in the weekly Friday sermon (at least a couple of times). I’ve reached out to other prominent Mosques before but they require a different tactic.

          I will keep you updated and do let me know via email or comment if you’d like me to talk about anything, or would like my input, I would only be too pleased to help.

        • I don’t care what kind of Muslim you say you are. Muslims are scum. Islam is filth and anyone that worships Muhammed the filthy paedophile is admitting to their filth.
          You do not belong in London, you do not belong in England. You do not belong in Europe. Go back to your shit hole of origin and die there. Hopefully people realise the filthy parasites that you are and wipe you all out, every single one of you.
          I don’t not believe your lies, you are obliged to lie to non-believers and anyone that listens to you is a part of the problem.

    • Saif this is because like common people it is muslim or christian they are born in either families and just follow the traditions, but things change when it comes to study either faith it depth. what i have noticed muslims who follow faith strongly are filling with hate to other religions, whereas christians not.
      i think its simple, most probably you have read kuran, (i also tried to read it but i find out that talking about all the punishment and hate with disbileivers and beliviers should not be from god at all) now try to read gospel (muslims argue it is changed version and so..,at least half should be true because it derives from original one, so at least half should be ok) and then compare which one is more about hate is more bad (i mean just pick up hate content you will find) then you decide which one is mostly from god changed gospel or not changed kuran. Does not matter text is changed or not, the key is what it is preaching.

      • @longiroza

        Thank you for your comment. I actually sent a response to you last week but my browser crashed and I forgot to save it, hence why it didn’t post and I’m late in responding.

        You are quite right I was born into Islam, however there did come a point where I did question my beliefs, my religion and my identity (actually I always question my beliefs constantly but my identity I really struggled with whilst in college, I guess in that age everything is confusing!).

        Yes I read Quran daily, not as much as before or as I should but I am quite familiar with the ‘easier’ chapters (not the longer ones as they are very long and hard to read and understand without expert tutelage) .

        I think the issue with the Gospel is that the books have been translated from Aramaic to Greek (or were already partially in Greek), then translated into Latin, then into the more modern romance languages in more modern history. I don’t like to mention the ‘change’ bit as it’s disrespectul, and I don’t think it’s right people should comment like that to you regarding your holy books, but to some degree I agree with it. The figure you quote of half I’ve read being discussed by some mathematicians that analysed how much could change from translations etc, and it agrees to about 50% or a bit more (I can’t remember the exact figure that a  thesis quoted that I read some years back).

        I have always had the intention to read the other books, but only once I understand the Muslims ones (which will probably take another 20 or so years for me to get around). Then I have a plan to go to Jerusalem and visit some places where they still have ancient texts hidden away, with very knowledgeable people.  These are secret places but I believe when a person visits Jerusalem they will be able to find these places quite easily (but they are not advertised), so hopefully in the future I will be lucky to find these places. Then I will start reading some text but I wouldn’t be comfortable reading just in English (they wouldn’t be in English anyway) but if they were, it’s purely because of the translation issues that would arise.

        I do believe the Quran has a lot of very stern and strict content, and there is a lot about punishment (and a lot about reward), but like I’ve mentioned to @barenakedislam, I think it must be read within context and not applied literally. And where unsure a scholar (properly educated one if you can ever find one that isn’t a retard) should be consulted.

        Similar to that I hope to consult similar educated scholars on biblical texts when I get round to it, but for the time being I only read the biblical texts that are already in the Muslim traditions as background subtext (for example in the commentary of Hadith there is usually some biblical notations and that’s where I get a lot of my knowledge on Judaism and Christianity, and some other Judeo, Christian sources).

        My current way around this dilemma is to only seek counsel on religious matters with saints (or saintly people), because of the lack of trust I place in scholars (of any religious background)

        Thanks again for your kind words.

    • Saif, you can try to be as good as it gets, but you still worship the devil himself!!! As per YOUR quran, allah (lucifer) is the most proud and the best of all deceivers, hense the reason he was kicked out of Heaven and fell to earth like a burning star!!! The Bibel also states this and did so hundreds of years before your pedophile, psycho, murderer and rapist mohamhead even created islam while being posessed by satan himself!! Mohamhead’s own family thought of him as mentally ill!!

      Their will be NO peace upon mohamhead, as he is burning in hell for all his phycho deeds and offenses against humanity and will burn in hell for all eternity!!! Islam is the way of satan to try and end humanity and the world. Thats the devil’s objective! Just like it is every single muslim’s objective and duty to spread the filth of islam around the world, deceive all the “infidels” just like allah (satan) and mohamhead deceive all muslims, convert or kill the infidels and dominate the entire world! That is YOUR goal and duty!

      So you can try to put your best foot forward and act like the perfect gentleman and perfect muslim, but you are NOT deceiving me!!

      Islam and ALL muslims are the threat to humanity, but the good news is…. ISLAM WILL BE STOPPED!!!!! THE BIBLE TELLS US SO!!!!!

      • FOX, that is just plain rude. Saif has been polite, articulate, and honest about the problems with his religion while not making excuses for it, which is more than we ever hear Muslims who comment here do. At best, they condemn terrorism, then always claim that the terrorists can’t be real muslims. Saif has done none of that and he deserves the chance to be heard and answered with respectful responses. There ARE Muslims who do want Islam reformed even though saying so could get them the death penalty.

        • BNI, you call me rude… at least I didn’t cut of his head with a blunt blade!

          His own religion prohibits him from saying anything negative about his so-called religion and as you correctly stated, it is punishable by death. But dont be fooled by this “polite, friendly, kind” muslim, as they all read the same quran and are ALL commanded just the same! Deceiving infidels in the name of allah to promote islam is not only acceptable, but is encouraged and will be rewarded according to the quran! A muslim is a muslim is a muslim! And even IF there are honest ones, dont think for a second that they will stand with you against their muslim brotherhood!

          If they are truly against the islamic movement, world invation and world domination, they will turn their backs on islam and stop worshipping a pedophile, rapist, murdering psycho!!

          • FOX, people like the president of Egypt are actually trying to change Islam, to get all the calls for violence and terrorism out of Islamic teachings. It’s a monumental challenge and few would dare take it up, but there are some. I think Saif is one. I could be wrong and will be the first to say so. But my gut tells me I’m not.

            Don’t forget, you can’t change something by leaving it. You have to make change from within.

        • The fact that he pretends to acknowledge the problems in that filth but still follows it should be enough evidence for you that he is speaking out of his arse.
          You are obviously aware of Taqqiya and yet you give credence to his words? You’re just a tool for the Islamisation of the world, there can be no middle ground with Islam and never should be. Anyone that believes that bollocks deserves a swift end.

          • Marty, what/who are you talking about? I don’t have time to scroll thru 631 comments to find out. But by your saying that “I am a tool for the islamization of the world,” tells me you are ignorant beyond belief.

      • @Fox

        Thank you for taking the time to write to me, and I appreciate your thoughts and views.

        Could I please correct you, in the Quran it states that Iblis or Shaytaan (I’m not sure which part you quoted but it would be either of those names), and not Allah (Glory to the Lord thy exalted) was thrown out of heaven. Then Iblis (or Lucifer in English) remarked (paraphrased), ‘Because you (the Lord) have led me astray (through removal from heaven), I will lead your creation to astray on Earth until such as the day of recompense arises’. Please also note that Allah (Glory be to thy Lord thy exalted) is a generic terminology for God, so by saying what you said above you’ve just said something quite heinous. In addition, I have Christian friends from Lebanon and they too say Allah (in place of thy Lord or God), so it isn’t purely a Muslim word and is used by all religions. I also believe that thy Lord doesn’t have just one name (in fact he has many, and there are many secret names that we do not know), so just because Muslims do not take the name of the Lord that another religion takes, it doesn’t necessarily mean the other names that other religions invoke are incorrect, however this is a whole other matter.

        In respect to Mohammed peace be upon him, yes people despised him at the time, in face he was tortured and so were his followers, with regard to his family I’m unsure where you get that they thought he was mad, if you could please confirm which family member(s) and I will corroborate and duly respond (if this was one of the Uncle’s then I already know about it, Abu Lahab who is cursed in the Quran, with a small chapter dedicated to him).

        I believe your hatred in the next paragraph should be directed to Wahabism and not Islam, but it is your prerogative.

        Yes it is Islam’s objective to propagate, but that is not dissimilar to most other religions and world orders (apart from the Indian religions and Buddhism), Christians have missionaries and missionary activity that spreads the faith and it’s teachings all over the world, otherwise how would Christianity be prevalent in the Far East, South America and Africa?

        The practice of ‘convert or die’ is completely forbidden in Islam, whilst it has been practised in the past by deviants, it is unequivocally prohibited and morally reprehensible. It has been reported in many articles that this practice had occurred under Muslim rule, but it is completely forbidden and people that practiced it knew so whilst practicing it, with no moral compass.

        Please also note, during the conquests of the Aztecs in the 16th century, I understand that Christianity was forced on to the local populace (a long story which I don’t want to elaborate on for fear of this reply getting too long).  

        Also, the reconquest of Muslim Spain caused huge numbers of forced conversions of Jews (they were either forced to leave at the end of the 15th century, thereby losing all their possessions or stay and convert). A similar ultimatum was also passed to the Muslims and huge numbers of both faiths were slain in the centuries during and before.

        I can keep on building the case of forced conversions but it will just be a tit for tat game, when I know Christianity forbids such actions, I’m not going to say that just because a huge amount of forced conversions  were practiced by Christians in the name of Christianity, then does it  mean that such a practice represents Christianity?

        Within your second response you make reference to the behedding for an outspoken remark, this is a recent ISIS phenomenon (and Saudi) and is disgusting and heralds the dark ages, but do I really need to condemn this when it’s so obviously wrong?

        I don’t intend to deceive anyone, there are people out there with an agenda, in fact I do have an agenda as does everyone else, but it’s hardly sinister. I would say If there was true Islam being ruled and implemented somewhere, it would be incumbant upon all Muslims to leave their foreign lands and return to the land that is implementing it.  Therefore if such a land existed (and please don’t mention those so called ‘Muslim’ states like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan Pakistan or its ilk as they are not, and definitely not that satanist cult ISIS, the only state that could rightly be called Islamic was the Ottomon caliphate, and it may have been corrupt internally etc and ruled by weirdo opressors, I’m not denying it, however it was a framework within which Islam was ruled, and it was disbanded in 1924; if it was to re-emerge it could only be in the Middle East and Turkey), that would be an easy way to rid this country of the ‘Muslim’ problem, because we would have all left on our own volition, as it is ordained that we must leave from land that does not practice Islam, to one that does.

        There I said it, I’m not hellbent on world domination and nor is anyone else, I just want my people to be ruled by a proper Islamic framework, and as soon as that happens, all these Muslims in the west, would have mostly disappeared back to where they came from, including myself.

        I don’t hate anyone though, and it’s not really any people’s fault, I can’t blame the West or anyone because everything is interrelated and the World doesn’t work in that simple a manner. And when you look deeper, we’re all related (you’re just related to me via my Great Great Great….Grandparents several centuries ago), so does it make any sense to hate when we all came from the same place?

        • Well, Said, maybe I spoke too soon. You are starting to sound like the other Muslims who seem to think there is a radical Islam and a true Islam. True Islam is radical (at least if you go by the abrogated quran – Medina, not Mecca – the only one recognized now).

          But suffice it to say, you did get lot more time here than most Muslims do here. However, I do agree that I would like all muslims to
          return to wherever it is they came from…including you. We, in the West, have had more Islam than we can stand anymore.

        • Saif, I’m not educated in Islam, I admit. I read on the Internet (no you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet) about a US soldier while living and working in the Middle East somewhere, that, at night, he and others, could hear boys screaming when being raped by the Islamic men. I then asked my son, who was deployed several times to Afghanistan if this was true. He said yes, but he was fortunate to have not experienced the situation closely. He was only told about it. You have not addressed this, Saif.

          Also, I understand that Muhammad did live on earth as a man. He could be a prophet, my interpretation as an open – minded Chistian understands, but he is not God. God became a man to walk on the earth as his only Son, Jesus. I respectfully object – Muhammad was and is not God.
          I do realize you are well educated. Your posts about Islam is educating for those of us who want to know. As far as Islamic men learing at women… once I lived in a State that had many uneducated Mexican immigrants. My experience had been, until this time, around educated Latinos or naturalized Mexicans. This one time, when I lived in rural Georgia, a young man looked at me in the grocery store and looked at me that I found disgusting. Then I realized that he was uneducated especially in behavior not acceptable in the US.
          Surely Muslim men can learn our laws – raping is not condoned and the Western World has only acceptable behavior. Take that to your Mosques.

    • You’re deluded, Saif. Most muslim men are obsessed with having sex with women. And in North Africa, homosexuality is rife. I’ve travelled there and it was eye-opening, even for a liberal Westerner as myself.
      So, stop waving your deluded koranic morals in our faces. Islam is bursting with hypocracy and false teachings.

      • According to official Muslim doctrine, homosexuality is required to be punished by death. Some teachers include masturbation in “homo” – same – sexual, as in Indonesia, where self-pollution is punishable by death.

  29. The police in Germany have now agreed to make it legal for Muslims to rape. And anyone who objects gets a water cannon.

    Which country will be next?

    • I guess being raped and/or getting water cannon is better than being blown up or your head cut off??? So let us (Western civilization) not fight back, not fight muslims and not destroy islam… lets give in to all their demands, hand over our countries to them and then we can explain to our children how cowardly and useless WE are!!!

      • Now maybe many white women will make their tiny brain work and they will stop massively supporting multiculturalism and liberals the way they did before.

        • As a veteran, mother, sister, daughter, holder of a Master’s degree, teacher, and human being, could you have not worded this better? I want America back and not over run with these radicals. So please, do not place all women in the same bunch. (I feel this was not sarcasm used in your post, so please correct me if I am wrong.)

    • Over the last few months I have been reading the comment sections of news sites across Europe about any story concerning the Muslim invasion. Oh! sorry. I meant refugees.

      I have read thousands of comments and not one person has said “great idea” open the borders and let non vetted Muslim men into our country. In fact, almost every comment entails close the borders and kick them out.

      There is obviously an agenda by the powers that be to destabilize western society. Merkal and think tanks have been well aware of the social back lash that will ensue yet the majority (not including a Muslims opinion) are totally against this.

    • Maybe police in Germany are, unfortunately, acting like other police officers on other instances and countries. Police, just like employees, must have a strong leadership to be exemplar.

    • The Muslims of the near East were allied with the Nazis because they both wanted to massacre all Jews.

  30. The women are not receiving help, so they will have to help themselves. Saw a youtube video where a woman was being dragged by men and surrounded by about 30 men and she was screaming and they just kept on dragging her to rape. IMO every woman needs to get a good knife and cut their cocks off so they can’t rape anybody else. Do whatever you need to do… get some hot pepper spray so you can run. Do not ever be unaccompanied and in the presence of these evil trashy religion muslims. ISIS is being told to rape all the women so they will become muslims…what a bunch of BS!

    • Instead, many Muslim groups cut off the external genital parts of women. Different groups cut off different parts from the least, the prepuce (clitoral hood), the glans clitoris, the entire external clitoris, the labia minora, to the labia majora. Some sew the vagina shut.

  31. Hi, nice blog!
    I’m doing a similar thing, with my Portuguese news Blog : , I wrote about the news raped women in Germany and Swiss, etc.

    But most peop’le call me “xenophobic” etc.
    One day, when there is any bomb attack or rape in their neighbourhood, they will see the dark reality.

    My country, Portugal is a small country, but the European Unione are forcing European countries to receive refugees, if not, we will pay huge fines $$.

    We must receive 5000 refugees, for now, I guess will be 10.000 refugees.

    We have many families here without health support and without homes, loosing their homes for the government, due to financial problems.
    But later, the government will offer for FREE: these homes to the refugees, and free salary and free medical services!

      • Hi BarenakedIslam , “RO” is the initials of my blog nickname, I’m Silvio.
        I have blogs and websites since 2001 after world trade center incident. My site is Realidade Oculta (hidden truth), , with 120.000 monthly visits, Portuguese traffic, My blogs had changed url’s and layouts over time, now is and .

        Here in Portugal We have not had incidents yet, because immigrants didn’t arrived all ,we will receive 4000 soon, the houses are ready. One of the cities is called Penela.

        Some of the refugees are complaining about our Country, all of them want well paid job’s and Houses for free, but they forget that: ourselves (portuguese citizens) had our problems, we have thousands of unemployed people.

        A FEW centuries ago, Portugal and Spain were occupied by the Moors/Islamics, but the crhistian cruzade kick them out.
        Now the terrorist group Islamic State says that they want to invade again Portugal and Spain:

        Silvio g

        • Hi, i live in portugal, i have sent comments before to bni about this country.

          I think he didnt publish them

          Im british, this country portugal is a communist socialist police state, and is a politically correct nightmare place.

          Muslims are flooding into portugal, theres no border control between spain, muslims are
          Appearing larger in number in places like, portimao, albufeira, silves, lisbon, faro.

          In portimao, there are many agressive muslims, walking the streets in white clothes and sandals, i notice also many hotel buildings in praia da rocha are designed in the arabic construction style of mosques or muslim barracks.
          Maybe these buildings are made in preparation and anticipation of the future, after muslims invade and takeover andalucia.

          It seems odd, why and who designed and built these huge buikdings???

          Silves is the former moorish capital of the algarve, its full of many muslims hiding in small
          Houses in back streets close to the silves castle, many burqua clad women are kept imprisoned in these small alleyway houses, which they are using also as makeshift mosques.

          Portuguese police, and gnr paramilitary thugs are doing nothing about these goings on, they are too busy robbing car drivers and citizens with bogus fines to raise money to pay off the EU nazis in brussels, many portuguese politicians, including the former prime minister, jose socrates, have been held in jail, exposed as thiefs, involvedin stealing billions of EU funds meant for portuguese roads and hospitals.

          Portugal is a failed and corrupt little country, where socialist nazis who run local councils plot and organise to steal peoples propertys, cars, and homes using bogus fines, harrasement, and persecution of property owners to steal away ther savings and homes.

          These evil marxist socialist criminals also get paid commission on the robberys they carry out against innocent citizens.

          Portugal is evil little banna republic in corner of western europe.

          The prince

    • why is it we the public can see this but it appears our governments can’t or won’t see, all our countries are already in trouble health care,housing,policing,school people on the streets because they don’t have a home people dying because of cuts in police,hospitals fire and ambulances and that’s just to name a few things and they want to bring thousands more people in.All we have to do is wait for the down fall of Europe because of the mass exodus of mostly young fit men not families.

    • We had a small incident, in Oporto city (Portugal) but our Police authorities never spoke anymore about this matter, did not even say if it was a prevented terrorist attack.

      In November 2015, in Oporto city (Portugal) a couple of iraqis was arrested in Sa Carneiro Airport. They had false passports purchased at Greece but they came from France. The woman was 29 years age and the man 34 years age.
      Then were deported by Portuguese crossing borders authorities

  32. Women of Europe
    Book a vacation to anywhere in Canada and claim asyllum when you land on our soil. We will not let you down.

  33. Women of Europe
    Book yourselves a “vacation” to Canada and claim asylum when you get here. You are now in increasing danger and we will not let you down.

    • Canada has Muslim problems of its own.
      This is the Islamisation of the world and they are using the refugee laws to do it.

  34. Here is the problem… the women being raped are not crying for protection, and in many cases are defending or excusing the rapists behavior. The fact is, until the women actually begin to resist the actions of the rapists, there will be no change to the situation.

    • The problem is that white men in Europe have let women rule and these women whatever the age are stuck in teenage. They do not realize the danger and continue to vote for liberals. And when they get raped these stupid women still blame white men…. They are dumb and should never be allowed to rule anything. White women are the weakness of white people.

      • You idiot!!!! Missing the point again!!!

        Get rid of the fkn muslims!!!! Ban islam and take back Europe!!!!

        Dont blame white women or even white men!!! Whites built this world we live in!!! Whites are the creators, builders, designers that developed our world!!! And its still the whites who hand out to the rest of the world… like africa, india, south america, etc!!! Without WHITE aid, millions would die!!!

        Stop blaming WHITES and start thanking them for everthing you have!!!!!

      • Patbona, ever heard of the British Queen Mother, the present British Queen Elizabeth 11, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher? Could you do their job? Could you have parachuted into occupied Europe as British women did in WW11, risked capture by Nazi sadists and tortured? Many of these women had never even driven a car.
        Although chemo is too harsh for my taste, many people say that they have benefitted from this cancer treatment, thanks to Madame Curie.
        Dr Marie Stopes freed women from having a baby every year. Some women had produced 23 children when unemployment was high.
        Annie Besant was arrested for teaching women about birth control.
        The Suffragettes were arrested and tortured in British prisons just for demanding the right to vote for women. Men who did not own land also gained the vote.
        Florence Nightingale fiercely fought for strict hygiene in hospitals, saving limbs and lives.
        Now tell us what contribution you have made to the health, happiness and safety of the human race?
        I think I need to tell you that male genitals don’t improve the quality of life on this planet. Dedication and compassion have achieved this by both women and men.

      • Its just unbelievable that its come to this. That we -as a race- have to be subjected to discrimination on this level. What if it were white men attacking ANY non-white women?….HHmmmm, THEn there would be NO hesitation and the media would devote entire days to it and basically convict them before anybody even knew the facts. But since its whites being victimized its not that important. Soon, the white man is going to revolt. I hope the medias ready for THAT!

      • Who realizes that women were largely opposed to woman suffrage (voting)? That suffragettes (women who wanted to vote) did not want women to be allowed to vote on the woman suffrage question because they knew that the women would vote against woman suffrage.
        It was MEN who voted (women couldn’t vote) to allow women to vote!!!

        • Really? How did you come to know that the majority of women did not want to vote at the time? This is new to me but then I hadn’t yet been born. Were you alive then I wonder.

          • Ah, so you know nothing that happened before you were born? You know nothing that you did not personally see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, touch with your own fingers?
            You obviously read or you would not be commenting. But you don’t read anything written before you were born?
            The history of the Woman Suffrage movement is readily available on the internet, and the sources are available through your local library or through interlibrary loan.

      • A few exceptional women recognize this and favor disenfranchisement of all women. There are nowhere near enough astute women to make up for the damage the majority of women do.
        Then, the effeminate MINOs (Men In Name Only) extend the destruction of civilization.

  35. IT’S becoming apparent that the people have to take control of their government and country.

    To expel the invaders themselves and to expel their phony leaders from their offices and take control once again.

    You been nice too long to the liberals up there who have only managed to steal, rob, and pillage your country just like the invaders they invited in.

  36. don’t really care about the euronils as they sneered for years at Americans being armed.
    they can still get shotguns etc, firearms ARE OUT THERE,the same way our ameriKan criminals get weapons-
    so let them grow a set or 2 and clean up their districts and arm their women.
    and yeah I said it, I really don’t care about them as they committed suicide a long time ago.
    Over here, it’s still a WORK IN PROGRESS but the ultimate will happen before we reach the point they are at .

    • Yeah, I’m 90% with you. On my visits to Eurostan (EU), I noticed how people looked down on me as the “clown American”. Well, they decided to follow Marxism, Left-wing Socialism, Atheism, and some just simply hated God. They decided to become queers, lie, cheat, and lose all character.

      Well, I’m not too much sympathetic with them either. Being Germanic myself, I wasn’t treated too well over in Germany, but boy they really bend over backwards for those refugees. Yes, I’m not too upset in a way as lot of people simply had it coming for a long time.

      I hope they enjoy their new servitude.

  37. Oh, all medieval barbarism to be brought back to modern societies!? Beware of Muslim immigrants and don’t allow a single Muslim refugee any further [except for select and thoroughly scrutinized cases of political asylum of the seriously persecuted – that too case by case and only of democratic, progressive sort of persons] and also kick out as many of the already admitted refugees as possible. Otherwise you will go to dogs.

      • You are obviously a Muslim male and, typically, motivated by cock.
        You don’t want to see your dirty little activities exposed.
        This is not the only source of news about Muslim crimes. All give dates and places.

      • Interesting. And, they did say they want to conquer Europe, so knowing there is a war going on in the Middle-east ie. Syria etc. They are using this to their advantage and counting on European sympathy to do so. I am sure there are some that are genuine, but I do not think most of them are, as specially when it is 80% males. That alone would have been a red flag.

      • One of your greatest leaders CJ has this to say and it makes US all sick to know Muslims bowed down to this man as a Prophet. We are no longer ignorant of the Islamic ways.. I could go on and on with examples of how Muslim men treat women but I have no doubt you know exactly how Muslim men treat women.. When we watch a woman stoned to death for rape that was no fault of her own it tells US all what Muslim Men are all about. Even the CAIR President and his filthy comrades from Florida was busted for having sex with 10 to 14 year old girls..forced sex… There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, “taqiyya and kitman.” These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause of Islam – in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them. NOT WORKING ANYMORE..we are aware of what it means when we are told, Islam is a religion of peace, now. ISLAM is a man made religion created by Satan!

        Iran’s former “supreme” leader Ayatollah Khomeini was a beast in the usual Islamic vein. Kohmeini was also a highly respected poet and scholar on the Koran and on Sharia law. He wrote over 200 books and interpretations on the teachings of Islam. Khomeini is revered as a saint.“A man can marry a girl younger than nine years of age, even if the girl is still a baby being breastfed. A man, however is prohibited from having intercourse with a girl younger than nine, other sexual acts such as foreplay, rubbing, kissing and sodomy is allowed.

        A man having intercourse with a girl younger than nine years of age has not committed a crime, but only an infraction, if the girl is not permanently damaged. If the girl, however, is permanently damaged, the man must provide for her all her life. But this girl will not count as one of the man’s four permanent wives. He also is not permitted to marry the girl’s sister.”
        – Ayatollah Khomeini, Tahrir al-Vasyleh, Fourth Edition, Darol Elm, Qom, Iran, 1990.

        “Establishing the Islamic state world-wide belong to the great goals of the revolution.” — Kohmeini, Resalat, 25 March 1988.

        “A man can have sex with animals such as sheep, cows, camels and so on. However he should kill the animal after he has his orgasm. He should not sell the meat to the people in his own village, however selling the meat to the next door village should be fine.” – From Khomeini’s book, Tahrir al-Vasyleh, fourth volume, Darol Elm, Gom, Iran, 1990

        “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. …This girl, however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.” – ”Ayatollah Khomeini in Tahrir al-Vasyleh,” Fourth Edition, Darol Elm, Qom, Iran, 1990.

        • Islam is sick and of the devil!!! Mohammad was a perverted pedophile, sick to the bone!!!! Allah is just another name for Satan!!!!!!

          We should all take the threat of islam and the muslim invasion VERY VERY seriously!!! It is NO joke!!! IT IS REAL AND IT IS HERE NOW!!!!!

          ALL muslims are part of the threat to humanity. Not just the so-called radicals, as all radicals were seen as moderate muslims until their first attack on civilian women and children!!!!!

          Stop islam now!!!! Or die!!!!!

        • The only peace that comes from Islam is the enforced peace of servitude, it is not a willing peace as we know.
          I often wonder why so many black Americans adopt Islam, they cannot know the truth of how Islam spread through Northern Africa….. by the sword!
          I would rather see the current Muslims try to conquer the world by the sword but they know that they’d lose so they are using the naivety, stupidity and kindness of the West to spread their filth.

      • Just like your Mohamed never raped a child you’re living proof that muslim men have sex with dogs and pigs, all of you are demons.

      • Made up! Do you ever actually do something so radical as to read the news!? Are you commenting while sitting in your apartment in Sweden?

        If you’re on meds, I would suggest going back to the doctor since they seem to be back-firing on you.

        • It’s not made up. The Ayatollah penned it, or at the very least dictated it, and it was published. If the Pope had written such material we’d know about it. If the Archbishop of Canterbury had issued such a statement – we’d know about it. There is a sickness running through the world and Islam although but part of this sickness is forefront in it’s evident apparition. It is time for the thinking people of the world to get off their arses and confront all of it or the human race may as well bomb, behead, rape and convert itself into slavery. Governments have let us down. Legislation has let us down. We let ourselves down by ignoring all forms of theological dominance and the one big enemy right now shouting the odds is Islam.

      • CJ if you are looking for some stupid people to fool who will believe that Islam is a religion of peace you are in a wrong place. Infact all the good thing that the BBC and CNN reports about muslims is fake and made up. You and your liberal media cannot hide truth from people anymore. Time will come when every nation will teach their kids about Islam through sites like this.

  38. These disgusting pigs already do think rape is legal. They are already living the sharia life.
    They are the ugliest pig dogs the earth has ever seen. It would be the worst thing to be taped by these ugly pig dogs.

  39. If we would start banning together, then we could actually do something about this. Start with small cells, then we can grow…learn survivalist training and prepping, start arming yourselves, learn archery, and hunting, learn how to use anything and everything as a weapon, start meeting with your like minded friends, a small group at a time. Then those friends invite more friends, then they split off and get more tiny groups, then we all meet up somewhere in our areas, and start the cleansing of anyone that doesn’t want to follow our individual countries founding words…In America that would be the constitution….

    Start slow and then grow…we can take our homelands back people…it will take work, and sacrifices…but if we start now…we can take it back, all the way to our governments.

    • I have been reading so much about the muslims, but no one seems to be banding together just talk over the internet, you said the exact words I couldn’t get out to put in writing. If the muslim’s can find a way to communicate and plan all there inhumane attacks than we have to find a way to do the same, someone must lead, no one can follow if there is no leader that”s what we are missing,

  40. Spain had the Reconquesta…the world needs to do the same. Start by the wild pig project, pigs parts and pig blood on houses and mosques and muslim cemeteries. This is a start. If the women of the “west” are whores then that means they are married to whores and want to be raped…or is that just a misunderstanding. Don’t just call them names…do something…even though guns have been taken away…bows and arrows! Fire/gas is nice! If its your mother, wife, daughter or sister…stop being girly men/politicans. Give them the name and address of the politicians and pictures of wives and daughters. And make it so that no one gets any free stuff until they pay taxes for ten(or more) years. People left north Africa and other Islamic countries thanks to advertisements on computer, papers and radio from somebody who paid lots of money to financially and socially break Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. The only person who thinks he better than….its got to be George Soros(and he has enough money to do so). Google him to see just how evil he is; or, just read one of his books.

    • I’m actually excited for the EU to fall apart. It will keep America currency strong. If someone wants to go work back in Europe the parts that arent completely ruined when the Eu no longer exists it will be easy for Americans to go back and work. But on a different note, you would have thought Europe having dealt with extremism in the recent past would have learned something. No! they havent they are the same naive dolts they were 70-80 years ago. This time however the US isnt coming over to save their butts as all their societies plummet to teh ground and their countries are destroyed. To open the flood gates to the Muslim world in Europe was supremely stupid and teh EU leaders should be hung in their nations capitals for this. Im not a full Trump guy but he has some realistic ideas about the Muslim problem and yes it is a problem. Id say you want to be Muslim go back to teh Muslim countries and go live it there. Get out of North America and Europe as your neurotic cult is toxic and absolute rubbish. Go live that nonsense back in teh ME where it came from. The entire religion and teh Koran has been proven to be nonsense. It’s totally man-made NOT God made. Muslims out of the West and back to your pigstys where you belong.

      • Geoff you are in lala land if you think the US $ can be saved it is already dead, it’s just a matter of time now, if you add up all the government debt and the deficit and the bank derivative that Obama signed the US onto, the debt is around 1.4 quadrillion, you can not pay that back, unfortunately the USA is going down in the next year or to and this will take countries like mine down with it.

        • Your right Neil, I am American and I do not want EU to fall. Not only would we be next it would be the end for all. Luckily many in America use our 2nd Amendment, right to bear arms. We have to fit daily to keep it our liberals believe in foolishness just like in EU. I pray western life wins but, so many choice to stay ignorant. The MB phrase to take over our country is working. It seems the foolish dumb asses populate the majority. I wish you luck in our battle to keep all of the westerners cultures alive and strong. God Bless

  41. It’s quite obvious why Donald Trump’s doing so well in the U.S political polls…people see their Constitution being trampled on by their muslim president,the man they elected who prefers to stand by and observe the oncoming tide of destruction by a religious faction that has no place in civilized society. Unfortunately the poor wretch still has another year in office.I suppose, though,that it would serve freedom loving people the world over to ensure that they are armed well to face what might become a blood bath if steps are not taken to stop this invasion.

    • Unfortunately he will never get in as all the delegates have been bought and paid for and they are the ones who vote who will be you next candidate for POTUS.

  42. 15 years ago, I got a job at a new restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia. The new owners were Muslim family. Before they bought the place it was owned by a very mob smelling Italian family. The son told me that in his country his dad was treated like a king. In the dad’s office was a picture of him with president George Bush Sr.
    They fired me after a week saying that my sweaters were too “low-cut” and a customer complained.
    3 years later I was in Manassas, Virginia which is about 40 minutes south at a 7-11. The father was there and just about spilled his coffee when he saw me. He was dressed like a bum and had paintball splatters all over his clothes. He looked very nervous and was very pissed to of ran into me. He got into a plain non-descript beat up truck though drove a Mercedes to the restaurant.

  43. Nat , it’s horrible I agree and I’m so pissed off that here in Canada we have a new libtard government who is soft and bringing the dirt scum into the country now. All I see is media in regards to how amazing trudeau is to be so kind to help the poor BASTARDS. If you say shit the libtards call you racist bigoted horrible excuse for a citizen of the country. A country in which I was born and raised and have a right to want to keep my family safe!!! I fucking hate them all!!

    • Very true Alicia, and all this is happening is because of the leftists. And it does not help that the lefts and feminists (feminism was good until it was corrupted by the left)
      wage a war on western white men… they are emasculated from birth often by their own mothers and then by the society. Now that Islamization is at our doors we lack strong men to stand with western women and instead we have Trudeau, Hollande and their like. I note that feminists don’t really challenge radical Islam. The reason is that real misogynists are terrifying. It’s safer to blame white men and western culture.

    • Alicia,
      I fight those battles here in the USA. I hate what has happened to my country. It breaks my heart that so many Americans believe in the liberal agenda and want free stuff. In return they are selling out everything that has made us great. I HATE the libtards as well. They are gonna get us all killed.

  44. Once islam infiltrates a society it’s hard to remove. Islam is a hydra(a monster), if you cut one of it’s heads off one or more will grow back. If either ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and so on are completely wiped out another one or two terror groups will fill the void. The only true way to defeat this is to stop bringing the followers of islam into your country and to remove the ones that are there. If you have islam in your country you have a hydra (terrorist factions).

    There are different types of terrorism, the ones we’re most familiar with are deadly and destructive attacks that strike fear into the hearts of the non-muslims the other forms of terrorism comes from individuals or small groups that commit crimes against the non-muslims and only the non-muslims such as murder, rape, child grooming, vandalism, desecration of our places of worship, theft, unprovoked violent attacks, cheating non-believers, cheating the entitlement system of the countries that open their heart and doors to them.

    If you have islam around you then it’s very good chance you or a member of your family have been violated or will be violated in some way or another. We have nothing to gain from these people, they offer nothing to make our countries great, they don’t make our countries safe, they’re not good for tourism, they bring nothing to the table. They get our civilization and everything our civilization has to offer and we get…….?

  45. I hope someone does something soon. Here in America, you can’t say anything about Muslims without being pegged racist, bigoted, xenophobe, etc. It’s got ridiculous, and getting worse! I don’t even go on FB anymore. All you see, is the left spouting nonsense about racism and so on. I’m dreading the future of the world, if it keeps on like this. It’s dismal and dark, thinking about the world taken over by a religion (Islam) so far behind… It’s not even compatible with modernized times. It’s almost as if Islam has taken over all the leaders of the world. If there’s a god, surely he will do something to stop this madness! It’s not racist wanting to protect your country… It’s called sane! The left media here in America is horrible, bending the truth into a lie. Many sheep asleep over here in America!!!

      • Why is it up to God? We have done this to ourselves first, by ignoring our responsibilities as lawful U.S. citizens not watching over our elected REPRESENTATIVES. And second, as suposed followers of Christ – just as the Jews did, as told in the Old Testament. They continually turned away from God and would have to face the consequences of their free-choice – ultimately asking God for forgiveness and returning to Him….only to later turn away again and go through the whole process once again.

        We are going to pay for our slothful, lazy, and lustful errors in living. The heathen Muslims are the debt collectors coming for our women, girls, and boys.

    • Psychopaths have different brains, and therefore it is impossible to make them have the empathy that is needed to NOT RAPE children. That is why they circ babies in an agonizing, brutal way , and why they gang rape young girls in a tortuous , brutal way. Sterilizing the rapists would help to eliminate the passage of the genes for psychopathy, and greatly reduce the world’s population of psychopaths. Inbreeding among the invading psychos would , of course, increase the prevalence of genetic psychos. Sterilization, contraception must be part of the solution. World leader must address the reproduction-sterilization component of the solution.

    • Dear hearts and circles, I’m a Muslim but I don’t believe in raping women/girls who aren’t muslim. People like that deserve to die and get their balls chopped off. They are scum and I certainly don’t call women slags.(p.s. I’m not trying to make you listen to what I’m saying, I’m just trying to say; rape is always wrong and so is murder and people who do should get a spike up there ass and I don’t believe everyone should be muslim etc,. You have a right to your opinion.) thank you.

      • It’s interesting your comment, rarely do we hear Muslims condemn such actions openly at least. We read & hear that this is condoned behavior in Islam, not necessarily condoned on an individual basis, but that there is religious support for such actions against non-Muslims. I think we are being very aggressive in our response in America to what we see happening in Europe, this is good in some respects as we send a clear message of the differences in how our society tolerates such things so as everyone knows what to expect here, I think there’s less cause for concern here for such things simply because we don’t tolerate things Europe will; but, I would be extremely curious what your perspective is on how you believe people immigrating will blend into our society with your knowledge of Islam. If you could please elaborate on whether you were born here in America or if you yourself are an immigrant. We can all hear how non-Muslim Americans see the bigger picture of these issues, but we rarely get the chance to hear what Muslims & immigrants say they think about these issues. What’s the atmosphere in the Muslim community as well? I’ve heard things are simply not discussed in the Muslim
        community the same as they are freely discussed in other groups, I wonder how accurate that is as a reflection of why we don’t hear more about Westernized Muslim opinions? In all fairness, I’m a huge critic of the oppressive nature seen in Islamic culture, I really think Islam is long overdue a reformation & has human rights issues to contend with as it stands, & I think there are religious Muslims & secular Muslims who are the ones that identify with Islam only by default of heritage but are not remotely religious, I would be interested in knowing how you define your beliefs? Could be insightful if you have any comments, thanks.

        • Elizabeth, you are being naive and deceived by these muslims!!!

          The quaran forbids all muslims to criticise the actions of other muslims who act in the name of allah or who acts to promote islam. Klilling, bombings, rape, lies, deceit, etc in the name of allah against the “infidels” are allowed in islam.

          And Americans are NOT so clued up and prepaired against the muslim assult as you think… you have millions of them in the US and even a muslim president!! There are currently more mosques in the US than in the entire Europe and more muslims employed in your armed forces than in any other non-muslim country!!!

          The average American does NOT realise the extend or the impact of this holy war and muslim invation happening right now under your noses in the US!!

  46. It’s ironic that during the crusades that the Muslim pigs were the infidels, and why are they all so dam ugly?

  47. Its time to ANNIHILATE ISLAM FOR GOOD!! I will not tolerate these monsters, If they pull this shit around me Ill kill them.
    These monsters need to be rounded up, Sent back to the Middle East and then nuked repeatedly until the desert is glass.

  48. guyz we have to step up for our sisters, mothers, daughters, wife , girlfriends and our land, it’s our job to potectect the nationhood. If you have to kill em for goods, just kill em. Gods is not going to come kill bad people.We have to become God and finish bad people, don’t wait for God. sorry bad english, go Europe and God bless Europe. From strength kid.

  49. Its not the refugees fault. They are animals. Its our fault (whites) for letting this get out of hand. And our naive libreal mindset that will destroy us. These migrants do not want peace. They want what you have. Then kill you in the process. Dont believe me? Its happening

    • it’s out goverment faults, now the real question is how do we tell it to our government, ain’t so easy, overthrowing moreover.

      • John,

        If you are a U.S. Citizen, then you and I and every other one of our fellow citizens ARE the government….”…a government {OF} the people, {BY} the people and, {FOR} the people…”

        We ALL must wake up and realize this and truly understand what it really means.

        Our future is up to us….always has been.

        • Roger, dont just blame the US government for all of this!!!

          You, the american people, elected a muslim into power!!! Even after 9/11, you voted obama as your president!!! He started all this shit and the rest followed him!!! We are all doomed because of the american’s choice to make a muslim their leader!!

  50. Hey! Muslim pigs – just try and rape me, I’d cut your fn balls off first and spit in your shit-brown eyes White women are a lot tougher and stronger than your wimpy arab girls – we’ll kick your fn heads in.

    • Its time for us to take weapons and give these people a taste of their own medicine. Sad to say, but its required to eliminate even the new born to cut the evil from the roots because every one of them has Islamic mutant DNA in them. Will have to join forces to ensure that this population does not grow in Canada.

    • Muslim scum….in the U.S. There are REAL men still! Try hurting a woman in my presence and you’ll be talking down the barrel of my .45. Say hello to my lil friend!

      • This is why Sweden invented the Mossberg Shotgun, yet even though they are sold around the world (as terrorists can buy them in America), the innocent people of Sweden are made defenseless against rapes and attack on their borders. In Jordan I killed so many god damned camel fuckers, yet came to America to see radical Islamization (they call it assimilation yet the Muslims pass Sharia Law and change our culture). Now America has Houda singing, “Chew Tabbacco Chew tobbaco spit,” on the Today show. It makes me sick as I have tried to explain that even if it isn’t a radical militant faction (as 99% are), Islam is a pedophilic religion that promises as translated, “72 pre-pubescent virgins of either gender. Some sects (ISIS) chains little boys to bed posts and keeps them as sex slaves, yet after trillions spent “fighting terrorism” an American soldier was punished for “assaulting a Muslim who had a 10 year old boy chained to his bed. Are we retarded we are we letting the SS Handschar sand niggers attack us if we are supposed to be protecting ourselves? Stand up to the Muslim invaders and the European and American governments led by Obama, Soros, and now Merkel- just like you would stand against the policies of Stalin or Hitler. I let any Muslim, Sharia Law nigger, femicide Illegal Spic, Asian Mongoloid rapist, etc. know how unwelcome they are in the presence of me or my children or any white woman. The only people to hear my “war stories” in graphic bloody details are the Muslims who sell cigarettes and alcohol in a chemical Jihad. I will open them up like I am Turkey Hunting!!!!! I spit on them; tell to go back to hell; and even caught one trying to snatch a 12 year old boy near Bidwell Park in Chico, CA. The little white boy was stuttering, “their terrorists.” That’s all he could manage to say as I smashed the car window with a rock. The local Marine recruiter is a Muslim!!!! In America the New Black Panther Party attacks targets on American soil yet our military does nothing!!!!! What is going on????? Why does the media inundate us with terrorist propaganda yet suppress the truth???????

        • I am American too. I want nothing more then for pur country to reverse everything Obama has done to our laws and the minds of the libtards. I wish things where like they where during pur Revolution with the Brits. Now our leaders have their own small Army. The people need to figure out how to truly unit and really fight back to take our country and culture back.
          I do not know how. I conceal carry to protect my own. I am willing, ready to fight back for our country now!

    • Our new prime minister here in canada is bringing in 25000 refugees by February 2016. He is just as much of a moron as the refugees he is letting come here. There is a reason nobody wants to take them in. Canadians are very stupid. Peacekeepers? Or stupid? I will be glad to welcome these ignorant pieces of sht to our country with my rifles. They do not belong in our country. None of them do. They belong in a cage or dead. Cant change evil! The only people to welcome these morons will be our government. Our women will not be safe. Thanks canadian government. I will be waiting for them. I will die for and protect any canadian i see in trouble. Id love to be face to face with these animals.

      • I HEARD YESYERDAY ON THE RADIO COULD BE CLOSER TO THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND BY FEB 2016 !! I am sickened by the thought of these parasites coming into my country . Just to be clear I did not vote for that pussy trudeau ! Two ,why the hell are our military who stand for our country and protect us being forced by this little shit to move out of their beds to allow this scum to move in??? Trudeau is kicking them out of their own beds to give these pigs a bed to sleep ?? Are you fucking kidding me !!! My best friend got a letter the other day from the government and I read it first hand. It’s bad enough bringing them here and putting our country at risk but now your treating our military and veterans this way!!! Shame on the Canadian government and any idiot who voted justin trudeau into office. BTW fact is the men and women who protect our home land and serve our country have been sent emails to shut them up because they are furious over this refugee crisis. They ARE CONCERNED ABOUT THE COUNTRIES SAFTEY yet they are ORDERED to shut up , told they DO NOT HAVE A VOICE Well I’m not owned by the Canadian government and I have no problem being the voice for the men and women who have no voice but when shit hits the fan will be expected to back the country where their government put us all in harms way.
        WAY TO GO CANADA WE HAVE A REAL WINNER LEADING OUR COUNTRY NOW !! I am a proud canadian but let’s face it our country is fucked .

        • America is the same way…. Take in any Muslim with a pulse. If you say anything, you’ll be ridiculed and called a racist. We are taking in refugees too… Unfortunately! I hate to see our countries go to hell, but what can one really do? It fucking sucks.

          • Our government has endangered all of us for generations to come. My children and my children’s children will have to live in a police state to keep the muslims in line until the day their numbers have grown large enough to make us refugees.

  51. Mass rape epidemic coming across europe. Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, France among others. A 7 years old child was raped by refugee’s in a small town in Germany, Two 19 year olds were raped in Brussels….Your letting in a minority of people that will make ireland the ir home, by doing what they have been brought up to do in their own countries where women are pieces of property. There are countless statemments by refugee’s that they will rape western women in order to re-populate the west with their bloodlines.

    4,000 refugees to be welcomed in Ireland…I didn’t see any petitions, no protests to stop them…..Nothing!!!

    OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYE’S – This IRISH man will be defending his bloodlines with brutal concequences to anyone that puts his family or any female (bloodline or not) in harms way!

    • The good thing about Irish men is that they are mostly still men and will bring the pain where it is required.

      • How will you defend? By typing behind a keyboard, going to the pub, watching Ireland got Talent? Go out and do something about it, organize yourselves, protest in public. Just talking on websites will accomplish nothing.

        • Spot on Pula!!! Western civilized people will fight this holy war using social media and web postings, while the muslim savages use real guns with real bullet and real bombs!!! We only wrote some words as our defence against their bloody murderous attacks!!! We talk, they KILL!!!

          Who do you think will be victorious???

    • I’m British AND European and FEEL Euro. I am over 60 and I am proud that Naziism was repelled all those years ago. So WE Are Not Nazi. But we should unite to keep our shores safe from those who would spread the cowardly and deadly deeds of terrorism.

      Why should our leaders insist on our not reacting with anger when these bastards openly attack our society?

      • We can’t wait for our “leaders” to help us and stop this insanity. It’s time for we the people to take action to protect each other and our countries!

    • Too bad it’s all lies. I happen to be German, and to live in Germany, schönen guten Tag auch, Du “Bessermensch”.

      This is one of the worst articles I’ve read in a while. Proves once more that every idiot can run a website and people will just buy it, “oh, so this must be from a journalist, so it must be true.”.

      It’s 100% lies, made up by right-winged Germans, and German neonazis, who we, the majority of Germany, despise by the way. It’s nazi propaganda that’s been proven wrong, and the mentioned newspapers never reported articles like that.

      Whoever endorses this article might as well out themselves as a member of the KKK, because that’s the kind of people who are unfortunately spreading these lies in Germany.

      • Oh, I see Merkel has sent another one of her pro-muslim flunkies to BNI. There have quite a few of you leftist scum here in the past 2 days. Don’t waste your time. Merkel can’t get this blog off the internet like she’s doing to anti-Islam bloggers in Germany.

      • What you talking about? German girls have been raped in recent months and we told to keep quiet by police. The media didn’t want to report these crimes. The rapists that were caught only got a few years in prison as well.

      • So what you are saying that you love that your culture and traditions be diluted with these muslims that come to your country and do nothing to mix with your culture? You are a blind piece of shit.

      • I also live in Germany. I say Bullshit if you don’t see it coming. In the radio and in the new every day is something about the refugees. Rapes, sexual harassment and so on. These people want to take over and if Germany don’t watch out in the next 20 yrs there won’t be any Germans left.

        • European civilians must unite and form militias, You must use militias to push back these monsters.
          I wish I could help, If America had a good administration then we would have already sent the USMC over to help ya.
          I hate the US government, Worthless scumbags most of them.

  52. Not my place, but couldn’t help make the following half-odd-dozen observations: [i] there are drastic differences between the mainstream ways of life (MWL elsewhere) north of lat 40 deg (N) and south of it. The distinctions are definitely not limited to religion. While there are pockets elsewhere that are seriously “mixed” ergo culturally “liberated” and while there just might be a global socio-economic-cultural mainstream dominated by “north of 40 deg N” mores, nothing, however good or evil, is immutable. Or invincible. [ii] Large scale migration of people (as opposed to migration or flow of capital or culture) is always associated with serious consequences. The nature of the consequences, as (also) the nature of the epochal decisions that trigger such flows is irrelevant. What counts is whether the system absorbing the inflows is comprehensively prepared to manage them. If management is sub-optimal (w.r.t. the welfare of the endemic groups there) it is completely likely that some backlashes will occur. History demonstrates this unequivocally. [iii] The standards of personal freedom common in the West, just like the standards of theological/spiritual liberalism common in post Anglo-Vedantic Hindu India, might, in the context of such population inflows, become a clear weakness for endemic populations. [iv] The nature of immigrant populations is the primary concern. Clearly, the least bothersome immigrants (w.r.t. the continued welfare, as is, of endemic groups in the host nation/continents) are (likely to be) those with technical-academic skill-sets required by the host country economy. This polytomy is hardly immaculate, but the most bothersome are (likely to be) the hapless folk who immigrate as refugees but evolve as parasitic abominations. [v] The endemic root cause of all this is simply that the West faces a peculiar problem – rapidly ageing populations, and, unbelievably, severe flaws in higher education leading to a drastic shortage of highly skilled (endemic) workforces. So, sans immigration, the West would have to choose between a drastic fall in standards of technology and living, and drastic investment in public infrastructure in tech education. Macro-economic reality, clearly, has zero tolerance for religious sentiment, however true and righteous. [vi] The backlash against Islam is impolitic. The typical Mussalman anywhere undergoes due vocational training, works 10-5 or more to make a living, subscribes to the usual sources of infotainment and dies predictably uneventfully leaving a normal cluster of grieving survivors behind. The foremost truth about radical Islam is, therefore, trite! It is lack of education. So the global North could team up to save itself by killing Moslems. Or it could team up and lead the world to salvation by killing third world illiteracy and/or lack of education.

  53. I have friends and family who are muslim and they are mortified at these scum! Set up some machine gun turrets and just gun the fuckers down where they stand. Islam will NEVER rule and will NEVER be taken seriously by non-muslims. DEATH TO ISLAM, DEATH TO MOHAMMAD THE PEDOPHILE, DEATH TO ALL WHO RAPE WOMEN AND CHILDREN BECAUSE THEY THINK ISLAM ALLOWS IT!!
    Any muslims who don’t like this sentiment can talk to my .45 Colt!

    • That’s nice sentiments. BUT the law and mentally ill authorities are ruling from a 100% non-racist platform which cannot stand up against the slime – so they do and get away with this madness.

  54. I stand with Donald Trump on immigration, but please the islamic bastards have no place in an civilize society. Kill them. Make it easy for women to own gun. Second Amendmennt is great.

    • Unfortunately it is our scum mass media that is hiding the truth from us by trying to give us the impression that these Muslim invaders are poor refugees.
      I recently met an Arab immigrant who said bluntly that ” We come to your country to f-ck your women”.
      Many European women also fall for the trap of marrying these Muslims, I know several personally. Their sole aim is to get European citizenship by marrying a European woman.
      80% of these Muslim immigrants are male. Muslim women are not allowed to marry a non-Muslim.
      Time for Europeans to wake up and teach Europeans the truth behind this Muslim invasion. Hopefully this will start with Lepin being elected French President next year., as indications are showing. This will be followed by other European nations electing extreme Right politicians to govern. This is an unfortunate backlash which our scum Liberal politicians have themselves created by allowing this Muslim invasion of Europe and even encouraging it.

    • Jesus Christopherson, you are nuts. I’m all to ban muslims who don’t want to integrate (meaning all of them) but kill them, and everyone armed to the teeth is a bit of a stretch. We simply should not take them in on the fact that they do not want to change to the environment they want to live in the the new host country. And donald trump is a bit of a nutter too. Whats he got against Mexicans? If it wasn’t for the Mexicans who the hell would do the shit jobs in the USA? The mexicans are the least of the worlds problems at this time.

      • No!! Everyone single person in the US, Europe , Canada and Australia needs to be armed at all times.
        Fucking muslims are doing shootinfs left right and center all over the damn place. They need to be removed from society… permanently.

      • Hey pula you need to do some fact checking! I live in San Antonio Texas! And I have a total of nearly 15 combined years of operating heavy construction equipment. And my last name is Shull not Sanchez. And I hunted for two months in one of the most prolific areas for construction in the whole USA. And could not get a job! But every time you stop by a job site. They have another no English speaking wet back piece of shit operating a excavator or dozed. For fucking peanuts!!!

  55. found this article a few years ago and kept it, very extreme i think but who knows,
    “i think all muslim should be ban from wearing any clothing whatsoever in Europe and every non-muslim country, the second they step in non-muslim soil, they should be strip completely naked, check thoroughly for any conceal weapon and must remain completely naked during their stay, for the muslim citizen the same thing should be done, authority must confiscate their clothes and make sure they stay completely naked all the time think about it, this will definitely thwart of any attempt of terrorism because the fanatics will never step inside a non-muslim country. the fanatics inside the country will definitely leave, the muslim who wish to stay will definitely have to shed their fanaticism and become more inhibit last of all this law will do wonder for non-muslim since there will be less and perhaps no fear of muslim anymore… is this not a great idea”

    • Interesting concept, but learn to use capitalization and punctuation. Annoying to wade through goobledegook run-on sentences without caps and periods. 🙂

  56. Europeans defend your nations and continent for its continuing culture while you can. Remove your political leaders by vote or civil war. Put them on trial after their conviction, hang them to death.

  57. few more years in translation tech and the rest of us will hear the vulgarity said openly, i also think its funny seperating chinese from asian… arabs arent asian … why let them immigrate? they dont work, and teach their children the same…

    in western culture we have romeo & juliet…..
    this a story of love in islam between muslim tribes:

    “Another man stamps on her face. Someone kicks her in the stomach. Police officers stand idly by, some of them apparently enjoying the spectacle as much as anyone else.”

    so if theyre THAT intolerant of eachother…how intolerant are they to everyone else?
    is this okay to you?

    • even shakespare’s macabre can’t hold a candle… do arabs (and yeah the chaldeans call themselves and muslims together arabs in Caliph ornia) hold public forums debating this shit? FAHK NO! they’ll play the victim card till their soviet bought briefcase explodes.

    • ive never-ever seen muslims talk to muslims about tolerance. and as far as the jewish immigration vs the muslim immigration… the term ‘ghetto’ comes to mind… and yes i know what im talking about, after all i live in “little baghdad” ec california.

      so i consider jewish ghettos, and my dumpy apartment everytime i see the mansions on baghdad ct, el cajon ca (google map it) and the buisness grants, that my taxes funded.. while my only uncle lives homeless in downtown san diego.

      huge buisness grants? YES! google “liqour store” in el cajon and check the proprietors names. how much skill would running a liqour store require? none it sells itself.

      the mayor was not lying.

      sorry to stray off topic, but it gets worse…

      eur’ next.

  58. Women are not taught Aikido or Sambo or Krav Maga.
    If they were …. rapes would not happen and the rapist attempter would not have any have thumbs. It is difficult to rape someone when you are screaming in pain due to broken off thumbs.
    I can only guess that their parents don’t really care about them.

    • Many American women learn self defense so what rock have you been under all this time?Aikido,Sambo and Krav maga are all effective,for the most part,on the street but Dim Mak is even better.Pressure Point awareness and application can help immeasurably in a self defense situation.You still must understand that no martial art is 100 % effective in every situation and therefore your greatest defense is awareness of your surroundings and never being complacent or under estimating your adversary.

      • Yeah that’s it, they just don’t care.. or maybe it’s not as necessary because in America, rapists are prosecuted and or murdered for the rapes and crimes against humanity that they commit

    • How long have men been importing third world women into the country? Mail order BRIDES, not grooms. Men control every country, not women.

      Most men don’t give a crap how women are treated.

      • I don’t see too many women caring about EX husbands getting divorce raped and stripped of their homes,money,jobs. Not getting to see their own kids and now more reluncent to marry.

  59. Europe is history, hopefully this mess will be stopped. Really hard to believe they actually let them enter the EU. Time for the IDF to teach the EU how to deal with the infestation, now threatening civilization.

    • Politically , who pushed the policy’s that flooded Europe with non-Europeans? The Europeans don’t need your leadership, it cuased the problem in the 1st place and was intentional.

    • Why should any woman have to live in fear because her government purposely
      brought in Muslims who despise her ? This is pure insanity
      Write , call , protest , put up signs . We will NOT stand for this . Men
      please do the same . Stand by your wives and daughters .

      • ohh now you want men to stand by you? Like you stand by them. You can’t have it both way darling. Maybe you should tall your feminist friends to stuff it next time they bash your men.

  60. It’s really time the people of the EU and woke up and smelt the Shit that has arrived in their country since Frau Merkel laid out the red carpet to the Muslim that claim to be refugees, when all they are is scum that is invading the EU, and Frau Merkel invited them in, and now the rest of the EU is starting to see the consequences of and open door policies is when you have Rapist, Paedophiles, thieves and Murderers running rampant through out your country claiming Asylum and refugee status, when they are raping your Daughter, Sisters, and Mothers, I know what I would do if one of these so called Refugees touched any female member of my family, I would tie them down to a bench spread eagle the legs, and then I would put them into the middle of a Pig Style and cover him in Pig Swill and let the pigs feed

    • We as Canadians can only sit back and watch the outcome that all theese loser governments produce there should be zero tolerance when in Rome live and dress as the Romans or face the same violence and transgressions back if they can’t abide by the law go the fuck back to your own country who gives a fuck about the genocide and or ethnic cleansing once it’s all said and done it just means there will be more land and resources for the rest of the world to exploit


    • I want to castrate every damn Moslem male that even thinks about raping a western woman.Lets create a mountain of severed moslem genitalia and show the stinking demented moslem bastards that they will pay a terrible price if they get out of line.I would support rounding them up,stripping them naked and then locking them inside their mosques and incinerating them inside.if you rape a western woman,you die,moslem infidel.Kill and exterminate moslems for they are a disease nurtured by leftist scum government and leftist Quisling media bent on the destruction of White people.We must eradicate leftist media,leftist government and the muzzrats.You must cut off a finger to save a hand so their blood must flow!

      • I favor a catch Geld/Spay and release program myself.
        Really. What do they have to offer to a once polite society?

        I haven’t read of any good things being created from any country near the equater. The further north you go the smarter and harder working the societies become.

        The refugees should be housed in victorian workouse conditions and made to work and work hard for their food and housing.

      • Once again I just see a bunch of bullshit comments with NO actual substance!!

        Castrated muslim men can and will still kill!!!!!

        None of you get the actual point here…. muslims are taking over the world as their quaran demands of them to do!! They will stop at nothing to either convert or kill all infidels. Muslims are instructed by the quran to strike at the necks of the infidels in the name of allah. Muslims are thus trained and programmed to infiltrate, convert or kill from birth!!

        And you all think that social media posts and public demonstrations will stop these barbarian savages????

        Fighting against AK-47 assault rifles and bomb vests using media posts will not win this holy war!!! Muslims will win the war while we sit and type more posts!!!

        • It is good to make comments. Letting the world know that their beliefs are not alone. Connecting with like minded people around the world. Just like the muslims. We must support each other as well. Europe needs to fight for their right to protect themselves like here in America. My AR15 will kick their shitty guns ass. The belief that your not alone in hating these fucks is powerful. Now, take that power to protect.

    • I I Think it is imperative that all moslem males be castrated and that a mountain of severed moslem genitalia be created that will serve as evidence of our noble intentions to eradicate every vestige of Islam and the Moslem cult worship.Let us nuke Mecca,Medina and much of Saudi Arabia and slaughter millions of these Moslem cockroaches and rape their women and butcher their males.In addition to exterminating the muzzrats let us exterminate the leftist Quisling migrant supporting media and governments as well.Merkel is a traitor to the German people and must be held to account for all her crimes.

    • Why I would do it for free, as any real man would do, who thought the female members of their family was at risk from the likes of scum like this

    • You give me an address to collect at, and I’ll start sending scalps. We learned a lot of fun stuff from fighting the natives we used to have on this continent, and we have plenty of pissed off Americans ready to let the mussulmen go the way of the buffalo.

  61. It is prophecy France will fall first then Spain will be destroyed the whole of Europe will be devastated, England will be brought down to the lowest human level possible by the evil Muslim’s then they will take over America and enslave the people and will have power for a long long time. You all are witness to the infiltration of your countries they will also have inside help from paid traitors with in your governments. People who call themselves Jews will mock and be overjoyed at the fall of the western world, but Muslims will turn on them and annihilate them. All your traitorous leaders will flee and hide but they will be hunted down and beheaded by the Muslim’s. Every country in the world will be effected not one country will escape this includes Australia and New Zealand. This is prophecy but don’t forget prophecies were given so that there would be a chance to change them. Don’t let your self imposed leaders take you down the road to destruction. I found this prophecy some time ago and it looks like its coming true. To the bleeding hearts of the world there are more than enough sad sick people in your own countries that are desperately in need of help and if you are Christians and not some infiltrator pretending to be Christian then you will know that charity begins at home.

  62. I will execute, with extreme prejudice, anyone trying to harm my family or has the intent of committing a sexually abusive crime to anyone I know….without warning!

  63. I find this whole thing utterly ridiculous and stupid. Why are people so brainwashed to believe that it is ok to bring hordes of brutal barbarians hell bent on dominating and killing your people into your country out of some neurotic and misguided notion of compassion? These governments are feeding their own people to the wolves. It’s evil. It’s criminal. These governments must be overthrown. They are committing a form of genocide toward their own innocent citizens. I find this the most repugnant display of humanity I’ve ever seen. On the one hand you have this vicious barbaric group out of the stone ages who worship a child rapist and murderer….and you have a supposed civilized democratic government who sets these brutal monsters upon their people…and then punish their people for finding fault by calling them racist. I don’t know which is worse. My God…has the world gone mad? These “refugees” do NOT belong in Europe. They are incompatible to say the least. You are in NO WAY non compassionate by turning them away. They do not merit living in a civilized society. They are lions and you are doves. You cannot subsist together. Who cares what the world thinks. Who cares what the bankers think or whatever is behind this madness. Innocent Germans are being RAPED FOR NO REASON. The government raped them. The German people need to realize….they have no government that represents them. They are going to have to fight both their government AND the monsters. This is worse than Nazi Germany. If I was a German….I’d want to capture my leaders and feed them to the hordes.

      • Whgy? Because you let it happened. How, Over time you put people in power that are weak, that sympathise with everyone and everything. You have homosexuals all over the place with pride parades, everyone is insulted by everything, can’t speak ones mind without being attacked. So what did you think will happen. The savages noticed and took advantage of the weakness of the west. Fucking idiots. Why is this happening.

  64. I find all this $h!t very amusing. ‘Cause I’m Jew. I live in Israel, and have to cope with this bull$h!t on daily basis. And yet still, the world painting the Israel as generic “bad guy” clown. They probably think that the Muslims in Israel are gentle docile creatures, and all the savages are flooding the Europe. Not so. The savages stayed in the native countries to fight “occupation”. The ones who left, are spineless ones. And they still manage to bend down the Europe and bone them in the culo. I’m waiting for the moment when the war in Syria will be over, probably because there would nothing be left to destroy, and all those really heavy radical Islamists will flood Europe. It’s not a “would they flow”, it’s a “will flow”, just a matter of time. Then the real fun will begin. And many countries will feel on their own a$$ the true nature of “Allah inspired people”.
    Many politicians forget simple life rule. Survival of the fittest. You don’t reason with rabies infected stray dog, you shoot him. You can’t reason with with someone who takes your will to reason, as a weakness sign. From first hand experience of an ex-military trooper myself, i can say, only a smack in the head calms them down. Not for long though.

    • Unfortunately, the spineless european leaders do not want to see the reality they have right before their eyes. Whistle – blowers are branded “racist”, ” xenophobes”, fascists, and so on.

      • Of course the leaders don’t want to admit anything. Do you think any of those leaders, family members and friends have to live in the same neighborhoods as you and I with the savages that are being allowed in. They will never meed them eye to eye even after they get out of politics.

      • Id rather look into their eyes. Then the last thing the get to see before it goes black. Is whitey standing over them.

    • Danni, not all countries think your nation is evil. I am American even I have been called Obama’s enemy. Right now here in the USA, I feel our medicine has changed it from survival of the fittest to survival of the dumbest. I think here many fellow Americans are freaking stupid. I hope they snap out of it for our Election in 2016. I stand with Israel and I pray Israel will always be their own Nation/State.
      God Bless

    • Yes, you are correct in saying that Jewish people are intelligent, civilized and the kindest people on the planet. How can they not be? The Book upon which their morality originates is both sound and true. Quite unlike the poor Islamic lot. Very sad, Islam is, first because their teaching originates from an uneducated, unrefined
      and intellectually deprived camel trader. One who thought nothing of killing, raping, and stealing, so what we are witnessing, plainly enough, in the disgusting Islamic immigrant situation in Europe is vey simply people reflecting their embarrassing origins. You tend to smell like a barnyard when you hang out in a barnyard. Jews, on the other hand, are clean and wholesome because their Book is clean and wholesome. The poor Islamic fellow rapes and murders because their founder raped and murdered. It’s really very simple. One religion is beautiful, pure, clean and wonderful to be around. The other is shady, morally impure, blatantly cruel and unfit for human consumption.

    • Disavow the Liberal-Progressive-Marxist Jews who push the open borders agenda that has created this problem.
      Jews, stop voting for the slime who will sell their country out for votes. In short, stop voting for Democrats and Neo-conservative Republicans.
      Jews who cooperate with Islam are betrayed and slaughtered. Muhammad massacred Jews who were his allies.

  65. Europeans are stupid in letting animals into their countries, just because they show their dead cubs by the seaside. Probably they killed their kids themselves. When will you people realize that this religion and people who worship them is like a cancer to the world. IF you don’t FXXX them on the spot, you are allowing them to spread like a disease. And the German is covering up for them? Is it worth it? They should be governed by Marshal Law!

  66. Muslims by way of their religious teachings can never live with non-muslims. I hope German will repatriate them back to hell hole once Russia bombed the shit out of ISIS terrorist. I am sure the terrorist already infiltrated the refugee camps by the thousands to escape the bombing. Germans be warned.

  67. For 1,400 years of rape , genocides and hijacking of civilizations was carried out in the name of your k faith. Dream on you, the end of the days will see the Infidels nuking you. The only language spoken in hell will be Arabic.

  68. Why are the leaders in Europe sleeping amidst this destructive, debase, violent, ignorant, abhorrent giant? And they are still opening the doors?? Where is the protection. Raping children?? Why is the EU doing this? Muslims are and will change the face of Europe. Peace has gone. Where are the true leaders?

    • sidah, they are there and rising…especially as the muslim garbage keeps piling up. Switzerland’s anti-immigration party just won the most number of seats in Parliament. The others will soon follow.



  71. there is not good muslims or bad muslims muslims are muslims just like a good terrorist and bad terrorist…..must read history of india…….must read reason of partition of india.(pakistan(……..whatever they are doing in siriya(isis) is not first time they also done this thing in past in country like some part of china,india,indonesia,somalia etc…….must read history……they are very cruel.mercyless..illiterate……

    • Yes we know. These thugs are practicing love jihad in India where they convert Hindu, Sikh and Christian girls to Islam. Islam is not a religion, it is an evil political system to destroy mankind. They are trying to practice love jihad in UK too. Shame on those Hindus and Sikhs and Christians who support Islam. We should join forces to defeat Islam once and for all.

  72. Germany,no matter how many refugees u take in it will never amend ur Nazi history so send the rats back to the hole they crawled.we must stop this takeover

  73. I know several good, hard working Muslims. However, I am worried that if their numbers are allowed to grow that problems will start to arise. I think that most Muslims do want to live peacefully BUT they are too afraid to stand up to the Islamic radicals. The radicals are willing to kill anyone, even themselves, in order to stop anyone from opposing this. And westerners are too afraid because they don’t want to be called bigots. So in the end, no one in western society is willing to fight for the countries that are currently free. I personally would never go on TV and say how fundamentally evil Islam is and how Mohammed was an illiterate mass murderer because I wouldn’t want to have my head chopped off. I’m not joking, I would genuinely worry about that happening to me.

    • Fear is what they want from you. Arm yourself. Learn all you can on how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Never roll over for these pucks. You are stronger then you think. No, last thing I want is to be raped by one of these pigs or my head cut off. I won’t either. I arm myself. I love my 2nd Amendment Right. I use it daily. No obe will hurt my kids with out being turned to Swiss cheese. They won’t have the chance to cut my throat or touch my kids. If you live in America arm yourself. If not in the USA find away to protect, defend, and protect every hair on your kids head. It is your duty as a women and mother. If not a mother yet, you will be.

    • These “good, hardworking” Muslims will not lift a finger to help you defend your family from the jihadists.

      • “Good muslims”???? Are you insane or just brain dead????????

        Every single muslim reads from the same koran!!! Every single muslim gets the same instructions from psycho mohammad and every single muslim worships satan who made himself known to mohammad as allah!! Satan does NOT want any peace or harmony!!! Only destruction and death!!! Hence the islamic/satanistic movement that is upon us all!!!

        Muslims are taught to lie and deceive since birth!!!! And YOU fell for it with your “good muslims”!!! WAKE UP YOU FOOL!!!

        • Spot on.

          At,Majid Rafizadeh has written an article–It Is The Duty Of Muslims To Speak Out–11/07/2016.

          Everyone must read this.

  74. Describing the palace of Ottoman ruler Bayezid (1389-1402) in Brousse, historian Dorcas notes:

    “there one could find carefully selected boys and girls, with beautiful faces, sweet young boys and girls who shone more brightly than the sun. To what nations did they belong? They were Byzantines, Serbs, Walachians, Albanians, Hungarians, Saxons, Bulgarians, and Latins. Each of them sang songs in his own language, although reluctantly. He himself (the sultan) unceasingly gave himself over to pleasure, to the point of exhaustion, by indulging in debauchery with these boys and girls” (Angelov p 489, Bulgaru p567)

    • They came as immigrants , suck the welfare given by the host breed excessively as they grow in numbers impose no go zone, sharia law and overthrow the host

  75. Hardships is being faced by German . how many days will German has to faced wwhat is remedy – – – – – – ?

    • The German government has asked and demanded of their willing voters that Europe must and will be infested with hundreds of millions of invaders and parasites.
      These are the facts.

  76. There will come a time when we in the west drop all this political, culturally sensitive nonsense, and settle the issue the old fashioned way.

    I am looking forward to it.

  77. never too late to castrate muslims just sterilise the feckers it needs to be done to stop their stupity of destroying the planet, oh am not racist i just hate monsters that want to change my way of life but in a nasty way

  78. Imagine a world 100% under muslim rule – one islamic faction would turn against the other when they run out of ppl to jihad against.

  79. This is perhaps the greatest time for us Muslims.We have clear single point mandate to spread Islam across the planet. With this current development (the so called refugee crisis.ohh how I love this set up) we are going to spread out to the most important regions and countries of the world that still remain unconquered. Namely Europeam countries like Germany France UK, further west USA. To the east- the great developing countries of Russia , India and China and further east Australia .our goal is that every child born 60-100years from now in all these above unconquered huge countries should be a Muslim. Pls understand this is our only goal. One PLanet- One religion-ISlam. No Christians, NO Jews,NO Buddhists,No Hindus, NO atheists. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.REspect to world leaders like Angela Merkel, cameron and Obama to make this happen
    I suggest to eachnone of yoy to just fall in line peacefully or else incidents like the one above will become routine and a daily part of life which will slowly even stop shocking you.

    • BRING IT ON RAGHEAD. If you think the Crusades were bad, wait til you see what we do to you this time. All the Muslim ass-kissing politicians you love will soon be replaced by anti-Muslim warriors.

    • not if we get rid of human rights allah we will have your knackers cut off so ya cant breed no more your the devil an yous know yous are it will only end in one way the extinstion of the human race because yous cant live like humans your the monster of anarchy which is good for nothing

    • You will never take over the northern countries. Us northerners area different breed then most of the world. From hillbillies, lumberjacks,truckers,rednecks,christians,oilfield workers,hunters, and the good old native american/Canadians. In fact I invite you to try and sexually assult any woman of any age and race here. Our wolf packs will dine on your balls and your beliefs. May the Lord be with you to hell with Allah and from a true canadian merry fuckin Christmas bring it on you goofs

      • Said by a real Northern, where the women are as tough as the men, and can shoot just as good and not afraid to pull the trigger, take note we believe in God we pray we go to church we help our friends and we tend ti the poor and the sick. we are kind hearted but and I say but,make no mistake we re well aware of whats going on and we are ready for what ever comes

    • Pride cometh before a fall, Moa. In 60-100 yrs. you will have been purged from the earth. Silly, “little ” men with teeny weeny peenies! All talk. We have too many Hispanics in the US. You’ll never outbreed us. And unlike you asslifters, our men fight for real. Bring it on!

      • Well, it’s true. Not only that but our people, men and women alike, can spend 12-18 hrs a day working in the fields and STILL come home and make love. Asslifter apparently thinks that he has more physical prowess because he can copulate. Our men kill if there’s even a hint that their women have been disrespected (and that’s AFTER) putting in a hard day’s labor and making love!! They read this s –t from people like him and they laugh!! Man couldn’t survive an hour doing what Latino men and women do! That’s why they have their women genitally mutilated. It’s not about the woman’s honor, it’s about theirs. A real man can please his woman. They can’t, so they sexually alter them to protect their own reputations! If they ever had to please a real woman, it would kill them! They’re so weak and lazy that they can’t even do THAT right!

        • Emma some old school white men are hard workers and great lovers too. We have always shared our land, homes, friendship with latino’s here in America. We will fight these nasty goat fuckers together. They have no chance.
          God Bless you

    • I sincerely hope you all make it West to the US…the 2nd Amendment will take care of this nonsense…we, American women don’t take crap from NOBODY…bring it on, Dude

    • Listen boy, when you’re in our lands we are your overlords, we are the new allah and you are pig shit on our shoes. Your demonic cult is stupid and anyone who is a part of it is ignorant. You are nothing to us except cheap labor. Most of us see you as completely worthless and as we who think like that come to power the sooner the cleansing process will begin. In due time more countries will be like Hungary. Fast forward to the near future: European countries send allied soldiers to neighboring countries to help round up every damn one of you for disposal.

    • If it’s the greatest time for Muslims, why can’t it happen in your own country or are Muslims ashamed of their country and religion so much they try and create a dominance over others. Countries should be ruled by their own people and laws made from them. The UK, however is such a forgetful and forgiving country and the sort that would unknowingly allow this to its own. A UK citizen would be put away for rape upon anyone, regardless of their religion. The UK has also lost its backbone regarding the state of the country and have lost faith in those British, believing those who come over to live make more of a difference to the economy. Whilst, in Muslims eyes.. They have totally different motives and it’s too late to take action as its already happening…

    • Messenger, the whole world will be Muslim? How will airheads like you run the world when your only interest is to inflict as much misery on others as you can, when Muslim babies are so deformed due to marrying cousins, they are kept away from public view?
      Muslims crave respect, most not even knowing what the word means. Do you really think that civilised people want to grovel to an unseen spectre five times a day, showing their butt cracks and more to the world. Respect? You are a source of fun.
      If only you could see your own backsides.

    • You come to MY town, where 99% of the people are Christians. We are hunters, stalkers as well. lets see you stand up and say this in front of MY town! Our women would take great joy in giving you the reception you deserve. Your prophet is FALSE. There is NO messiah except for Jesus Christ. YOUR false prophet raped little children. The good thing about you is, we would smell you coming a mile away, you people stink like the back end of a pig. In fact. thats where our women will bury you, in the local pig farm, where you belong.

    • …I am a Christian, and I see what your religion stands for and who it stands against, Jesus Christ, God, the heavens and the followers of Christ…Conquest is one of the 4 horsemen and it’s rider is islam, thing I want to also point out is you don’t see Christians and Jews going on a holy war with others and forcing them to convert or die and conquering theur lands do you? We Christians will expose islam for what it is and whom your actually worshipping, look at your people’s land in the middle east war, destruction, and chaos you people claim to be fighting for God whom you call allah, and claim that islam is peaceful but it is only peaceful when you are not at war with those you are not tolerant of. Do you really know who was the quote ruler of the earth? Lucifer, that old serpent known as the deceiver of the earth which was cast out of heaven and unto the earth unlong with his angels who rebelled against God the heavens…Prophecy will show islam and the kingdoms of the world who choose to wage war against King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ is coming back for the bride and those whom continue to have faith in him….

    • Messenger, thanks for sharing your game plan fella… Now we know and can warn others not to accept false friendships, cries of poverty. Do you think we haven’t seen your Trojan horse on the move? Don’t you think we know what it is? Our leaders may be weak but you under estimate the people/inhabitants of the North and Western Hemispheres. You not overcoming the ‘Crusaders’, wake up, that era has gone. But what you will meet is a serious fight, fuelled by pent up anger, and detestful hate in people against what you stand for. Media is everywhere. We see the atrocities in the East and we know whose hands have performed them, it’s not ME&E governments, we’re not fooled by that it’s men with beliefs just like you.

    • Keep underestimating us muzzie. I love being underestimated! We wont fall in line. The only falling will be islam. When the fighting starts we’ll see how many muzzies flee and run. Fukn cowards wont even fight for their own country. Nothing but a bunch of useless locusts from the stoneage. Do you still go to paradise if your colon is full of pig shit?

    • Thanks for sharing Messenger. Useful for us all to know. Take note everyone the infiltrator will come with sob stories or false friendship. Know the face of your enemy and its guises. Be wise and be prepared to defend your family and boundaries. Don’t be the prey for these predators, serpents. Think twice about the friendships you forge and the people you open yourselves up to. Stay informed. Just look at the broken places and awful societies these people are migrating from bringing hell and ill intent with them (and whatever that amounts to) Can you stand up to this? You will need to, as we all will.

    • Messenger of Allah pray that you and I never cross paths because if we do you will curse the day that your debauched daddy met your Momma.Your pedophile based cult will be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

    • Hey you mf…Over my dead body will I bow down to your POS allah. Wait till you see what our armed forces is capable of. You think you can put fear into the world and USA. Just wait until the women get a hold of you. You’ll wish you were not born.

    • Messenger of Allah..clear throat Satin
      It’s easy in Europe they have no guns. But, you will fail in the USA. We arm ourselves. We defend our culture and life style. We will blow your wrinkled smelly dicks off. You only attack a few areas in the USA because the rest of the country has multiple guns in every house hold. Good luck with that!!!
      Your profit was a man who went crazy from being in a cave like a hermit. He was mostly suffered from Schizophrenia and your dumbasses went along with it. You will fail!!!!!!!!!

    • You are going to be crushed like a bug…make no mistake about it!! The world has bent over backwards to help Muslims. It is about to come to a halt and no more will we hear the voice of savages..

    • Better to convert now and live with the new world order. Then there will be no war or violence… and we white women can have real men, who takes care of us and treats us like real women.

      • Yessss. Remind your “real man” that the Prophet taught that when a true Muslim husband beats his wife, he must not strike her face, her breasts or her belly, especially when it is swollen in pregnancy with his thirteenth child.
        The beating must be gentle, not iniurious. She should not show bruises the next day.
        Wasn’t the Prophet a really swell guy? Why, he forced kidnapped women to marry him before he raped them! Of course it wasn’t really rape, because they were his property.
        Why, he was so kind and considerate. He allowed his troops to pull out of their kidnapped women so they wouldn’t be pregnant when they sold them. Most buyers wanted to knock up their newly bought slaves themselves, so keeping them from getting pregnant made them bring better prices.
        Is JanneDk really a woman? “She” sounds more like a man sitting jacking off while typing out his fantasy with the nonbusy hand.

      • How long has it been since you last had sex you frustated sex starved ugly old witch, get a facelift you old whore and you might get lucky, instead of fantasising about the 72 men you will get in muslim paradise, before that you will have to put a up your privates and blow yourself up.

  80. This has to be, hands down the most racist website I’ve seen.
    The problem with Britain now is not the people coming into the country it’s the hate filled people who already live in it. Dividing the population by manipulating facts and in many cases outright lying about current issues that relate to race and immigration. Manipulating vulnerable people into joining your hatred filled views.
    If you truly are patriotic and want the best for this country then try communicating positively and not with hate.
    Love is still stronger, we are greater in number than you and when the time comes it is you who hate with such passion that will be rejected by society.

      • Where is the FREEDOM of Folk who want to post A comment. We are Thankful & Grateful that one can post A comment. And We Thank You. Therefore; welcome All & we should have Balanced Views. Thank You.

        • Dumbass, this is BareNakedIslam’s website. He pays for it. No one else has any more freedom of speech here than BNI is pleased to permit.
          Go set up and pay for your own website. You will have freedom of speech there

      • Im definitely not saying i think NR or PEACE are right, but if your confident of your beliefs and ideas why then do you feel you have to ban dissenting opinions? To quote a smarter man than I “I know of no idea so dangerous it can’t be discussed”

      • The trolls should realise that this is an information and discussion site for grown ups who are at war with the most cruel ideology the world has ever seen. It is not a site for those commenting as though they are having a university debate where a subject is pulled apart and the students believe they are doing something clever with no hard hitting, truthful comments. The professor then closes the debate and leaves with the students in the knowledge that Marxism is still safe in education systems.
        Giving ‘balanced’ views will not help women and girls raped by Muslims nor will it help those of you who are gay when you are being pushed off a high building. Nothing will help you when a Muslim falsely accuses you out of jealousy has your hand chopped off.

        • Etti, a lot of people, especially foreigners, seem to think our First Amendment gives them the right to say anything they want, anywhere they want to say it. It does not. It only limits what the government can do against its own citizens for expressing opinions it does not like.

        • I have never been a part of a college debate, although, I have some college. I disagree with you about some of these comments being made by college students. Some of these comments come from illiterates or children still in high school. Read up on our country’s history. Also there is a difference of a racist (for instance, the KKK), ethnic cleansing (which happened during the holocaust) and being just close minded (like there is only one way-my way).

    • love is the reason these muslim monsters are walking all over us if you want to point fingers at racist look at britains own leaders they are the biggest racist biggest discriminators going but only problem its against the white british people so if you think im racist because i stand up against muslims yeah i didnt fall for their bull like you an yep i hate them but dont blame me blame ya leader for buggering up cultural diversity in favour of cheap an nasty labour force

      • Gaaaa! It’s the Brits’ private island. They can make whatever rules they want. F**k all you levellers. If you don’t like the UK’s rules, I suggest that you don’t go there. Or leave and go somewhere else better to your liking. It’s a pretty big planet. Maybe you can find somewhere that is friendlier to your favorite Muzzies. Saudi Arabia, maybe?

    • NR…anyone who has to advertise that they’re “not racist ” IS a racist! Liberal turd. I’m not anybody’s pet! This Latina doesn’t need your help. Doesn’t want your kind of condescending, sanctimomious, holier than thou support. Go fuck yourself! “Love” does not dictate that anyone remain silent while their families, friends and other innocents are set upon by ANY one. You need to research the definition of love! Tool!

    • You are part of the problem. I’m sorry but the time for tip toeing thru the daisies singing kumbaya and holding hands is over. Time for PC is over. Do you honestly think that sensitivity is going to ratify the problem? You are delusional! Why don’t you take a little time and get the facts of what these death cults are actually doing. They rely on people like you to succeed. I for one am sick of these parasites.

    • perhaps they will do that, when the hate filled ‘oppressed’ people stop rolling in and thinking it fine to rape women for wearing shorts. The oppression they face is from their own belief system, yet they want to leave their countries and spread like a disease to the rest of the globe. They are no different from Nazis except nazis didnt say that god had told them to do anything

    • Muslims are not a race so just who is a racist? Muslims only love the teachings of Allah and Mohammad which basically means they hate you if you don’t follow their faith.

    • Islam is a religion not a race you fucktard!

      I hate all Muslims, whether they are the mild ones in Southeast Asia or the full-blown fanatics in the heartland of Mecca!

      Anyone who is a Muslim…of any race and yes this includes fellow Caucasians (I’m Caucasian) are enemies of freedom, justice and life itself!

      • Robert truly gets the point!!! Well said!!

        ALL muslims are the problem and must be seen as the enemy of humanity!! There are NO moderate and radicals. They all have the same beliefs from the same pedophile mohamad!!!

        • Why do you and so many call Muhmud a “pedophile?” He waited until Aisha was nine before he humped her. She likely had already entered puberty, which was the “age of consent” for thousands of years. England didn’t raise the age of consent to 10 until 1215. Even as late as the latter 19th century, the legal age of consent in the USA was as low as 7 if the girl had entered puberty. 10 was more common. The lowest age of consent in the USA now is 12. Raising the age of consent past puberty produces bastards aplenty, packed prisons (most prison inmates were born to single women). The girls’ gonads turn on somewhere between 7 and 12, varying from individual to individual, which gives them the itch to start f**king, or “becoming sexually active” if the former offends your dainty FEELings. Every father of daughter(s) starts worrying when he sees those nips starting to poke out. When there’s no father around, the single mother, whose typically was knocked up before she was 13, has no moral standing to get her daughter(s) to keep d**ks out of her p***y.
          So don’t get all high and moral over that. Isn’t that Muhmud was a mass murderer, bandit, kidnapper, rapist, adulterer, and a few other vilenesses enough to condemn him? Oh, almost forgot: slave trader.

    • Racist, racist , racist! Typical left wing tripe. Now explain why everything stated is fasle and use authoritative sources like the Quran to prove all the haters wrong. I will… …. … Racist racist racist
      Racist is a word without meaning at this point in time, anyone that uses it is suspected of having no argument.

    • Aw Not Racist the muzzie asswipe love people such as you because you make it so much easier for them to infiltrate and take over other people`s countries thanks to your meek acquiescence.I take a different position…Only the total annihilation of this repugnant evil will satisfy me.

  81. Why do all of you believe Muslims have to live a certain area. It’s a religion. This is not area specific you racists pigs smh.

    • why do muslims believe Jews and christians should live in one area? If they want Sharia law, they should live in a country that has Sharia law, not move to a western country and live by, and demand to be free to live by Sharia law. Maybe I can move to England, say Im satanic and demand to be able to live by the laws of satan, start killing people and say its part of my religion? What exactly is the difference between the 2? Are you racist for hating satanists?

      • Islam IS satanism.
        “Allah” is a generic Arabic word meaning “god.”
        The Muslim “Allah” is Satan, the serpent.

  82. Will common core include a course in pleasing ur Muslim master.?.Also having a menage a trois with the farm animals?

  83. It is the same in the USA. But will get much worse. I am so sorry for my European brothers who have to deal with this but remember it is obama who failed and facilitated this

      • Actually, it was started 1400 yrs ago and the name of the sociopath was mohammed. It is the wanna be king in the white house and his lap dogs who are currently cooperating with and facilitating it’s expansion. Bush had it contained. Oasshat poured the fuel on the fire, lit the match and then turned off the water. Get over the “Bush did it. ” Have you forgotten Sept.11th? There was a reason behind Bush’s actions. They were effective. The facist in chief is arming them, importing them into our country and covering for them. Enough already with Bush. At least he didn’t go around the world apologizing for being an American. Don’t you people ever get tired of blaming Bush?

      • Get YOUR facts straight Betsy. Clinton actually started the mess that is going on. But, Muslims have been on a deadly warpath for over a 1,000 years. Poor Obamao….pffft. He has escalated the mess with his Muslim pandering.

      • I’m sorry that’s just not true the ME problems that the world has started with morehamhead. Americans were first set upon by Muslim scum in the 1790s. Read a book, Betsy.


      • Coudn’t have said it better myself……I can’t f’n stand it when people apologise for this evil EVIL culture!

      • Sister I am with you. I carry concealed. I will do all I can to protect my daughter and son. That includes me dying to save them AND I AM NOT DYING..God Bless you

    • Why does it serve the Europeans right? England started the English Defence League which spread to other parts of the world. Many Europeans are opposing Islam and immigration.
      What have you done to oppose Islam?
      Which country are you from? Somewhere obviously without halal meat and Muslim whiners which makes it easy for you to gloat at your own side.

      • Agreed 100%!! Those nasty fucking parasites need to be disposed of. Apparently Obama and Canadian pm and European government does not care to fix the problem. I say we the people need to take matters into our own hands! This will create genocide! The end times is coming and the onlyear governed hand to have balls to try to end those pigs threading our families is Russia!

      • We have had crypto-Muslims among us go centuries. They are called “Freemasons” or just “Masons.”
        Also the much less known Rosicrucians A.M.O.R.C.
        Look at all the Islamic symbolism in Masonry. The fez, with the star and crescent, all the Arabic writing on their emblems. Masons, according to General Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma,” worship “Lucifer,” the name of Satan (“accuser”) before he was cast out of heaven. Masonic ritual forbids praying in the name of Jesus Christ, particularly in the lodge or temple. The “G” in the compass and square emblem of Masonry represents “G.A.O.T.U.,” the “Grand Architect Of The Universe,” Lucifer/Satan.
        Masons are notorious for abusing the women of non-Masons. “Lock up your wives and daughters: the Masons are coming to town.”

  84. The Germans again at the centre of the destruction of Europe they tried it in 1939 and here again in 2015 we have them at it by enabling the Islamic hoards come into our lands to destroy it from within like dry rot , and I see the saudis have offered to build 200 mosques in Germany so that they can radicalise their minions .

  85. Let the muslins rape daughters and wives of any politician of any european country and watch their “humanitarian” dissappear.
    when eaurope has a civil war. there should be a legalized hunting permit for all hunting mohamedans.

  86. It is time for Europe as a whole to pull its head out of that dark recess and send all of these people back before Europe diapers into a blackhole of history.

  87. This is muslim privilege! They can have ‘unconsented sex’ without repercussion! (Trying to be as PC as possible here, I don’t want to be in jail!)

  88. Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
    them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    EVIL MP Jack Straw: ‘The English as a race are not worth saving.’ Traitor MP Jack Straw, you and the Prime Ministers are guilty of crimes against humanity against the English!

    Islam is the ‘religion’ CULT of Rape, Sex Slavery, Violence and Murder as evidenced by the savage, barbaric acts of Muslims for 1,400 years and the satanic commands in the the Blood Soaked Quran.

    UK Prime Minister Cameron’s terrifying statement: “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around.”

    Slavery has always been a part of Islam. Wicked British and European leaders are the most evil traitors that ever walked this earth! They colonized our nations with 52 million Muslims who are taught to take non-Muslims for slaves!

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    Muslims savages have been ALLOWED by ruling elites to wage a MASSIVE RAPE WAR on our non-Muslim females in Britain and Europe for decades.

    Evil Merkel and other evil EU elites invited the HUGE Muslim Third World to invade and overwhelm our small countries to join in the SATANIC RAPE WAR against our females.

    Almost ALL of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders are young BLACK MUSLIM MALES of WAR fighting age.

    Mega millions of Muslim males plan to join in the Invasion and Rape War of our females.

    Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

    There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    • The English are not a race. Their distinctive heritage is two closely related German tribes, the Angles and the Saxons. Danes, Frisians, Gaels, Cymry, Normans (Germanicized Scandinavian Gaels) and many other peoples are assimilated into the UK people.

  89. I would like to think decent non Muslims will stand up for themselves and defend their country long before this daft claim came into practice. Most can’t see what is happening yet, BNI aside 🙂

    But I am pretty sure British folks would eventually snap and fight back just like we have many times in history against invading armies. I am sure Americans, French, Germans and anyone else suffering with this swarm of medieval idiots would do likewise.