GERMANY: Offer decent housing to Muslim ‘refugee’ ingrates and get abused because you’re a woman

Aline Core wanted to help. A Syrian refugee family was in dire need of an apartment. Core, a real estate agent had a very good deal for the family, but when they went to meet with her at the apartment, the Muslim men refused to talk with her because she is a woman.

Aline Core
Aline Core

FOCUS (translation)  In an interview with FOCUS Online, she describes the situation: Aline Core has been a real estate broker in the Rhineland-Palatinate Bad Kreuznach, independently for three years. She got a call from a man speaking in broken German, who tells her that a Syrian refugee family is desperately looking for an apartment. He talked about the great distress they were in.

As luck would have it, the broker had just the apartment for them and offered to meet them there in 15 minutes. The family consisted of two men, a woman, and three children, but it was doubtful that they were actually from Syria.

At the apartment complex, the broker went up to the family and started to discuss the apartment with them, but they backed away from her because she was a blond-haired, blue eyed woman. They said they would only deal with a man. Core replied that she was self-employed, and ended the meeting there.

Even worse, after Core told this story on Facebook, she was insulted and threatened, accused of trying to stir up public opinion against refugees. She even got a phone call from a German man who called her a “Nazi bitch” while another caller told her that she “should die.”

Germans are learning just how arrogant and ungrateful these Muslim supremacists are. And it will only get worse with all the hordes being brought into Germany. The majority of the so-called “refugees” look like those in the video below. Where are the families?

They complain about the food given to them and throw it away.