NON-MUSLIMS should boycott H&M fashion retailer for bowing to Islamic supremacists

ad_182653096H&M, the world’s second largest fashion retailer has just caved to Islam in a major way that Muslims and leftists are championing as an incredible victory in our culture, when it’s truly anything but that. In the photo below, notice what the girl on the far right is doing with her hand. – holding up the one-finger salute to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.


MW News  The move H&M just made proves something tragic and terrifying about our society, especially since so many people are celebrating this infiltration, completely ignoring the reality behind what this retailer has done.

Deceit often happens slowly and is dressed in an attractive outer layer, covering sinister intentions. Before anyone realizes what’s happening, it will be too late. After being desensitized by the religion of hate for too long, the sickening truth will be exposed once nothing can be done to change it.


 This past week, the store introduced a series of advertisements, featuring a 23-year-old Muslim model wearing their clothes and her hijab. Along with the ads is a new introduction of halal nail polish to further appeal to Muslims. 

According to the Metro, Mariah Idrissi, who now lives in London, is a new face for the company. She’s enjoying her new gig as a propaganda tool to spread the acceptance of Islam into western culture, under the pretense that it’s fashionable. Really, it’s a way to desensitize others to the religion of hate, as western nations become slowly immersed in it, but many people fail to see that.

Mariah Idrissi, modeling for the retailer’s ads promoting Muslims
Mariah Idrissi, modeling for the retailer’s ads promoting Muslims

“In what feels like a huge step for inclusion in fashion, the kickass H&M ‘Close the Loop’ advert features a diverse range of models,” the Metro reported with applause for the ads. Expounding on that praise, the report added that they feel this bold new move spreads a message that “there are no rules in fashion.”

We’re told to celebrate diversity and accept Muslims and their beliefs as just another religion among the masses. The enemy has taken full advantage of this progressive movement, riding in on it like a terror train to enact jihad on too trusting Westerners.

Below is the new H&M commercial featuring some of the most repulsive-looking people on earth, including a Muslim baghead.