(Muslim?) Terrorist attack at Sydney police station, 2 dead including ‘Middle Eastern looking’ gunman


The gunman, described as “Middle Eastern” in appearance, shot dead a civilian police IT expert at close range outside a force headquarters in a targeted attack today which has been described as a ‘brutal’ and ‘callous murder.’

Daily Telegraph (h/t Maria J)  A POLICE IT staffer was shot dead on Friday in a “callous murder” by a lone gunman outside the state’s police headquarters in Parramatta. POLICE denied having previous warning of a possible attack on the Parramatta headquarters ahead of today’s deadly shooting.

Counter-terrorism officers are working with the Homicide Squad as chilling new details have emerged about how the staffer was targeted and shot in the head at point blank range by the gunman, said to be of Middle Eastern appearance and dressed in a black robe, before he opened fire on special constables.

“An employee of the NSW Police Force has been callously murdered,” Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said last night. “I viewed a number of pieces of footage. I can tell you this was a brutal crime. A terrible crime.”

The gunman, walked past one ­female police officer before shooting the civilian employee, an IT expert, in the back of the head. It is not certain if the victim was known to the gunman, who had still not been identified late on Friday night.


The attacker remained on the street after killing the public servant with a single shot and got into an exchange with special constables working in the building.

The commissioner praised the bravery of the special constables guarding the entrance, who have full police powers and who were sprayed with bullets by the gunman before he was shot dead.

He said police had not ruled out that the gunman, who had no identification on him, was working with others, although it was too soon to know the motive.


The Saturday Telegraph has learned messages had been sent to police to be on alert because people had been seen taking photographs of the entrance to the building, which houses the crack major crime squads.

Sources said the building had been “cased” and there had been “chatter” in recent weeks about a potential ­attack, but the target was not clear.