FRENCH POWDER KEG: More than 1,000 residents of Calais protest against massive Muslim invasion


This is one of a rapidly increasing number of anti-Muslim demonstrations being held around Europe to protest the out-of-control mass importation of Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and terrorists.

Video Footage shows the protesters marching through the French city before heading to the beach, despite the protest being banned by the local mayor. One of the protesters explained why she took part in the march, saying refugees “dirty our city, they care about nothing, and today we are here to say that we are fed up with everything that happens in Calais.”

UNHCR  Residents of the port city of Calais are fed up with the crime and filth that accompanies these large groups of Muslims mainly from the Horn of Africa, Sudan and Afghanistan, who have set up camp in Calais as they try to get to the UK where the benefits are better.


Around 300 riot police were called in to try to maintain peace as the anti-Islam protesters found themselves under attack from left-wing supporters of the illegal aliens. The unrest follows the revelation yesterday that the UK government has offered to send 9ft-high steel fences to the town to improve security.


Kevin Reche, a former member of the French National Front said that the ‘Left-wing scum’ were trying to prevent them ‘speaking up for the people of Calais.’ He added: ‘There are all kinds of people demonstrating for a safe Calais – from the far right, to those without any political views. We are all calling for justice.’

Muslims in Calais are breaking into trucks to hitch rides to the UK
Muslims in Calais are breaking into trucks to hitch rides to the UK welfare paradise

Sauvons Calais is demanding that the invaders be expelled from the Calais area, and that anyone sheltering or feeding them is arrested. There have already been attacks on squatters in Calais and some temporary camps have been illegally burned down. Fears are growing for what might happen if demonstrators are able to get too near to the invader camps.

The aptly named "JUNGLE" where muslims congregate waiting to break into a truck to get to the UK
The aptly named “JUNGLE” where muslim illegals congregate waiting to get to the UK




Many invaders arrive in the town with the sole intention of sneaking onto trucks or ferries bound for Britain because they see it as a promised land with generous benefits for refugees. The situation has led to a nightly game of cat-and-mouse with police as migrants attempt to break into lorries.