Obama forces American prisons to become sharia-compliant: BANS ALL PORK products from prison menus

correctional_institution_guide-coverBarack Hussein Obama, the Muslim dictator-in-chief pretending to be a Christian, has once again bowed down to his Islamic supremacist beliefs by effectively imposing sharia (Islamic) law food restrictions upon non-Muslims, which means banning pork products in any form. Gee, I wonder if that also mean that non-pork meats such as beef and lamb must come from animals barbarically slaughtered according to Islamic halal laws now, too?


CNS News  The federal Bureau of Prisons, a subdivision of President Barack Obama’s Justice Department, has banished all pork products from the menus in all federal prisons, according to a report in the Washington Post.

The government says it made the decision to do this because a survey showed that inmates do not like eating pork products. (That’s a lie)

The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic relations said “we welcome” the move by the government to deny pork to prisoners, but warned that it might spark “Islamophobia.”


Here are excerpts from the report by the Post:

“The nation’s pork producers are in an uproar after the federal government abruptly removed bacon, pork chops, pork links, ham and all other pig products from the national menu for 206,000 federal inmates.

“The ban started with the new fiscal year last week.

“The Bureau of Prisons, which is responsible for running 122 federal penitentiaries and feeding their inmates three meals a day, said the decision was based on a survey of prisoners’ food preferences: 


“The National Pork Producers Council isn’t buying it. ‘I find it hard to believe that a survey would have found a majority of any population saying, ‘No thanks, I don’t want any bacon,’” said Dave Warner, a spokesman for the Washington-based trade association, which represents the nation’s hog farmers.

Designated Terrorist Group CAIR told the Post that banning pork in federal prisons would accommodate Muslim prisoners:


 “’In general we welcome the change because it’s facilitating the accommodation of Muslim inmates,’ said Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the country’s largest Muslim civil rights advocacy group. “We hope it’s not an indication of an increasing number of Muslims in the prison system.’” (It IS)

Hooper predicted that anti-Islam groups would spin the decision into a case of the federal government acting under pressure from Muslims. “This is just the kind of thing that drives them crazy,” he said. “It will stoke the fires of Islamophobia based on the usual conspiracy theories.”

Incarcerated pork lovers still have an option: The prison commissary, a convenience store that sells packaged pork rinds and precooked bacon. But they have to pay.


Observant Muslims and Jews are forbidden to eat pork, and the prison system has long made accommodations for them by providing alternatives to pork and halal and kosher foods. Ross declined to say whether there has been an increase in Muslim or Jewish inmates in recent years and whether that may have factored into the survey responses. (That’s a no-brainer, of course there has been a huge rise in Muslim prisoners)

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  1. To understand members of groups like ISIS and other muslim terrorist groups, one needs to understand the psychopathology involved.

    Before providing a link with some insight into this type of psychopathy, it is important to point that the behaviours of the members on this site are remarkably similar to the widely publicized behaviours of some of these muslim terrorist groups. Unfortunately, the last time a hate group came to power in the west (e.g. fascist parties like the Nazis), they used their power and influence to use nationalism and systematic brainwashing during a period of poverty and recession to wreck havoc on the world in world war 2. We learned and now we have the rule of law and a society that can recognize hate groups such as this barenakedislam and keep them under strict watch so they cannot gain much support for their psychopathic genocidal agendas. That is one reason we were able to prosper.

    Unfortunately in the east, where there are brutal dictatorships, lawlessness and poverty, it is much easier for psychopaths to use religion or nationalism to become dangerous. With access to social media and sometimes state media, they get successful in luring people around the world and internally who can be easily influenced and brainwashed. Turning them into psychopaths. They use references like this website to justify their evil agendas, just like this site uses their references.

    In short, groups like ISIS exist because of psychopathic people like the members of this website. For people behind this site, I encourage seeking help from a professional as soon as possible. I can understand that you may actually believe that inciting hatred against a fifth of world population is a good thing but it is just a delusional mind playing tricks. Please don’t do this to yourselves so you can sleep in peace. The message to muslims is to ignore these types of groups and also ignore any muslim hate groups with hateful propagandas. Some of these people are so deeply absorbed into this hatred that they will never change… it is like trying to get a serious drug addict to quit drugs. Just refer them to a mental health professional and hopefully their misguided souls can return to the right path.

    • anonidiot: This site has never incited anyone to hate muslims. Muslims have done an excellent job of that all by themselves, and they continue to do it on a daily basis. All we do is report about it. You are just like so many your leftie/commie muslim sympathizers who fail to realize that muslims will kill you first.

      And don’t forget that muslims fought on the same side as the Nazis in WWII. Or did your government schoolbooks forget to mention that?

      How exactly are you keeping truth sites like mine from gaining much support? We are approaching 100 million visitors.

      Sorry to disappoint you, but BNI did not lead to the creation of ISIS. The QURAN did.

      I see you are from ‘Caliphornia.’ What a surprise.

  2. I am Muslim living in US and I am so glad that PORK is finally banned from Prison. I would love to see pork to be banned from school and airplane. Last year when I flew to south america, the flight attendant mistakenly served me pork; I was angry but didn’t blame her as she didn’t know I was a Muslim, and she rushed to changed my meal. I would love to see pork banned from public places and airplanes.

    • Hey paedophile prophet follower, get the hell out of my country you filthy raghead. When we finally get rid of the Muslim POS in the White House, pork will be the only meat on the menu. Drop dead.

    • F*** you, Mu, and those bags of shit, allah and child rapist prophet, in your faces and down your throats with 100 pigs. Quite vile language, don’t you think, you puke. Well, it’s vile language for a vile, sadistic, pathological cult of evil and death.

      I believe pork will eventually be back in federal prisons, and it will be so satisfying, and funny that you and your filthy, diseased vermin breed will be outraged by it.

    • Hey you filthy twat either fuck off or shut up!
      If I was the flight attendant I would have rammed it down your frigging throat!
      How the fuck did you get passed security & on an aeroplane anyway?

  3. Is this ‘prison’or a hotel? How ’bout “Eat what we serve or don’t”. And “If you don’t like it here, don’t come back”. After all isn’t ‘no recidivism’ the goal?

  4. This is just the latest case of treason by this enemy agent.

    This could well trigger a response from the Aryan Brotherhood.

  5. this is just another example of the government intruding into our lives..Look at what the government has done to our education system,at our welfare system.It took the government around 50 years to effectively dumb down our population so it could control the vote by creating a population dependant on it for food,housing, healthcare.The next step is to slowly indoctrinate islam into our government schools and brainwash our children and grandchildren..Untill we stand up against this crap…the government will continue.We all must turn out next November and VOTE THIS CRAP OUT..WE MUST STAND UNITED AND VOTE UNITED…

  6. How can anyone doubt that this little scurvy, posturing, lying, apologizing, wimpy, jug eared, anti American, incompetent, mega jerk, is a good for nothing, head banging, ass waving,dirty muslim ?

  7. American Pork Producers need to launch a class action against the Federal Government. It would be good to see Dr Carson, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump etc come out and state that they’ll overturn this decision if elected.

  8. Time and again O shows he is in bed with CAIR. Question is who is porking who. So CAIR basically says that anyone disagreeing with what they think are islamaphobes. Jailing people is a big business and when you cut out a meat supplier such as pork producers you are bound to hear about it. But hey they are islamaphobes. This too can be turned around in time.

    • The pork producers should have brought their pigs in protest of this decision to the Nation of Pislam march in Washington today.

  9. Those Muslims rape, then move into the cells to enjoy free beef/lamb?
    This is so unfair to the people who don’t do crime.

  10. While I lived in the Middle East, I learned how much the Arab Muslim HATE blacks. That is shown in their continued slavery trade of blacks.
    The Arab Muslims convert the blacks to Islam – BUT- they DON’T respect them as ‘brothers’ in Islam.
    What I am wondering, is if Muslim % increases, and they become a majority in Western countries – will they import their practice of black slavery there, like they do in South Africa? And, WHY don’t blacks understand that this, and run FROM Islam – NOT run TO Islam?
    Don’t the black Muslims care about their children’s and grandchildren’s futures?

  11. what an outright lie. If prisoners had decided they didn’t like pork on their forks anymore, there would be no need to BAN it, the prisons would just either stop buying it or cut down on the amount they bought, there wouldn’t even be a discussion around banning pork because prisoners lost flavour for it. Even if govt was just cost cutting the word ban wouldn’t even enter the equation.

    It’s been banned because sharia law is being introduced gradually.

  12. The picture of the crim with the pretty little tea cosy on his head who is just about to chow down without a knife & fork looks like he’s thinking “Did I just wipe with my left hand or right hand?”

  13. Putin and his cabinet must look on with utter disbelief and wonder if the muslim in charge will walk out of office alive.

    The is no way I can see Putin caving to such demands, it would be a case of do you want pork or ten years hard labour in Siberia, where those cowardly wimps would die after a few weeks.

  14. When does the Christian-hater Obama regime plan to BAN all Bibles in prisons and end all Christian and Jewish services?

    Is the next step for Obama to occasionally visit prisons and lead Muslim prayers on Fridays?

    Is Obama planning to make weekly visits to the nation’s schools; invite non-Muslim students to join him in Islamic prayer and ask the students to convert to Islam?

  15. Yummy Bacon Lettuce and Tomato Sandwiches and other pork products are America’s top favorites.

    The Obama regime will be ecstatic.

    In addition to enforcing Islamic sharia law on the entire prison system, their anti-American, anti-pork act will have an extremely detrimental effect on an AMERICAN business.

    The loss to the pork industry will be severe. Many workers will be laid off and unable to get work. A HUGE victory for the American-hating, Islam-adoring U.S. regime.

    • The pork industry won’t be too seriously impacted; they’ll just sell more to China. But, that’s not the point, of course. The point is that it’s shariah, and this pork issue is just one more example of it’s metastasizing within our society.

  16. figures I’ve said it before and I say it now: What makes anyone think Obama will leave office Jan 20,2017?
    he has constantly stomped on the Constitution. Why would he pay attention to it then.
    no offense to the military but you see what Obama has done to it and has created a military that will follow him.
    I may be wrong and I hope I am, but what if i’m not?

    • I tend to agree, DF. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain by declaring martial law, suspending elections and remaining in “office” indefinitely. He will NOT surrender his “crown” – he’s too arrogant.
      Besides, this will give him the perfect “revenge” against all those who apposed him throughout the years and enable him to establish his own “caliphate” here, in the US.

      • It’s ‘da plane, da plane’ that he can’t give up. Remember when he demanded the auto execs DRIVE to DC and testify? He demanded they were not to fly a plane in and the car they drove had to get 30 mpg. He then proceeded to fly two and three times a week since then on our dime. The hypocrisy of power gone to ones head.

    • Obama has stated that he would like to do a third term. The Destroyer of Nations wants to continue destroying nations.

    • dragon Imho, if Pres. Obama and his regime try some end around the Constitution, like martial law, to remain in office past his term, he will be in for a rude awakening. With the utter & absolute disrespect he has shown the military, and his voluminous silence in the wake of cowardly ambushes against cops, whom does he expect will enforce his will? Even if he has a few Generals, or admirals (God I hope not), or police commissioners in his pocket, I have faith in the rank & file of the military & law enforcement. The vast majority of them have families in the civilian populace, or their brothers-in-arms do. And no one understands, nor holds more dear, the rights & freedoms they have fought & died for, for generations. I can’t imagine them having watched their trusted friends suffer and/or die for the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion and the right to keep & bear arms, then coming home only to enforce the usurpation of those same rights. They joined the military to fight and possibly die for freedom, not to oppress it, especially not at the whim of some blatantly anti-American racist and bigot.

      • If I may interject… I’m in agreement with dragon AND you. O’shitbag has laid the groundwork for race riots, anti-establishment anarchism, an illegal alien invasion and the infiltration of nearly every branch of the federal government by mozlem brotherhood goons.
        Couple this with the “bought-and-paid-for” media – who will report anything BUT the truth – I’m content to say that we, the lowly citizens won’t even know martial law has been declared until there’s a knock on our doors.

        Remember Jade Helm15? Since when do American troops, including some foreign troops, need training in urban and city combat in 7 US states? Notice the media had very little coverage, if any?
        It’s NOT a conspiracy when it’s really happening.

        In agreement with you, I have to say you’re right; he’s got another thing coming. The people WILL rise up but only when reality, that knock on their door, slaps them in the face and they finally realize this country, as we knew it, has reached the end of its’ facade. That epitome of liberty and freedom, so proudly cherished, will become the new Nazi Germany of the 30’s and 40’s and the common citizen will be the new Jew, gypsy or undesirable. “Eugenics” will replace genocide, in definition.

        Civil war, son against father, daughter against mother, will befall this country and global conflicts will run rampant. No nation will be safe from this and there will be no place to hide.

    • I’m with you Susan, but I wonder if we will ever
      truly get rid of this muslim fanatic in our WH? He
      has a whole year left & he is instituting his vile
      agenda all over the country.

  17. Charles manson is gonna be pissed. what is he going to fill a wedding dress with for enteetainment?? Perhaps a muslim convict in makeup??

  18. Muslims HATE pork but think nothing of eating humans that’s right Muslims have practice cannibalism since the 6th century and continues in the 21st century..

  19. I don’t even know what to say anymore… WTF…is it even possible to kiss their asses anymore. they’re in prison for God’s sake they should be happy they get food at all..I say f*** them!!!! if you’re hungry you eat.. don’t feed a cat for two weeks it’ll eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. can we just get on with the real battle and wipe these muscum bastards off the face of the earth finally

  20. I wish someone would mistakenly pipe nerve gas into their sprinkler systems and eliminate all of them. Imagine the money we’d save – saying nothing of the potential terrorists we’d lose….

  21. He’s completely insane and psychotically dangerous, He needs to be removed at once. When the “most powerful leader in the world” trashes his own country like a mad dictator, we will terminally regret not doing something to stop him. Have the members of the other two branches of government sold us out for their own benefit of power and money, or have they been threatened? The evil of the world’s leaders today is biblical. Their plans for our destruction are being finalized as we speak. These barbarians are at our door. “There will be such tribulation as the world has never known.” Conspiracies aren’t theories anymore.

    • with todays technology , many Americans are wondering about the slime we elected to protect Americans hasn’t directed piped gas into there cells or poisoned there food , there a thousands of ways to eradicate unwanted muslims in this country!! the only muslim you can trust is a dead muslim ,male or female and then they cannot be too dead!!!