SERIOUSLY? Muslims think a film that whitewashes barbaric sharia law – will convince Americans than Islam isn’t the existential threat to them that it is

american-sharia-2015_1_1The title alone, “AMERICAN SHARIA,” described as an Islamic ‘comedy’ of all things, is guaranteed to be a turn-off to American audiences. Shame on actor Eric Roberts for agreeing to appear in this stupid farce as an evil ‘Islamophobe,’ ignoring the fact that there is nothing Islamophobic about fearing an entire population of people trying to convert or kill you.  

Just in time for Christmas, this ‘American Sharia’ movie will open in in December in Dearbornistan, Michigan, home of the largest population of Muslim enemies in the country.  Designated terrorist group CAIR highly recommends it for anyone who has lived under a rock for the past 14 years since 9/11. FYI: “Islamic comedy” is an oxymoron.