OREGON gunman who killed 10 Christians MySpace page is linked to a Muslim with photos of Islamic jihadists and calls to “kill the Jews”

He has been identified as Chris Harper-Mercer and the photos on his MySpace Muslim friend’s (Mahmoud Ali Ehsani) page show an Islamic crescent, a quran, several mujahideen fighters, mosques, and others symbols of Islam. He might or might not be a convert to Islam, but at the least, he is an Islamic terrorist wannabe.

More to follow as it becomes available.

Here is a still shot of some of the photos, in case Youtube takes down the video. Mercer’s MySpace has Mahmoud Ali Ehsani (bottom left photo) listed as one of only two of his connections. Both Mercer and Ehsani’s pages feature numerous photos glorifying terrorism.


Below are the photos from one of Harper-Mercer’s two friends on MySpace: Mahmoud Ali Ehsani



Chris Harper-Mercer’s (photos below) father is Caucasion while Harper-Mercer’s mother, Laurel Harper, is African American.



Inquisitr  A Facebook page listed with the name of Harper Mercer shows disturbing content from a troubled perspective, but there’s no confirmation yet if that really belongs to the Chris in question. Someone has already set up other fake social media accounts, such as a Facebook page calling Harper Mercer their hero, and a fake Harper Mercer Twitter account.