More than 3,000 angry Germans march to the German-Czech border to protect against Muslim invaders

Are you watching this, Angela Merkel? 


Renegade Tribune (h/t Brenda K)  An estimated 3,000 anti-refugee activists gathered in the German-Czech border town of Sebnitz  and spread out to form a “living border”, Sunday. Members of PEGIDA and other groups were in attendance, holding up placards calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘Terrorist Mother’ (above) and wearing t-shirts reading “Stop asylum tourism.”

The German resistance is growing by the day. We have already seen over 20,000 regularly showing up in Dresden to emphatically state that Germany is for Germans, but this past weekend saw patriotic Germans in Saxony going to the border to stand up for their folk.


A similar event took place in the district Einsiedel in Chemnitz. Around a thousand people had gathered on Saturday night, according to police, for a “silent march”. They objected to a planned Flüchtlingsnotunterkunft [emergency accomodation for refugees] in a former GDR pioneer camp.

Also in eastern Saxony, there was a demonstration in Görlitz late on Saturday under the motto “Görlitz defends itself”. Thousands of people came together, according to estimates by observers. A counter-demonstration under the motto “Görlitz Cosmopolitan” had around 500 participants.