CLUELESS CARLY would create a NO-FLY Zone to protect non-ISIS anti-Assad terrorist groups in Syria

fark_QyuH01UwzTKu0UBGV9871e74clUFiorina would even consider shooting down Russian fighter jets if necessary. These non-ISIS “rebels” whom Carly Fiorina calls “allies” are actually al-Qaeda linked groups like al-Nusra, or the now virtually defunct Free Syrian Army, down to 5 or 6 fighters, despite Obama spending $billions to train them.

Like ISIS, these so-called rebels share the same goal of taking down Assad, and many of them have joined with ISIS.  Surely you remember, Obama did the same thing in Libya, creating a NO FLY Zone for the “rebels” who have now been taken over by ISIS and other terror groups. Fiorina is turning out to be not just a Muslim-panderer, but totally out of her league in her ability for understand foreign policy and who the enemy is.