Is George Soros working with human traffickers to send millions of Muslim freeloaders and terrorists into the EU?

Take a look at the video below and decide for yourself.

(h/t Missy M) Hungary has closed its doors and erected a huge fence to keep out any and all Muslim invaders.  George Soros has been doing all he can to destroy Hungary because its leader, Viktor Orbán, kicked out IMF and Monsanto in 2012, rewrote the constitution to make it a Christian-based one, and has opened up trade with China, and installed a natural gas pipeline from Russia — all without consulting the EU in Brussels. George Soros Open Society Foundation guidebook for illegals

Hungarian Connection  Hungarian authorities recently found abandoned cellphones that had belonged to migrants. Members of Betyársereg along the border found various mobile phones on which can be seen footage of such carnage that included beheadings, maimed body parts, bodies being burned alive. These are only a few examples from the hundreds of videos and photographs that our members looked through.  You can see one of the savage beheading videos found on the phones HERE

Below is a compilation of photos found on the phones: