Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe

maxresdefault-vi-e1441528478326According to an editorial comment in the German newspaper Westfalen-Blatt, police are refusing to go public about crimes involving refugees and migrants because they do not want to give legitimacy to critics of mass migration. As a result, one recent rape was hushed up the the police for nearly three months, leaving other potential victims ignorant of the danger.


  • A 13-year-old Muslim girl was raped by another asylum seeker at a refugee facility in Detmold, a city in west-central Germany. The girl and her mother reportedly fled their homeland to escape a culture of sexual violence.
  • Approximately 80% of the refugees/migrants at the shelter in Munich are male… the price for sex with female asylum seekers is ten euros. — Bavarian Broadcasting (Bayerischer Rundfunk).
  • Police in the Bavarian town of Mering, where a 16-year-old-girl was raped on September 11, have issued a warning to parents not to allow their children to go outside unaccompanied. In the Bavarian town of Pocking, administrators of the Wilhelm-Diess-Gymnasium have warned parents not to let their daughter’s wear revealing clothing in order to avoid “misunderstandings.”
  • “When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis. These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, will follow girls and bother them without their realizing it. Naturally, this generates fear.” — Bavarian politician, quoted in Die Welt.
  • A police raid on the Munich refugee facility found that guards hired to provide security at the site were trafficking drugs and weapons and were turning a blind eye to the prostitution.
  • Meanwhile, the raping of German women by asylum seekers is becoming commonplace.


This is England  (h/t Mike F) A growing number of women and young girls housed in refugee shelters in Germany are being raped, sexually assaulted and even forced into prostitution by male asylum seekers, according to German social work organisations with first-hand knowledge of the situation.


Many of the rapes are occurring in mixed-gender shelters, where, due to a lack of space, German authorities are forcing thousands of male and female migrants to share the same sleeping areas and restroom facilities.


Conditions for women and girls at some shelters are so perilous that females are being described as “wild game” fighting off Muslim male predators. But many victims, fearing reprisals, are keeping silent, social workers say.

At the same time, growing numbers of German women in towns and cities across the country are being raped by asylum seekers from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Many of the crimes are being downplayed by German authorities and the national media, apparently to avoid fueling anti-immigration sentiments.

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  1. Describing the palace of Ottoman ruler Bayezid (1389-1402) in Brousse, historian Dorcas notes:

    “there one could find carefully selected boys and girls, with beautiful faces, sweet young boys and girls who shone more brightly than the sun. To what nations did they belong? They were Byzantines, Serbs, Walachians, Albanians, Hungarians, Saxons, Bulgarians, and Latins. Each of them sang songs in his own language, although reluctantly. He himself (the sultan) unceasingly gave himself over to pleasure, to the point of exhaustion, by indulging in debauchery with these boys and girls” (Angelov p 489, Bulgaru p567)

    • They came as immigrants , suck the welfare given by the host breed excessively as they grow in numbers impose no go zone, sharia law and overthrow the host

  2. Hardships is being faced by German . how many days will German has to faced wwhat is remedy – – – – – – ?

    • The German government has asked and demanded of their willing voters that Europe must and will be infested with hundreds of millions of invaders and parasites.
      These are the facts.

  3. There will come a time when we in the west drop all this political, culturally sensitive nonsense, and settle the issue the old fashioned way.

    I am looking forward to it.

  4. never too late to castrate muslims just sterilise the feckers it needs to be done to stop their stupity of destroying the planet, oh am not racist i just hate monsters that want to change my way of life but in a nasty way

  5. Imagine a world 100% under muslim rule – one islamic faction would turn against the other when they run out of ppl to jihad against.

  6. This is perhaps the greatest time for us Muslims.We have clear single point mandate to spread Islam across the planet. With this current development (the so called refugee crisis.ohh how I love this set up) we are going to spread out to the most important regions and countries of the world that still remain unconquered. Namely Europeam countries like Germany France UK, further west USA. To the east- the great developing countries of Russia , India and China and further east Australia .our goal is that every child born 60-100years from now in all these above unconquered huge countries should be a Muslim. Pls understand this is our only goal. One PLanet- One religion-ISlam. No Christians, NO Jews,NO Buddhists,No Hindus, NO atheists. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.REspect to world leaders like Angela Merkel, cameron and Obama to make this happen
    I suggest to eachnone of yoy to just fall in line peacefully or else incidents like the one above will become routine and a daily part of life which will slowly even stop shocking you.

    • BRING IT ON RAGHEAD. If you think the Crusades were bad, wait til you see what we do to you this time. All the Muslim ass-kissing politicians you love will soon be replaced by anti-Muslim warriors.

    • not if we get rid of human rights allah we will have your knackers cut off so ya cant breed no more your the devil an yous know yous are it will only end in one way the extinstion of the human race because yous cant live like humans your the monster of anarchy which is good for nothing

    • You will never take over the northern countries. Us northerners area different breed then most of the world. From hillbillies, lumberjacks,truckers,rednecks,christians,oilfield workers,hunters, and the good old native american/Canadians. In fact I invite you to try and sexually assult any woman of any age and race here. Our wolf packs will dine on your balls and your beliefs. May the Lord be with you to hell with Allah and from a true canadian merry fuckin Christmas bring it on you goofs

      • Said by a real Northern, where the women are as tough as the men, and can shoot just as good and not afraid to pull the trigger, take note we believe in God we pray we go to church we help our friends and we tend ti the poor and the sick. we are kind hearted but and I say but,make no mistake we re well aware of whats going on and we are ready for what ever comes

    • Pride cometh before a fall, Moa. In 60-100 yrs. you will have been purged from the earth. Silly, “little ” men with teeny weeny peenies! All talk. We have too many Hispanics in the US. You’ll never outbreed us. And unlike you asslifters, our men fight for real. Bring it on!

      • Well, it’s true. Not only that but our people, men and women alike, can spend 12-18 hrs a day working in the fields and STILL come home and make love. Asslifter apparently thinks that he has more physical prowess because he can copulate. Our men kill if there’s even a hint that their women have been disrespected (and that’s AFTER) putting in a hard day’s labor and making love!! They read this s –t from people like him and they laugh!! Man couldn’t survive an hour doing what Latino men and women do! That’s why they have their women genitally mutilated. It’s not about the woman’s honor, it’s about theirs. A real man can please his woman. They can’t, so they sexually alter them to protect their own reputations! If they ever had to please a real woman, it would kill them! They’re so weak and lazy that they can’t even do THAT right!

        • Emma some old school white men are hard workers and great lovers too. We have always shared our land, homes, friendship with latino’s here in America. We will fight these nasty goat fuckers together. They have no chance.
          God Bless you

    • I sincerely hope you all make it West to the US…the 2nd Amendment will take care of this nonsense…we, American women don’t take crap from NOBODY…bring it on, Dude

    • Listen boy, when you’re in our lands we are your overlords, we are the new allah and you are pig shit on our shoes. Your demonic cult is stupid and anyone who is a part of it is ignorant. You are nothing to us except cheap labor. Most of us see you as completely worthless and as we who think like that come to power the sooner the cleansing process will begin. In due time more countries will be like Hungary. Fast forward to the near future: European countries send allied soldiers to neighboring countries to help round up every damn one of you for disposal.

    • If it’s the greatest time for Muslims, why can’t it happen in your own country or are Muslims ashamed of their country and religion so much they try and create a dominance over others. Countries should be ruled by their own people and laws made from them. The UK, however is such a forgetful and forgiving country and the sort that would unknowingly allow this to its own. A UK citizen would be put away for rape upon anyone, regardless of their religion. The UK has also lost its backbone regarding the state of the country and have lost faith in those British, believing those who come over to live make more of a difference to the economy. Whilst, in Muslims eyes.. They have totally different motives and it’s too late to take action as its already happening…

    • Messenger, the whole world will be Muslim? How will airheads like you run the world when your only interest is to inflict as much misery on others as you can, when Muslim babies are so deformed due to marrying cousins, they are kept away from public view?
      Muslims crave respect, most not even knowing what the word means. Do you really think that civilised people want to grovel to an unseen spectre five times a day, showing their butt cracks and more to the world. Respect? You are a source of fun.
      If only you could see your own backsides.

    • You come to MY town, where 99% of the people are Christians. We are hunters, stalkers as well. lets see you stand up and say this in front of MY town! Our women would take great joy in giving you the reception you deserve. Your prophet is FALSE. There is NO messiah except for Jesus Christ. YOUR false prophet raped little children. The good thing about you is, we would smell you coming a mile away, you people stink like the back end of a pig. In fact. thats where our women will bury you, in the local pig farm, where you belong.

    • …I am a Christian, and I see what your religion stands for and who it stands against, Jesus Christ, God, the heavens and the followers of Christ…Conquest is one of the 4 horsemen and it’s rider is islam, thing I want to also point out is you don’t see Christians and Jews going on a holy war with others and forcing them to convert or die and conquering theur lands do you? We Christians will expose islam for what it is and whom your actually worshipping, look at your people’s land in the middle east war, destruction, and chaos you people claim to be fighting for God whom you call allah, and claim that islam is peaceful but it is only peaceful when you are not at war with those you are not tolerant of. Do you really know who was the quote ruler of the earth? Lucifer, that old serpent known as the deceiver of the earth which was cast out of heaven and unto the earth unlong with his angels who rebelled against God the heavens…Prophecy will show islam and the kingdoms of the world who choose to wage war against King of kings and the Lord of lords, Jesus Christ is coming back for the bride and those whom continue to have faith in him….

    • Messenger, thanks for sharing your game plan fella… Now we know and can warn others not to accept false friendships, cries of poverty. Do you think we haven’t seen your Trojan horse on the move? Don’t you think we know what it is? Our leaders may be weak but you under estimate the people/inhabitants of the North and Western Hemispheres. You not overcoming the ‘Crusaders’, wake up, that era has gone. But what you will meet is a serious fight, fuelled by pent up anger, and detestful hate in people against what you stand for. Media is everywhere. We see the atrocities in the East and we know whose hands have performed them, it’s not ME&E governments, we’re not fooled by that it’s men with beliefs just like you.

    • Keep underestimating us muzzie. I love being underestimated! We wont fall in line. The only falling will be islam. When the fighting starts we’ll see how many muzzies flee and run. Fukn cowards wont even fight for their own country. Nothing but a bunch of useless locusts from the stoneage. Do you still go to paradise if your colon is full of pig shit?

    • Thanks for sharing Messenger. Useful for us all to know. Take note everyone the infiltrator will come with sob stories or false friendship. Know the face of your enemy and its guises. Be wise and be prepared to defend your family and boundaries. Don’t be the prey for these predators, serpents. Think twice about the friendships you forge and the people you open yourselves up to. Stay informed. Just look at the broken places and awful societies these people are migrating from bringing hell and ill intent with them (and whatever that amounts to) Can you stand up to this? You will need to, as we all will.

    • Messenger of Allah pray that you and I never cross paths because if we do you will curse the day that your debauched daddy met your Momma.Your pedophile based cult will be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

    • Hey you mf…Over my dead body will I bow down to your POS allah. Wait till you see what our armed forces is capable of. You think you can put fear into the world and USA. Just wait until the women get a hold of you. You’ll wish you were not born.

    • Messenger of Allah..clear throat Satin
      It’s easy in Europe they have no guns. But, you will fail in the USA. We arm ourselves. We defend our culture and life style. We will blow your wrinkled smelly dicks off. You only attack a few areas in the USA because the rest of the country has multiple guns in every house hold. Good luck with that!!!
      Your profit was a man who went crazy from being in a cave like a hermit. He was mostly suffered from Schizophrenia and your dumbasses went along with it. You will fail!!!!!!!!!

    • You are going to be crushed like a bug…make no mistake about it!! The world has bent over backwards to help Muslims. It is about to come to a halt and no more will we hear the voice of savages..

    • Better to convert now and live with the new world order. Then there will be no war or violence… and we white women can have real men, who takes care of us and treats us like real women.

      • Yessss. Remind your “real man” that the Prophet taught that when a true Muslim husband beats his wife, he must not strike her face, her breasts or her belly, especially when it is swollen in pregnancy with his thirteenth child.
        The beating must be gentle, not iniurious. She should not show bruises the next day.
        Wasn’t the Prophet a really swell guy? Why, he forced kidnapped women to marry him before he raped them! Of course it wasn’t really rape, because they were his property.
        Why, he was so kind and considerate. He allowed his troops to pull out of their kidnapped women so they wouldn’t be pregnant when they sold them. Most buyers wanted to knock up their newly bought slaves themselves, so keeping them from getting pregnant made them bring better prices.
        Is JanneDk really a woman? “She” sounds more like a man sitting jacking off while typing out his fantasy with the nonbusy hand.

      • How long has it been since you last had sex you frustated sex starved ugly old witch, get a facelift you old whore and you might get lucky, instead of fantasising about the 72 men you will get in muslim paradise, before that you will have to put a up your privates and blow yourself up.

  7. This has to be, hands down the most racist website I’ve seen.
    The problem with Britain now is not the people coming into the country it’s the hate filled people who already live in it. Dividing the population by manipulating facts and in many cases outright lying about current issues that relate to race and immigration. Manipulating vulnerable people into joining your hatred filled views.
    If you truly are patriotic and want the best for this country then try communicating positively and not with hate.
    Love is still stronger, we are greater in number than you and when the time comes it is you who hate with such passion that will be rejected by society.

      • Where is the FREEDOM of Folk who want to post A comment. We are Thankful & Grateful that one can post A comment. And We Thank You. Therefore; welcome All & we should have Balanced Views. Thank You.

        • Dumbass, this is BareNakedIslam’s website. He pays for it. No one else has any more freedom of speech here than BNI is pleased to permit.
          Go set up and pay for your own website. You will have freedom of speech there

      • Im definitely not saying i think NR or PEACE are right, but if your confident of your beliefs and ideas why then do you feel you have to ban dissenting opinions? To quote a smarter man than I “I know of no idea so dangerous it can’t be discussed”

      • The trolls should realise that this is an information and discussion site for grown ups who are at war with the most cruel ideology the world has ever seen. It is not a site for those commenting as though they are having a university debate where a subject is pulled apart and the students believe they are doing something clever with no hard hitting, truthful comments. The professor then closes the debate and leaves with the students in the knowledge that Marxism is still safe in education systems.
        Giving ‘balanced’ views will not help women and girls raped by Muslims nor will it help those of you who are gay when you are being pushed off a high building. Nothing will help you when a Muslim falsely accuses you out of jealousy has your hand chopped off.

        • Etti, a lot of people, especially foreigners, seem to think our First Amendment gives them the right to say anything they want, anywhere they want to say it. It does not. It only limits what the government can do against its own citizens for expressing opinions it does not like.

        • I have never been a part of a college debate, although, I have some college. I disagree with you about some of these comments being made by college students. Some of these comments come from illiterates or children still in high school. Read up on our country’s history. Also there is a difference of a racist (for instance, the KKK), ethnic cleansing (which happened during the holocaust) and being just close minded (like there is only one way-my way).

    • love is the reason these muslim monsters are walking all over us if you want to point fingers at racist look at britains own leaders they are the biggest racist biggest discriminators going but only problem its against the white british people so if you think im racist because i stand up against muslims yeah i didnt fall for their bull like you an yep i hate them but dont blame me blame ya leader for buggering up cultural diversity in favour of cheap an nasty labour force

      • Gaaaa! It’s the Brits’ private island. They can make whatever rules they want. F**k all you levellers. If you don’t like the UK’s rules, I suggest that you don’t go there. Or leave and go somewhere else better to your liking. It’s a pretty big planet. Maybe you can find somewhere that is friendlier to your favorite Muzzies. Saudi Arabia, maybe?

    • NR…anyone who has to advertise that they’re “not racist ” IS a racist! Liberal turd. I’m not anybody’s pet! This Latina doesn’t need your help. Doesn’t want your kind of condescending, sanctimomious, holier than thou support. Go fuck yourself! “Love” does not dictate that anyone remain silent while their families, friends and other innocents are set upon by ANY one. You need to research the definition of love! Tool!

    • You are part of the problem. I’m sorry but the time for tip toeing thru the daisies singing kumbaya and holding hands is over. Time for PC is over. Do you honestly think that sensitivity is going to ratify the problem? You are delusional! Why don’t you take a little time and get the facts of what these death cults are actually doing. They rely on people like you to succeed. I for one am sick of these parasites.

    • perhaps they will do that, when the hate filled ‘oppressed’ people stop rolling in and thinking it fine to rape women for wearing shorts. The oppression they face is from their own belief system, yet they want to leave their countries and spread like a disease to the rest of the globe. They are no different from Nazis except nazis didnt say that god had told them to do anything

    • Muslims are not a race so just who is a racist? Muslims only love the teachings of Allah and Mohammad which basically means they hate you if you don’t follow their faith.

    • Islam is a religion not a race you fucktard!

      I hate all Muslims, whether they are the mild ones in Southeast Asia or the full-blown fanatics in the heartland of Mecca!

      Anyone who is a Muslim…of any race and yes this includes fellow Caucasians (I’m Caucasian) are enemies of freedom, justice and life itself!

      • Robert truly gets the point!!! Well said!!

        ALL muslims are the problem and must be seen as the enemy of humanity!! There are NO moderate and radicals. They all have the same beliefs from the same pedophile mohamad!!!

        • Why do you and so many call Muhmud a “pedophile?” He waited until Aisha was nine before he humped her. She likely had already entered puberty, which was the “age of consent” for thousands of years. England didn’t raise the age of consent to 10 until 1215. Even as late as the latter 19th century, the legal age of consent in the USA was as low as 7 if the girl had entered puberty. 10 was more common. The lowest age of consent in the USA now is 12. Raising the age of consent past puberty produces bastards aplenty, packed prisons (most prison inmates were born to single women). The girls’ gonads turn on somewhere between 7 and 12, varying from individual to individual, which gives them the itch to start f**king, or “becoming sexually active” if the former offends your dainty FEELings. Every father of daughter(s) starts worrying when he sees those nips starting to poke out. When there’s no father around, the single mother, whose typically was knocked up before she was 13, has no moral standing to get her daughter(s) to keep d**ks out of her p***y.
          So don’t get all high and moral over that. Isn’t that Muhmud was a mass murderer, bandit, kidnapper, rapist, adulterer, and a few other vilenesses enough to condemn him? Oh, almost forgot: slave trader.

    • Racist, racist , racist! Typical left wing tripe. Now explain why everything stated is fasle and use authoritative sources like the Quran to prove all the haters wrong. I will… …. … Racist racist racist
      Racist is a word without meaning at this point in time, anyone that uses it is suspected of having no argument.

    • Aw Not Racist the muzzie asswipe love people such as you because you make it so much easier for them to infiltrate and take over other people`s countries thanks to your meek acquiescence.I take a different position…Only the total annihilation of this repugnant evil will satisfy me.

  8. Why do all of you believe Muslims have to live a certain area. It’s a religion. This is not area specific you racists pigs smh.

    • why do muslims believe Jews and christians should live in one area? If they want Sharia law, they should live in a country that has Sharia law, not move to a western country and live by, and demand to be free to live by Sharia law. Maybe I can move to England, say Im satanic and demand to be able to live by the laws of satan, start killing people and say its part of my religion? What exactly is the difference between the 2? Are you racist for hating satanists?

      • Islam IS satanism.
        “Allah” is a generic Arabic word meaning “god.”
        The Muslim “Allah” is Satan, the serpent.

  9. Will common core include a course in pleasing ur Muslim master.?.Also having a menage a trois with the farm animals?

  10. It is the same in the USA. But will get much worse. I am so sorry for my European brothers who have to deal with this but remember it is obama who failed and facilitated this

      • Actually, it was started 1400 yrs ago and the name of the sociopath was mohammed. It is the wanna be king in the white house and his lap dogs who are currently cooperating with and facilitating it’s expansion. Bush had it contained. Oasshat poured the fuel on the fire, lit the match and then turned off the water. Get over the “Bush did it. ” Have you forgotten Sept.11th? There was a reason behind Bush’s actions. They were effective. The facist in chief is arming them, importing them into our country and covering for them. Enough already with Bush. At least he didn’t go around the world apologizing for being an American. Don’t you people ever get tired of blaming Bush?

      • Get YOUR facts straight Betsy. Clinton actually started the mess that is going on. But, Muslims have been on a deadly warpath for over a 1,000 years. Poor Obamao….pffft. He has escalated the mess with his Muslim pandering.

      • I’m sorry that’s just not true the ME problems that the world has started with morehamhead. Americans were first set upon by Muslim scum in the 1790s. Read a book, Betsy.


      • Coudn’t have said it better myself……I can’t f’n stand it when people apologise for this evil EVIL culture!

      • Sister I am with you. I carry concealed. I will do all I can to protect my daughter and son. That includes me dying to save them AND I AM NOT DYING..God Bless you

    • Why does it serve the Europeans right? England started the English Defence League which spread to other parts of the world. Many Europeans are opposing Islam and immigration.
      What have you done to oppose Islam?
      Which country are you from? Somewhere obviously without halal meat and Muslim whiners which makes it easy for you to gloat at your own side.

      • Agreed 100%!! Those nasty fucking parasites need to be disposed of. Apparently Obama and Canadian pm and European government does not care to fix the problem. I say we the people need to take matters into our own hands! This will create genocide! The end times is coming and the onlyear governed hand to have balls to try to end those pigs threading our families is Russia!

      • We have had crypto-Muslims among us go centuries. They are called “Freemasons” or just “Masons.”
        Also the much less known Rosicrucians A.M.O.R.C.
        Look at all the Islamic symbolism in Masonry. The fez, with the star and crescent, all the Arabic writing on their emblems. Masons, according to General Albert Pike’s “Morals and Dogma,” worship “Lucifer,” the name of Satan (“accuser”) before he was cast out of heaven. Masonic ritual forbids praying in the name of Jesus Christ, particularly in the lodge or temple. The “G” in the compass and square emblem of Masonry represents “G.A.O.T.U.,” the “Grand Architect Of The Universe,” Lucifer/Satan.
        Masons are notorious for abusing the women of non-Masons. “Lock up your wives and daughters: the Masons are coming to town.”

  11. The Germans again at the centre of the destruction of Europe they tried it in 1939 and here again in 2015 we have them at it by enabling the Islamic hoards come into our lands to destroy it from within like dry rot , and I see the saudis have offered to build 200 mosques in Germany so that they can radicalise their minions .

  12. Let the muslins rape daughters and wives of any politician of any european country and watch their “humanitarian” dissappear.
    when eaurope has a civil war. there should be a legalized hunting permit for all hunting mohamedans.

  13. It is time for Europe as a whole to pull its head out of that dark recess and send all of these people back before Europe diapers into a blackhole of history.

  14. This is muslim privilege! They can have ‘unconsented sex’ without repercussion! (Trying to be as PC as possible here, I don’t want to be in jail!)

  15. Qur’an:8:12 “I shall terrorize the infidels. So wound their bodies and incapacitate
    them because they oppose Allah and His Apostle.”

    EVIL MP Jack Straw: ‘The English as a race are not worth saving.’ Traitor MP Jack Straw, you and the Prime Ministers are guilty of crimes against humanity against the English!

    Islam is the ‘religion’ CULT of Rape, Sex Slavery, Violence and Murder as evidenced by the savage, barbaric acts of Muslims for 1,400 years and the satanic commands in the the Blood Soaked Quran.

    UK Prime Minister Cameron’s terrifying statement: “It is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the Muslim way of life, not the other way around.”

    Slavery has always been a part of Islam. Wicked British and European leaders are the most evil traitors that ever walked this earth! They colonized our nations with 52 million Muslims who are taught to take non-Muslims for slaves!

    LIBERTY GB: Freedom and the West
    …..’In 2011 Sheik Abu Ishak Al Huweini at Al-Azhar University in Cairo (the most respected university in the entire Muslim world) proudly told his brother Muslims that it was their duty to engage in violent jihad and that one day each Muslim would have 3 or 4 white Western slaves.’….

    “Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam.” – Sheikh Saleh Al-Fawzan, a leading authority on Islam in Saudi Arabia.

    Muslims savages have been ALLOWED by ruling elites to wage a MASSIVE RAPE WAR on our non-Muslim females in Britain and Europe for decades.

    Evil Merkel and other evil EU elites invited the HUGE Muslim Third World to invade and overwhelm our small countries to join in the SATANIC RAPE WAR against our females.

    Almost ALL of the hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders are young BLACK MUSLIM MALES of WAR fighting age.

    Mega millions of Muslim males plan to join in the Invasion and Rape War of our females.

    Winston Churchill: “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

    There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    • The English are not a race. Their distinctive heritage is two closely related German tribes, the Angles and the Saxons. Danes, Frisians, Gaels, Cymry, Normans (Germanicized Scandinavian Gaels) and many other peoples are assimilated into the UK people.

  16. I would like to think decent non Muslims will stand up for themselves and defend their country long before this daft claim came into practice. Most can’t see what is happening yet, BNI aside 🙂

    But I am pretty sure British folks would eventually snap and fight back just like we have many times in history against invading armies. I am sure Americans, French, Germans and anyone else suffering with this swarm of medieval idiots would do likewise.

    • The so called moderate muslims already know what id happening. They defend it with silence because the radicals are doing their dirty work and creating the future Caliphate promised by Moho.

    • Did you not know that they will rape ANYTHING? Any species of ANY age? Anything that moves. Anything that lives, and even if it’s dead?

      They also believe that if they murder non-Muslim innocents, they’ll be Rewarded with ISLAMIC RAPE HEAVEN. 72 virgins for each Muslim male, in additon to being provided with young boys to rape and the wives of Christian men to rape.

      The entire Cult is about Rape, Sex Slavery and constant savage murders of non-Muslim human sacrifices offered up to their god.

  17. I blame Germany for all this bullshit. Because what Germany did to the Jewish people all over Europe. Today the eletist have taken over Europe and have made the people pay for what Germany did. Everyone in Europe is afraid to speak their mind for fear of being called a RACIST! Why? For the guilt of the Holocaust. So all of Europe gave in to the Academics and Eletist who really know what is right for Europe. (BS) Because no one wants to be called a racist they keep their mouths shut! But it’s too late now Europe is gone. In 5 years it will really be a mess. All because of what Germany did 70 yrs ago and political correctness.

    • Simplistic comment, there is and was considerable guilt of slavery practiced by Europe and the USA and the colonial exploitation and genocide of the past.

      The British genocide of the native people’s of America and Australia for instance.

      It is not just the holocaust.

      And such guilt will be their damnation, I have no such guilt, the Universe is hard but practical.

      The hard survive the soft die. It is a fundamental law of nature, and liberalism cannot change this harsh reality.

      And their is purpose to this. Do think America would be so great and contributed so much in science and technology if it was still ruled and controlled by Indians?, living in the stone age?

      Do you think the brilliance of the human mind would have arisen without the harshness of evolution which has contempt for weakness and prunes uncompetitive organisms from existence?

      • Clear thinking. I am with you. People can call others racist all they want but wrong is never right, and it is wrong to do what the Muslims are doing now. In this instance there is no political correctness, only preservation of the self. Christians will have to unite and make a stand soon or succumb to the invasion. This is no time for armchair politics. It is time to go to war against the beast and overthrow it by force. World leaders please wake up!

    • Mandy you should blame the British empire for trying to restrain Germany from doing what they were doing in India and Africa or Mabye us bankers like warberg who financed the Soviet Union and cussed ww1 and the Versailles treaty which gave hitter power and led to ww2
      Don’t worry after the dollar collapse the average American is going to get a view of his real history

    • From what I have read elsewhere, Germany is so petrified of becoming intolerant of ANYone, that they allow EVERYone in…and come to think of it, Canada (my country) is a lot like that now too. Trudeau is planning to let 50,000 Syrians in. Even if they weren’t Muslim, these are seriously messed-up people. You can’t just bring people out of refugee camps and start them working at Walmart! They have PTSD, and all kinds of psychological issues…we are seeing the results of this in a nearby city where all of the taxi drivers are Somalian ex-refugees…you don’t want to know what they do to their passengers. And they keep doing it, because for some reason, it’s impossible to catch them. It makes me so sick that I don’t want to know reality any more.

      • And with the muslims going by this golden rule, do everybody you can and the easy ones twice along with Europe’s mind set they’re set up to lose everything, the future does not belong to Europe or it’s people no longer, because they are afraid of being called a name, very stupid.

        If a European country don’t let the hoards flood their land they are called “far right” “racist” “Nazis” and “xenophobic”. If they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people?

  18. What is it with people nowadays?
    In America alone, Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy were assassinated by infuriated citizens, while today’s world ‘leaders’ are wrecking entire countries while bowing to and enabling the worst, lowest, intolerant, murderous religious organization the planet has yet seen, and yet these ‘leaders’ seem to bear charmed lives; not one has even been threatened!!

    And yes, not only will muslims rape every white woman in sight, in fact they practically do it with impunity throughout Europe now.

  19. This has been happening for years in Germany! even before this current flood of muslim invaders got there, the ones who were already living there made german lives a hell, I’m swiss and live in Gland, Switzerland, (Thank God we don’t have many muslims here) but my daughter, German son in law and granddaughters live in Hamburg and they told me terrible stories about how these verminous creatures steal and rape before the eyes of the police and they do nothing to stop them for fear of being considered “racists” or “anti-inmigration”. I’ve seen with my own eyes how muslim young men harass women, ederly people and children in the once nice quiet parks of Hamburg, now people avoid those places. Things will only get worse and worse. I fear for my granddaughters all the time I want them and my daughter to live here in Switzerland, things here are relatively quiet compared to Germany in spite of some lefty sociopaths who want to let muslim invaders in, but for now most swiss people don’t want to live in a islamic hell-hole.

    • European and British authorities who are BARBARIANS, told the police to ALLOW Muslim monsters to commit any crime, STEAL, RAPE…

      • Dan, as a Jew myself, I strongly object to that way of thinking. This is not payback for anything. Germany has brought this mess on themselves by inviting it in. No act of God forced it on them.

      • The French and British are paying for nazi (not Germans of this generation) sins? Yah that make a lot of sense! Or the more rational, theory: Europeans are getting what the majority of them want, a world free of Christianity, where one can have as much sex with animals and fags as one desires just like in the Middle East. God is giving you Europeans what you have wanted for decades, enjoy!

        • Sean, what are you saying? Europeans have the same ideals as Americans. I am an American who lived in Germany, once during the Cold War-along the East and West border, and then in the’90’s. Maybe before you were born? I also visited France and Italy. Germany, France, and Italy, as well as England and Ireland’s citizens are mostly Christians. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, herself a woman, lived in communist East Germany until The Wall went down. She was 35. She knew what oppression was. This is her 2nd term as chancellor. She is a Christain. Her father risked persecution in East Germany by being a minister running a Lutheran seminary.
          Sean, really, brush up in the European history as well as the history of Chistianity. Watch a movie or documentary about Europe. My suggestions will open your eyes.

      • Who is this “you”?
        The extermination of Jews by Nazis ended in 1945. That was over 70 years ago. The youngest Nazi officers who are still alive are in their 90s.
        Get over the “hate the Germans” crap.

  20. If one of these muscum rats touched one single hair on my daugthers head. I would shove a grenade up its shithole and piss on his grave and prophet

  21. Isn’t it more or less legal anyway since no one is stopping them or penalizing them.

    If the Liberals or the NDP get in power in Canada or the Democrats in the USA, we can expect the same. There is only one real issue in the next election in Canada and the USA – who will do the most to stop islam.

    If you you want an NDP, liberal or Democratic government – whatever it is you think that government will give you will be meaningless, since once islam takes over your country you and all your descendants will be living in hell and constant terror, until, that is, you are murdered. I don’t give a damn about anything except which party will fight islam?

    • It would be preferable to be labelled a racist rather than a rapist. Ask us. We have been on the receiving end of their atrocities and inhumanity for over 800 years. From the time of Ghazni. They loot,maraud, pillage,forcibly convert you to Islam. Your politicians should have better sense. May the Good Lord protect you.

      • They stupid liberals don’t realise that there are no Hindu or Sikh terrorists. The reason for this is that Hindu and Sikhs don’t go to west to conquer them. On the other hand muslims go to west to raise the flag of Islam over the Churches. I think that India could be a better place if there is no muslim in it. After all Muslims now have their own country why don’t they go there. Good that you elected Modi as your leader but I don’t see the point why Christians are getting killed in India. I know that muslims in India are practicing love jihad and terrorism against Hindus and others BJP and Shiv Cena is right to take action. But it’s not good to see Christians getting killed when they are not hurting Hindus. We have a common enemy that is Islam.

        • Charles Martel,where do you see Christians killed?

          Are they killed by the Govt.’s agents?Are trhey killed by us?The Church attacks that took place in Delhi were coupled with attacks on 200 Hindu Temples,37 Sikh Gurdwaras,13 Muslim Mosques.Immediately afterwards the stupid AAP came to power.What does it indicate?Any idiot who wants money goes anywhere.A Christian nun was raped by Bangla Deshi criminals.We have magnificent churches near us and Christian friends.No one kills them or even hates them.Mention a few instances and I will let you know what happened.

          In many cases,the missionaries go to evangelize among the absolutely uneducated,abysmally poor tribals.Some of them don’t like it when their wives convert” only for money”.They don’t like to be called even Hindus and whenever evangelization occurs the tribals who don’t approve,kill some of the priests etc..This has nothing to do with Hindus in general.

          Just imagine,we Hindus far outnumber the Christians( who are our own people who converted due to the wrong implementation of the caste system or poverty).If we wanted to kill them,we would have done it long ago and wouldn’t have just vandalized 5-7 churches or killed 3-4 people,Ask yourself this when you read Christians being killed in India.Some lowlife outfits which are the offshoots of the RSS are indulging in this nd they are promptly arrested.They have now gone beyond control of the parent organization and implement their own agenda which we don’t approve.Mr.Modi immediately met the Christian leaders in Delhi after the church attacks–mind well even this was debated by some who are his detractors,indicating damned if you do or don’t attitude.

          Never believe our journalists,some of them are a part of the “break India” campaign.Paid by some in the U.S,Pakistan,China and elsewhere,they resort to ruining our country’s name.Some of them are Leftists or have had Muslim lovers,esp.women journalists.Maximum rapes take place in Lesotho followed by Sweden,South Africa,U.S. AND YET INDIA IS DUBBED RAPE CAPITAL OF THE WORLD by these very Indian scribes.Our people are cheap.
          Any news about Christian killings should be taken with loadfull of salt.There are more Hindu girls married to and converted to Christianity than vice versa.

        • Charles Martel,agree to the statement that we are on the same side in this battle.Now a personal matter of individual choice–more Western girls fall for Muslims of various nations,they have stealthy affairs for which they travel to Turkey,N.African nations,Middle East etc.I have known many highly educated and decent Hindu men who have been rejected ( albeit on various grounds) by western women.There is a suicidal attraction shown by western women.I am not suggesting our men are ” fantastic”.They too cheat but worse is the other tribe.I am reading Rosemary Sookhdeo’s book on why white women marry Muslims.Read the same and you will realize the suicidal streak of your women .They go for superficial factor of handsome looks.Strong family ties are seen in Hindus as well so that is not a factor that attracts them when they live in a fragmented western family set up( in the name of independence,liberty etc.-no insult intended) where they get out of the house at an early age.This may appear completely irrelevant to the present topic but I had to mention.

  22. Have I understood this correctly? Muslim males believe and are encouraged to believe that they may invade the underwear of strangers and satisfy their demonic lust without even so much as a formal introduction? They feel entitled to touch any part of any woman’s body because they are superior?
    Governments and the media then tell the victims to keep very quiet about violation by Muslims to avoid causing distress to unwelcome Muslims in their country?
    Muslim women carry placards stating ‘Learn Some Manners’ when someone ‘insults’ the prophet, caring nothing about women and girls being raped and having their lives destroyed by Muslim males.
    Some of these male barbarians actually inform European countries that they will rape white women as soon as they arrive as ‘refugees’.

    • I would have used Merkel-Pioñérï (‘Merkel-Pioneers’).

      Organizations like the Komsomól, Pioneers, &c. were – and are – the Communist equivalents of the “Hitlerjugend”. They to some extent actually anticipated the Nazis in that regard. After all, the USSR started its formal establishment on 1917/11/07, over 15 years prior to when Hitler became Reichskanzler (Imperial Chancellor) of Germany, which was 1933/01/30.

      This is the more applicable to Merkel, who after all was raised as a Marxist. [The more I live, the more positive I am that to idolise and/or follow Karl Marx is to sell your soul to the Devil – that MONSTER in fact (if Richard Wurmbrand’s speculation is correct, and there’s a very good chance that it is!!!) did worship Satan…]

      • Please read up on Angela Merkel’s personal history. Merkel was raised in East Germany and was 35 when the wall went down. (The wall by the way was between East and West Berlin, but a fence was between East and West Germany. Sorry if this is common knowledge to you, but as an Amercan, I wasn’t quite clear on this as a child. I couldn’t grasp the fact that a wall and such a large fence could be built so quickly.) I was able to grasp the fence when I lived near the East and West border. Merlel was elected in her first official position at the age of 36. She knew first hand about oppression.

        Notably, Angela Merkel’s father risked persecution as a minister and had a Lutheran seminary in communist East Germany.

  23. When they find the bodies of women and children who have been raped and murdered on route by these scum do you think it will be reported.If you were a Christian refugee traveling the same way as the muz what chance would you have.

  24. Why with so many tv channels available and considering we live in a supposed free speech environment, are there no seriously funded mainstream programmes highlighting all the things and videos that are so brilliantly brought to us by BNI and others. It should be out there as an opposing view to EU Policy, mass immigration, the dangers of Islamisation. It would be a real eye opener if presented in the correct manner. If I won the Euromillions lottery I would try and fund it. These rapists, surely they can be deported ? Only needs a trouble free exception clause on entry of say, one hundred and fifty two years. Any criminality, resulting in conviction should lead to expulsion. May help save a few innocent souls from these horrific animals, and deter others from doing so.

  25. This whole issue is out of control and becoming very, very frightening. Where are the leaders who have taken the vow to protect citizens?

    • what are your brave and strong german men doing about it? we in England are looking to our German brothers to start the ball rolling. As a proud and determined people I’m shocked.

    • Germans are “follow-the-leaders.” Unless new leaders replace the present gang of Progressives and reverse the tide, Muzzy gangrapists will be the sires of the next generations in former Germany. Ex-Germany will become just one more Muzzy cesspool.

  26. I thought our great societies have moved away from blaming the women for enticing a man to rape her by her actions or clothing. Lets stop protecting these “youths” for their uncontrollable need to rape and start making it public so people know the REAL people they are letting in. It seems they are keeping things quiet so they can trick the public into inviting these people into their country and then it is to late. Sad that we can not allow our children out alone without the fear of having the “misunderstanding” of being raped.

    • A creasy turd floating in a toilet bowl is better than any stinking Moslem or Zionist jew or trash nigger for that matter.

        • Thank you. To criticize someone for CHOOSING to adhere to a religion and political philosophy that encourages the abuse and murder of others just because they have a different religion is justified. We do not condemn Arabs for their race or complexion, or Jews for their ethnicity. To attack Black people for their ethnicity is reprehensible. None of us chose our parents or complexion.
          Even though people are born into and raised in a religion does not mean that they cannot CHOOSE not to violate basic principles of morality.

  27. I was thinking of the fun I could have with one of my 6′ white oak bo’s (staff) with the Musloids wielding their little flag poles.

  28. The inhabitants of Germanistan best get used to mass rapes on women and innocent minors thanks to Heir Chancellor Merkels sheer arrogance to decimate her owning country.

    These kinds of hushed up stories, or “he didnt know any better” after raping said 6 yr old will be all too common place.

    I just pray we in the UK make a sharp exit from the EU. Germany is screwed whichever way you now look at it and I can just see the UK having to contribute much more when Germany goes under due to complete negligence of its chancellor.

    • Sorry to say, but the UK was one of the first european countries to welcome these muslim scum into their holmes!! And its still one of the fastest growing muslim community outside of muslim state!! UK is screwed just as bad as the rest of the world who invites and allows the muslim locusts to out breed all and take over our world!! Its “convert or kill the infidels all over the world” according to their psycho, pedophile mohammed and their quaran!!

  29. If they tell the truth about Islam NO ONE WILL TAKE ANY OF THEM. The socialist agenda of the EU and Obamites will allow these jihadists to infiltrate the world. They laugh at us over it because these countries pay their way in and then support them as they plot to over throw the West. Just like Captain Obunghole has America experiencing a southern invasion because he put up bill boards and bought radio advertisement to encourage them to come these muzzies are being encouraged to go out into the world for a caliphate. Demo pukes here in America are on TV begging for Muslim refugees to be sent to their state. Islam is the WAR ON WOMEN.

    • Slight correction – Islam is a war on all of civilized society. If you are Christian/Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, whatever, they simply want you dead.

      • As ordered in the quaran to ALL muslims…. quaran 9:29 fight Christains and Jews who do not believe in allah… until they submit. Convert all infidels or strike at their necks until they are dead.

        quaran 3:54, 8:30. allah is the best of DECEIVERS.
        Revelation 12:9 Satan is the deceiver of the whole world.

        allah is therefore Satan himself!!! allah is the Devil and ALL muslims are his followers!!! Hence their hunger to take over the world, kill and destroy ALL of humanity!!

      • I carry a gun where ever I go. If I have to fire at one they will be hurting. Sometimes I fire low so if aiming for the chest, I most likely will miss and blow their dirty dick off. I’m ok with that 😉

      • Muslim women get raped all the time. If they complain they are thrown in jail for “adultery” or “fornication.” In jail they are gangraped by the guards daily and knocked up. Their swelling bellies are evidence of their “adultery” or “fornication.” They aren’t usually executed now. They are whipped and after they’re released if they are stupid enough to go home, their families likely murder them for insulting the family “honor.”
        Burkhas and chadors are helpful in hiding their swelling bellies. The smart Musless will never mention getting raped. When she gives birth to her bastard, most likely from her uncle, cousin or father, she may kill her or if she can’t bring herself to murder her baby, she can try to pass the child to a Christian rescue group.
        That Western feminazis idolize Muslim men and Shariah Islam confirms that Liberalism and Feminism are brain diseases.

    • Centuries ago, Muslim barbarians invaded and were driven out by our soldiers.

      In our day, our evil leaders BEG millions of Muslim barbarian rapists/sexslavers to invade our small countries.

  30. West must Think . Why they did not go to Afghanistan or Pakistan where they can live with sharia law ???? The muzlims have hidden agenda ……wake up weast they are here .

    • They have already ruined those places, if they were to take control of a civilized nation it would be a third world country in no time. They are locusts, devastating places then moving on to steal and destroy someone else’s hard work.

  31. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if some German female with AIDS made it her business to infect all this scum under the guise of being a prostitute.

    merkel is the devil’s henchwoman, and i use the term woman advisedly.

  32. Clusterfuck best describes this situation. Don’t worry I have faith in the Germans and the Central Europeans that they will purge themselves of these monkeys at some point and with the French likely to elect Le Pen, France as well. I just wish the Swedes would wake up.

      • No it is never too late.I have to say in all honesty anyone with that mindset is being defeatist.There are many Swedes opposed to the blatant sell out of their country by the degenerate leftist slime so i disagree with you…it is NOT too Little too late.Still history and time will be the judge.

    • PhilBo, Sept. 28
      The “French” now INCLUDES Muslims.
      Muslims who are French citizens can vote!
      Muslims in France are not a group of foreigners. If they are citizens they are “French.”
      Muslim citizens of France have children. These children are French citizens.
      Go study history. The Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants) thought they could live in peace and harmony with the Roman Catholics. After all, the only difference was merely a matter of religious opinion.
      Then came March 1, 1562.

      • Well it is very clear that there will be unrest , possibly civil war in many EU countries as Europeans kick Muslims out once and for all , and immigration becomes extremely controlled.

    • No Frey, execute every last muslim like they do to all Christen men, women and children!!! Unfortunately we are to civilized, mercyfull and tought to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies!!! Thats why the muslims will take over as they intend to do and why we WILL loose!!! We just talk, they take action, whatever action they want!!!

    • We won’t need to 🙂 they and there family lines are going to be exterminated in the most Ruthless Fashion

    • I don’t know why you don’t breed more goats for them, if they had enough goats, they wouldn’t need to rape English women and girls and you would have enough food for them too.