Why is designated terrorist group CAIR condemning this FOX News report about Muslims as “racist and Islamophobic?” What ‘race’ is Islam?


CAIR whined that O’Reilly Factor producer Jesse Watters mocked Muslims in Dearbornistan, Michigan, which O’Reilly called a “Mecca, pardon the pun, for Muslim Americans, 45% of the population there is of Middle Eastern extraction.” Well, it IS!

The introduction to “Watters’ World: The Arabic Edition” stated that Muslims “control the city council and the police chief is also Muslim,” as if that is somehow suspicious. Arabic music was played in throughout the segment. When several people interviewed said they were from Yemen, Watters joked, “Gotta be careful of the drone strikes.” A person was asked, “What do you think about all the Muslims here in Dearborn,” the man said, “They’re bad. They’re not friendly.” Watters asked one man, “Do you miss the desert.”
He asked about “sharia law” and why Muslims “dislike America.” When a woman wearing an Islamic head scarf decried the fact that people think of terrorists when they think of Muslims, Watters said, “There is a reason for that.”