IRAN CHEATS! The Iranian national women’s soccer team outed for sneaking extra ‘balls’ onto the field

‘Balls’ as in male genitalia. The Iranian women’s soccer team has been found to be using male players who have not undergone sex change operations and are considered biologically male. But Barack Hussein Obama trusts Iran not to lie about its nuclear facilities.


IB Times  The allegations were made by Mojtabi Sharifi, “an official close to the Iranian league.” The International Olympic Committee allows transsexual athletes to compete in their respective categories as long as they’ve completed sexual reassignment surgery, undergone two years of hormonal therapy, and are legally recognized as said gender. But this was not the case with the Iranian players.


Now tests are required to be carried out on soccer players in Iran’s women league to make sure they are not men in disguise. Officials from the governing body of the sport in the Islamic state are to swoop in unannounced on training grounds to carry out gender checks.

The move by the Iranian football Federation was unveiled after it emgered four players in Iran’s national women’s team were in fact male – or at least not fully fledged females. Doubts about the gender of some apparently female players in Iran have existed for a long time.

BTW, Iran so hates homosexuals that they offer to pay 50% of the cost of sex change operations for those who choose to have them. Sex Change operations for homosexuals in Iran