Guess who’s helping Russia with its military offensive against the Islamic State and other terrorists in Syria…

Unknown11Guess again…Israel, yes, ISRAEL…And that’s what happens when the president of the United States makes deals that could bring about the total annihilation of its once closest ally in the Middle East.


Middle East Monitor  Israel will provide Russia with intelligence information about opposition sites in Syria to facilitate Moscow’s military operations, Channel 2TV has reported. The Israeli network said that a senior delegation of Russian army officials will arrive in Israel on Tuesday to coordinate the military cooperation.

The delegation will be led by First Deputy Chief of General Staff General Nikolai Bogdanovsky, who will meet his Israeli counterpart, Major-General Yair Golan as well as senior officials in Israeli military intelligence, the air force and the Mossad. 

Channel 2 noted that the visit follows the meeting between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow three weeks ago.


According to the media report, Israel will submit more requests to the Russians in exchange for “attractive” offers to facilitate the Russian army’s military operations in Syria.

It also revealed that Netanyahu and Putin have agreed on several issue in principle, including a Russian pledge to stop the flow of weapons from Syria to Hezbollah, as well as to allow the Israeli air force to carry out operations freely in Syria, even in areas where the Russian army is stationed on the Syrian coast.


Senior officers in the Russian and Israeli air forces will discuss the mechanisms for the coordination of Israeli overflights of Syrian airspace to avoid any conflict with Russian aircraft on operations against opposition groups. Israel is likely to request Russia to coordinate its moves in the Mediterranean in a manner that does not affect Israeli submarines gathering intelligence about Lebanon and Syria.

Another report by Israel Radio on Sunday claimed that Tel Aviv will provide vital intelligence to the Russians in a bid to reduce Iranian influence in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin joined an event marking Holocaust Memorial Day at Moscow’s Jewish Museum; “They were murdered only because they were Jews,” he said.

Below are excerpts from Putin’s speech. Pay no attention to the antisemitic photoshop images and name change below. 

Pay no attention to the antisemitic photoshop and name change. Putin really made this statement





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  1. Obama is a curse and a cancer upon the United States the same way that islam is a curse and a cancer upon the world. There is no way, that his predecessors in that office, as bad as you may partisinly think they have been, can even come close to the rot and putrification that this little pencil necked muslim has bestowed on our Nation.

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  2. Anyone read the news IRAN has tested its first long range missile that can hit israel. how obvious is their intention when obama has allowed then to get uranium??? Israel better invade iran and wipe off the imams before they nuke tel aviv. thet made their intentiona clear and yet obama wants them to have yranium. what a pro jihida douche bag if a president would do that??it is so obvious why they have a long range missile program .

  3. I read that pork stopped the attacks on the Phillipines in WW2!No Muslim terrorist want to be buried in a skin of a pig and his blood!This is the only way to stop these idiots,but because of political correctness nobody will do it…

    ps:I heard from a guy from EX-UDSSR who lived in a muslim country(Kasaschstan or something,don´t remember)that they when they have problems with muslims they slap bacon trough their faces and said:Now you are not anymore a muslim…

    Another guy told me that in Tadschikistan it was the same with muslims like in eruope,when you speak with 1 he is friendly and ok,when they are 2 and you alone they start to make fun of you,when they are 3 or more they want to beat you.

    • True. i wirked with muslim lebanese pakistani indian and somali.
      if only one muslim they peaceful. one two or more they put yoy down or/ans cheme to get you fired . more than five they take your job and alloq only theirs in the i.dustry you work in. happened to me many times. thats why you must keep muslims minimum level in any industry.

    • blah blah blah ! first of all -stan is not Arabic nor Islamic , its a Persian word meaning state or place or province, just a suffix like shire in uk, why slab the pork roast it to have it with red wine, ur mind is full of bullshit,

  4. I want to see Putin stepping up his campaign by sending in ground troops.

    Take no prisoners, put every single, jihadi, jihadi bride and jihadi supporter to death, video and post it so all muslims will see that their vile beliefs WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

    I want Putin to have the Balls to stand up and say, “WE ARE AT WAR WITH ISLAM” (sadly this will never happen).

    But at least Putin is doing something unlike the lying and deceiving obama.

    As for Israel, how can they continue to allow those Vile Creatures to defile Jerusalem?

    Jerusalem is the Holy City of Judaism and Christianity, not for the vile savages of islam.

    • AC, I understand Putin has 150,000 ready and waiting to go in after he promised Obama that Russian ground troops would not go in. (I guess he meant wouldn’t go in that day. LOL)

  5. Now lets sit back and watch as Putin and Russia establish stability in the Middle-east in three very expensive and dangerous but necessary steps.

    – Exterminate radicals with unrestricted, non-Geneva compliant, scorched earth warfare. By the millions if necessary. Israel would be ok with that and no one devalues Muslim lives more than other Muslims.
    – Form new military and economic coalitions with moderate Arab leaders. They all hate America, so why not have a party we’re not invited to? Obama has made it abundantly clear he will do nothing of merit on the world stage other than to incite chaos and to support and appease the global jihad.
    – Everyone, regardless of they like each other or not, Shia and Sunni, Jew and Arab, largely gets along for the sake of prosperity, peace and stability.

    When a new radical group or leader appears, they’re not condemned, placated, appeased or sanctioned by liberal pussies. Them, they’re friends, their neighbors and their neighbors pets are instantly eliminated by joint Russian, Israeli and Arab efforts…repeat a few dozen of hundred times and the message will finally sink the fuck in. Extremism is over. Bad for business.

    America and it’s socialist leaders sit inside the beltway and do nothing but complain about it while EUR becomes the new home to global Islamic terrorism.

    Good job, western liberal socialists. You just handed over the world to the bad guys.

  6. Iranians and Syrians…Putin is NOT your comrade. He hates you and probably fantasizes about being able to nuke your cities without penalty. He is a devout Christian who respects and defends all Judeo-Christian faiths in his country and is by far a better friend to Israel than Obama ever will be.

  7. It makes perfect sense for Russia and Israel to work together to control the middle east because both Putin and Ben are ol’ warriors unlike odumbo who has no idea of war having never been a warrior. odumbo was a pot smoking wanna be.

  8. win the lottery and then lose everything else in the world that’s important to you, fate is being fickle , Who’s side will Russia pick Israel Iran ? Jews again are caught between a rock and a hard place , if people in the west see this as switching sides think about the word Loyalty then point out the muslim in our white house who to our historical shame brought this about

  9. I can’t even speak through the tears of joy in my eyes!!! It is a God-sent event like when the U.S. Marines defeated islam at the shores of Tripoli. That was back in the day when the US had a REAL President who stood up to the muslim trash.

    Thank you Netanyahu and Putin! God bless you both!!!

  10. Love the video above, the pork on his genitals, very funny, guess no virgins for him! Look at the warmth between Netanyahu and Putin, both men looking eye to eye. Have you noticed how BHO is looking more and more satanic in recent pictures?

  11. Stuff it, obamaSS, stuff it deep, you dumb ass. He’s so full of shit, though, doubtful anything would fit. He’s not even a 10th the man Putin and Netanyahu are.

  12. President Barrak Hussain O. should worry that If Israeli intelligence information would be truly accurate, inevitability will point to his White Mosque as a major source of islamic terror support and financing.

  13. I pray that this association between Israel
    & Russia is productive in bringing about the
    devastation of Isis & Islam, which is the scourge
    of the whole world. The US under BO has stabbed
    Israel in the back, & Bibi has taken a stand with
    Putin for their mutual benefits. I only wish that the
    Americans were a part of this mission. May
    God be with both of these Leaders.

  14. You were right. Air strikes, a dream come true for the Israelis. Very surprising the ‘reduce Iranian influence’. Goes to show Putin is no true friend of Iran. And with the Chinese ground troops coming, they’re all set to push out the Islamic groups.

  15. Israel is not stupid. While the United States and Western allies are still backing Daish (ISIS) and the rebellion in an attempt to force Assad from power, a policy which is backfiring, other nations are beginning to realize that Daish is far more of a danger then Hezbollah and Assad ever were. The United States and Europe air strikes are designed to “contain” (whatever that means) Daish rather than to destroy them. Whereas Russia is trying to destroy them because Daish is slowly importing terror into Russia, especially Chechnya and other Muslim dominated regions in Russia and the former Soviet Union (e.g. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, etc.).

    That isn’t to say that Hezbollah isn’t a danger, especially backed by a nuclear Iran. But Daish is itself trying to get a hold of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction and so could be even more dangerous than Hezbollah. And unlike Hezbollah and Al Qaeda, these radical yokels really could attain what they want. They have in the past demonstrated their resourcefulness and cleverness and their grit and determination. Western allies are foolishly continuing to underestimate them.

    Israel, of course, realizes the danger to itself and is working with the nations that will best help it protect its self interests. And top priority is survival.

  16. Vladimir Putin can be puzzling but anything goes in cutting off the cur dog legs of gay muslim Obama and making sure the drinking buddy of Al Sharpton : Ben Carson is not elected VP or anything else.~ Overdue for it’s IV Ozone treatment Obama has been accused of narcissism but it has asperger form of autism like Chris Mercer. ~ Death to Cultural Marxists and their dino-muz pets !

  17. Obama is proud that he destabalised and DESTROYED Libya.

    US/NATO waged an extremely ruthless war for Al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist savages against the innocent Libyan people and Gaddafi. Gaddafi was fighting AGAINST Al Qaeda. That was UNACCEPTABLE to the cruel Obama regime.

    Obama did everything he could to destroy Egypt.

    And along with Turkey, ISIS monsters and other Muslim terrorist savages, Obama sought to destroy Syria; annihilate Assad’s secular, legitimate regime that protects Christians and other minorities, and replace it with extremely barbaric terrorists and full sharia law.

    Egypt’s Al Sisi, Netanyahu, and Russia’s Putin are all natural allies against the terrifying Obama regime.

    Since Obama occupied the White House, the world has become a far more dangerous place.

    Obama works day and night in making the world a SAFER place for Muslim terrorist savages and an extremely dangerous place for non-Muslims.

  18. Can’t hardly blame Israel. With friends like the US, who needs enemies? Frankly, Putin is the greatest hope we have to stop ISIS.

  19. A TRUE Force to be reckoned with- the Honourable Vlad and Ben. This will get up Obuma’s nose so bad. LOVE IT!…shows him up for the Destructive, Muslim Brotherhood supporter, islamic loving, White US citizen hating, WEAK President who will go down in the History Books as the WORST President of the Good ole US of A. BUT he is so hateful enough especially with his mates isis being taken out he is likely to start WWIII putting the US Military at risk to protect his muslim brotherhood . Why should he care all he will be doing is protecting isis and all the arms he has supplied to them.

  20. (Bonni, I hope in a future article, you can show the pics comparing Putin and Obama — pics of Putin riding horseback and Obama riding a bike with a helmet. Putin doing judo and Obama reacting like a girly male watching judo, etc. The pics are priceless.)

    Excellent news. I like the pic of the two MEN, Putin and Netanyahu, ethical leaders who clearly respect each other and treat each other as equals.

    The pic of the arrogant occupier of the White House, supremacist Muslim Obama shows that Obama revels in his position of enormous power, seizing his opportunity to treat Israel’s leader, Netanyahu with utter contempt before the entire world, poking the Jewish leader in the chest.

    From the pic, Obama seems to be conveying to Netanyahu, “I’m the most POWERFUL person on earth. You will do what I say. Or else.”

  21. Monster in charge, obummer will be having a shit fit. So glad Israel is getting Russian backing and this will make America look like it’s been asleep at the wheel.

  22. There are only three nations who will stand up and challenge the Muslim Fascists…Russia,Israel and China,most other nations including my own Australia are run by Traitors and running dogs of ISLAM.

  23. What an up-lifting testimony by Putin, very heart-warming after so much drudgery reading and hearing about “refugees” Muslims and Islam. A small break in the clouds, wonderful

  24. It’s very telling when you look at the body language in the photos. The occupier of our White House is a traitor!

  25. As the lying traitor Islam-Obama has now single-handedly turned the US into an ineffectual laughing-stock around the world, it’s great to see two focused and forthright leaders correctly assessing the major threat to civilisation and actually doing something about it.

    • Non-Muslims write words. Muslims regularly burn down our churches in Muslim countries and constantly attack and MURDER Non-Muslims in obedience to bloodthirsty Quran commands.

  26. i was brought up in anti semitism. i study, read, observe and think for myself. i’m definitely pro israel now. the west will need israel’s advice in the future on how to best deal with the mass of hornets nests in its midst. as wafa sultan said ‘israel resulted from the holocaust and built a powerful, successful nation. not one jew has blown themselves up in a german restaurant. but the muslims, draw a cartoon and you get mass murders, violent destruction etc etc.

  27. WATCH: Israeli places Pork on terrorist body as Muslim consider martyrs who die touching it said not to go to heaven